Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico

Twelve Decapitated Men Yucatan Mexico

Twelve Decapitated Men Yucatan Mexico

A video from 2008 was sent in, of eleven bodies and seven severed heads, from Yucatan, Mexico. The bodies were found right outside colonial city of Merida. It is clear to police that this is gang violence, caused by the constant war on drugs. The heads are supposedly never found, however, we know where they are 😉

Some of the bodies have apparent signs of torture and most of them are not just missing their heads, their clothes are gone as well.

The video seems to take place in a real house of horrors. I’m pretty sure the shiny tile was laid, by well seasoned locals of course, specifically for easy clean up when done. Some of the bodies are hung upside down, probably to help with draining of blood. You can hear water trickling in the background, for cleaning purposes, which is just the icing on the cake to this job well done. You deserve a gold star for this one Mexicans.

Props to Best Gore member @solvrflvre for the video:

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    1. There is video of black muslims from a few months back where they line up to get killed and rolled into a ditch. Must have been 30 of them. No handcuffs or anything. I think it’s scary to a civilian like your or I but to a man who’s cut off heads it’s just his time. They seem to accept it.

      1. Yeah, I’ve seen that video. That was amazing (full mentally prepared) to see them waiting their turn like they were serving with a chocolate roll.
        But according to scientist (Materwelon), your action seems to be like other’s reaction while in a group. If one of them ever tried to escape or screamed of pain and suffering. Its was to be hard for rest of other to take that blade. For sure.

    1. If you were a fly on the wall you would buzz down and dine on the asshole of the first corpse after laying eggs in its neck hole. You’d miss most of the action.

      1. Looks like they were properly draining them and washing away the blood so they didn’t track it everywhere or get whatever they were transported to the dump site in too filthy. Keeping the water running should’ve also kept the blood from coagulating to ensure easiest possible clean up. Some people may wash a body to get rid of evidence, but that’s probably not necessary in Mexico.

      2. I suspect they cleaned the heads, so that they would be recognizable for their photo op.

        Their whole point is to try and intimidate their rivals and the public at large. Otherwise, making the video public, doesn’t serve a purpose.

        I bet the narco beaners love BG, for making their uncensored videos available to the masses.

        Thanks for all the entertainment, beaners.

  1. I hope that they didn’t skimp on the grouting; you need a decent silicone grout to prevent water, and other fluid, getting under the shiny tiles.

    Personally, I would have tiled the walls as well.

    Or, at least, used a waterproof paint.

  2. Horse shit. The war on drugs doesn’t force these sociopaths to act that way. Their own fucking greed and sociopathy is to blame. The war on drugs is a crock of shit, but the people doing this do what they do because they choose it. Sick.

    The war on drugs is going on here in the usa and there are no narcos butchering each other like this shit. Get real.

  3. Life is such a bitch. One day you have a clean haircut and a well maintained stylish facial hair, and the other your head is placed in a corner quietly bleeding and the rest of your body is hanging upside down like a cow in a slaughterhouse.

  4. How clean! It almost looks like a proper slaughterhouse processing room and those meat are ready to be processed. I wonder where the necks are though… Also, there is 1 tragic looking ass.

  5. Wow this is like a meat shop. These guys were not playing around. Looks like maybe they had other plans for these bodies. I would say that maybe they were going sell them for organs and things like. I know someone else was thinking it.

  6. Jesus fuck! Few seconds into this video thought I saw a huge Centipede crawling across the floor…. going full speed ahead haha… but nah it was just the BESTGORE logo creeping across the video!

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