Two Dead, One Injured When Trio on Motorcycle Crashes Into Dumpster

Two Dead, One Injured When Trio on Motorcycle Crashes Into Dumpster

This happened in Bekasi (MM-2100 industrial arena) in Jawa Barat Province, Indonesia, on 24th of October 2016.

According to the info I got, the trip of young men rode on one motorcycle and crashed into a dumpster on the side of the road. Of the three, two died, and one survived with severe leg injuries. All of them were Junior High School students.

Props to AF4 for the pics:

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29 thoughts on “Two Dead, One Injured When Trio on Motorcycle Crashes Into Dumpster”

    1. i think i know what happened here:horrible grades,some times i felt like jumping from the 6th floor of my school when i had bad grades because i overslept watching yuri and yaoi,so i’m guessing dying in a motorcycle accident is a good way to avoid getting scolded at home 🙂

  1. Trying to figure out how a crash with an immobile object turned out to be fatal. They must have really been booking it down that road. I wonder if the survivor was the driver, because that is usually what happens. My money is on blue jumpsuit though. Seems like no flip flops were harmed in the making of this accident.

    1. I do not think info is correct. These guys are all alive in all of the pictures. The only one who looks like he could be fatally injured is the one with the leg amputation. He has crotch injuries (must have been driving) as well as a shattered hip on his intact leg.
      The taller one has a foot facing the wrong way! Ouch.
      The one sitting up is bleeding pretty badly as well. It looks like he lost a knee.

  2. Dumbasses, a motorcycle is supposed to carry not more than 2 ppl, I know it’s big knews, but that’s how it works..not wearing helmets either..they got what they deserved, just a waste of good Nike sneakers..

    1. Well..I thought the same and the guy in the middle that I guess is supposed to be dead too, in 2 different pictures has changed his arm, he wasn’t dead, unless he died later on in the hospital?

    1. Actually, they are definately old enough to have learned some first aid techinques. Looking over all the photos, they all seemed to be alive at one point. The kid sitting up coulda crawled his lazy injured ass over to the guy in the blue jumper, took the guys belt off and used it as a tourniquet on that leg that’s clearly bleeding out. He’d then have at least one friend left.

  3. I bet one friend probably let another drive the bike for the first time. The inexperienced driver went fast, then panicked giving it more and more throttle until they smashed into the dumpster like a kamikaze smashing into a steel ship. Pow it was over with just like that.

  4. The one picture is obviously not the same boys.
    It looks to me like all 3 are alive, now whether or not any of them died later… who knows. If you pay any kind of attention to the pics; however, all 3 boys change positions and seem awake and aware. The one on his back even reaches out to rescuers.

  5. That dumpster sure as some hell was a humpster for all three of them
    Indeed pure reckless they might have been to be triple riding that bike which generally in their country is not allowed . They must have been biking on with top speed not knowing there was another tomorrow .
    At least the one who survived getting truly humped is never gonna be near a bike no more ……….

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