Unsafe Overtaker Crashes with Truck, Car Spins, Passengers Fly Out

Unsafe Overtaker Crashes with Truck, Car Spins, Passengers Fly Out

In Russia, a car driver performs an unsafe overtake, collides with an oncoming truck which spins the car around, ejecting the occupants who are then proceeded to be run over by the dashcam car.

According to the information obtained by Best Gore member @999th, one died at the scene while the others were hospitalized.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Unsafe Overtaker Crashes with Truck, Car Spins, Passengers Fly Out”

    1. You never drove in America before? Here in the states, there are crazy drivers too. You just don’t get to witness a lot of accidents though because most American cars don’t have dash cams.

    2. No, it was just Russians playing crash test dummies after a night of binge vodka drinking..give them a few shots and they will be ready to do it again…on a more serious note ” don’t drink and be Russian”

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          1. there must be something out there. I don’t believe the universe just appeared out of nowhere one day. and we have no clue what even a fraction of the universe contains.

  1. I’m sure the sound after they get ejected is just the jammed horn of the truck, but I like to imagine that it’s the helpless screams of the victims that abruptly stop as the dashcam car rolls over them.

    1. Once you realize you’re going to take a bad hit, time indeed seems to change to slow mo drag on forever, even though the accident’s over in mere seconds. If you’re lucky, you walk away from it, or get put on a spine board & stretcher and hauled off by ambulance. I’ve done both, on more than one occasion – but there are times when there’s no place to go to avoid the hit. This accident was sheer stupidity on the part of the car driver.

  2. Omg! I can’t stop watching this… The way the passengers fly out of the car straight underneath the dashcam car… Of all the deaths I have viewed in over 16 years, yet it’s one with no blood or guts on show that makes me gasp every single time I watch the impact.

  3. anybody else click on old posts and then read the comments underneath, sometimes i even remember a comment left 4/5 years ago and some members you knew then arent here so much now, whats the phrase .. reminiscing haha, reminiscing on a fucking gore site, what an age we live in.

  4. If it wasn’t for BestGore, I’d be sleeping right now. How fucking useless would that be? The censored dreams I’d be having are way too much like government issued media, so I’m on some next level ‘boycott sleep’s kinda shit.
    *Passes out*

  5. Whoa… that was fucked up, very brutal. I always seem to end up here after a couple glasses of rum/coke and I swear I can hear that Russian guy saying tickle.. tickle… tickle…. , must be the rum kicking in.

    1. That’s the kind of tricky stunt that one can dare to engage in……..
      With any German high end car ……
      That’s when a big muscle v8 + 4matic + ABS brake…..
      Make all the difference……..
      I can tell that this guy was drunk……
      I fucking hate people who drink and drive…..
      I cannot stand someone who deliberately…… blatantly
      Put any life at stake for their own good……
      In my book the driver…… after having proof of his intoxication ……should be put to death within 3 to 5 days…..
      And for the ones who are not sharing ma views…….
      Don’t come knock at my door……..the day they call you
      And tell you that your wife and your two daughters have been killed by a drunk

  6. It is satisfying to see the bad guys get it good. Although I do enjoy videos of people getting crushed or beheaded I still feel bad for those people. However the people that got hit in the video deserved it. I know it is the driver’s fault.

  7. in rain slow down but it was only a fraction of the problem. the driver made many errors like dont try unless you got 10 seconds of time, for me he should of gone to drivers ed. but none of that matters now he should of stayed at home. no one was belted in either i got thrown through windshield as a teen, i was to cool to wear one now seat belt a religion for me and they can save lifes but there are some accidents at high speeds that kill no matter what is worn. its sad to hear of such things but ya dont see it often, its rare to see as most dont put dash cams or i dont. speed can kill the faster you go equals any driving error can kill yourself or others, but cool to see but if i think on it its truly sad and foolish.

    1. I put my head through a windshield once, fucked my face up bad, but luckily the steering wheel kept me from going through any further, eighty stitches in my face later and I’m still pretty LOL. My dumbass still doesn’t wear my seat, guess you can’t fix stupid!? Some friends of mine were in a wreck while racing another car. Of the four people in the car my boy Ricky was the only one wearing a belt, everyone else died on impact, he died a couple days later…sorry no point @Tim just rambling

      1. yeah a seat belt won’t save you if you have a head on collision with a truck but it is pretty stupid to not wear one bc of that. you can get fucked up or killed in a fender bender without a belt. It doesn’t take much to crack your skull open. I don’t get why anyone would not wear one it’s not like it’s uncomfortable to have a belt on you.

        1. @persian It’s not that I refuse to wear one for any reason in particular. I’ve been in several crashes where the cars and/or trucks were totaled. Even once was laying down in the backseat when the driver t-boned another car, I wasn’t wearing one at those times and still don’t. Some people just have their preferences and like I said you can’t fix stupid.lol Would/do you wear a helmet when riding a bicycle?

  8. In the meanwhile Fukov. Tootin or Zarkov who of the three died is yet to be confirmed but everybody is talking in a hush hush tome that it was “Fuckov” who had it in him to fuck up everyhting at the last minute …even now he almost had his car squeeze in through narrowly ……but there again he had it all fucked up .
    Tootin and Zarkov were caught on the dashcam doing their best laughing going mad head over heel seeing Fuckov having fucked it up yet again.

    Sergei its time to laugh our arse mad …….
    about Adam and Eve
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    “Nonsense,” the Frenchman disagrees. “They’re naked, and so beautiful. Clearly, they are French.”

    “No way! They have no clothes and no shelter,” the Russian points out, “They have only an apple to eat, and they are being told they live in a paradise. Obviously, they are Russian.”

      1. @synlover
        Thanks honey!
        hope you are gonna find this one more ruptuorous than the ones cracked before…..
        here goes
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  9. I love crazy impact videos like this. I like to see the accident actually happening and unfolding from a typical drive to a disaster, in full speed, as opposed to just photos of the aftermath. And I might like to see stupid people with horrible judgement get hurt very badly -_-

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