Wagner Group Mercenaries Torture, Behead and Incinerate Syrian Man

Wagner Group Mercenaries Torture, Behead and Incinerate Syrian Man

Wagner Group Mercenaries Torture, Behead and Incinerate Syrian Man

Officially, the Wagner Group is a Russian private paramilitary contracting organization whose business is to provide mercenaries for hire. A number of Wagner Group mercenaries have been active in Syria.

In July 2017, Wagner Group mercs filmed themselves brutally torturing, beheading, dismembering and incinerating a Syrian man accused of desertion.

Identified as Muhammad Abdullah al-Ismail, the victim is bludgeoned on hands and feet with a sledge hammer, has his genitals blown up with a firecracker and gets shot in non-vital parts of the body to induce pain and suffering.

After the period of torture, the victim is beheaded with a short blade and an entrenching shovel. The same tools are used to dismembered him. The mutilated corpse is then suspended upside down from a frame, doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire.

Additional information from @natural-selection-2:

I took a closer look to the explosive device they use to torture. It is a disassembled detonator from a Russian hand grenade. Around 01:34 min you can see the safety pin get pulled.

One of the mercs is known as Stanislav Yevgenyevich Dychko. He was born in 1990. Joined Wagner shortly after a discharge from Russian interior ministry. He is currently living a normal life in freedom… There are no charges against him.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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  1. They’re saying “Put it in has pants(the firecracker)” and “you fucking ISIS” and giggle.

    When they’re shooting him I can understand “Don’t hit his head, go for the knee.” Then, “does it hurt? Oh *roar* NOW it hurts? Or is it his broken fingers?”

    Then when they smash his feet “You want water?”

    Then when they’re beheading him “Are all you covered?”(as in faces) “Use a shovel!” “Hit the knife with your palm and break the vertebrae!” “Fuck, give me fucking shovel! Pull his head” another guy says “Careful, don’t hit me!”

    Then the beheaders switch after the first guy fails, someone comments “ooh look, his faith won’t allow him hahaha” (a spoof of Muslims’ replies on cruelty and terrorism) then “this will be the fate of every ISIS fighter!”

    When they’re chopping his arm, “alright go! Chop! That’s it, you broke his bone! Cover your faces. You fucking maniacs.”

    When they’re burning him they act like they’re in a Russian banya where it’s common to pour water on hot rocks to create steam, as they’re pouring flammable on their guest. Someone call on the radio, and a guy says “almost done, we’ll bring you some kebab!” “Who cares about faces(being covered), it’s not like we’re gonna share this video.”

    They say that “JUMBO” is a mercenary slogan.

    The song that is playing is called “I’m a Russian spetnsaz soldier.” The lyrics are about a shell-shocked operator going insane in Chechnya and going on a rampage(much like Staff Sergeant Robert Bales in 2012). The chorus is “I’m a Russian spetsnaz soldier, I have a machine gun, and I don’t give a shit about anything” it can be found on following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXS0SvE4Y3I

  2. This is why I love modern technology where we can all finally having an affordable recording device on hand. 2 decades ago we would have to rely on a daring war journalist or freelance photographer to get these kind of videoes out to the public. The technology made it easier for us to see what’s war really like or when ROE mean nothing at all or how those big talk by any of “world organization” are a total joke.

  3. Hilarious the way dumb fucks literally can’t accept reality. They’re obviously russian or eastern european. Look that way, sound that way, act that way dumb ass devil horns. Stupid poses, stupider music, amateurish beheading, smoking drinking I heard(must’ve missed). And finally finally last, but certainly not least you didn’t hear a single alahakbar snackbar whatever. Shit seemed so low torturing a likely innocent man people’s hamster wheels are spinning in overdrive to deny it pathetic. Videos alright I suppose spade arm severing. Would love to see them dismembered I’d like to do it. Chets of course anything, but russian we all know how violent those animals can be under the influence of vodka.

  4. It woulda been worse for him if they didn’t cut his head off, and just left him there. Still,this vid was worthy of horror cinema. Unfortunately at the moment I watched it, my recording engineer was working on a project; so I had to have the sound off, but hey. The visuals were wonderful.

    Is my misanthropic streak showing?

  5. Now. I hate Islam as much as any rational human being. But. I don’t want to see this happen, unless I know that this person is deserving of such treatment.
    Although, its hard to watch and not feel at least a little pride.

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