Villagers Cry as Girl Lies Dead in Dirt with Deep Gash in Neck

Villagers Cry as Girl Lies Dead in Dirt with Deep Gash in Neck

Looks to me like this happened in India. Or thereabout.

The video shows the aftermath of an apparent murder. A young girl seems to lie dead in the dirt with a deep gash in the neck – as if the killer tried to decapitate her with a mighty machete blow to the throat.

The environment seems to be rather rural, and the villagers, including the children, cry rather hysterically on the ground.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Villagers Cry as Girl Lies Dead in Dirt with Deep Gash in Neck”

      1. ‘Twern’t moi…..

        ‘Twasn’t neither of us, SP#59535…..

        It’s one of those bastards in the video….. the one in the blue shirt’s got guilt written all over him. He looks too innocent. If I was there right now I’d lynch that mothxxfuckxx….. I’d whip him and pound his head with rocks and then set him on fire…..

    1. You’re so right Doc, and when they reach the west they turn wherever they live into a shit hole too.
      There’s something wrong with muslims, pakis, blacks, africans, indians it’s something to do with owning women and emotional immaturity, some sort of developmental problem in the brain
      What do you think Doc? What’s your opinion on this matter?

  1. In Bradford, where as you know it is a muslim pakistani shit hole, the river is yellow, it’s actually running yellow, this is due to all the local curry houses running their disgusting curry water down the drains, the media will tell you that curry is an englishman’s favourite meal, that’s a lie

    1. I was passing through there once I remember thinking gosh there ain’t one white person in sight.
      Had to go to a garage to get petrol and they all looked at me as if I was something from another world.
      Will never pass by there again

  2. Id lay money on it being the chief’s son. In a village like that the “High Castes ” rule the roost and get away with child -fucking and murder!

    Having said that ,i love India but their caste system has exacerbated inequality and disrespect in Canada,aus ,nz and uk. If i had my way i would outlaw it and enforce the ban like the Brits did with thuggee murderers and wife burning customs after the husband’s death. That will fix them!

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