Where To Flee – ISIS Video Depicting 8 Executions

Where To Flee - ISIS Video Depicting 8 Executions

ISIS is still alive. And it will be – unless Tel Aviv is destroyed.

In the brand new release titled “Where To Flee“, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is shown executing 8 captives by different methods:

  • @ 3:30 – double execution by shotgun
  • @ 5:40 – single execution by detonation cord necklace
  • @ 8:00 – double execution by M4 carbines
  • @ 10:55 – single execution by beheading
  • @ 14:45 – double execution by twin pistols

ISIS also forced the captives to re-enact “crimes” they were accusing them of, so outside of orally “admitting” to their wrongdoings, the video also shows them acting their “crimes”.

Props to Best Gore member @Refuse2Renig for the video:

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    1. Welcome.
      Hey everyone! Hope all is well. I’ve really missed my daily dose of gore.
      Had back surgery on the 4th. Finally finished rehab today. Feels great to be home. And I know those of u with back issues can relate to my pain

    2. The reenactment shit had me laughing!!! So cheesy and also not something easily done in a warzone??? Obama was arming them in the beginning, now he is giving isis film school interns and studio space?? Isis is so staged
      These guys kill other Muslims who don’t follow the isis belief system to a T. …yet, not all of these Isis fukrz roll their pants up for the flood. That is Sunnah, the actions of the prophet, which isis literally chop heads off if ppl don’t adhere to.
      SO!!, I feel the Islam side of Isis is just a front. A boogieman, for the Kykes, who rule this world, to blame.

        1. Who created the conditions for the Isis there was the Jewish-Israeli loby.

          The destabilization in Iraq and surroundings is something planned from the beginning of the 80s

          The very Israeli media boasted that were bush jews accessor those responsible for the lie of chemical weapons and resulting aggression and destabilized the iraq


          It is known that al Qaeda took part in the Arab spring receiving help from the American government CONTROLLED.

          It is well known that such ISIS received American arms and Israeli medical help.

          “Israel provides medical and military help for Syrians rebels denounced commissioner of the UN! UN Commissioners reported that during the last 18 months the Israel government through its military has been providing medical and military aid to the rebels Syrians .According to the inspectors, meetings between Israelis and Syrians military rebels are common and occur in golinas Golan! ”

    3. I Just get a kick out of the production used in the making of these things. They pull out all the stops. Interviews of the detainees & re-inactments of their alleged “crimes”. The executioners are all decked out in their tactical gear, with the best weapons they can muster up. They even pulled out the fresh black Nissan Pathfinder for the drive out to the execution spot. The hajis must have even detailed it before the scene was shot. They try to project such righteousness. What a noble cause in the name of allah, and the soon to stretch Iraq and the levant, Caliphate. lol fuckin bunch of hypocrite bull shitters.

          1. Hmmmm- I had the Kia spectra 5 with over 250k & didn’t have to replace a single component the entire ownership aside from an O2 sensor & a passenger window switch, so “Junk” ? I don’t think so kiddo, you’d be hard pressed to find an American made piece of shit that’d drive you that far for that cheap….. I’d take Kia over American any day of the week. What to you drive LMAO…… and FYI- American made cars have the highest rate of recall issues of any other car manufacturer TOO DATE! Sounds like you’re talking out of your ass bub.

    1. I would include Mexico in this, so I would change South America to Latin America. Now, which is more fucked up: Latin America or Middle East? My vote is for Middle East of course

    2. I would say your shit hole is worse. Atleast these people have the balls to do something when all else fails. Unlike you, you complain like a punk bitch and get on the computer and let your inner keyboard warrior out.

    3. @brazilianindian I’d say the Middle East by far because it seems in South America, you mostly get killed for being involved with some kind of drug trafficking or have some kind of ties to drugs. In the Middle East, they will kill you for many reasons and will have their suspicions of you if you don’t look or speak like them. Plus I don’t hear of any suicide bombers or bombs being dropped in South America at all, at least not yet.

    4. Any Middle Eastern country (formerly the wars in some of these in israel benefits) are infinitely better than any hole of the fifth world of Africa and Latin American Christian – which by the way where are station the most violent and corrupt countries in the world

      1. Haha! Can’t say that thought didn’t cross my mind too…feel like I’m putting my trust in ISIS! Okay @re-pete, I’ll take your word…but if I end up in Syria with a bomb strapped to my chest, I’m going to be sooo mad at you lol!

  1. Still watching, but I have to comment on 2 things…first they have nicer cell phones than me…second, the Kia Sorrento, preferred transport for terrorists (and also a nicer car than I have)

    1. Their use of cinematography is highly suspicious of someone besides isis filming their deeds. I doubt they have the studio equipment readily available for such a video. But I’ll let you do your own research on who’s behind the scenes ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. It’s really sad, these poor guys seem so resigned to their fate… no struggling, no pleading, they’ve come to grips with it. Either that or they’re martyrs to IS cause. During war it’s so hard to tell propaganda from reality…I’ll just remain sceptical about everything I see

      1. At least the deaths (other than the beheading) were quick and painless…like putting a large farm animal down. Really though, I want to know what the one did to get beheaded. Must have been worse than the other guys, right?

        1. He did the same thing as others snitching for iraqi gouvernment but the quality of the informations (from what i undertstood) was better than others. He sent informations about ISIS fighters ( equipements, numbers, where they were hospitalized..etc)
          And apparently that caused the death of some of them.
          The video is about spy and how isis are willing to eliminat everyone of them.

  3. saw this yesterday somewhere else. the guys at the end they made look at the dead guys on the hill. then drive off to mind fuck them for a day or two. next episode coming soon. thats some harsh shit.

  4. Looking at the beginning, I sometimes realize how young these guys are. Prime of their life in their 20s-30s. When I was graduating from high school, I never imagined ending up dead in 10-20 years like these guys are. An entire life ahead of them lost due to their association to this horror in the middle east. I’m sure several in this video, no kids, no wife, no realized dreams of any kind, their youth squashed out in an instant….and from such a horriffic end. Beheaded alive? Feeling that razor sharp knife (hopefully) sawing at your neck, (and i’m sure it hurts too) feeling your own hot blood flowing from the wound, watching those around you staring you down as you die, and only hearing “Snackbar Snackbar” as you realize the last vision of the world is of your own murderers who are happy for your death. For some its very quick but for the inexperienced executioners, you have time to fight off the need to sleep and passing out, due to the lack of oxygen to your brain, to live an extra few seconds. I’m sure the majority are praying to the same GOD their murderers are praying to, and then its lights out, forever. This stuff is pure horror and saddening beyond words.

  5. Islam has been killing people for 1,400 years and don’t intend to stop. They just have more money now to make videos to scare the crap out of the rest of the world!

  6. that language is so very ugly … not a very intelligent line, but anyway thats how i feel. The throat sounds in every Syllable sounds like a regurgitating donkey …

    uhmm , also its funny how ISIS always rage against the modern western world, but all the technology, clothes, foods etc. is very desirable for them …

    anyway fuck religion, never has the beliefs of a god killed so many people !

      1. no im sorry , but i would also like to know what they are saying, so if any one else can give a short summary or translate….
        Just a thought,why dosent ISIS subtitle their shit, if they are so gun-ho on getting their message out to the infidels ;D

        1. but know some of the chanting songs, is a mesmerizing hymn about giving your soul to allah, killing the infidels in various explicit ways( cannibal corpse type lyrics), martyrdom is tha shit and so on … i actually thought some of it sounded kinda cool until i got hold of some of the lyrics, now in my thoughts music is music and if it gets your foot tapping its good. Buuuut in this case im gonna make an exception and erase it again !

  7. These ISIS guys look like a bunch of ‘military fashion faggots’. Like a bunch of little 10 year olds playing with their shiny new toys and pyro stuff. “I got my new ISIS outfit Mustafa?How do I look? Does my ass look too big or should I re size?And my rifle. I shined it up today. Cute huh? I can shoot two pistols at at time too. One in each hand, just like I jerk Yusef and me off at the same time? Or even Yusef and Muhamet. They both like it when I swallow it all at the same time”. ISIS Fags.

  8. Oh, and most of these ISIS guys love taking it up the ass. Fucking muslims. They hate women, but just love secret cock sucking and taking it in the ass. They are so angry because they’re closet gays. Most of them love walking around with ben wa balls or small vibrators up their asses while they’re out in the field, to remind them of when they will be back in bed with their ISIS fag bed buddies. See how neat and clean they are? The videos are made by anal retentive, narcissistic gay boys who just can’t come out of their closet.

    1. Come get me ISIth Guys. If you aren’t too detracted by some gay pride parade. You can wear your fag, cute new and clean ISIS uniforms made of all leather and rubber, with your shiny ISIS Captains hats. West Hollywood has a great gay pride parade and you guys would look so cute there?Thelebrating coming out?If you had the balls to do it. Fucking shit eaters.

        1. @Gnat. I figured the national symbol of Thailand would’ve been good enough. Send all them ISIS guys on a nice little vacation to thailand with a 30 story hotel room with a view. Give ’em all a couple of cute ladyboys and just let the Thais do what they do best. Now that’s scary.

  9. Production quality is so high pretty amazing for a group are getting bombed 24/7

    Brutal video as always you forget how brutal a beheading is when you Aint seen one for a while .. I mean getting shot or blew up by explosive necklace aint good either but beheading that is a shitty way to go out

    Always relay on Isis to raise the gore levels …

    1. I don’t get that either?! …why the HD Hollywood made vids? Are they that in love with their insanity agenda? Take a look around,They dwell in absolute shit/rubble of land. Their utter disregard for human life is sad,and disturbing. keep theses fuckers far away from my world as possible…why can’t rest of world just decide to nuke the Middle East and extinct the cancer they are?
      The executioners act like they’re so cool or bad ass,why don’t they fight the prisoners to death 1 vs 1, hand to hand wit machete,or cage match with available weapons for use.

      1. That’s what Jews do – HD Hollywood movies to promote their agendas. There are more movies on the theme of the Holohoax, than on any other theme. Jews know this type of propaganda works well in molding the mind of the sheeple.

        1. It’s like they are forced to look at the camera or there killer before they are executed, actually they are forced to do it.
          I’d be fighting up a storm but then again you don’t no what happened to make them so resigned to their fate, like the prisoners in the last car having to drive by those two executed and realise it was coming for them next.
          Look at the ammo though and the technology wtf.

  10. Barbaric Twats.
    What i don’t get tho is why you would play along with there propaganda bullshit if there gonna kill you anyway whats the point?. You cant make a deal with the devil, Give’em one last fuck you and refuse to do anything they tell you.

    And if there is a god he sure as shit doesn’t want you to be so cruel to your fellow man.

    Fuck you isis, Shock n awe’s inbound.

  11. The problem with Islam, sorry Pisslam, is that there is too much violence, too much woman-hating. These executioners could well be educated, i.e. like having a Third in Media Studies from the University of East London.

  12. These fucking muslim maggots. All we need is a new little boy, a new hiroshima. What will you do with them, Jail,or something else. No they live in hate and we must stop this arseholes with hate. One bomb and all ISIS pieces flying to north,west,east and south. A great ISIS soup for all maggot brothers.

  13. Moral of the story? Whilst visiting sand nigger land if you encounter a new black Kia run like hell! Apparently Isis can’t afford Toyota’s anymore and they are pissed off about it…Allah hasn’t even blessed them with enough money for a nice pre-owned Hyundai.

  14. The still shot of the head, it looks like one of those traitorous white people who go off to fight with ISIS, we have had a few of them, they get names like Al Shahbib Australi, always with the Australi bit at the end. We have one white boy only 19 who wants to come home to mummy now that he’s had enough of the blood. And the guts. Well our Gov. is making him wait, sweat it out a little, that traitorous spawn could plan an attack on Australian soil, he may have been trained up, to commit a terrorist attack back in his own land. F*ck him don’t let the c*nt back here! A couple of others have been killed in drone attacks and the like. One couple of Muslim nutbags took their kids with them, to Syria, the dad was killed, then the white mother died leaving, her 4-5 (?) kids, the oldest just 14, an already a mum herself (they are f*cked up!) to fend for themselves. The white Aussie grandma is over there trying to bring the kids back, one kid an 8 yr old was pictured holding a severed head!

  15. Is this supposed to scare me? Middle eastern rats, there are no good civilians, theyre all dead, been bombed, beheaded, dismembered, shot because they dont follow the same religion and genocide, it’s all too simple really, just don’t let the fuckers in the Wesr. They have proven nothing so far but their violence as virtue, a civil war will start in Germany if someone doesnt do something about that Merkel bitch, and the rest of ZOG that portrays Muslim lives matter in Western media, just to destabilize a country. Human throughout history have exploited each other for resources and selfish goals, a network of individuals striving to compete in a ladder of fame, fortune, and greed, are nothing more than silly pawns unwilling to think for themselves instead rely on a system that is folly, makes me wonder if there is a hand hovering above like Gods. But, we all know who that title belongs to.

    As with the case with ISIS, if Tel Aviv is still operating Islamic State will not perish, and no media coverage. Nope, we just have to wake people up ourselves, Conversely, the oppisite may happen if Tel Aviv wasn’t operating Islamic State will perish such as what we have seen with Russia.

  16. The only thing I learned from this video was that a Kia Sorento can hold a boat load of people.

    Other then that, I wish someone would add English subtitles so we could see what the heck is going on and why they are being executed.

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