Two Zetas (Man and Woman) Beheaded by R Faction of CDG in Comarco, Tamaulipas

Two Zetas (Man and Woman) Beheaded by R Faction of CDG in Comarco, Tamaulipas

These photos are from April 12, 2010 – just after the war between Los Zetas and CDG (Cartel Del Golfo) broke out. R1 is a leader of the R faction of CDG (the CDG is divided into R faction and M faction, though both still claim Cartel Del Golfo). In this case, the victims are Zetas.

It started with shooting in Comarco, Tamaulipas in which sicarios from Cartel Del Golfo and Los Zetas confronted each other. Various business were burned, and so were the house of the mayor of Comarco, the Notary Public, and several other houses and cars.

The media reported the finding of a woman and a man decapitated in the main plaza of Comarco town, with a message painted on their bodies. Narcomensaje was left under the severed head of a woman which read (in Mexican Spanish):

“Esto va para todos los que apoyen a los mugrosos y mata inocentes Zetas. R1-CDG”

English translation of the message:

“This is going to happen to all those who support the filthy and innocent-killers Zetas. R1-CDG”

Prior to beheadings, both the woman and the man were clearly subjected to torture and underwent severe beatings. Los Zetas are extremely brutal with captured members of CDG so R1 returned the favor. But then again, this could have been said the other way around as well. Maybe it’s Los Zetas who return the favor for their members being treated like this. Mexico is caught in a vicious circle of torture and executions.

Many thanks to drccoco for the pics and Frankenchrist for translation:

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    2. CDG and Sinaloa Cartels are killing a lot of zetas although zetas are still one of the stronger cartels in mexico. This war is not about money anymore its about the extermination of thousands of mexicans. Funded by the US who provide cartels with weapons and money all for the purpose of creating fear in the community. At the end the USA will have do another Afghanistan invasion its all about creating a problem and suggesting a solution. Plus this is another tactic to exterminate people because illuminati think that the world is over populated. Cartels should unite themselves and fight against the real enemies: Politicians, banks, and imperialism.

  1. well, i think my life is complete, now. i always wondered what a cross-section of the neck looked like irl (since you know, horror films don’t really give you very realistic/accurate depictions).

    1. There’s a fairly-well circulated video of some Chechan gangsters beheading a woman while she is still alive. Its shot with night-vision so it is a little grainy, but if you get the version with sound its pretty rough. She’s gagged, but does a lot of whimpering and begging while they pin her down and take out the knife. She shits and pisses her pants right before they start cutting and its a pretty slow job. At the end they flip her over and rest her severed head on her soiled rear.

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