Two Men Stabbed in Chest and Beheaded by La Familia Michoacana in Mexico

Two Men Stabbed in Chest and Beheaded by La Familia Michoacana in Mexico

Two Men Stabbed in Chest and Beheaded by La Familia Michoacana in Mexico

Video from Mexico shows the killing of two men by a cartel. According to the information I got, the victims were members of the CJNG (Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación), and their killers La Familia Michoacana. Baseball hats worn by the victims seem to confirm their affiliation with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Both men are beheaded, but prior to their decapitation, they get stabbed in the chest and their ribcage is slashed open. Heart was probably ruptured during that too. It’s as if the knifeman was going for a Mexican version of a frontal Blood Eagle execution ritual originally used by the Vikings. But it never materialized. Brutal killing nevertheless.

After the two are killed, the video continues with a footage of some burnings, but I’m not too sure if it’s related to the killings, as nothing conclusive is shown and the picture quality is bad. It was part of the video so I’m sharing as I got it.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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108 thoughts on “Two Men Stabbed in Chest and Beheaded by La Familia Michoacana in Mexico”

    1. Hi Piggy, got any corona jokes? I saw this sexy blond bird the other day, she had the mask, the hat , the gloves, covered from head to foot she was, i said to her “I suppose a shag’s out of the question then?”

          1. @coffindodger
            Me either brother, as i could hardly hear-it too.
            And I Agree with you 100% brother, that it most definitely sucked to be them, at the time cause Fuck-Man, that was a brutal way ta go. 🙁

          2. @thedre
            Agree. I think I’d rather get beheaded than have someone plunge a knife into my chest over and over again. That was pretty fucked up. Not as bad as the Syria one that was just recently posted though.

        1. @thedre
          Now, I have a question for you guys n gals. I’ve seen a ton of gore videos but still have yet to be able to pinpoint the actual point of death or lack of consciousness. Up to what point do you think these two were even “aware” of what was happening to them? The first guy goes limp pretty much immediately, although his lungs continue to fight for air. But could that just be “agonal breathing”? Which I believe can in fact take place postmortem. Anyways… I know everyone here is no stranger to death. I would appreciate hearing others opinions on when death occurs and how much the victim is actually even aware of what’s being done to them?

        1. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!

          And i was so wrong to “Call Them Animals” as Animals Themselves have they have more Humanity in them for sure.
          I Was watching some video’s, and uploaded a couple of them myself on a Forum-Page That was set-up & created by our *(Dear, Respectful, & Very Classy)* Member, @despy a few weeks back.

          It showed just how much love, affection, and Empathy they ( These Animals) all had towards each other. And it did not matter if they were from completely different species altogether cause it was the Purest, and Most-Innocent Form of Love towards each other, that i had ever seen brother.

          Like For example,,,and like i said above they would not even think twice about endangering their own lives to Helping Another Animal escape certain death, if it did not help it Get-Out of a Crocodile, and, or A Lions Jaws. So yea,,, it truly was a sight to see, and amazingly beautiful to watch brother, as it became an hour long tear jerk’er for this old Man, lol 😉

          So unlike many people in today’s screwed-up society, they do not care about anyone but themselves, and who they can hurt today cause they were molested as a young girl, or boy, and the like. So they become so hateful because of the hate they themselves feel inside, not caring whatsoever who they take their hate-out on.

          So because they just have to let it out somewhere,, innocent victims pay the price for what happened to them, and never dealing with it properly, but instead leaving a path of utter destruction, violence, And this (Incredibly Ugly Behavior & Hatred) behind them, no matter where they move to or relocate to, as it follows them everywhere like the Pneumonic Plague.

          So after being so cold, unaffectionate and completely uncaring towards other individuals their entire life they belong in a class of their own, and not far off these sick fuckers in the video above, not giving two fucks about some poor guys suffering, and subsequent loss of life. So i often find myself “asking myself” just how the hell these Sick-Fuckers can actually sleep at night, after doing such gruesome, and cold-hearted stuff earlier that day.

          It is completely beyond me, except when it’s a Woman and she’s in Full Menopause-Mode cause then i’m sure you understand the consequences you i’m sure B G Bro! So These brutally Cold, Angry/Ugly People, along with These Sick Fucks in the video above will all most-definitely pay a price when the Grim Reaper Comes A Knocking on their door my man, and Forrr-Surrre!

          Just like these completely Evil Guys/Fleshy-Viruses above that will go straight to hell completely bypassing Purgatory, an just going straight down & fucking fast. 🙁

          1. @Thedre.
            Sometimes we use those words trying to find words that do not exist for such inhumane treatment of fellow human beings (FV).
            The animal kingdom for that it is, also has such brutality within but typically animals that HAVE to kill to survive instinctively know it’s the only way. Additionally quite a few of the large predatory animals do kill randomly and seem to be torturing the prey, then to walk away without eating said prey. That I presume is more to do with it’s instinctual nature and genetic coding rather than actually torturing deliberately. (I don’t honestly know the answer to that).
            Other animals that do not have to kill generally will cooperate with each other also warning other species if a predator is in their area.
            Animals of different species when growing together will rather cooperate than fight, one can see that in nature and on most animal farms. (No pun intended).
            In the wild I personally think they know what species they may interact with.
            Likened perhaps to the way we individually know who, and what we can trust.

            What we witness in videos from the cartel types is in fact the way those people (using the term loosely). Have ALWAYS treated each other, be it for food, land, drugs, or any of the seven deadly’s. They have also it seems to me since our knowing of those people NEVER been any different, just technology nowadays brings it to a screen.

            One cannot teach an auld dog new tricks.
            Similarly, One CAN take the monkey from the jungle BUT (as we all know). One cannot take the jungle out of the monkey.

            It is a dilemma, encased in enigma, which fell out of Pandora’s Box perhaps…

          2. @@JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            Very well said brother.
            You seam to be quite educated on the subject at hand, therefore You must love animals,,, and, or,, maybe you work with them, or for some Government Agency that has to do with The Environment, or the like.. you know lots about them and funny as fuck.

            One can take The Monkey From The Jungle,,,But one Cannot Take the Jungle out of a monkey??? Fuck Brother,,, you had both My Wife, and Myself laughing hard, & yet again with this saying/joke, as we both had never heard anybody say this before,,,
            lol. 🙂

          3. @Thedre.
            Yes you have found me out, I have more time for animals than say 99.99 out of the 100 of the FV which infest this beautiful Earth. Tho all I know and have learned since my grandfather and great uncles took me hunting, fishing, shooting and skinning as a boy while I honed my fieldcraft is all self taught.
            Have worked with animals in the past as well yes but, out of the last decade in August it will be five years that I live and tend my own bit of land away from the FV and their blind, dumb, deaf ignorant hives.
            Could not and would NOT work for any government agencies upon principal.
            THEY ARE ALL TERRORISTS in suits using everything that has been stolen from everyone against EVERYONE. Bad enough living in societies full of those that knowingly contributing to their coffers is suicide inducing. I do NOT subscribe to nor would I ever.
            Societies are Sick, I am not a part of their Sickness so.

            Also more pleased now by you and yours getting if nothing else from what I might or may say, contorted face muscles which bring tears of joy from laughter.
            That’s Cool…

          4. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            That is too cool, as we have a lot in common like Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and the like. I Love, and have always loved it in the Country, as i grew up as a young kid in The Country. A Small town called Wolf Lake Quebec.

            Last year i took my eldest son, on a Trio day of fishing, aiming to catch brook trout,,, Bass,,, and walleye as the Americans call them, or Pickerel as we Canadians call them. So We started at about 4:45 A.M. On a nearby creek catching our limits of “Brook Trout” as Americans call them, and in Eastern Ontario, & Western Quebec, we call them “Speckled Trout”, because they are covered with these speckles of blue circles, with red dots inside the middle of them.

            These color combinations make them such a beautiful looking fish to catch, that are also very tasty, & excellent to eat with it’s bright Orange/Reddish Colored meat inside. Actually it is in my top 3 fish to eat, along with Salmon, And Pickerel or (Walleye) which i’m sure you know are great to eat.

            So once we were done and caught our limit of brook trout Speckles,,, we headed for some bass fishing during that hot summer day in another larger creek, or small river that has several high enough water falls along it’s route. We fish below one set of falls that have flat rocks to sit-on, or lie on and have a nap under super large pine & spruce trees,,, Heaven brother with only the sound of the falls and GOT ONE,,,Lol. This beautiful area, which is mostly out of sight, and with nobody around for miles except for lots of Black Bear, Wolf, Deer, Rabbit, & Hungarian-Partridge, just the way i like it.

            So with my rod in the water, and only the sound of the falls, and the nice cooling mist it produces that the wind carries towards you cools you off nicely, on a hot summer day. So again,,, My Son & myself were truly as close to heaven as one could get, complete serenity, and calmness of the wild. 🙂

            The area is surrounded by flat rocks in front of the falls which make it perfect for fishing, swimming, & picnics if you know how to get there off the main road and a little walk in the deep bush. So after catching, and releasing 25 to 30 Small Mouthed Bass that were between 3/4 rs of a pound to 1 pound.

            We were awaiting between the hours of 6:30 P.M. To about 9:30 P.m. for Some Pickerel Fishing. And after about 2 hours, and catching about 6 nice ones that weighed between 2- 1/2 to 5 pounds each, so 6 was plenty enough to feed both our families with left over fillets ta boot. So at around 9 :45 P.M. we headed back home, and after a long and quiet 2 hour drive back to Ottawa (quiet cause my boy crashed-out merely minutes after getting into my truck, lol. So at about 12:30 am completely exhausted but very happy while unloading our trout & walleye. So this day,, it ended-up being this beautiful long day of fishing. 🙂

            You sound like a nice, and very, intelligent young man, stay in the country for as long as you cause you know as well as i do that it is the best, and healthiest lifestyle away from all the bullshit. 🙂

          5. @Thedre.
            That was an interesting tale of Father and Son activities, with colorful picturesque descriptions. All of which happening away from the bleating herd proves that once you have your family around yourselves, One does not need anyone else.
            Sure it is grand having good friends too, but No substitute for those of yourself who know you, and are a part of you that would and will always be true.
            That is to some extent what Family means to me. (Without writing a book presently).

            Also Andre yes I’m a young man, believe it or not but our Birthdays are less than three weeks apart, (always check your background before entering the foreground). Lions either take to each other straight away or not at all. We seem to have met eye to eye, so to speak.
            One last thing Dude, like yourself I entered the Frey in the mid 60’s. Very Very VERY Good years for Babies, so I’m told. Hahaha.

          6. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            You are so right, and yet again with your comment regarding the importance of family vs. friends, or in many cases So-Called Friends. I am really happy to have met somebody who truly is a good Best-Gore Brother being very open-minded, has good morals, and with a great sense of humor, ta boot, lol.

            Iv’e been meaning to ask you if there is a name, or a nickname that i can use to address you, instead of sounding like a Catholic Priest and always addressing You by Brother all the time. Unless your name is John cause then, i would just Have no choice but to address, or call You “Brother John” or the like, lol?

            No but honestly,,, it is so nice to speak with somebody who is down to earth, and just an average all around, overall good dude for a change, as as i’m sure you noticed i have been having a rough go with some of the members on here. And because i have different views on a certain topic that they do not agree with, So I’m just so tired, and drained of all the bullshit lies, and non-stop name calling.

            But anyways yea,,, it’s cool that we are both Leo’s and that we both were born during the late stages of the Baby-Boomers era, lol. Iv’e always wondered why, and how they came-up with calling our parents with this Baby-Boomer Name? It was maybe because after they pumped-out another couple of kids,, Dad’s would have & just let it hang instead coming back like A well thrown Boomer-ang. 😉

          7. @Thedre.
            Yes and it’s good to see straight on that, personally family is first for me, that meaning who or which ever part of is present is equal firsts, thereafter it’s the usual pecking order as within any (what I would consider) decently civilized. Friends are next tho not second best, my friends I can count on one hand and know as I do you do not become involved in their or each other’s affairs unless invited. You do not come between the family unless it’s what you deem obscene unlawful unnecessary abuse physical, and in any extreme otherwise. Friends are never to be versus likewise family so. Along those lines but can honestly say I have had not anymore than a heated debate/discussion or crossed wire in years, cannot remember a full blown argument I’ve had with my own since freaking eh’ over three years Mann. We all seem to enjoy where we are with one and another, getting along doing as we do. There is no secret to it, maintain respect for each other and work together, let those that chose and/or want to fight lead them to it, keep those types away from the core. Then we’re all available for ourselves thru any event even PLANNED-DEMICS. Should we need or be forced to defend ourselves in any way. Pray it does not arise but we are all on hand to help ourselves always thru thick and thin for the Kin. The name is Jack. Not keen on abbreviations myself.

            As regard any inter site wrangling(s) you may have with other participants that is entirely your concern.
            Will not be drawn or express an opinion either way upon something so playground.
            When I’m here visiting the playground myself, I’ll stand alone. (I do perceive this environment here to be somewhat of a playground with an extended library which has, and still is being filled with wonderful information from psychos from everywhere). Uniquely here as well that is more than cool.
            Never had a facefuck account, never on social networks say instagram (Fucking cheap bastards, what about Instakilo..? Eh’ that might get me interested). Any of that psy-ops shyte the agenda has everywhere.
            This could be a sub reality of a reality that exists for some, and perhaps have some bearing and meaning to their lives. For me it holds no reality whatsoever as it’s the undogged insistence of the proprietor to have maintained and hosted his journalistic approach to the site, that’s only to me what counts with the regular reality check of the exploits of; The Fleshy Virus.

            Yea grand it is Andre, those boomers were so called because post second conflict they’d came from the population explosion of a post war world in Europe America Canada, and most considered western nations of the time, the agenda was rebuilding livestock for the next generations of fodder for factory and battlefield as the Pig Churchill so eloquently termed the unwashed useless eaters. That’s as my mother put it to me, never really checked the fine detail, apart from the quote.
            The Boomerang thing well yea looked for a moment there post war they could have held on to their own but the domino’s sadly continue to fall.
            Right now for me it’s time to roll a FAT one, get some good thought and inspiration.
            BG bud. Is that cool..?
            Tell you a good corona circus joke when I can see straight enough to hit the keys again. Fucking Electric Eels man wrote a Manifesto..!

    1. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!

      What is that white shit all over the ground, do you know brother???
      Could it maybe, or possibly be some lime perhaps, in order to help it
      Rot the body quicker, & eliminating any smell once buried perhaps?

      1. It is so nice to get to know you on a first name basis Jack. 🙂 And i agree whole heatedly about not (getting yourself involved & whatsoever) with any of the childish bullshit, and the name calling,
        that has been going-on as i am too damn old myself for that, lol. I Just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed our chats, and Your Funny/Witty Comedic side, and intelligent, thought provoking Chats/Comments, as opposed to the other bullshit that’s all. Sorry if it sounded otherwise Jack, as that was not my intent.

        As for having a Facefuck, (As you call-it, lol, ah-man your funny bro) account cause i could not be bothered with it as well. My wife had signed me up about 12 years ago when she opened an account herself,,, but i quickly asked her to (Have Mine Closed-Down, as it was way to Personal, and Frankly too stupid & lame seeing/hearing people talk about what they had for Supper, or How good there Dump Was earlier, lol, & Seriously. Like why do/would i want to know Shit like that, and Literally, he, he. 😉

        Life is just too damn short to waste it on stupidity, and arguments as (I’m sure you will agree) that when you reach 50, man brother the years seam to go by in the span of 4 to 5 months. You blink Jack, and an other year is gone. 😉 And i am going thru “Just For Men” hair coloring every 2 months now instead of every six. Damn it’s expensive getting old. 😉

        1. @Thedre.
          Andre, kids will be kids when left to their own devices unsupervised their likely to cause all sorts of mischief. No need for apologies Dude, thanks for the appreciation it is mutual. Finding something other than what would be ordinary pedestrian commentaries to expound isn’t always easy haha.
          The age thing man, well I really only ever notice it when I see a reflection of myself (that I think also is a little like living in Egypt, you know the nile, denial..? Ha). So don’t have manny mirrors around the place, make sure you stay away from shop windows that have a magical way of giving you a reflection of which makes one appear naked happened to me few days ago. Maybe that’s just me..? Don’t know, don’t think it’s wise spending much thought on.

          Yes Andre I tend to refer to the majority of male’s born since 85-95, as The PlayStation Generation(s). Look at it, anything born in the western world since then not ever knowing the world without internet, instant communication, coming from general state education dumbed down curriculum to the point monkeys that were sent into space in the 1950’s had better teaching FFS..!

          Seventeen year old menstruating school child absentee elevated to a fake world environmental messiah (c)rap music, promoted sexual confusion misdirection deviation, gender manipulation, gayism. Race mixing, allowing those who do not live amongst us flood our countries with incompatible turd world shyte. As we head towards the dystopian future the elitist Cabal want the World’s people to serf into.

          The vast majority of said haven’t a clue, more to the point are not interested in why how and who runs the show. Personally I find them desperately shallow, without any sense of life direction, and very disappointing.
          As for the females produced since then, well don’t get me started we would be here a month on one COMMENT..!

          Age hum, really have to say this; Tell you something
          I really really am liking appreciating and enjoying the age stage and maturity I’ve reached now. Just a FUCKING pity so much of me life has been wasted getting HERE..!!!

          But more likely thinking once the five O’ hit the meter that WE do then realize how time truly ticks. Example: As a (hopefully) carefree childhood takes one to the teens time you do not as yet perceive an end to, your Ma says your grounded for the evening that evening in your bedroom takes nearly a month before morning and then to get thru the day to the next evening and for what it was the previous evening that you really wanted to do. As we grow and hopefully again mature we become more attuned to the passage of time and by now know it’s only a few hours. Then time becomes relative when you’re enjoying yourself supposedly and seems to pass faster. Therefore as 50 passes the time appears to in effect to speed up.
          Because Andre time really does pass quicker when you are enjoying yourself, just that in your fifties we must NOT realize how much WE are enjoying it..!
          Hahaha that’s part of my theory of time, and I’m sticking to IT..!!!

          PREDICTION: There will be a Major world wide “Baby Boom” in nine months time. Then one day in 2033. We shall witness.

          The Rise of The Quaranteens..!

          PS: As for the hair, happy to say I’m glad I don’t have any…

          1. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            Hey, Good Morning Jack,,

            It is a beautiful, and picture perfect day here in Ottawa Ontario Canada, as the high will reach 27, or 28 degrees Celsius Today, and Finally. And since they are calling for much of the same all weekend long, My wife & I Will be headed to our Camper Tomorrow morning until Sunday Evening. Time to put in my boat for the summer,,, do some fishing, along with Campfires, Cold Beers, and A Few Blunts To Go along with-it.
            If you lived near by My Wife & I Would invite You & Yours To Join us at our Camper which sleeps 6 comfortably, and with lots of room to spare. 🙂

            And Yes Jack Kids will be kids indeed my friend,,, Indeed. It reminds me of my 4 Boys and the shit they use to get into, especially in their pre-teen years, as their teens were spent in mostly in University, so they were away from home and out of town, lol. And as much as i love them more than life itself,,, it was always nice when September came around and Our House Got Quiet, and was able to stay clean again for more than half a day, lol.

            The Play-Station Generation Jack, bwa, ha, ha,,, as it’s so, so true man. And my god man, did you ever nail-it with your theory of time bud, cause when i look back and in the (not too distant past) which is something that you have just awoken me too, i am having a great time with the kiddies all grown-up and gone, and doing well themselves. You have (just now) made me realize just how truly happy i really am, even if just for having reached the big Five-O in one piece. “Well more or less one piece” that is, lol.

            Cause as you said,, even though the time does go by much quicker,,, it’s ok as I, or We, (I Should say) are having so much fun, enjoying the fruits of our labor, while being able to just take-off at a moments notice, and do the things in life that we truly enjoy. And Like Camping & Fishing (which puts a huge silly smile on me face) & all weekend while out there in the fresh, and healthy Country Air.

            And passing my 50’s was something that i honestly never thought would be possible with the Major Heart-Attack that i suffered over 12 years-ago now, and my near fatal work accident about 6 years ago now. Now if we add those 2 with the amount of partying, and crazy-shit that we did as young men,,, it’s nuts, but a good nuts none the less Jack. 🙂

            Oh Fuck-Man,,, you are so right about another Baby-Boom era coming soon near a town near you, he, he, as i’m sure you are correct in your assumption that there has surely been, Lots-O-Fucking going-on Since This Fake Pandemic Begun, Ahhh-Man your funny brother. I Hope that you’s are having a great morning so far sir. 🙂

          2. Hi Andre.
            Well thank you for that, you are doing pretty good yourself Dude if I may say so. No have no fear(s).
            Also that I too am enjoying our conversations, as one individual to another, especially with life’s experience to converse from. Coffee, can’t take it. Caffeine messes me up, terrible head/stomach pains, nausea from the smell to the point of balking even vomiting. Alcohol has the same effect on me as well. When me daughter’s Ma is here and wants coffee (she’s an addict to coffee) I let her make and drink it outside away from me, thereafter if she wants to get near me she’s to have washed her mouth out, or she’s not getting back in. Or anywhere near until so.
            Misogynistic maybe, tho not a misogynist. Also there’s times when I’ve to side step, and bite the lip for the sake of keeping the peace over one or two of her foibles, it’s a balancing act as you well know.

            Andre my experience is not more or less than yours bud, we’ve both been in the transitory passage stage that as you’ve felt the true spiritual divinity that tells you death is merely an extension of your life, and you no longer require the vessel of the physical entity.

            Yea, we have a few commonalities alright Dude, agreed that it is not just life changing, it’s metaphysical, to a type of metamorphosis Mann.
            One’s own perception of everything changes. For the better as well, once thru to the self you are returned to.

            Andre if someone is trying to pull your chain just to be annoying or annoy you, and you know it. Don’t bite, don’t lower yourself. Ignore it/them. What you think and believe is what matters, not someone else’s opinion. Remember it’s your truth that counts for you.
            Truth and facts are what we seek, opinions are like Arseholes everyone has one, and we all know that everyone else’s stinks, so. Plus then their getting no oxygen from you, and will go away to find someone that does feed their need to be a er, an agitator.
            That way more importantly you are not absorbing their negativity.

            Ok. Andre, this is what I’ve to say of God:


            (If) There is a ‘god’

            It could be argued that it is a form of life, ranking very high on the Kardashev scale which has long since discovered realms of physics that humans can merely speculate on. If such a life form exists and is within our planetary remit, it could also be likely that it would observe and regard humans no differently from any other primitive/unsophisticated life form, bacteria for example.


            Time Space Energy Matter


            Is all ‘relative’

            We could merely exist on a single blade of grass, blowing thru cosmic breeze – dandelion clock – speck of dust – for no unfathomable reasoning we just are here
            And it is what it is.

            A fleshy virus that only ever amounts to dust in the ground.

            There for the spirit of self to continue on its journey to the Godhead realm of pure consciousness and conscious awareness.
            You see Dude..? It is all a little iffy.
            Like ” If your Aunty had Balls, She would be your Uncle”

        2. @Thedre.
          Had a grand morning with a peaceful afternoon thanks Andre. All good inda hood Dude..! Sounds like it to me, and a lovely weekend ahead so, with the weather being gorgeous as you describe, and time on your hands to play with your toys in the countryside, now what could be better for you than that. Especially for just the two of you.

          That is a very cool, generous, and genuine offer of you both, and IF I was in your country surely would take you up on it, to at least meet properly as it were and say hello.
          Did spend some time in Canada and Alaska tho all work and work related, didn’t have a lot of time for sight seeing or really getting around to know the land, mostly because we were in the coldest of locations during winter and once the work was done I wasn’t going anywhere away from the heat, dryness and comfort of me usually cabin accommodation.
          Don’t know about you bud, but I do not like cold, damp, wet, snowy weather and places. Certainly sub zero locations would have me hibernating. If I hadn’t got cabin fever and thrown the rope up..! Ha.
          Also have you noticed Leo’s in general, male/female, and all summer born people do not like cold and snowy weather places..? Yet winter born people have no bother with it and some actually enjoy it..!?!

          Hahaha. Kids Will be kids regardless of generation because each generations children start off the same as we all did. A fucking nightmare thinking they know everything before the age of ten, and they know nothing, and the only way to make sure their NOT made ignorant by state apparatus is to educate them yourself, privately if you can afford to making sure what their being taught is true, and NOT indoctrination into the herd for systematic abuse by the state and sick societies. Now having said that, thankfully never had any real problems with the lads but my youngest and only daughter 25 next month once hitting puberty put her brains in neutral, aged 14 to 21 FFS. Before re engaging herself with herself, what a FUCKING NIGHTMARE she was..!

          Sick thing about the PlayStation Generations is their already indoctrinated, lost within themselves and are as we see happily going along with the totalitarian NWO. Bullshitery Gatesian Genocide that psychopath if he’s not stopped has planned for everyone. Except of course front men like himself and those we know who are behind this PLANNED-DEMIC.

          Pleased that you got something from the time theory, because if one looks and reminds one’s self say once a week at what you are, where you are, who you are, your needs and requirements. Not what you want or desire then you make yourself aware of what you have and where you really are.
          Sure when everything gets you down sometimes and you think to yourself what is this for, what’s the point blah blah bleat bleat. (Because from time to time, WE all do it). This is what I say to myself. Quote: Things could be a lot worse, I could have been born Black..!
          I find anytime, even at real low points in times past, it ALWAYS cheers me up..!

          TBH, Andre. Never thought I’d have seen 30, from late teens, thru to early 40’s complete Motorhead, wasn’t a drug to me, it was an essential nutrient (so I thought).
          Complete Petrolhead had to have fast Moty Bikes, tuned and tuning them was me thing for a while, cars didn’t bother with until late 20’s but again never had a small engined car, has to be at least 6. 8. and 12 Preferably.
          Then one day (long to short) I had a BIG accident which did put me out the game for a while to the extent that I was out of myself looking at myself smashed on the road watching them work on me trying to jump start me pump, getting me ready for the air ambulance which was landing and knew if I didn’t re enter myself somehow it was over. Was not scared, was not panicked, wasn’t afraid of anything at that point, sounds were like coral music never heard before, the aroma was intoxicating (sweet like honeysuckle and roses mixed) I was in no pain and felt peace in the real sense, but I turned from the warmth of the brightness and forced myself to re enter my body.
          That was Mid 90’s still here Dude. The two and half, three years tied to hospitals gave me time to think and change a few of my ways of treating life.

          Remember reading of your near misses Andre, and seen the most recent pictures from the work done.
          Think of well I’ve came thru all that, if it has made nothing of me, one thing is for sure. I am a Survivor…

          1. Jack,,, you are an awesome, and truly incredible individual my friend, cause as corny as this may sound (without scaring you, lol) i look forwards to our conversations everyday morning/day when i have my morning/afternoon coffee (which btw i drink) all day lol. And hearing about your with incredibly close (and much more than mine) brush with death,, it makes even more sense to me Why Now, as i asked myself why,,, i enjoyed chatting with ya so very much brother, now i know why. Cause we have so much in common, and the fact that it truly is a life changing event, is it not? 🙂

            For myself it was a gradual, but quick enough change once i had come so close to deaths door as you, & i both did. Mine was after my initial heart-attack where after they had installed the stent, and i was in the intensive care (which i spent 2 weeks in) that it happened. My heart/breathing had stopped twice during that first night in the intensive care, where the first time The Nurse Literally jumped on top of me, and woke me up out of what was this most serene, and comfortable sleep that i had ever had in my entire life. And the second time,,, a large man (A Cardiologist) woke me and was at my bedside with this same nurse , that awoken me the first time, telling me that the same thing had happened again but for 3 minutes and a few seconds this time.

            After they left I could not fall asleep right away, and that’s when I Then felt this strange (but a good strange feeling) that i could not explain whatsoever. I felt as if i knew, and knew for sure that everything was going to be ok with my kids, wife, & my loving, caring family. So i think that during that second episode,, i did go somewhere, and with someone, and that it was not a dream Jack. I Do not talk about that part much (as to not get anymore trolls) cursing and ridiculing me. But now that someone else has experienced, and shared with me a similar event, (And what an event it was) as whoa!!! is all i can say,,, makes me feel much more secure while talking about-it on here. 🙂

            And because i had another similar incident happen to me in my early teens, it seamed eerily familiar. I Had this sense of pure love like i had Never, and Will never (i’m sure) feel again until we meet again. No words will ever even come close to explaining how i felt on that particular night, and as a 13 year-old boy,, ever. But what it did was to comfort me in such a way that i have never looked at death the same again, as i now know, and with 100% certainty that there is A God, or Creator as some would like to call him.

            But My God Jack, was that feeling (So Incredibly Powerful) and So, so real that you just know that it is 100% pure, & authentic. 🙂 So God Bless You Jack, i am so glad you made-it too my man, as i am sure that you must feel the same way now about there being an afterlife, especially after what you went through, as i did not get that beautiful music & smell that many describe,,, but only to say that it truly was an incredible, & Beautiful Rush of love, and content. This feeling of everything is ok, and will be ok has helped me in so many, many ways going thru the remainder of this life, that i cannot express it enough, although i do sometimes still get a couple days where i get down, and depressed mostly because of my old stinking-thinking habits, they are much less frequent than before. 🙂

        3. Hi my dear Andre! Sorry for answering on here, but it’s not like I have another choice 😛
          I haven’t disappeared, I’m still here reading, observing, stalking 😉 besides, now that I’m hooked on gore where else would I go? I need my daily dose lol
          It looks like you’ve been really busy lately.sorry to hear about your health issues. that’s a lot of pills you’re popping there my dear friend. I just hope you’re taking good care of yourself ( diet, exercises, no cigs, etc).
          It would be great to chat with you on forums. I’ve been dying to tell you about my guilty pleasure song lol
          I wish the weather won’t be that bad so you can enjoy your weekend.
          Hugs xx @thedre

          1. @Regina Phalange
            Hey girl,, i’m happy to see that you are still around now being a certified Gore-Junkie like all of us. Yes busy, busy, it’s the time of the year eh, we finally got some decent weather like i was saying, so now the rush is on to get everything ready for a great summer of fishing/camping adventures. Hopefully soon we can get you hooked-up on the forums so we can chat some more, as you are so sweet that i could very easily chat with you all day.

            Take care,
            and cheers,
            for now,,,
            Andre. 🙂

      1. They’re the authors of their own torture and don’t know it.
        Some fat greasy unshaven mexican beanhead at the top must have come up with the bright idea of torturing the opposition to scare them off.
        Those two boys died like men though. Have to give props to them for that.

  1. I was really looking forward to the next video between these two cartels and it exceeded my expectations. That was absolutely brutal. Easily the best and most consistent content in the past year.

      1. Where did you find the source anyway? I am always a bit skeptical towards any ‘content provider’ who just happen to have the source of any cartel related shits. Like they are part of the cartel themselves or something like that.

  2. I’m expected to wear a mask and gloves when just strolling outside during this virus nonsense, but these guys don’t wear any and their hands are full of the blood and guts from their victims. Is there a stat on how many of them get corona?

    1. @Just a normal nigga
      Could you imagine brother just knowing that you are next in line, while they have you lying on your back, and your neck/head jacked-up like his was awaiting your beheading? Fucking-Spooky-Man, Spooky 🙁

        1. @Just a normal nigga

          Yes you are right man. I Traveled to Puerto-Vallarta Mexico, about 26 years-Ago with my ex-wife. But having seen all of the brutality come-out of that place for over a decade,,, I Will never, ever travel there again. 🙁

  3. It’s people like the savages in this video that I would take pride in exterminating from the face of the earth….
    In one aspect, the victims don’t have to worry about death anymore…. but the methods of execution they use is absolutely animalistic… and I will be waiting for them to “star” in the next video…
    Too bad the wall was just propaganda to get trump elected….

    1. The really important wall would be a legal wall, not a physical wall. Laws that permanently deny residence and citizenship to anyone that enters the USA illegaly, and impose jailtime and deportation after jailtime. And also jailtime for anyone that hires illegals. A physical wall is of very little use if laws are friendly to illegals.

    1. @Artful Dodger
      Chito-Cano,,, what they are shitting sugar canes now? lol.
      I Know i’d be shitting, and for real, no canes but pure, and
      Projectile Shitting & Diarrhea Man, and i ain’t too chicken
      to admit- it either brother, as this is just one nasty way ta go.
      Fucking-Nasty that is! 🙁

    0:00 [Cameraman]: Ready
    0:01 [Executioner]: Look, Chito El Jaramio(?), Here’s one of your men. Boiler, Grande, look, don’t just send any dumbass. Look, I’m El Cholo, old man. We’re gonna leave him here for you, your two punks. Send people that are more badass, you know it’s FM all day, Familia Michoacana, old man. Ain’t no fooling around here, we’re always at a million. And if you’re gonna send more people, send people that are more badass. We have your other dumbass over there, look-
    [*motions to the completely naked man behind the cameraman*] –
    There’s your other dumbass, so when you send other people, send hardasses, look-
    [*Proceeds to stab the rival*]
    Look, pussy… I’m El Cholo, pussy… And don’t bullshit around, old man. Familia Michoacana all day, faggots. And everybody, everybody you send, this is what’s gonna happen to ’em, look- look-… Just take a look… FM all day… Chavez, you, uhh Mocho… Mocho, Teo…. Minion… I’m coming for you too, pussies. Y’all know who I am.
    I’m the one with the loose pants -[*Cameraman giggles*]- as y’all have kept saying. But you already know. We’re coming for you guys too.
    Pure Familia. Michoacana. I give my thanks to the boss, for having given me the opportunity, Señor Cien. Latino, El *unintelligible*, there they are, oldie.
    You, c’mere. Chop his head off, I don’t give a fuck.
    2:08 [Cameraman]: Now?
    [Executioner]: No, let him. [*Starts muttering at a possible second executioner*]
    2:16 Finish him.
    2:21 [2nd Executioner proceeds to behead victim]
    2:37 [Cameraman]: Put some effort into it, old man.
    3:10 [Executioner]: Bring down the chainsaw, old man.
    3:20 [Cameraman]: However you see fit, old man.
    3:59 [Camera pans towards the 2nd rival]
    [Executioner]: Lets see, *unintelligible* the other one… Lay down, old man. lay down, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll hit you with a fuckin’ bullet once and for all
    4:22 [*Executioner positions himself at the foot of the 2nd rival*] Here’s the other one! Send people that are actually good! Look, Familia Michoacana all day, fuckers!
    [2nd Executioner proceeds to stab 2nd rival]
    [Executioner]: Chop his-
    [2nd rival lets out agonal groan]
    [Executioner]: Lets see, look- ey-
    [Cameraman]: Let him-
    [Executioner]: Let him, let him. Leave him there. -[*3rd Executioner proceeds to behead 2nd rival*]- Shower in a bit after this, old man.
    [Cameraman]: There’s water over there where we’re headed for y’all to shower.
    5:15 [Executioner]: Keep sending us your garbage! Hahaha! -[*Cameraman laughs along*]- Keep sending us your garbage, we’ll leave it around.
    [Cameraman]: Here with El Cholo.
    [Executioner]: Pure FM, faggots! -[* “Arriba!” *]- Fuck yeah, dogs. Look, señor. Thank you, Señor Cien! Look, Platino, we dedicate this to ya, old man. *unintelligible* yours!
    5:44 [Cameraman]: He’s done for…….. Ready?
    5:56 [Cameraman]: -sons of your fuckin moms, that’s what I liked dogs for. Oh and look, y’all better come and pick up your dead fucks, *unintelligible* tired of doin all the work, even my dick is tired at this point, look. Pure Belico (?). El Vampiro and El Flaco. Y’all know them, right, assholes? There’s your lil’ peoples. Who were these guys from again? Fuckin’ dumbasses, ‘Colima’. Ain’t worth dick, look.
    I’m tired…. “Gunfighters”… What gunfighters? They ain’t gunfight shit! Hahahaha! They don’t gunfight, sons of their fuckin moms hahaha.. I’ll stick my dick in you two or three times, and still tell you to keep peelin my foreskin back.
    Look, here’s all your fuckin’ dead, so you know we ain’t on that bullshit, look.
    [*gets a closer view of the dead bodies piled up*]
    Here’s your fuckin’ dead folk, I don’t give no fucks. They even give me trouble/work, look. With this one right here, I’m going to devour him, look. Gonna turn him into a Pozole. Your lil’ homie El Vampiro about to eat you guys up, you just watch, fuck it. Cuz’ y’all know who that is, right? Yeah, you guys know us. Here we only chase after people in Chito Cano and we’re gonna kill ’em. And honestly I hope y’all can bury yourselves because to keep it real, it’s getting tiring having to bury all of you.
    [Cameraman’s friend]: Right here that’s where we’re gonna burn all of you
    [Cameraman]: So you guys can see, assholes, whether you’re commanders, or whatever, y’all are goin’ down, dogs, y’all are goin’ into the stew, sons of dicks. -[*Friend giggles*]- Look! look at your jackassery. Look. Take a look! Look at it good, fuck. Look, this one’s gonna be good, look, this one’s gonna be good, I just poked this one, look.
    There he is, recognize him, “Mendoza,” it says “Mendoza” on this dumbass, on his chest. You guys know who it is. This dick’s headed your way, so y’all have one to suck.
    8:15 [Body pile has been set ablaze]
    [Cameraman]: We’re just having a little coffee here, for all *unintelligible* that wanna join us. If you guys wanna come near us, then come on over, pussies, here we are. You already know where. Pure people of Chito. Chito Cano, fuck it. Here’s my lil’ homie, Flaco. My lil’ homie, Vampiro. There’s [*motions towards the fire*] their commander…
    My homie… El Mango Arteada (?)… The lil’ homie Arteada(?) that never backs down, fuckers!
    [*Camera is passed over to a friend, Cameraman 2*]
    8:52 [Cameraman 2]: You know who we are, huh, assholes? Pure 4 letters, fuck it, people from Chito Cano. Why? Because we’re the dick in this town, pussies.
    [Cameraman 1]: Just so y’all can see that they taught me how to burn ’em up good, old man! Just to show you, I had to demonstrate it ahaha..
    [Cameraman 2]: You know that one movie, Vampiro?
    [Cameraman 1]: Y’all know it.
    [Cameraman 2]: Here we are, here we are, pure *??*, fuck it. Pure trained *??*’s. Right from the womb, pussies. Look- not even the fuckin’ firewood, even the fuckin’ firewood was more expensive than- for- to burn all your fuckin’ dead.
    [Cameraman 1]: But man, how they run!
    [Cameraman 2]: Nooo, old man, they don’t run!
    [Cameraman 1]: They fly!
    [Cameraman 2]: They don’t run! if they did, We’d kill them all, for being fuckin’ dumbasses.
    But yeah, god bless all y’all, work hard, friends. I’m gonna be with you guys the rest of my life, to kill y’all. Quit with your bullshit already. And if you’re gonna gunfight with us, you better fight good! Y’all already know. Pure Chito Cano, fuck. El Guero, El Guero Palma, fuck.
    -VIDEO 2 END-

  5. I always wonder if they know that it could be them, going through anything worst than this, the very next day! But they still do it. May that’s why they do it, so that they won’t feel the pain and fear themselves, when they will be lying on the ground, waiting for their turn to be slaughtered, “we deserved it, we did the same, let’s face it like a man, don’t run, don’t cry, don’t beg, just take it, as this is what we deserve, we signed up for it, the day we killed our first! Weeeegghhhggmmmm aggghhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhaa aaaaaaaaaaaa gggghjahjajagshakjgsfgsgshhahgggaahhahaha “

  6. New theory.
    Maybe Mexicans have REALLY dense spines and it’s harder to cut their heads off.
    The Cartel has plenty of money to put together a workshop contracted by ISIS to learn basic skills. AND, they have stolen phones and plenty of cash to buy better phones.
    These fools have rotary dials on their cheap Nokia bar phones.

  7. Link of this news in Spanish . While they carry out the chilling maneuver, the criminals launch slogans against the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho or Señor de los Gallos or el Gallero.

    Unfortunately, the dissemination of videos like these is a constant among this pair of drug trafficking groups who suffer a fierce fight for control of the area known as Tierra Caliente, which is formed by the states of Guerrero, Michoacán and the State of Mexico

    A war in which other criminal groups such as the Los Viagras Cartel or La Nueva Familia Michoacana participate, as well as drug traffickers who call themselves self-defense groups who, under the pretext of defending criminals, which in reality, many times cover their true activities: planting and distribution of drugs such as

  8. Classic cartel chits. Now this is no make me nothing to see that shit. I waiting to see a new inovat way to kill. My best I see on BG is the video with the sicario with the cut face.

  9. Boring cartel. Now this is no make me nothing to see that shit. I waiting to see a new cool way to kill. My best I see on BG is the video with the sicario with the cut face who ask for water. Lol poor bitch

  10. Just finished watching ep. 9 and 10 of “The Last Dance”. After those heart-touching, cry me a river stories of MJ, Pippen and Rodman, it’s time for a reality check with some fine videos here on BG. Maybe make a Netflix series about BG too? Will be fucking educating and also heart-touching in a literal way.

      1. They should’ve taken the music out then we could’ve heard their screams better but agree with the pick axe, the best part of that vid was every single pick axe blow they took….

    1. I felt the same but the translation alongside the context of the main executioner “El Cholo” (the guy talking shit) made it so much better. This specific cartel war is like a goddamn TV series. But i’m sure most people here just want to see gore and I don’t blame you.

  11. This is the exact same guy that i have heard over and over again Brutally Killing Many in this way!
    And he is also (The One) that i truly believe is responsible for the beheading of the the policeman, and
    his teenage son who was tortured for like 10 minutes before finally expiring, being gutted/flayed Alive.
    God-Bless Them man. 🙁

  12. I’m from Mexico, I don’t belong to any cartel. And I’m glad that these criminals kill each other, civilians have to watch out for both the cartels and the police (since many times they kill for fun)

    I have 4 types of weapons (I do not use them to do evil, nor will I use them badly) to defend myself and the members of my family in case of this type of situation.

    No mercy against all kinds of criminals

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