Train Stops After Killing and Mangling Man Who Used It to Commit Suicide

Train Stops After Killing and Mangling Man Who Used It to Commit Suicide

I don’t have much backinfo about this video. To me, it has a Pakistan/Bangladesh/India flair to it.

The video shows the aftermath of an alleged suicide by train. The train is seen to have stopped after killing and mangling the man who used it to take his life.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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            I’m talking about the contamination resistance for the local population. Hell, E-Coli is a nutrient! Eventually, the shit will become so concentrated, they’ll die of dehydration. That’s the limiting factor.

            I should have stated Indian-quality fresh water. Sorry for the confusion.

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          1. Good to see the man himself train us about the ways of gore of life though. TraIndia, Bangladeath, Srailanka, and others you got me beat on this one though.

    1. Damn, suicidal people gone with the train again. Fuck suicide, I’d say we live better off without it but some people reach that point and well fortunately and or unfortunately they go with the train. Need to train yourself in living not dying c’mon people but alas for the interest of gore I shall train myself in the ways of the wise masters of best gore those who’ve been here longer than I have. For those of you here what say of you about these people who chose to train themselves into oblivion?

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  2. So what did you do today?

    I put on my best dress and pants and went to view today’s train suicides. I had to go bare foot as sadly my flip flops were still being repaired.

    Did you see anyone you know?

    Oh yes, the whole village was there. I made sure the boys got right up on the track to view the body. A boy’s first train suicide view is always special. Perhaps one day it will be them on the track. Isn’t our country great? Now excuse me, I need to go out and shit on the open street in sight of that new bathroom they installed.

    1. (I love your witty comment) just make sure you clean up afterwards tell everyone we said hi.

      Just be careful out there don’t want you stay up too late now. Make sure you say hi to the boys and girls of the whole village and make sure you find the right way back home now stay safe. (Hoping I am adding to your wittiness)

  3. Lol I love these comments of this website gore and all and random shit on here from time to time real, fake, trolls and truths and shits and giggles and fucks and whatnots and all that. Laughs and all seriousness and sarcastic and everything else.

      1. The meaning? Well, meaning all that is on here seems to be funny in a way from time to time away from it all as a reminder of how things truly are from the world who tries so hard to shelter itself rightfully and or wrongfully away from gore and whatever else the world tries to shelter itself from.

  4. Hell no, why stop the train? Happened to me twice already now that someone was so selfish to kill himself in front the train I was in. They had to get another train driver because the one that ran over the dude was “traumatized”. They also asked us to not look out the window “out of respect”, as if I’d respect a motherfucker that just delayed my arrival by one hour. Kill yourself at home, except you’re in any Asian country, so people take pictures of it.

  5. When will them trains stop killing? Let’s start some sort of ‘stop the killer trains’ group…..on the internet, and then in real life, with protests and shit.
    We can meet up around train tracks, spray some slogans on a nearby wall, tip-ex mini slogans on the physical track right at popular suicide spots. Just remember to bring plenty of booze and fags.

  6. The dialect of Punjabi being spoken is Pakistani. Plus the livery on the train is that of Pakistan Railways. Suicide by train is pretty uncommon here, I think this is the first video that I have seen from Pakistan. May have got the idea from Best Gore even!

    Btw, one interesting detail I got from the video was that he was enjoying a bunch of tangerines as his last meal. RIP.

  7. Do you know why people gather around corpse when sh happens?
    -They checking if they are not dead one.

    Sure, he run away from this hell but multiple worst hell is on the other side.
    -Suicider’s goes there.

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