Unrecognizable Facial Features After Machete Attack in Mexico

Unrecognizable Facial Features After Machete Attack in Mexico

This is an aftermath of a machete attack on a man in Mexico – he was decapitated, his left hand severed, slashed across the abdomen and his face chopped up unrecognizable. Fucking hell, man. I don’t even think the nigh indestructible eyes made it.

Brutal murder Made in Mexico and it’s not even Narco related. Props to Best Gore member AmeriMex for the pic – one of the oldest members. 4 years of loyalty – hell yeah, man. My utmost respect and many, many thanks.

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  1. He must have been drinking heavily to get that mashed out of his face and going by his choice of undergarments he must have been a member of the gay community so if I was the detective I would start asking question around the clubs at the gay village.

  2. The situation in Mexico makes me sad. I love most things Mexican (food, people, language, culture, music, etc.) but not the drug cartel situation. America is partly to blame, too, with the Gunwalker Scandal. If America would get with the 21st century and legalize drugs, the cartel problem would likely improve.

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