Two Inmates Brutally Murdered During Riot in Brazilian Prison

Two Inmates Brutally Murdered During Riot in Brazilian Prison

Two young men were brutally murdered and twelve others injured during a riot in a Brazilian prison on the 27th of May in Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil. Mauritius Manoel dos Santos Filho, 17, who was from Santa Cruz do Capibaribe was decapitated with a bladed weapon, his body left in a pool of blood and Talmir Alves Cavalcante, aka “Paulistinha” 16, from the Salgado neighborhood in Caruaru and was burned to death when part of the prison was set on fire. You can see that a great deal of damage was done before it could be brought under control.

Three men have been named as the sole perpetrators of the murders (Moab Wesley de Oliveira, 18, Micah Bezerra Lira, 19, and Flavio Alex da Silva, 18) even though they all claim they were still in their cells when the riot broke out. Either way, they are being charged now with double homicide.

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  1. I see a new industry for Brazil utilizing the resources the country has in such abundance. Severed heads, when properly dried and preserved, can be exported as desk paperweights and nicknack holders. Imagine entering an office and being eyed by the office holder and several heads on the desk, each holding a selection of pens and pencils, napkins, note pads, erasers, etc.

    Now there’s an industry that Brazil and Mexico can corner!

      1. That is my point. Almost no one values life down there. People get over on one another and young teenagers grown up (and die) in prisons. Shit is fucked up here in the States as well but at least its not “Brazilian” fucked up.

  2. The Brazilian Prison System. Had these young pricks miraculously survived to walk the streets once more, they would, no doubt, have been walking those streets with newly acquired psychotic tendencies.

    Frankly, they are better off where they are.

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