Two Men in Worker Uniforms Crushed to Death on Road

Two Men in Worker Uniforms Crushed to Death on Road

No backinfo. The video shows two men dead on the road after being apparently run over and crushed to death by a large vehicle. There is a bus shown with the scrapes on the pavement leading up to it, so perhaps that’s the vehicle that killed them?

The men wear what looks like worker uniforms. They may have been vehicle repairmen working on the truck stopped on the side of the road? At least one had brain matter batted out, and there’s even a large skull fragment out on the road.

Props to Best Gore member @boscotkc for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Two Men in Worker Uniforms Crushed to Death on Road”

  1. Please don’t tell me your theory is these poor guys were working to get this truck operational and once they did this the very same truck ran them over for there trouble? :/
    Or they get one truck operational just to have another truck drive by and run them over as payment! Either way that’s a very fucked up senerio. One of those live by the truck die by another truck kinda deals!

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