VBIED Attack on Funeral Procession of Sunni Sect in Zamlaka, Syria

VBIED Attack on Funeral Procession of Sunni Sect in Zamlaka, Syria

There is nothing noble about the terrorism of the Fake Syrian Army. Arab Spring has nothing to do, and has never had anything to do with a struggle for democracy. Sunnis are simply gangsters continuing to do what they’ve done for eons – murdering everyone who’s of a different religion.

The thing about Sunnis – they hate other Sunnis too, if they are from a different offshoot of Sunna Islam. And so they attack them as they attack Shiites, Christians, Buddhists and everyone else. Sunnis are just peace loving like that.

We all know Fake Syrian Army are Sunnis. And we all know they don’t give two fucks about democracy in Syria. They murder because they get paid to and they’re brainwashed to believe it’s their righteous destiny. Their fathers did it, their grandfathers did it, their grand grandfathers did it… For as far as the memory goes, Sunnis in Syria have lived to kill others.

The fact that various Sunni gangs turn against each other is nothing new. Even within the same conflict you have various factions of FSA backstabbing other factions of FSA. And similarly, you have one sect of Sunnis attacking other sect of Sunnis. And they do it utilizing techniques typical of their Sunni brethren from Al Qaeda and other organizations. Vehicle Born IEDs are a good way to disrupt a funeral procession of a different Sunni sect and kill as many attendees as possible.

Videos are from Zamlaka, Syria. First video shows huge Sunni funeral procession carrying the deceased when the VBIED explodes:

Second video shows bloody aftermath of the VBIED attack on the funeral procession in Zamlaka:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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127 thoughts on “VBIED Attack on Funeral Procession of Sunni Sect in Zamlaka, Syria”

  1. I would like to say thank you to Mark… There are limbless, broken bodies scattered all over the place, and I’m looking to see if anyone’s wearing flip flops. Flip flops = death and destruction. Thanks BG! 😉

    1. Now there will be a funeral procession 30 times bigger and then it will take place another blast 30 times worst and so on. Sunnies are great supporters of BestGore!

    2. I’m sure they all seen the doppler terrorist report that morning, “90 percent chance of terrorist bombing at funeral.”
      And yet, let’s try this again to marrow; same bat time same bat channle. This time we’ll have some more people and ourselves to carry.

      1. If you don’t believe in God, that’s up to you @tundra (and others) I don’t appreciate being told I am a moron because I do believe in God! I would never say that you were a moron for not believing because I respect other people’s right to their opinion. It would be nice if you did too.

        1. God is for the close-minded. When people start ACTUALLY using the brain they were supplied with, they realize God is a metaphor, and heaven & hell are something parents tell their kids about to get them tell the truth and not be cruel to others;which is the only good thing to come out of believing there is a god.

          Religious people are usually assholes that look down on people…. well, from my experience anyway.

          If you think science is a good thing, and you think there is more to life than where you go when you die, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with believing there is a god.

  2. Damn, that shit took out a lot of them motherfuckers,the ones who set it off must be proud. The survivors must have that real loud ringin’ in their ears like I had when I used to stand next to the speakers at a slayer concert.

  3. Damn it must be horrible going to a place and wondering if your gonna die. I mean those people had no idea that they were gonna get attacked, but at a funeral there there to pay respect and then bam there dead too.

  4. It’s funny how the term Aloha Snackbar is now associated with death and carnage. That guy needed to shout it a bit louder to help the situation. I’m sure if he shouted loud enough the bodies would have started standing up and walking away. Yay Islam!

    On a side note: I wonder if the guy who’s funeral it was got killed again? That’s gotta suck. Does that mean he now gets 144 virgins?

  5. Wow, that must be horrible, living in a place where you cannot even lay your dead to rest, grieve and mourn like we do in our western culture. I am so grateful to live where I do, soo very grateful. With all the taxes and political bullcrap, you can’t beat it.Imagine living in a place like this? Get killed just going to the grocery store…

      1. Hey daweeka, they do it to themselves, it is their fault, until they break away from Islam, they get what they desirve, it’s gods punishment to them for believing in a petifile, we must not feel sorry for them, or pity them, we need to help god and ourselves kill every last muslim on earth, for peace and a better future for our children.

        1. that’s gods punishing them? Where was god when one of his children is getting beheaded for bekieving in him. He can cause this much punishment to these muslim morons but can’t/won’t save one of his children. If he can do this at a funeral, why can’t god get them all together in one place and do it once. Clear example your so call god doesn’t exist! either that or he doesn’t give a shit about his children. I’ll say it again, THERE IS NO GOD, RELIGION WAS MADE UP BY HUMANS, WAKE THE FUCK UP AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LIFE INSTEAD OF DEPENDING ON AN IMAGINARY THING!

          1. Have you ever stopped to think that God will not condemn you for the thought of evil, but for the act of it? Have you ever stopped to think that death isn’t the ultimate punishment, but in some cases God beckoning his followers to come to Him to reside in Peace away from pain? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe this life isn’t the end game? Have you ever stopped to think about how that when people complain about God letting people die it isn’t about the person who died, but the pain and selfishness of those still here?

          2. Hahaha, its amazing how we want to argue religion all across the planet, me personally I don’t believe in RELIGION, not sure about a god either, but I try to respect other religions, besides Islam, even if they are morons, I’m for budisam.

          3. Fuck I hate @Tundra.

            He is getting so fucking high and mighty…

            Does he honestly think that his pitiful little capitalised letters are enough to bully us into following his own Church (Militant Atheism).

            You (@Tundra) are a sheep.

            By strictly following the LIBSTAIN agenda… Peddled by Richard Dawkins.

          4. Tundra please do some research about christianity/catholicsm you uneducated moron. If you want to throw around your stupid argument about God not caring, and blah blah blah then i can also use cheesy arguments like “You can’t proove there is no God.” How about that moron?

      2. How did this thread get turned into a huge argument on religion. Actually, what a lot of people don’t know about the Qu’ran(no Im not muslim), is that in fact, it used to be a book of peace, and love. It was altered, unlike the bible, which has only been translated. I do believe in God, however, follow no church, but the church of Lisa. I am good to others, but don’t believe in the “get smacked on one cheek, and turn to get smacked on the other..” Smack me and I’ll knock you outta your boots. So either way, faith, without works, is dead anyhow.

        1. LOL this christians are so hypocrite. Catholics, Jews, Muslims, all are full of shit. All of them kill in the name of their god, all claim be the only truth. Love? just a slogan, they all about power and money. Like people up here saying they’re full of hate cause can’t have arguments. Wake up people! we respect humans no religions, no brain washed masses. The greatest people in the world who made this world evolve or just have power over the masses they’re atheist or have their own believes or educate and moderate visions.
          So please childish christians don’t defend something that is indefensible

          1. You aren’t going to convince anyone who believes in God to suddenly stop with your “childish Atheist” rants, calling people names and insulting their beliefs. I would rather believe in God my entire life and when I die, discover there is nothing, than be an Atheist and when I die, discover there IS an Afterlife.

          2. You said all of them kill for their religion. ALL is a whole lot. Not sure you knew the meaning when you posted. Cause I haven’t killed anyone.

        2. @trollsansnom(nice frenglish name~trollwithnoname…..go figure?!)Anyhow, I didn’t wish to get involved in this argument about faith and god,because it would be a digression from my original post, which was people should be able to lay their loved ones to rest,grieve and mourn.Period, however after reading all these anti God rants, accompanied by no valid debatable argument, I just wanted to say, nothing. Because speaking with MOST of you, would be like arguing with my six year old. You hold on tight to your lack of faith, but respect others right to hold onto their faith, for some, it’s all they have. These kinds of terrorist attacks stem from fanatical ‘tards who claim holy war, using their bible to back up their case. In case you’ve ever picked up a bible, you would find it to be very symbolic and very open to interpretation. For anyone who wanted to, they could twist anything around in there to support their argument. Even in the Christian Bible, but you know that would be senseless bull***t because the 10 commandments clearly state that killing is a sin. When Jesus said, “I have not come to bring peace, I came but to bring a sword” It doesn’t mean he brought with him a containership full of swords for people to kill people(blatant attempt at childish humor)It is interpreted as He came to earth to bring contreversy. I know I’m not going to hear the end of this, I always say, Lisa, never argue about politics or God, and always wind up doing it….o well…. 🙂

          1. @daweeka very good post! I don’t believe that some of the atheist’s on here want a thoughtful discussion on the topic of religion, they just want to disrespect other’s beliefs. I will ignore what ever they post from now on. See you around BG Lisa! 🙂

    1. fuck em i say cos that how they live and how they like it ,they have ther culture and we have ours and to be honest the more they kill each other the better for the rest of us .and given chance if they conquered the world( by some miracle) this is how it would be they will never change they are brainwashed low intelligent uncontributing creatures ,theyr like the afterbirth of the human race

  6. Vehicle Born IEDs are a good way to disrupt a funeral procession of a different Sunni sect”’ ….
    ‘Distracted by nude pic of the day. Several minutes later, continue reading’….”’and kill as many attendees as possible. o.O

    1. I have come to terms with everything and realized that in the end it really doesn’t matter. We are all just pieces of meat ready to be smeared on the hot pavement of society. Now would you like your eggs fried or scrambled?

  7. hahahaha, i couldnt help laughing my balls off the ALLUH ACBUR screams that started exactly 0.5 seconds after the bomb got off……Its like ALLAH will appear from behind a cloud and shout with thundering voice “stop fucking calling me and get your asses under cover now!!!”

  8. Allah is no better at teaching his children than all of the niggers, and Mexicans, around me. Which is weird, because every time I see Arab families out in public their children are always very well behaved. Especially the females (Duh.). That could just be because they know what us Westerners think about their culture as a whole, and they don’t want to further their stereotype. But we know. WE know, you fucking hookah smokin’ camel bangin’ magic lamp rubbin’ suicide bombin’ tryin’ to barter a fake Rolex to me for a date with ANY of my beautiful WHITE female friends son of a hairy whore dune coon bitch!!! Here! Here’s some horse shit! Made in America! Eat up, Muhammad!

      1. “Early”? That word implies that there’s a standard set time to begin drinking each day. (My) Drunk Uncle always used to mock the sun because his gran-pappy tried to force the “Wait ’til the sun goes down, ya bastard! We don’t want granny after us with that rolling pin!” rule, but Drunk Uncle’s stubbornness about how boring Cheerios are made him into his own man. So, there is no “early” for me, and at least one of my forefathers. There’s only, “I need a drink.”

  9. Stop yelling Allahu Akbar you plain uneducated pagan. It drives me mad to see this muslim monkey run around his camera yelling with an ever lighter voice. The only good end to this video would be a bullet to his head!

  10. They’re just chanting away their little song for the dead, finally not annoying the shit out of me by repeating two words over and over, and BOOM.
    They almost had it. Almost went a whole minute of speaking other words. But, It takes only one thing to distract their little brains, and they start running around screaming “Allah Akbar” again and again like dirty broken records.

  11. from a Syrian minority sect myself, all that is written by the uploaded is 100% true, the motherfucking Salafis and Wahhabis are infusing the terrorism in my country to spread their twisted fucked up excuse of religion (which btw was invented in the 1700s and then embraced by Saudi Arabia in the 1930s) these are the parasites of Islam.
    Thanks for the uploader for telling the truth about these pigs and their fabricated media games
    [Best Gore = molto rispetto]

  12. 2nd video killed my headphones, thank you very much stupid terrorists.

    Also i would like to use this moment to apply for the title of S.O.B.
    I’ve been lurking here for a few months now and finally decided to register for an account today.

    Greetings and much love from the Netherlands.
    Allahu Akbar!!!

  13. Hi to Mark and everybody on Bestgore. Ive been checking out the site for a long time and couldnt resist signing up. This is the greatest site ever existed. It has shown me that my own species is truly, a mindless primitive alien race.

  14. It is amazing people could be trapped in kaotic conditions over an Idea ( ISLAM ) thats enough to let you know it is a DEVIL a unlean spirit King of fallen Angels wagen war on humans they were with GOD in Eternity pass trying to decieve us from the kingdom you should be able to look at the BILLIONS of Galaxies and tell we are children of ETERNITY can you feel it on the inside you coud speak without moving your mouth and not making a sound and still hear yourself? Well we are to just pray OUR KING JESUS should be coming soon to straiten all this out his word did say THE GOVREMENT shall be on his SHOULDER!!!!!!

  15. The scummy FSA thugs have done this to their own people for many years to post propaganda to their fake facebook pages. Anyone will be blind to not see they have always done this type of thing to put more pressure on the west for more arms and or for the UN to invade so they can install their sharia death squads into a position of power. Don’t fall for it.

  16. Seems pretty obvious that all this Allahu Akbar stuff isn’t running around saying god is great for religious reasons.

    They’re are doing it as a way of saying “don’t take me out, I’m one of you.”

    They’re obviously saying it for protection.

  17. I’m Catholic and if you compare christianity and catholicsm to Islam then you are an uneducated moron. When was the last time you ever heard of a death caused deliberately by a christian or catholic killing in the name of god? When christians or catholics ask why you Aethists despise our religion so much your only argument is that we have a couple hundred pedophiles or some shit and that we brainwash people in giving us money…? I hope you all realise how stupid you sound. All religions are not the same. DO not compare us to Islam you fucktards. I don’t attack Atheism so you should not attack christians/catholics.

    1. well, uneducated ignorant hypocrite christian, if you now some of world history catholics deliberate killed people when conquer South America, they kill minorities right now in Indonesia, their representatives abuse kids. So don’t shame yourself with childish arguments.
      All religions are not the same, but you need to know what religions do.

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