Trigger Happy LAPD Shoot Dead Knifeman and Hostage in Van Nuys

Trigger Happy LAPD Shoot Dead Knifeman and Hostage in Van Nuys

Trigger Happy LAPD Shoot Dead Knifeman and Hostage in Van Nuys

LAPD chief released bodycam footage of a fatal shooting in the Van Nuys neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. The footage shows the cops opening a volley of fire at 32 year old Guillermo Perez and a woman whom Perez took hostage. Perez was armed with a large knife and a metal folding chair. The incident took place outside Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission – the Central Lutheran Church on June 16, 2018.

The cops responded to the call that a Hispanic man had stabbed a woman. Said woman was found out to be Perez’ ex-girlfriend. She was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening wounds.

The cops fired a bean bag shotgun at Perez, but the folding chair assisted him in deflecting those rounds. From there on it was just about which cop opens live fire first.

Identified as Elizabeth Tollison, the hostage was reportedly shot twice. The shots were fatal. Not one of the cops considered ordering the innocent bystanders to clear the area. They were, as they always are, so focused on their kill, the innocents were of zero concern. The greatest offense a citizen can commit, as witnessed hundreds of times on the pages of Best Gore, is rob a cop of the thrill to score his kill.

Props to Best Gore member @terminator_g for the video:

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    4. Typical. Love how LAPD obviously hired some PR expert to enhance this slick snippet to be portrayed in the best light possible.
      First they include a 911 call to emphasize the “urgent and dire nature” of the situation. Then they focus on the knife with freeze frame, dutto the fact they employ less than lethal bean bag.
      Then they ignore the fact the cops completely missed the hostage potentiial while they drive this guy toward an innocent bystander. All the while theres a play by play by some guy in uniform to encourage anyone watching to ignore all the mistakes.
      Finally, they completely fuck up having created a far worse situation and choose to commit the worse case scenario themselves killing everyone as opposed to simply try taking time to deescalate a hostage situation as anyonne whos ever seen in every other hostge situation by calming down, talk and wait for an expert until the suspect actually attacks. Not just kill then find some unnamed “witness” who claimed he moved the knife sideways to cut her throat which cleasrly did not happen by the video nor was what the cops saw otherwise the clever PR firm would most certainly have pointed out rather then desperately search for someone who allegedly witnessed whay you needed.
      Who needs psycho murderers when your PD will do the killing?
      Ridiculous, they did nothing to help here but only made it as bad as possible. Had they simply took their ego and pride aside for a moment, thought about how best to handle the far worse situation they just created and contain until a marksman or negotiater arrived the lady would be here…at the least but no, they have to have their donut brak, saw a chance to kill people and went for it.

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    1. Ryan…

      I tend to agree with you…

      I think the cops waited too long to shoot the bastard. It escalated to the point, where it put the cops in an awkward situation, by letting the bastard use the woman as a hostage. Now, we have a dead attacker, and a woman who has been shot. And of course, there’s an issue with innocent bystanders. However it seems to me, that anyone with the common sense of a grapefruit, would of got the fuck away when the cops showed up.

  2. “All right, pop quiz. Airport, gunman with one hostage. He’s using her for cover; he’s almost to a plane. You’re a hundred feet away……Jack?”

    Jack-“Shoot the hostage”.

    It’s hard to tell the difference between America and Hollywood sometimes.

  3. I find it so funny so called americans who buy weapons to save their coward ass still waits for police to arrive at scene and shoot that Hispanic man maybe he forgot to take his Xanax prescriptions meds come on his schizophrenic voices must be telling him to do something thrilling today dick sucker Americans!! always gives a nice show from body cam tho gotta give credit to them…

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  4. That was a fuck up from the off. Anyone could see the potential for a hostage situation. Seems the liberals have had an affect in some parts of the U.S, those officers clearly hesitated. And now two people are dead!

  5. Shoot the fucker’s feet from under him. It works every time… but they never use that technique. It completely stops the dangerous fuckers from walking or running anywhere.

    The USA Police Cops should try it sometime.

    If it doesn’t work – the kneecaps are fairly effective too. They often never walk again.

      1. Tragedy – in its Classical Greek Drama Context – implies an irreversible flaw in the main character which causes a chain of events leading to an unhappy ending for that character. Here the main character could still have been shot in the foot (AKA Eodipus Rex) and been imprisoned for many unhappy years.
        I suppose this is almost a happy end. Even for the poor woman. Maybe a Medea-like character.

    1. @swedishviking Hold nu kaeft, modbydelige afart. An innocent individual died during this exchange and if you don’t have it in you to offer a word of sympathy, I suggest that you do mankind a favour and ram a dumdum bullet through that worthless head of yours. If you would be so kind and livestream your departure, you will have offered at least a symbolic recompense for your redundant existence as a social parasite.

    2. He had a knife, not a suicide belt.

      There are many ways the cops could have handled this situation without killing the hostage.

      In most other countries they would have, including the “rightwing“ ones.

  6. What a bunch of idiots., they Shoot him and shoot the Chick., he drops dead., drops the hostage drops the knife along with all his bad habits and they’re looking at the knife on the ground beside him., and one starts yelling., then the other., pretty soon all of them are yelln again., “Drop the Knife”. Hmmm….

  7. Shoot an armed suspect and end a dangerous confrontation quickly: OMG POELICE BROOTALITY!

    Try to defuse an armed suspect non lethally and take your time to do it right, but shit goes wrong and hostage dies: OMG POELICE BROOTALITY!

    Last thing as before, but it all ends well for all parties: Lol fuk da poliz, fookin nazzis.

    Fuck Rodney King and his victimhood legacy. That’s why we have shit nervous cops now.

  8. The L.A.P.D. has a decent PR department with solid production value, apparently. Who knew? Their officer training could still use some improvement, though, as this was clearly a situation that warranted a drone strike.

  9. I dont understand why the officer with the Bea bags fired at all. He had ansolutely no shot of that man and clearly hit the hostage. What was the point if they were just going to kill the hostage any way? Shitcunts.

  10. I love seeing cops waste dumb as people. As for the hostage. Shit happens. Car wreck, earthquake, volcano, tidal wave, plane crash, shit happens. If my job required me to confront dumb shits that can’t hear or understand phrases like “drop that gun” or “drop that knife” then hell ya, shoot first and ask questions second. If I’m a cop I’m going to fuck them before they fuck me. If you don’t want your sorry ass shot then fuckin stay in your house and shut the fuck up. Quit being a fuckin dumb mother fucker. Grow up. Cops have guns with real fuckin bullets. I’m 59 years old and never even had a cop point a gun at me. Why? Because I ain’t a dumb ass out doing dumb ass stuff in a dumb ass neighborhood at a dumb ass time of the day. Some people are just dumb asses.

    1. Lol I mean say what you really feel!!! Your right but imma glass half full kinda guy the way I see it they helped the lady in a way cause the bullet to the face killed her quicker than when she bleed out from the knife to the neck would!!!

  11. What a sloppy execution. Any cop worth their salt could of taken that rabid animal out with one single bullet to the forehead. Request these cops spend more time in the shooting range. Practice make perfect.

      1. i’m here for the cartel beheadings, man. okay, so not entirely. i do like the comedy videos that happen from time to time. hey, i can watch these videos and still feel badly for the victims. sheesh. i’m not heartless.

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