Two Men Beheaded and Dismembered by Rivals in Brazil

Two Men Beheaded and Dismembered by Rivals in Brazil

Two Men Beheaded and Dismembered by Rivals in Brazil

In Brazil, members of what looks like Comando Velrmelho (The Red Command), based on the “V” sign used by the killers, beheaded and dismembered two presumed rivals.

The nighttime butchery shows the traffickers use machetes to decapitate the men and cut off their limbs, which are then lined up to form a CV.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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105 thoughts on “Two Men Beheaded and Dismembered by Rivals in Brazil”

          1. They sure did. Fresh edge on a flint axe would take those heads of in a couple of strokes. Obsidian blade in one swing. Some surgeons STILL use Obsidian blades.

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    2. I pray for the day where brazilians discover that knifes are for cutting and axes are for chopping. They quite don’t get that one but that’s the thing with underdeveloped countries i guess…

  1. 2nd guy took it like a man tho. No sound or flinching like turkey being filled up the ass like 1st guy. He sounded like donkey whos being fucked by terrorist. Also those executioners need to gain sum muscles or make that shit sharper. The victims was like “why the fuck he cant just get over it… Weak ass…. *dead*”

    1. I do believe they know how to sharpen blades butt rather the victim be in misery and pain…

      After all, don’t you enjoy when the person writhes in agony compared to them silent as a bug, not giving satisfaction to their life snatchers

      1. Depends what the person has done to deserve it, if they rly wanna inflict some agony, why they go for head first, ye hes gonna feel shitload of pain for small time, but if I would wanna make person feel agony, I would prolly break fingers first or cut, breaking small bones first, etc…. I saw sum real torture shit here where guys face was skinned off and hands, guy was alive for many minutes feeling shitload of pain and screaming in agony

        1. I just wish there was a longer version of face peel man ;'(

          I see what you’re saying, if a person commits horrible crimes, you don’t mind them in wretched pain or it makes you feel better at ease for their pain. Empainthy?

          1. Tbh I cant feel sadness and empathy at all, only when its someone very close to me. So people dying everyday does not make me feel anything, and yes if its sum bastard who deserved it, im gonna fucking enjoy it. I dealt with too much shit in the past, so it made me pretty much stone hard inside

  2. They sounded like pigs getting gutted. Damn normally I dont hate my type but Brasileiro brownies look stupid. Spanish speaking brownies like me look either white, native or negro or a nice mix of all.

    1. For real. The video goes- *chop chop chop chop chop chop* (can’t really see anything)… then suddenly you see their progress for a brief moment. Then more *chop chop chop chop chop chop* as we can’t see anything.

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  3. they both looked the same, like are they brothers?

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  4. Hi. Why these mex’es trying to be like the islamists? Mexico, Iraq beat you to the punch. Your beheading videos are a joke. Besides, nobody, and I mean nobody can compare to the chechen throat slit video, which I’m trying to get.

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