Video of Incredibly Brutal Mexican Drug Cartel Beheadings

Video of Incredibly Brutal Mexican Drug Cartel Beheadings

Now that the turf war between the Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel (who teamed up with CDG – Cartel Del Golfo) intensified, both sides appear to have stepped the game up a notch in the display of brutality and fear-spreading. More than 50,000 people were killed in Narco related hits since president Felipe Calderon launched his war against drug cartels five years ago so this is nothing new on the Mexican scene, but it really looks as though over the past few weeks, things got significantly worse

Recently, El Chapo Guzman – leader of the world’s largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization – the Sinaloa Cartel ordered execution of captured Zeta operatives and left a message for Zeta leaders Heriberto Lazcano and Z-40 that he intends to wipe their organization out. Los Zetas left 9 bodies hanging from a bridge to show that they are skilled killers and have no intentions to give their lucrative turf up. El Chapo then ordered beheading of more people to let officials from Nuevo Laredo know that the Sinaloa Cartel has strong presence in the area and intends to take it fully under their control. And just as these killings were happening, bodies of 49 butchered individuals were found on a highway near Cadereyta.

In another recent video in which members of the Gulf Cartel execute two Zeta operatives with gunshots to the heads, the captions mentioned “Comandante Diablo y Rey de Reyes” (Commander Diablo and King of Kings). The same caption is used in the title of the latest video which is a compilation of a few incredibly brutal beheadings. The title reads:

Comandante Diablo y Rey de Reyes Acabando con los Zetas

Which translate in English as:

Commander Diablo and King of Kings finishing with Los Zetas

The video starts with a footage of a woman beheading a man alive. Sounds the man makes after knife slits his throat and blood clogs up his trachea is one of the worst of all beheadings I’ve ever seen. It’s even worse than noises Eugene Armstrong made when he was being beheaded. Since the woman had troubles severing the spine, she was handed a huge machete to finish the beheading with. Each blow to the spine with that massive blade made already dead man’s arms twitch.

As the woman gets down to beheading another man, her accomplices help her out by using the huge machete to dismember him. The man is naked and as accomplices continue chopping limbs up at each major joint, the woman once again has trouble severing the spine. Machete to the rescue one more time.

As happened with the first beheaded man, after his head was shown to the camera, it was dropped on the ground like an empty beverage can.

In order to make the beheading of the third man easier, the woman shoved her dagger up his mouth to tilt the head backwards, which allowed for her accomplice to chop at the spine with more room. After the decapitation the headless man is stripped off his pants and large Z is carved into his abdominal area.

Last part of the video was filmed elsewhere because two men awaiting execution are on the green, not in a dirt. As the beheading of the man in white shirt starts, he gives off truly painful screams. His beheading is slow and agonizingly painful. They turn him over but it still takes a long time to get the decapitation properly underway. He doesn’t even have his hands tied but he knows there’s no escaping for him so no attempts are made and he just takes what he’s served.

As the executioners start chopping at his spine with the machete, the twitches of the nerves in his arms make for a very gut wrenching display.

The video definitely ranks right up there as one of the goriest in existence. Don’t watch if you’re easily upset. Viva la Mexico. Many thanks to about 70 Best Gore members who sent or requested this video.

English translation of what is being said by the executioners in the video (thanks Needalight):

After first beheading:

This is what is going to happen to all the fuckers who are with the Zetass in Yera, De Mante, Victoria, Santa Ingracia del Barretal. This is how all you fuckers are going to end up, courtesy of the Commander el Diablo, and King of Kings.

After second beheading:

There goes another one 40 (Miguel Treviño Morales), how many more do you want dead? How many more of these fuckers are you going to send to infiltrate? The same as these fuckers that you pay $2,000 dollars a week to, and they can’t even afford nice clothes. There you go, so you won’t say he wasn’t a fucking Zeta, he is going to have his own letter marked (cuts a Z on him). Oh and if you didn’t know, run assholes, because we already killed everyone who lives there. Got the family, and the houses. There you go, they can’t even last a couple a slaps to the face.

Before the last beheading:

Look at him, look at him, where you are going to shoot him. Shoots him in the head. I’ts your turn now. The other one, kill him alive… Get down.

After the beheading:

This is what is going to happen to all the bastard dogs who support the Zetas. Courtesy of all of us.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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388 thoughts on “Video of Incredibly Brutal Mexican Drug Cartel Beheadings”

        1. Maybe so but the first one sounded more like a Tardis. Besides they would be dead just the same does it really matter if we get a little entertainment from the video after the fact? They are dead what do they care?

        2. The comments some people leave on here are almost criminal. Where is the humanity? In your room, on Bestgore , all your heart for life …. GONE!??! Be disgusted by this film, for it has no humanity?

          1. I hope you can, I’m can’t provide a link cos I’m ‘computer stupid’! It was probably on or something like that

          1. Actually there used to be several “pull apart” video’s out there in the days of think it was some old Afganny types,and for some reason Tunisia and Algeria comes to mind

    1. The cheeky fat fuck stuck his tounge out at you again!! Do him again!! Thats taking the mickey
      But in all truthness my motherinlaw is going to kill me so my head will be on here i put this up on a 52″ plasma through a google chromecast ive had to do a runner her daughter shouldnt see things like this im a deadman hiding trust night all

    1. I know they are criminals and some of them killed innocent people but still no human deserves a dead like that just imagine the pain fuck by the last beheading you can tell he suffered like a pig and was wishing to die fast just to end his misery because some people don’t know how to behead properly seems the shoot to the head execution is overrated but more decent than this in the end you can chop off the corpse afterwards the titchy arms were funny though 🙂

      1. wonder how they capture those henchmen? like aren’t criminals armed at all times even when they sleep? once you get captured you know it’s the end for you so why not struggle or fight back? that puzzles me 😕

        1. these pigs lack the basic human instinct of survival, no struggle to overcome whatsoever.
          its the downfall of being a egotistical, materialistic “macho loco”
          nice to see your input more often jesus ^.^

        2. I’m sure the prisoners know its better to submit rather than to fight back or run….If they did fight back,their executioners would make them VERY sorry that they did by prolonging the torture.

        3. i kind of doubt these drug cartel people would be walking around wearing a sign that says ‘Z’, or ‘Sinaloa’. I would dress preppy if I were a member of some drug cartel. These cartels must have some awesome “intelligence agencies”.. From what I understand I think the Mexican has road blocks set up to stop vehicles and question people. Just hope they dont suspect nothing. I really dont know but it sounds like its alot of “intel” going on, and than again alot of innocent civilians have been killed too i suppose.

          1. wats even crazy is to think that some of the mexican police and federal police prob r in the pockets of the bosses and who knows if some of the police are members or if entire precincts are in the pocket of certin cartels

      2. i wonder what the end will be. (i’m trying to sound smart) there have been assasinations on this side of the border like Laredo, Houston TX had a couple killings too. Its best not to dwell on it though, like if the news wants you to not remember some important news story just report it once and than dont do any follow up.
        Anywho, whats the end going to be? when the Mexican Military cartel wins? or ONE dominant cartel emerges victorious in the war in Mexico? I dont get it. i would of thought 50,000 plus dead in Mexico would of been enough.
        Apparently the shit hasnt hit the fan yet. A couple U.S. DEA agents killed in Mexico awhile back if we remember. I dont know the outcome.

    1. I have a list of unique to semi unique ways of execution, these cartels may borrow them from me.
      1.Dismemberment by 2 cars(pulling in opposite directions
      2.sulfuric acid to the gut, followed by burning coal to the face
      3. cutting off eye lids, limbs, and leaving the limbless-eyelid less body in a dark room for a few hours
      4.pulling guts out alive via hand
      5. jackhammer to the dome

          1. It’s been rumored, that the chainsaw beheading was inspired by a comment made by a poster on another site, YNC I believe. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some of these in the future.

          2. Then perhaps my sawzall dismemberment and decapitation idea may become a reality…..however the simplicity (and in my opinion, sheer common sense)
            Not to cartels.
            If you do use this horrible method of kiling mexicans, don’t mention me.

        1. @Sagemoon, i like your idea, how about a big slide made out of tiny overlapping razors like what people use for shaving, that way they’ll disintegrate really slowly but the faster they slide down the quicker it’ll be over.

        1. @Joel, have you seen the ‘grinder’ video, where they chuck in a chicken(?), a sheep, then a pig, a cow until finally a big friggin’ horse. They’re all dead of course, it’s in an abattoir but the grinding sound of the machine, is WORSE than the sound of the bones cracking!

          1. Yeah, I love the helical tooth pattern on the big camshaft. It’s mesmerizing watching it slowly spiral round and round until every last bit is munched up, and how the sound doesn’t change at all even when chomping through big heavy leg bones or skulls!

            Only thing better would be LIVE Narcos going through it!

          2. It must be for making fertilizer? I really don’t know, but you hit the nail on the head when you described it as ‘mesmerizing’! I also have seen a ‘mini’ grinder where they throw ‘live’, day old ‘boy’ chicks into! 🙁
            I love the ‘gore’ sites, but I don’t think even I would be ready to watch something ‘live’ go through it! Ohh! imagine feet first!
            I’m sure the ‘cartels’ would love to get their hands on something like this, shit, any machinery ‘for sale’ catalogue would give some of them ideas!

          3. HEY Cartels!
            Wanna do some LEGIT business with the U.S?

            SSI shreaders will taylor build the PERFECT industruiral shreader for ALL of your bio-disposal needs.
            Look ’em up on line, or go to for some GREAT demos!

      1. Wood chipper……….. feet first,or the heated bowl with rat on stomach.Actually these executions are rather quick,compared to lets say pancreatic cancer.A slow painfully agonizing death.And all the mental shit with it.

      2. douse the persons head in oil or some shit and light it up.
        how about dousing just one leg in lighter fluid and light it up until it is burned to a crisp.
        death and/or torture by fire has not been used enough on here.

      3. by the way baked, those are some fucked up ways to die and/or suffer! you watch to many movies, and shitty ones at that.
        fire! fire! fire!
        that is all you need.
        you just got to get creative with fire.
        check out some of my examples listed.

      1. I’m sticking with this one for a while now, too. I’m tired of changing my avatar all the time. Why change it when you’ve already got a good one up? No more pickiness about this.

        Your assumption about The Rum Diary is correct! I haven’t read it, or seen it. Yet…

      1. (honestly, I’m WAY to fuckin tired right now to come up with a ‘talk words to us with Your finger-tip-mouth’ PROPER Best Gore welcome….. so if you feel jipped, let me know.
        But seriously, welcome, and, seriously, I’m really fucking sleepy.

          1. Yhank You.
            One can try, but as far as the end result being waht we want it to be, sometimes it’s kinda out of our hands.

            I do try at least to talk words worth listning to with Your eye-ball-ears

  1. Of all the beheadings on this site, the one on the guy with the white shirt is the worst. I even felt sorry for him. Hate to be in that situation, but then again I’m not a Mexican narco. Thanks for the warning Mark. I got “upset” but will get over it.

      1. That is the worst POST I’ve ever seen! I’m terrible though, I go back and watch it sometimes, the revulsion I feel must be mildly addictive? Why would I go back again and again otherwise?

        1. I do the same. I think this is slightly worse then Eugene beheading. I mean, damn, if that dull knife didn’t work the first time… aint gonna work the second, third, fourth, etc. They were really useless at that!

          1. @High, it’s sad because some were just teens. One poor guy ‘rolls’ over, about 30-40 seconds after (throat cut) they must be still conscious?

  2. This will ALWAYS be one of the WORST ways to kill another human! AND they (cartels etc.) KNOW it!

    @Leppardy0, did you see this one? THIS is why I think the beheadings will always be ‘shocking’, its the NOISE! I did see your reply and I understood what you meant, you would like to see them disembowel or poke the eyes out – and VIDEO it! I’m sure there will be something, anyway there is a fair bit of torture on BestGore eg. dragging behind a car, stonings.

  3. I can’t help but wonder, how many people, average people, if they were FORCED to watch this would just absoutly FUCKING LOOSE IT between 5:50—-6:00 with the corpse doin’ the “Funky Chicken” dance.

      1. I just ment watching the video, NOT refering to watching it happen in front of Your face.
        Part of why i submersed myself in gore in the FIRST place was to be prepaired incase i’m ever exposed to this level of violence.
        Best to ‘keep your guts/head’ about you if so.

  4. I have to cry foul! That is not how you get into a pinata. You need to beat it with a stick, not cut the top off. But then, what do you expect from a bunch of greasy, smelly, illiterate taco benders. Fucking cockroaches.

  5. I bet the first victim is thinking to him self

    “this puta sucks so much at cutting off my head…grrr grrrl grrrr…why couldn’t one of the guys do it instead..grrr grrr grr grrll…this is bullshit its bad enough you chose to cutt my head off with a damn kitchen knife grr but why did you have to let this stupid puta do it..grrr grrr grrrrl grr….she’s taking fucking forever!!! Grrr!!!

    1. I did an experiment when watching this, just poke Yourself in the side, front and back of your neck and throat with a sharp-pokey and it just BEGINS to put the realistic fear of how much it would FUCKING SUCK to deal with having that happen.

      1. Wow the horror of knowing your next has to be worst than the beheading hoping that someone will yell out your scared well you shouldn’t be because your of fear factor but it never comes only the blade explodes into the skin and the relief of geting out of this fucked up world happens and hope that what just happened will never be seen by your love ones

  6. Translation from your fellow friend, Needalight. 99.9% accurate with all the slang they spoke.

    After first beheading:
    This is what is going to happen to all the fuckers who are with the Z’s in Yera, De Mante, Victoria, Santa Ingracia del Barretal.
    This is how all you fuckers are going to end up from behalf of the commander el Diablo, and King of Kings.

    After second beheading:
    There goes another one 40, how many more do you want dead? How many more of these fuckers are you going to send to infiltrate?
    The same as these fuckers that you pay 2000 dollars a week, and they can’t even afford nice clothes. There you go, so you won’t say he wasn’t a
    fucking Zeta, he is going to have his own letter marked. (cuts a z on him) Oh and if you didn’t know, run assholes, because we already killed
    everyone who lives there. Got the family , and the houses. There you go, they can’t even last a couple a slaps on the face.

    Before last beheading:
    Look at him, look at him, where you are going to shoot him. /shoots him in head. “I’ts your turn now” The other one, kill him alive…”Get down”

    This is what is going to happen to all the bastard dogs who support the Zetas. From behalf of all of us.

    1. first off, Thank You for making allt he bean-jibberish make fucking sense.
      Usally i just mute the videos, but Future Days had made mention of ‘rolling the R’s even when they gurgle” so both times the volume was turned up, it was just up higher the second time around.

      So, having to here ‘ba-da-ba blah blah” through out, at least hearing what the fuckers had to say durring this footage is good to know.

      So, the short version is,
      “We all think You rock for Your efforts and contributing to Best Gore”

      1. No problem. Anytime! I used to lurk around the Best Gore forums when I was 18, and i recently rediscovered the website. Loving it more than before. Also if you need Spanish to English translations, I will probably post them that same day, if not just email me @ [email protected]. Knowing the terrifying shit they say always makes my arm hairs stand up.

    2. Those guys are really stupid with little or no education at all. On the last killings, they shoot one guy in the head, then they say: “this one, kill him alive.” What the hell? So the other guy they shot on the head, was he dead when they did it? Most funny thing of all is that they do the “dirty” jobs while their bosses or lords enjoy life in their mansions bought with the millions of dollars these poor bastards have helped them gather…and all of this for what? We know they’re just gonna end up the same way as the guys they have tortured and killed. Payback is a bitch!!!

  7. Narcos would keep cyanide capsules with them and dont let the rivals enjoy a behading but these guys are greedy for their miserable lifes, though they know their end, they still have a hope to survive, if you understand that you are caugth and there is no way out, take your pills and say a fuckn goodbye to your disappointed butchers.

  8. The last one is really disturbing… I mean… usually a beheading is gore, but it’s usually fast ! But here, they took their time, they are doing that while the guy stayed alive way longer than usual, it’s really hard to imagine how incredibly painful it was. And they are just doing that in such a cold way, as if they were preparing meat for a barbecue. Well, thanks anyway, this video taught us a LOT about human being.

    1. Spoken as a TRUE Student Of Best Gore…..I coined that phrase for a fucking reason, the shit we learn here is a BRUTAL fucing reality, that, though most would just LOVE to not know about, it’s so much better to really understand that, yes. Live has very, very purpose and meaning to so very very many,,,,,,and just because YOUR’S might, doesn’t mean that those on the other side will treat you any differently.

        1. Re-reading what i wrote, it came out even MORE butchered than those in the video.
          MENT to say….

          LIFE has very, very lLITTLE purpose and meaning to so very very many(PEOPLE),and just because YOUR?S (LIFE) might, (HAVE PURPOSE & MEANING) doesn?t mean that those on the other side will treat you any differently.

          Fucking word murderer is at it AGAIN!

          1. Well actually i don’t know if my english is not good enough (i’m belgian), or if i mispoke, but actually i agree with you. I just don’t know if you agreed with me or not 😀 But well, as i said, actually i totally agree with you ^^ Some would just say “ho no, i can’t stand to see such a thing”. Well, open your eyes honey, that how life is ! Cruel, brutal, and meaningless. One moment you are alive, the moment after you are dead. And not in a very clean way.

      1. Yes it’s easy. Don’t tell me ANY government cannot wipe out those kind of organizations? World deal’d with most powerfully force-Nazi Germany and they cannot find and kill all that monstrous criminal bastards? C’mon..
        If ‘world’ want to stop this it will be done in one week.

      1. I usually jump off into the water, dive under, and harpoon me a fish or two, my fishing skills are inspired by primitive style. I also do it naked sometimes so i can glide faster, but the public park kicked me out.

  9. have to say that chick did a piss poor job at them beheadings…..leave it to the men next time…almost 3 minutes to behead 1 person…..

    but i have to say…me id have to take off running….id rather be shot in the back than beheaded by an amatuer

    1. She must have been one of the guys girl friends which are notorious for being spoiled and always getting what they want…a lot of them are real bitches who get off on their boy friends being killers for the cartels. I bet the woman was like “I wanna try…let me try, I can do it let me do it” Fail

  10. I can’t fucking watch this shit, listening to Wham! during childhood made me gay, but I’m not here to pass judgement on any of you gorefiends. This is the world, simple as that.

    Fucking hell.

      1. For Me, forcing myself, when in my teens, to watch every single second of the most BRUTAL shit I could find, I though, was a way to mentaly toughin myself up a bit.
        Perhaps it worked. Perhaps too well.
        Like Razor and many others, we are vety well acclimated to prety much anything at all.
        Being in person, with blood spay on the face, the smells, I may never learn what THAT’S like, but another reason for learing so much about gore is, in case I DO end up finding out, I may keep my wits about me, because I have, literly, like many of us, watched hundreds, if not over a thousand people die.

        Look at our numbers, and out horrid global mess……I’d say the odds of world-wide-spread gore is immenint

          1. The sounds bring 2 of the 5 dynamics that can be at play.
            Yes Razor it makes PERFECT sense.
            Next would be the taste of the aterial spary upon the face, which some seeps in through the corners of Your mouth.
            The smell hits your nose like a hard punch when the lower intestinses start to come apart.
            Feeling the tools, or the flesh in hand,brings the final sense into the party, making this one unforgettable experiance.

            So, to keep things on THIS side of a prison cell, visual and sound are what we got to learn these lessons with.

          1. Do you happen to smoke weed and listen to death metal as well? If so, I think we might be twins or something. At least mental ones. I guess many of us are, here at Bestgore. Cheers.

  11. I wonder if any of them had actual human mothers?

    Those chechen ones are the absolute worst plus the chechen girlfriend one. Although none are easy to watch the first time that is why I watch it many times.

    1. Los Zetas better catch up the train quickly and come out with some gruesome gore on Comandante Diablo and El Chapo’s men or they are gonna be declared beaten by TKO……looks like El Chapo finally got the green light from mexican authorities, who will mostly look the other side as long as he keeps hitting Los Zetas, with them at the same time busting and arresting Zetas left and right…..but i fear that Z40 “response” will be coming soon, being particularly brutal and gruesome, in true Mejicano style….

    1. I wonder if their arms do that because of the force of the blade hitting the spine sending shock wave thru out the body, or because the blade is some how pinching and pulling nerves and still sending signals thru the body causing the arms to flap around…wheres MEDEX when we need him, I’m really intrested about this creepy arm flapping since it seems to happen in almost every beheading when they begin to chop at the spinal cord

  12. Hello everyone. Been lurking for almost a year! Figured I’d start an account. Love best gore. Does that make me sick?? Or are the so called “normal
    People”the sick ones?? Anyway, these Mexicans are fuucked up. Seen almost all those narco videos and this has to be the best one! Those Mexicans are pieces of shit but without them, who would feed our bloodlust?? Let them keep killing each other!! Cheers to all my fellow gore lovers!! Glad to know there are people like me out there !!

    1. Then WELCOME To Best Gore! (semi-officaly anyway)
      Understand this one thing about human nature……These are Human Beings…FLESHY VIRUSES doing this shit right?
      You Yourself ARE in fact the same Flesgy Virus right? @ human brain, 2 arms with 10 fingers and such?
      Then it’s inside YOUR VERY OWN twisted ladder (DNA) just as it is inside of mine to watch and involve myself inside the sickness….because THIS, as well as many OTHER odd things not found in nature, such as manipulating fire, that makes us THE FLESHY VIRUS.

      So, go now our Fleshy Friend, and use your eyeball information gatherers and comand your button voice (keyboard…that’s a new one!) to be spoken aloud to us with Your finger-tip-tounge about anything that comes to mind about the things that run through Your thoughts

      1. Yeah…Brazilian are still up their when it comes to drug violence what Brazilians lack in cruelty they make up in efficiency and effectiveness as they are quick and calculated killers that’s not to say Mexicans aren’t either put it would be Intresting to see them go up against each other…almost like a soccer match which I might add are the best I’ve ever seen when these two go up against each other, I wonder how they would do with a gun instead of a soccer ball.
        One reason why I think Mexican narcos are so violent is because its ingrained into their culture you can hear it in the music they listen to “Narco Corridos” I read somewhere that Brazilian Narcos idolize Justin Beiber and they even found one to have a giant painting of the “beibe” in his house… I’m sure Mexican Narcos wouldn’t know who Justin Bieber is as they prefer to listen to funny sounding polka songs called corridos that are about multi ton drug shipments, fully automatic weapons, heavily armored luxury SUVs, private partys at their mansions stocked with the most expensive liquors and ridiculously hot women and also let’s not forget kidnapping, torturing and killing their rival enemies, its the equivalent of American gangster rap but with real narco events and real narco people being used as the bases and material for the song, in corridos when they talk about busting caps and killing snitches…they really mean it and have done the types of things they’re sing about, the majority of corridos are based off true events and very real happenings, where as gangster rap is largely falsified and fake, when compared to funny sounding corridos ganster rap definitely sounds more aggressive but what corridos lack in beats it makes up for in lyric content and street crediblity

        1. The “Justin Bieber” narco, hahahahaha, now brazilian narcos lost all their credibility to my eyes….anyway, from the few times i went there i will say that Brazil gets “real” when you go north, starting at Sao Paulo, the southern part is pretty much a world safer than, let’s say Detroit…

          1. if I were you, i would go for an smith & wesson 1911, but being 120 pounds, you’ll probably go for something less kicking, less you end up breaking some bone of your hand…

          2. but considering crazy GUN RIGHTS in USA, you can probably get an assault rifle legally, if that’s right, Tulio wholeheartedly reccomends his Banana Republic’s amry highschool companion, the FN-FAL, way trustier, mud and abuse resistant and packing heavier punch than all that M-16 carbine pieces of crap….

          3. I go down to shooting rage here in a little cuban neighborhood, i can handle the recoil of any gun, but never a desert eagle or a 45. i dont even think the guy at the range is allowed to carry those shits.
            Im buying a m60. HAHAHAHAH I AM SATAN HEAR ME ROAR

          4. I was 145 pounds in high school and not only could hand the FAL recoil, but i also had to parade carrying the friggin rifle in a perfect vertical posotion with the butt resting on his palm…some cuban in the LEVI store said to my father around that time in Miami when buying a jean “este chico esta muy flaco, denle hamburguesa!”

          5. me being americanized, when visiting cuba, i am treated like a gringo, but i always get the last laugh when i go home to my air conditioner, food, and democracy.

          6. you cant travel to cuba, its an embargo going on the islandf….besides, everybody is cuban in miami. Este baked esta tan flaquito, hay que darle hamburguesa!!!

          7. incorrect tulio, i have visited many times, barack obama has eased up these sanctions on people who wish to visit, but it does not apply to citizens of cuba, unfortunately

  13. after shooting the guy in blue in the head, the mobster calling the shots say “al otro matenlo vivo” (kill the other one while alive”) hahahaha, these mexicans are truly unique….Al Quaeda is gonna start sending their pussy acbars to train with these guys anytime, i bet that 80% of the Allu Acburs lack the balls to complete the “crash training”…..

  14. the rivalry between the cartels in Mexico is getting serious much more then it has ever been before i was watching national geographic on TV just the other day and just so happened to hear a few gun shots ring out and come to find out that the guys shooting right near where there was a boarder cop standing was actually the rivalry between the cartels was happening LIVE on TV.

    1. They shoot that program called border wars here in my hometown of mcallen on the hidalgo TX and reynosa MX border shoot out like that happen weekly, there is an American college that’s located a couple miles away from the border and its been closed down so many times do to shoot outs happening across the river that campus even has a couple bullet holes in it from one time where they began shooting at it

      1. all this over drugs and rivalry the more they kill each other the more it fills like civil war.

        the cartels are some ruthless dudes kill anyone over drugs

        border wars is a good show but man this is fucking *SERIOUS* all the same.

        1. (about bush nyc) here’s the thing, bush and the u.s gov had intel on such a terror attack, they kept it secret just in case the allegations were false, look up flight twa800, this airplane blew up with no evidence of what and how, this was a first hand decision by CIA and armed forces to stop the flight, thinking it was the plane they were going to use to attack any landmark, once bush took office, the time was right as a transition in presidency would make bush incapable to respond correctly due to unpreparedness. HOWEVER, the war on terrorism has failed, and for that he truly is a evil man. thousands to millions of civilians dead.

          1. @Tulio The pope is an ex Hitler Youth boy scout, a Nazi Pope and people still worship him and the priests touch altar boys? can’t believe people even follow that shit and think its right.

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