Video of the 49 Beheaded, Dismembered and Dumped in Cadereyta

Video of the 49 Beheaded, Dismembered and Dumped in Cadereyta

In spite of quite intense blackout on photo and video content surrounding the discovery of butchered corpses of 49 migrant worker near Cadereyta in northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, an early video showing the aftermath of the massacre has leaked onto the internet. It shows a few stills of a pile of decapitated and dismembered bodies and a footage filmed on a cell phone at night as men behind the massacre drag the bodies to their deposition spot along the highway near Cadereyta.

The killers chose to deposit butchered corpses at night to give themselves enough time before morning rush hour traffic. So as not to attract attention to themselves before they could finalize the deposition, they haven’t used any lights and as a result, most of the video is sheer blackness.

Controversely enough, this video was originally posted on YouTube under a title “Zetas tirando cadaveres Cadereyta Nuevo Leon” (Zetas pulling corpses Cadereyta Nuevo Leon) by a person who claimed to be a Zeta himself. Since the video was clearly filmed by a person who was there when bodies were dumped, self proclaiming himself a Zeta would mean it was Los Zetas who killed those people.

Trouble is – Los Zetas distanced themselves from the massacre with a number of banners displayed across northern Mexico soon after the news of it spread out. I think at this point we can assume one thing – the person who originally posted this video on YouTube is gonna have some explaining to do cause I’m sure the Zetas are already looking for him and they’re not gonna be very nice once they find him.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. This goes out to all the Golfos, Chapos, Marinos, Hauchos, and Gobiernos, no one will be able to do anything to us, they’re going to fuck themselves… Wow, this went to gangs and the governers/ government… the bodies look like giant meat slabs ready to be processed… wish the video had more light…

    1. This spectacular body dump was likely not perpetrated by the Zetas. As the Zetas have pointed out, in their messages they do not refer to ?Golfos? but write ?Golfas.? Also, in authentic Zetas banners they cite one rival gang at a time, never the government or the marines. And further, authentic Zetas banners are never attributed to both Lazcano and Z-40, but usually one or the other, and definitely not to ?El Loco.?

      For the Zeta rivals, dumping these bodies at Cadeyreta serves two purposes: 1. it generates outrage against Zetas, and 2. it brings a massive military presence into Cadereyta, which is a Zeta territory the Sinaloa/Gulf Cartels would love to take.

  2. It’s come to my attention that zetas are more “sloppier” in their acts, Its as if they blended the ways of cartels with the unorganized steadiness of central american gangs such as ms 13 and so on,
    where as sinaloa cartel has a more mobster/military feel to it.
    honestly, zetas provide the Best Gore. <oh, i get it now.

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        I haven’t passed them to MY kids, I’m very careful if I have an ‘out break’! If I knew who gave them to me, I’d like to cut their lips off with a rusty razor!

  3. Just last year they caused the death of 53 innocent people in a casino robbery in the same state where this happend prez Obama and prez Calderon called it a terroristic act. The Z’s also commited a very similar masacre of 72 central American immigrants in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas a couple years back and a lot of people in Mexico wouldn’t put it pass them to do it again. Who knows maybe a rival cartel did it to frame them ance bring more heat down on them and completely turn civilians and corrupt officials against them, it seems when things like this happen it sends everybody in the underworld running for cover cause they know it’ll bring the attention of all Mexican military and law enforcement (even the corrupt ones) down on them, I have a feeling a rival cartel did this to bring that kinda heat down on the Zetas who have a heavy presence in Nuevo Leon since many of them were ousted from most the north eastern part of Tamaulipas by the Gulf cartel members in last year battles against each other in the cities located in that area Reynosa and Matamoros which traditionally have always belonged to the Gulf cartel and it seems they won those battles and the Zetas only operate in those cities in small clandestine groups and no longer have the power they once had there. Before they would operate in those two cities out in the open in large numbers, but now it seems they’re completely outcasted from that area and now only mainly operate out of the border city of Nuevo Laredo and the neighboring states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuilla which completely surround the city of Nuevo Laredo which has always been a Zeta strong hold and HQ base of operations located in the state of Tamaulipas.

    I find very ironic that the Gulf and Sinaloa cartel once long ago shared the Mexican port of entry that is Nuevo Laredo but in the early to mid 2000’s went to war for complete control of the corridor and in the process created the Zetas who now very ironically control that area…it would be as if a married couple divorced and fought over who would keep the house but in strange twist their evil child ends up with it, then the divorced couple re-marries in order to take their house back from their bastard child

  4. A little correction. The title of the video on YouTube translates as “Zetas dumping corpses Cadereyta Nuevo Leon”.
    Sometimes the verb “tirar” is translated as “pull (up)” and sometimes as “dump/throw (away)”, it depends on the situation.

  5. Before dumping the bodies, they placed a banner on the floor refered as “la lona” wich reads the same message that appears at the beggining of the video. It also seems that one of them is wearing plastic bags on his feet to avoid getting blood on his shoes.

    1. Pues que no sabes que tiran el dinero en cosas estupidas… Se compran pura mierda…Mierda que no necesitan… no vamos ha mencionar que probable mente tienen unos pinche ocho ninos cada cabron…

  6. It looks like they had that sign already made up since the lettering was really good on it.
    You would think the video would have been better since they put all that effort into everything else.

  7. Why go to extraordinary lengths to dump bodies, senseless unprofessional and idiotic.
    Cameraman needs beheading for not using a lamp or torch…..All that fucking money and can’t afford a decent cam

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