Wagner Group Mercenaries Torture, Behead and Incinerate Syrian Man

Wagner Group Mercenaries Torture, Behead and Incinerate Syrian Man

Wagner Group Mercenaries Torture, Behead and Incinerate Syrian Man

Officially, the Wagner Group is a Russian private paramilitary contracting organization whose business is to provide mercenaries for hire. A number of Wagner Group mercenaries have been active in Syria.

In July 2017, Wagner Group mercs filmed themselves brutally torturing, beheading, dismembering and incinerating a Syrian man accused of desertion.

Identified as Muhammad Abdullah al-Ismail, the victim is bludgeoned on hands and feet with a sledge hammer, has his genitals blown up with a firecracker and gets shot in non-vital parts of the body to induce pain and suffering.

After the period of torture, the victim is beheaded with a short blade and an entrenching shovel. The same tools are used to dismembered him. The mutilated corpse is then suspended upside down from a frame, doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire.

Additional information from @natural-selection-2:

I took a closer look to the explosive device they use to torture. It is a disassembled detonator from a Russian hand grenade. Around 01:34 min you can see the safety pin get pulled.

One of the mercs is known as Stanislav Yevgenyevich Dychko. He was born in 1990. Joined Wagner shortly after a discharge from Russian interior ministry. He is currently living a normal life in freedom… There are no charges against him.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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253 thoughts on “Wagner Group Mercenaries Torture, Behead and Incinerate Syrian Man”

          1. Yes, they are. They speak a clear russian without accent. At 11:10 one of them even says “За ВДВ” (For VDV – Russian Airborne Forces).

          1. You must live in 4th world countries . Religion is the most useful tool to make people become irrationally.Just like those muslin.Just like the president of USA said he be choosed by the god. Make him get more tickets from Christian.
            Nobody care? Really?
            If everyone do as the holy bible. The world will never have war forever.
            But now,it just a tool for politics and dollars.

        1. It’s been done before first Saddam with his chemical attacks than the US with they’re airstrikes and Marines firing on Iraqi homes than ISIS massacres Etc how much more bloodshed until it Stops? Complete madness.

    1. It ain’t hard to see where the Taliban and al queda learned there techniques from, same as the Columbians teaching the Mexicans. The Russians still haven’t lived down the fact that got ass raped by a bunch of horse riding goatfuckers some 30yrs back.

      1. I call bullshit on this vid. Wearing Russian Navy- tshirts and speaking Russian means shit with me. You heard of Chechens? Blue- eyed ,blond and red- headed Caucasians (real Caucasians or White people from the Caucasus). Well guess what? They can speak perfectly -accented Russian- if educated -and look more Russian than the Russians. The only problem is that they are fucken rag-headed Moslems who have committed the worst atrocities for Islam in decades. I should know ’cause I’m partly Caucasian(ie from the Caucasus) but we are the hero Christians who fought these renegade rag-headed cunts since the 600s. We didn’t “turn Turk” . We died or found refuge to keep fighting them another day! We never ever converted to Corpse-fucking!

        1. I agree that these are not Russian mercenaries. These are most likely Chechen muslims who went to Syria to fight just like they did in Iraq. When the Chechen war videos came out there were many videos of the Chechen muslims beheading Russian soldiers. They look just like Russians and speak Russian.

        2. They are not chechen as chenchen are muslims, and will not do such atrocities to a muslim because he deserted?.

          No Actualy what we are seeing is russian shit!
          We already saw on bestgore disgusting russian wolves killing homeless people, stabbing them for fun like those one. Or may be it was Ukraine…

        3. They are not Chechens! Every Chechen has an accent when he speaks Russian. But these cunts are Russian alcoholics and speak clean Russian.

          There are Chechens (Kadirovs) in Syria, they are in the army of the Russian Federation. They only patrol and secure bases. Chechens are not in such groups like Wagner so please stop talking shit.

          1. I take it you are an expert in the Russian language and its accents? If so ,ok , I defer to you ,they are Russian-speakers with native Russian accents. Tell me ,are there no Jews or Chechen Moslems who grew up in Home Russian areas?

            Regarding the second paragraph, I am well aware of that but am not sure that there are no Chechens in Russian merc outfits.

            Pls tell me why are you are so sure of your above assertions. Are you Russian ,Chechen ,an intelligence operative or ex -Russian merc? Etc


        4. Hurling like monsters while torturing an isolated guy, an homeless… They are those kind of russian perverted and savage wolves, feed with death metal music.
          I don’t see modus operandi of muslims at all here. They can’t even cut a throat correctly, pfff…
          That’s not chechen’s or muslim’s shit, this is russian’s shit.

          I am very sorry for you if your hate of muslims blinds you to the point you have lost your clarity.

          Good riddance.

          1. Once again ,no evidence that they are not Moslems. I have seen many Moslems behave this way here-on Bg- and in history. If you read my posts you will know I have nothing against secular Moslems. My problem is with “religious ,rag-headed, Moslems”… a big difference.
            Also , you would have known that I don’t like this behaviour in any person ,whether Christian , Moslem or Buddhist,so stop trying to imply that I only hate behaviour like this if it is from Moslems.
            If you know words like “Good riddance” you are smart enough to sense the above about me.

        5. “One of the mercs is known as Stanislav Yevgenyevich Dychko”
          I have never in my 33 years half of them lived in Russia seen a Chechen or Dagestani or anyone else from neighboring countries named Stanislav. The guy is identified he lives in Pskov Russia…others are probably from across the country since the wagner group hires random sick fucks from all over Russia..idk which Chechens ur talking about

      1. Yes and These Russian Fuctards cannot even behead a guy. They need to take lessons from the
        Mexican cartel,or even the Brazilians who do a much better job even with their super fucking (dull, & like a butter knife) machetes, ffs. 😉

        1. They need to go to the nearest hardware store and buy a chainsaw. They then need to see the movie Scarface to get familiar with how to use it properly. These guys are probably paid by the hour so would explain the time it took to part this poor fellows head from his body.

          1. @Stephen
            You got that right my man, as watching the very beginning of Scarface will teach him well on how to dismember a body & in A Bathtub, so all the blood can go down the drain 🙂

      1. Oh wow. A ukro newspaper says they are a Russian. I must believe that indeed.
        That isn’t ENOUGH proof for me. It could be a false -flag ; plenty of ukros speak perfect Russian and ukros have already printed false- flags in the past.
        I rightly called bullshit on UN publications re , weapons of mass destruction and the chemical warfare of Damascus by ASSAD and many other operations and you want to tell me to believe in the basis of a ukro piece?
        Good enough for others here maybe, but I reserve my judgement. More proof and I may agree with you .

    1. Yeah that shit annoys the hell out of me. If you’re going to torture someone go all the way with it. Not kill and spend time toying with a corpse. But I’ll give this a pass because of the firecracker. The censorship also made my eyes roll.

        1. Yes Islam forbids homosexuality, sex with animals [both under islamic law are to be killed] adultery eat pork eating animals with canines like lions alcohol smoking. Islam forbids many things but muslims like all humans have a choice to follow them and most of people dont follow them. If we did youd see us as leaders of this world. Let those who hate the true believers burn in their rage and let them know our time is soon

          1. Well we live in a time of great oppression and the world is run by jews, devil worshippers, magician etc. And we can see the outcome of their leadership so our time will come to strip them off it. The MSM media even know of this so they start making a Netflix series. My time is soon as in the muslims will dominate and be in charge and then the world will be in prosperity and success. No more homosexuality as the islamic rules will be enforced, a person who murders can be killed if the family of the murdered victim decide to or if they let him live [justice will be given to the family], no such thing as transgender or all these different genders just men and women, no such thing as thots and hoes as they will be severely punished, no such thing as pornography sites and gangs will be annihilated. Drugs will be completely banned and so will alcohol. I can keep going on but when all of this is informed it will once again clean mankind and sort out alot of problems

          2. Sounds good but will you kill- off all the Mohammedan royalty and the powerful of Moslem states like Kuwait,Saud ,Turkey etc who are very much involved in pornography ,gayness ,alcohol , exjudicial murder and smoking ?
            Or is that just something you wish to impose on the rest of us / the non Moslems?

            Why should you Moslems rule anyway? Your system has never worked, the Ottoman Empire had lots of time to make it work and you achieved no greatness at all. Saud has had control of Mecca and the other Holy Sites and you have achieved nothing. The only secular leaders in the Moslem world you did have have almost all been brought down by fellow- Moslems in the pay of Uncle Sam. Every benefit you have and enjoy was provided to you by non -Moslems ;medicine ,technology ,war material ,modern education etc
            Name one Mohammedan state now that is a leading light ? Just one ,where people want to immigrate to for a better life .
            Sorry , I don’t buy it ,most Moslem national government don’t want an overriding Moslem gov or empire ruling over them ,and reasonable people in your countries certainly don’t want that either.

            The one good thing I will give you credit for is helping to bring back Greek Learning to Europe during the Dark Ages. Just that.

          3. I’ll answer with this, it’s from our creedal belief than a man will come and rectify the entire world and cleanse it from corruption. The issue with many of us muslims is that we don’t obey and and follow the law of the Creator. But at the end of times we will, as for turkey they are a big enemy of the true muslims and would you be suprised to know that they are the first people to legalise homosexuality in the 1800 before America and the west. I dont see the ottomans as muslim state they were polytheists no matter how much they proclaim islam. Look to how much the golden era of islam increased the progression of the western society. Al andalus was under the islamic reign for 100s of years and it was in these years that astrology medicine poetry etc all boosted. Due to islamic scholarship. Did you know the gown and hat that’s worn in university graduations is taken from al andalus and it’s what I normally wear when going out. It is a sign of knowledge and success in a particular field. Did you know the first university was opened by a muslim female in Morocco? So don’t look to us as if we haven’t lead the way for this modern day civilisation whether it’s by algebra formulating codes to create algorithms in almost all electronic devices etc. Ibn taymiyyah an Islamic scholar who died 700 years ago spoke about the telephone and television in detail and his written work is with us in manuscript form.

            The laws I mentioned above are not only for non muslims the laws of the creator is for everyone. The prophet muhammad said to his daughter that if you steal I will cut your hand off. If a muslim is found to be a homosexual then he is to be thrown from the tallest building and have a boulder thrown at home whilst the people witness it. The one who has sex with an animal in islam is to be killed aswell [people try insult muslims by saying goat fuckers but they dont know that those people under islamic law are to be killed].

            The reason saudi arabia isnt as powerful is because many of it’s people have been influenced by western society. But they are from the remaining muslim states that still execute and forbid homosexuality and alcohol etc. But if all muslims adhered to the islamic law and rectified themselves then they would have been as power as the earlier muslims who took over the arabian peninsula all the way to china. A handful of bare footed Bedouins took down the great empires of the byzantine and the persians dont forget that

          4. Look at the battle of yarmouk when around 10,000 muslims under the leadership of khalid ibn Walid a companion of prophet muhammad went to battle with the byzantine army of 130,000 and killed around 100,000 of the byzantine. The army size in comparison was for each muslim man there was 13 byzantine men and keep in mind the byzantines had much more armour but were still humiliated. The battle as we call is the battle of the river of blood because of how much blood we shed. Khalid ibn walid was known to have said we love death as much as you ardently love life. And this was just one companion of prophet muhammad. So if us muslims returned back to our ways and sought victory from our Creator and Lord. Then no army can overtake us.

          5. Vitality of the blood and the spirit are on our side!
            The twice are spreading very fast in Europe and elsewhere.
            Racial changes are occurring and lot of people are converting.

            Also, and that’s great: each new generations have more and more of mixed blood Middle eastern/European kids, beautiful and smart ones!

            We are indeed the future of the believers!

            Jews are in part responsible as in their machiavellian plans to bring their messiah by destroying Edom and holocausting Ismaël, they made all they can to open borders to muslim immigrants.

            The Hikma is deep. We have faith!

          6. Your first paragraph re advances in al Andalus. That is what I am talking about . All Greek learning translated into Arabic and back into Euro languages . Medicine , Astronomy etc. Algebra and zero ; Arabic on Indian and Greek foundations. Anyway. Let’s assume that the last two are all yours ..One spark in so many centuries. All for nothing; because you all returned to darkness…apart from those of you who are secular of course.

            I know homosexuality and goatfucking are illegal in Islam yet a sizable proportion of your people do it. Homo maybe Public in the West but Moslems do it more and keep it private . Goat and donkey fucking are very common in the rural areas and pls don’t say they are uneducated. You have immams in rural areas too, who know the laws against it. Also child and woman raping happens too often in your religion.
            So once again you have given me your wishful thinking but not evidence.

            You have not been able to get Mohammedans to follow your supposed enlightened Koran correctly since the years of muhammed ,so why should we believe your favourite rulers will succeed? You say Turkey is not truly Islamic ,well too bad . That was THE preeminent Moslem power from here to India and China as you say . It had 1400 years to get it right and failed. Saud took over from the Turks as Britain’s vassals and did what with the opportunity? Absolutely nothing.
            Noone will buy it. You had your chance and you blew it. You had your Arab Secular Govs and you sided with Uncle Sam /Shmuel to bring them down. You maybe happy about that but they were the closest to A modern state Moslems ever had. Your enlightened state in al Andalus was cosmopolitan and “western” not hardcore desert Moslem as you proclaim. Saud and their American and zio pals have returned your effectively to the Middle Ages. Your people will be mired in a shithole for ever .

            Who will be convinced of your dreams . No Black or Asian Moslem will ever trust Islam again as you went and slaughtered the Black Moslems in Libya. Who will trust you are just? You went and threw homos off buildings in Syria but Isis was very much into male rape and blackmail.

            Battle of Yarmouk ? I know it well. What is your point? Do you think others have not won battles against the odds ? Do you think other peoples are not reknowned for their bravery ,self -sacrifice and warrior spirit?


          7. *Renowned not reknowned.
            Barefeet warriors. I agree. Look at yemeni Houthis screwing Saud ,USA/NATO /Zio etc. I am very happy about it.
            It will teach them all to keep their noses out of other people’s business .
            Now those Moslems i support and i’m not even Moslem

            There was a later battle of Yarmouk as well about one hundred years ago. My countrymen the Aussies destroyed a Turkish army and helped Allenby .

          8. You’ve mentioned alot and I dont want to spam this comment section with replies but what you’ve been mentioning is a mix of the truth and falsehood. You need to separate the laws of islām and muslims. In the sense that muslims can follow the law if they want to. Free will is an aspect we all believe in. The Qur’ān specifically states that if we do not follow the laws then we wont be successful. Now if you look at the islamic empire with ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab as the leadership that spread to the boarders of china. This spread from a few arab Bedouins went far to china because of their adherence to laws. As the muslims become more victorious and the gold and bootys started to come. Many started to turn away from the laws. This is because of their desires, free will and the whispers of the devil whose one of the main proponents of islamic leaderships downfalls. When the muslims turned down the laws and started to add their own things to it, they were humiliated for example how the tatars annihilated the muslims or how many other muslims were humiliated because of their turning away on the law. The reason we “turned to darkness” is simply because we turned away from the law. And al andalus wasnt desert land because of the deep rooted knowledge they possessed. Look at islamic artwork, calligraphy, buildings. These were just some of the things which created ease for the people. But I’m sure you’ve heard of the quote “hard times create hard men, hard men create good times, good times create hard times and then repeat” we as muslims are living in these hard times. Look at the bombings and the wars and the innocent muslims being killed. 1 million being killed in iraq. Once us muslims realise this and return back to the laws of islam you shall see our return to leadership again. And I see you havent recieved the knowledge concerning Saudi and the only knowledge you’ve received is from main stream media. Saudi arent allies with isreal and the only reason they are with the US is for weaponry and equipments which is allowed under islamic law. As for the Houthis [who are Shiites] they were formed by Iranians [who are shiites]. Iranians and isreal are one of the closest allies unfortunately the media makes it seem like they are the biggest enemy and they have gotten you to think that. When will you stop believing the media. Shiites were created by a Jewish hypocrite named Ibn sab’a. The jews and shiites are brothers in religion. To kill as many muslims as they can. Look at Syria and Iraq oh yeah ISIS and all these terrorist groups are linked with the freemasons who are jews aswell. ISIS have killed more innocent muslims than they have Christians and Jews. But they’ll never show that on their propaganda. Osama bin laden was a muslim brotherhood member [who’s founders are the freemasons]. What I’m saying is you’re being very misinformed concerning saudi isreal and iran. Did you know many Israeli jews are going iran? There are more synagogues in iran than orthodox islamic mosques. The reason why jews and shiites are brothers is because they both believe the chosen one is going to come and bring the laws of david again. I do apologise for this long comment and I dont wish to reply again unless theres a way you and I can have a normal one on one fruitful conversation. I dont like spamming comments I rarely even comment.

          9. Yes @youn many people are starting to wake up. Even the Christian’s of America like the Republicans are starting to wake up to the plots of the Jews. The jews have been behind corruption for as long as I can think off even the time of Moses. Look at how many times Allah speaks of them in the Quran. Look at how the jews killed the prophets and possessed knowledge but didnt act upon it.

            That’s why these jews are one of the heads of world leadership because they possess knowledge unlike the Christians. However they use their knowledge for the sake of evil. And because of the weakness of the muslims and their adherence to islamic law they’ve been allowed to overpower us. But I’m telling you now

            The final days are coming, big battles awaits, this internet connected civilisation will come to an end. And we will return to horses and swords again. And when those days arrive, eyes shall open

          1. I just wanted to say , I’m glad that this convo is respectful and civil unlike many others regarding religion. I just wanted to point out very few “Muslims” are goat fuckers and homos. There are some goat fucking and homo “Christians” and “Jews” too however they are not following the religion correctly and may not even be classified as adherents of the religion by its true followers due to their transgressions

  1. I imagin the Russian army when then comes on the Germany territory at the second world War. it must wase be a great moment of cultural exchange. Ouchh the balls explose that epic… Never seen.

      1. Yep, we feel horror and repulsion against people like this Muslim torturers and murderers but not long ago, this applies to most of us, our fathers, grand fathers, great grand fathers and so on did similar things, at least witnessed their own kind doing them.

          1. My dear Regina,have you not heard of asking loaded or rhetorical questions? Lol

            It is entirely plausible that you are unfit now. I had the body of a Greek God in my youth but now of a lesser Man . Why not you the same? Also that photo may have been taken five or ten years ago. There is a “veteran “guy here who has had a ten- year old photo here for ten years!


            ,In any case , I suspected you are still fit and healthy but I wanted to ask you for an answer in a tricky way. Long-distance …hah ,well you are certainly in the right Country for Marathons aren’t you?

            Just don’t burn off those boobs from all the running. Guys like tits.

          2. It’s not the question that got me confused but lots of hahas.
            I’m still young, imagine that ”never on Sunday ”have been made before even my mother was born! lol
            The pic has been taken a couple of days ago.
            I have run the Athens Marathon a few times. each time was an amazing experience 🙂
            Seriously, where do you see boobs on that pic? I have never had them.I’m a typical Polish cucumber. i want to believe I have much more to offer( for example my ass pmsl)

          3. I apologise Regina. I believed you had boobs -by the shadowing in your pic – but I have obviously made a horse’s arse of myself with you. I am a fool!! I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to talk to me again.
            However , I was not lying ,lean and athletic is still attractive and wow ,running Marathons is very exciting. I read all about the Battle and the Runner so it is of real interest to me that you walk on that very soil.
            Ironically ,I happen to love pickled gherkins!

          4. I don’t know, Nem…you’re putting me on the spot here.I though we were friends and now…you’re accusing me of having tits?? How dare you?!
            I like challenging myself and pushing my body to the limits. I’m dreaming to participate in Spartathlon someday.
            You know a lot about Greece and its history. Have you ever been here? @hopingfornemesis

          5. I love History ,Politics and Geography and the Greco-Roman Civilisation was very much a big part of that.

            Yes ,I have been a few times on holiday and it was great!!!

            Nothing beats both the cyan and Emerald green of the seas and conifers respectively of Kerkira (Corfu) or the purple /blue waters of Santorini with black sand !!!

            Romantic ,made for love and sex…

            I live too far away to afford to go anymore but I wish I could. If so, I would be there” with bells on”.

          1. I’m not sure now. I thought “never on a Sunday “was about the prostitute who never worked on a Sunday. I saw it a long time ago. Great movie and I think it won Academy awards in the early sixties,back when the UK /France? could routinely make excellent films.
            I’m not sure if Zorba the Greek was just a character in the movie or a separate movie as well. I read the book though. He was a stud,who kept pillowcases full of his conquest’s hair. He would take a lock of hair from each; While alive and willing of course..he wasn’t a killer on BG!


  2. Send in the Seals or SAS and wipe out these sick psychotic bastards. Wagner group, owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman with close links to Putin. “Man named as the torturer who killed and dismembered the Syrian as Stanislav D, a former police officer from southern Russia”.

  3. It’s a UZRGM fuse rather than a firecracker.

    The UZRGM is used to detonate most Russian hand grenades and anti-personnel devices. The delay is around 3.5 seconds; variants of the fuse can detonate instantaneously (for use in booby traps) or run for up to 14 seconds (rifle grenades).

    Универсальный Запал Ручная Граната Модернизированный:


  4. Really wish the Muslim race didn’t exist. They’re a disgusting people and regularly engage in rape and killings. I also hate nigs but I’d rather the third world pedo Muslims die any day.

        1. Muslim race ? you mean Arabs ?

          (Actually I can agree with you about Saudi bigshots)

          But being general might get you lynched some day.
          Be careful while bullshitting. At least imply, don’t just spit., your hate.

          Btw I guess you’re a uneducated racist wanker who spents all day on screen. So try to fix yourself 🙂

  5. I stubbed the side of my knee earlier today with a cabinet handle’s edge, and that shit hurt like a MOTHERFUCKER. Can’t begin to imagine the pain of getting a sledgehammer to the foot, firecracker to the nuts, and then a 7.62 to the knee. Poor guy.

    Looks like these commie Russian fucks got bored of the same shitty song playing on repeat and took it out on their Syrian friend.

  6. 9-11 3000 US lives lost, Iraq 1.5 million men women and children
    Dear US sorry for your fucking loss you pathetic excuse for humans.
    You bulshitted your way into war with 2 nations, one of which you fucking trained and equipped.
    The irony here is that every US citizen has traded their freedom for a little hatred that will do fuck all to the global population of Muslims. You sick fucks are doing what Hitler did.
    Think about the US soldiers that were murdered by their own government for a few dollars more.
    Wake up counts it’s your on government that has and will continue to fuck you on a daily basis until you wake the fuck up

    1. Meh the 2003 Iraq war was bullshit especially in hindsight. But 9-11 resulted in Afghanistan not a month later, which is justified, I will sit that one to my grave. Fuck the Taliban. I don’t care if they keep popping out the mountains every five years. Taking down Saddam’s regime had nothing to do with 9-11.

        1. Ooh sorry I was hammered typing that. I agree with the other member. The Taliban war is like if you found out your little sister was raped. And you decided to beat the ever loving PISS out of your pedophile neighbor down the street even though you had no proof at the time. Who cares they got whats coming to them.

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            They were guilty actually. It took a few Saudi rich fucks but they still carried the operations along with intelligence. At least in hindsight. Al-Qaeda was our beloved darlings but those jihadi shithole taliban fucks needed to be annihilated for a long while. My main point of the comment is connecting Saddam to 9-11. Which I’d love to be intrigued. As that following war was bullshit. Fuck the taliban tho.

          2. I agree with all you say but just wish to add that there is evidence that America’s jilted boyfriend -binladen -ran the operation from Kosovo ,Ex Yugo rather than Afghanistan. So the USA should have bombed the Albanian cut-throats.
            The Talibans were the Bush family’s best buddies ,all in a time where they were starting to be known as ” bad guys”. See Fahrenheit by Moore and other sources if you’re interested.
            All I needed to know is that the us brass flew whole Saud families out of the USA when 9/11 happened. That to me smells of getting rid of the witnesses.

            Also ,the Afghan who shot all the gays in Florida? His dad was CIA point man at the time given refuge in the USA. Tsarnaev’s brothers of Boston bombings? Given refuge by the USA and their uncle is the top CIA point man in the area who converted to Islam. Manchester bombing fuck? Headchopper son of headchopper family given refuge by the UK from Gaddafi. All demonstrably proven by people in the know and not the stuff of “conspiracy theory”.

            Either we have serious blowback or the secret services don’t give a fuck about us… as long as it us who get hurt and not their connected families.
            Been to the Rann of Kutch?

  7. Russian soldiers have never had the honor of a soldier. Not the Red Army then, and not the Russian mercenary groups today. With the exception of very few officers who took honorary custody of mass rape of children and old women, the Russian hordes were all animals filled up with vodka. Although I certainly do the animals wrong. . .

    1. Couldn’t have fucking said it better myself. They’re fucking beast with little understanding of anything other than whore russia and the pleasures of drunken domestic violence. They’re behaving no different from any other conflict they enter just accept that reality.

      1. Most Syrians in the states are very recent refugees that have seen combat. They are not fit for modern life. They only know how to express themselves through violence and aggression. They should be rounded up and clubbed properly.

        1. Thanks for that and I agree with you totally . None are fit for modern life amongst civilised people. That is why I also suggested the captured wives and kids of killed headchoppers be sent to Turkey or Arabia as an example. If they don’t take them ,then mercifully shoot them in the desert.

          All the scum you talk about are likely the US Wardogs of the Unsuccessful campaign in Syria. Brutish, and sadly the US deserves to have them come home to roost.
          I must admit I am a little surprised as I had not heard of these Isis ,Turco-alphabet group , White Helmet fake- Ambulance men Rapefugees being given asylum in America. I heard that most, if not all ,were foisted onto Europe and Canada.

          The US has pulled the Trojan Horses behind its gates. Pity the Orange Man and Killary will simply fly out of America in their private jets for clean New-Zealand and Patagonia when the headchoppers slaughter everyone in their beds within ten years. Big mistake .

  8. Poor guy man, i feel so bad for him. He keeps pointing to his heart in order for them to shoot him and be done with-it. This video i find was very disturbing and one (if not) the worse torture & death video that iv’e ever seen on here, and in quite some time. Fucking Brutal Man,,, Brutal. 🙁

      1. “hoping for..”

        so you local defender of Rus pigs here? ok boomer
        im not native Eng speaker so appologize for my text but
        Wagners mecrenaries is all-known private org, where people for big money came to Syria to defend local Gas Rigs (place on video is Ash Shaer Gas Field 2017y)
        im native russ and ukraine speakin and their accents its clearly NO muslim, chechen, not a single person.
        and Last FACT few of them was deanonymized (actually 3 or 4 at the moment)
        example Станислав Евгеньевич Дычко – google that name, one of that murders, russian, born in russia Stavropol area , many of them was in masks but whatever they was deanonymized later.


        1. I am an apologist for noone . Not russian pigs or American pigs or Chinese pigs.
          All I said was that I thought we should not jump to conclusions too quickly.
          Then I said I thought it was fake.
          Ok. So let’s say ,I agree with you and they are Russian pigs. Who cares? I don’t. Most Mercs are pigs because they fight for money not country.

          So what now? So let’s say they are Russian and the Vic is a Moslem Wagner? So what?

          He deserted and was a spy wasn’t he? What do you think other merc companies out there do ,Mr deflorate ? What do you think ukro and us merc companies and groups do? Do you believe they take milk and cookies to poor and lonely widows and orphans? They kill! Often cruelly which is why they remain as Mercs and not go back into the civilian world.

  9. all that for a man accused of desertion ?
    if it’s only the charge he was accused of, I consider this as a criminal war act.
    if he was really himself a war criminal, he received fully what he deserves !

  10. It’s easy to learn that their mothers ware who’res in a criminal organizations…only busterds like them should become one’s…
    They have see how their mothers ware whoring with low criminals first in a zoo with pigs, after that streets
    And then in this organizations
    This are not men , this are machines
    That are son’s ov who’res…
    That shuld be executed… Or get caught by international supreme court and be sent to die in prison ..
    One of them was too dumb\drunk
    To show his clear face in video…
    I hope someone woll us it…
    To save even Russians from he’s
    A group of pure son’s ov who’res raped by pigs…

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