Woman Accused of Murdering Son In Law Publicly Decapitated in Saudi Arabia

Woman Accused of Murdering Son In Law Publicly Decapitated in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, a woman accused of murdering her son in law, was taken to a public place in the middle a road and executed by having her head cut off with a sword. Public executions by decapitation are common in Saudi Arabia, though videotaping the event is frowned upon. Indeed, local newspapers Okaz and Al-Riyadh reported that Saudi authorities arrested someone for videotaping this particular beheading.

Saudi government employs professional executioners whose job it is to behead people. They have a lot of experience cutting people’s heads off, and usually can do it cleanly with a single swing of the sword. This time, the whole beheading got botched and it looks like the head did not even come clean off after three chops.

The woman can be head crying “I didn’t kill!” throughout the video. She was executed in accordance with the Sharia Law, but whether she received due process before being beheaded is anyone’s guess. The whole process seemed very hastily done.


The Saudi Press Agency said the woman’s name was Layla Bint Abdul Mutaleb Bassim, originally from Myanmar. According to the agency, she was executed in the Muslim holy city of Mecca for killing her husband’s six-year-old daughter. Thus I’m not sure if the original information I got, which said that she was executed for killing her son-in-law was correct. What remains true is that she was accused of killing someone.

The Saudi Press Agency also quoted the interior ministry saying that the child died from a beating and from being raped with a broomstick. That sounds like a very over the top accusation, but who knows…

Props to Best Gore member Galder for the video:

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      1. It was a popcorn and beer day, when I heard that ISIS is now bombing in Saudi Arabia…these rich fuckers do not want to get fighting ISIS to get in the way of their lavish life style….going to St. Tropez, France on their Yachts etc….well now their radical teachings have come home and I think this kind of attacks will continue and it could not happen to a more worthy bunch of rag heads. The majority of the 11 September murderers were Saudi Nationals and financed by rich Saudi Muslims, even their now dead leader Bin Laden was a Saudi…..Sadam had NOTHING to do with the attacks on NYC…not a fucking thing. May Bin Laden be preparing a place for G.W. Bush in Hell for his arrival in a few years.

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    1. Why? Because you think that murdering somebody should still be treated as innocent until proven guilty? I love your judicial system. The most crooked in the world. And proud of it. At least they get it done. And everyone can go back to work. And not worry about my taxes being used to supply you with a liar just in case you can’t afford one. And rot in jail for the rest of your life on my taxes.
      Life is great!!!!
      Gotta love democracy and freedom.

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        1. I don’t want any laws implemented on me based on religion. It is extreme. But it’s stupid to ask for women’s rights just because she’s a woman. If you do the crime you should be able to handle the sentence. You guys have the death penalty. Only difference is they sit in jail on your tax dollar.

          1. “But it?s stupid to ask for women?s rights just because she?s a woman.”

            Of course not… I believe in HUMAN rights.

            “You guys have the death penalty. Only difference is they sit in jail on your tax dollar.”

            Unfortunately that’s true… but if I had it my way I would at least make them work for their food and drink etc.. and not be so dependant on the taxpayer.

          2. I believe in human rights. Nothing powered and pushed by greed and power, no money made from contracts.
            Old ways of dealing with inmates was to make them work for their whole sentence. That’s why your system and Canada’s system doesn’t work. homeless people here will commit a crime in the fall, right before the cold winter and snow arrives, just so that they can spend time in jail with free food shelter and be warm. It’s wrong in every way.

      1. Who said she really commited the crime? Data proofs that authoritarian regimes have almost 100 % conviction rates, and that’s not because they have the greatest forensic science or the greatest prossecutors, but simply because their judicial system can never admit it is wrong. Even if you are innocent, they gonna kill you.

        1. Excellent observation….ask yourself what would these Rich Arab nations be doing to support themselves if oil had NEVER been discovered in their nations? I think their lands would just be hot, deserts with people doing a lot of nothing until they died or worse. God made a big mistake by giving them OIL…and now the world suffers from these devils.

        1. I used to work in a level four prison…what you don’t understand is that life without parole is MUCH worse punishment than execution. We are all going to die but being in a concrete box and being threatened by other inmates for 30+ years is MUCH worse….think of all the things you give up being in a prison…at my prison…we had about four suicides a year out of 3500 men. If it were easier to commit suicide…it would have been much, much more.

    2. i wouldn’t want to be executed in America either. They make you suffer in anticipation forever then padlock you down to a bed and jab your veins awkwardly in front of an audience and it might take a half hour or more to die.

      1. It says this woman was executed publicly, but I only see military personnel standing around. I don’t see any other women…..

        Also it says this woman was accused of murdering her son in law / husband’s daughter.

        It does not say this woman was convicted of killing son in law / husband’s daughter.

        Fucking barbaric animals………

    3. Well, I live there and I have been in USA. I’m proud of both experiences. Americans think that we live in a tent in the middle of desert but the truth we live in cities way better than the first world as u call it. Saudi Arabia is one of safest places in the world. why? crimes are less (don’t lesson to the media). Don’t kill you won’t get your head chopped off (in the way u saw it). Don’t steal, u won’t get your hand cut off. So simple. the video looks brutally. but this is how we reduce crimes. We have a justice and this woman had a fare trial. Usually criminals stay in jail for a long times (few years) till they proved 100% guilty. I can go everywhere with complete feeling of safety. I may not agree with the way of execution since we are in 2015. But medically this is the fast way of death. the Spinal gets cut first (feeling is gone). then the blood pour out faster. (as far as I know). Sorry for my poor English guys. 🙂

      1. Thanks for your thoughts @Saudi critic

        Well I live in Australia and we don’t kill anyone. Was outlawed back in the 1800s.
        I can walk anywhere I want to in my country and do not fear crime, at all. We have very little crime where I live, and that is just because people still have morals and are decent human beings who want to live in a progressive society. People don’t steal because they are scared if having their hand cut off, they don’t steal because it doesn’t belong to them. People here don’t murder because theynare scared wof having their head chopped off, they don’t because murder is just evil shit and that just doesn’t really occur to anyone to do it. Why would you?

        I don’t know about America, never been there. From what I have seen on this site, I doubt I would ever go. Same for Saudi Arabia. But give me Brazil, Thailand and India any day!!

      2. Police states are safe….Saudi Arabia is one of the worst Police States ever with Religious police walking the streets…..those rich homes are a result of importing foreign workers to bring in the oil that was discovered and pumped with European technology. The Saudi people have simply exploited the oil that Europeans and Americans found for them…..They are actually Nazi’s in white robes.itler’s views on the Arab world

        Hitler received Saudi Arabian ruler Ibn Saud’s special envoy, Khalid al-Hud al-Gargani.[6] Earlier in this meeting Hitler noted that one of the three reasons why Germany had warm sympathies for the Arabs was:

        … because we were jointly fighting the Jews. This led him to discuss Palestine and conditions there, and he then stated that he himself would not rest until the last Jew had left Germany. Kalid al Hud observed that the Prophet Mohammed … had acted the same way. He had driven the Jews out of Arabia … I suggest you stay in this police state and never, ever leave.

      1. @@Stomper.

        Your opening sentence sounds a bit like the New world order, don’t you think?

        No say, no rights , no freedom, no justice. Our government is taking us there, creating an illusion of fear so we give up our rights and privacy for security?

        Notice how no politicians, bankers or military top brass are never killed?
        I’m talking post 9/11.

        If people don’t wake up the whole world will see people being executed for minor offences. And we will have no recourse or weapons to fight , it will be too late.

  1. It should be done in more public places with so many people could see even foreigners can see it live in action like malls or international airport. That would give a strong messaage to all who visit their land that don’t mess with their law and religion or else…OFF YOUR HEAD!

      1. Yeah, check out said swordsman wiping off his blade afterward………

        In other videos there seems to be a ‘chopping block’ conveniently positioned in the village square for this sort of stuff. Then the block goes back to being a bike stand during the off days.

        As i said earlier, fucking barbaric animals ( had to say it again, sorry!)..,,,,,,,

        1. I think that it is self evident that these Arabs are “fucking barbaric animals” This is why it was a big mistake for HW Bush to save the Kuwait nation from the other Arabs from Iraq…some American died so the wealthy in Kuwait could continue their lavish life style….this is the legacy of the Bush’s

  2. That death scream she shouted sounded like someone shoved something up her ass… 😆

    Oh well, they needed some excuse to sacrifice someone for their “god”… 😆 “Oh you killed his daugher, then you die and tell her that youre sorry! Alah snackbar!”

  3. Its like the bitch realized she sucked one dick to many, you can hear the guilt in her voice as she knew she was about to die , its funny how whores do the despicable and disgraceful act of blowing and the swallowing but when the time comes to die she says it wasn’t me i am a good little girl , i say she got what she deserved.;)

    1. She was a foreign worker as Saudi women are too fucking lazy to tend to their own children…too busy counting their jewels and looking to buy more….I think there are going to be millions of people wear white gowns and rags in Hell….burning for eternity.

          1. I don’t believe she was guilty, raping with a broom stick is a crime committed by a man…she was not a Saudi so blame and kill the foreigner…

      1. Beheading is better than keeping thousands of killers and rapists locked up for decades at tax payer’s expense. I saw an interesting thing when I was in Saudia 13 years ago. I saw a man carrying a tray of money from a business to a bank down the street. Thousands of dollars, rials or whatever. No one tried to rob this man.in this country, I would be ribbed of $40 as I leave an ATM. There is sine good in Saudi law.

        1. It was money that they exploited from you et al by the excessive price of oil. I hope global climate change will make 150+ degrees a common temperature in Saudi so many of them die from the heat.

    1. The ambulance will take her body to a morgue. While at the morgue the head will be reattached to the body (if possible) and the death certificate will be competed. The body is then relieved to her family or sent to a cemetery for burial.

  4. The cut hit like half the throat that’s where fucking like light speed a death wail transversed the gaping maw to a cruel dark world better known as our Bestgore of the internet. Salutations oblivion. -951-

  5. I read a story on this where she was shouting haram this is forbidden and I do not forgive you for this. I read her final request to see her children was denied.
    Looking at the video is that the kingdoms top executioner ? If it is I have seen a documentary on him and he takes great pride on being a one and done type guy with the sword, perhaps he is getting to old.
    A lot of people decry this as barbaric but if she truly was guilty of murdering a child than she earned her fate.
    Seems when they botch an execution it doesn’t take as long to get things right as lethal injections do.

    1. I’ve read that sedative is usually given to the condemned prisoner prior to execution. I wonder why she was not given something “chill her out”. The beheading would have been completed with one stroke if she was not moving around and distracting the executioner. I also read that chief executioner was training his son become a qualified headsman.

      1. US style execution is nothing less horrible. Only when you see a decapitation emotionally it feels worse. The term “lethal injection” just feels more humane. But to be honest with you i would rather get my head chopped clean off and die on the spot than the jerk in a bed and die.

        1. Very true.
          Still I want to win big and die old in my sleep.
          “Meh I’m a boring American what can I say.”
          But if I got to choose a method the anti air craft cannon method looks quick. 😉

  6. Those people talk about Islam and things like that. When in those country the man could have had contacts that got her killed with no proof whatsoever. The rich people in this country are the richest on earth yet their population is starving.

    I find it horrible that they act as if they all live following when common rule or religion when everything is just fraud, money, and contacts

  7. What a way to get yourself free!!! Midlife Crisis Islamic Jihadist nutjob brutally kills his near infant child in the most horrible of ways… Then blames it on his foreigner wife,

    No half-breed kid, no wife… Life is good!

    This entire region is why we have thermo nuclear weapons…. sterilize the entire mid east… from Sudan right on through to Affghanny…

  8. I read that this women was accused and beheaded for allegedly sexually abusing her step daughter and accused her of killing the child. The men in white are professional executioner, which begs the question” how fucking professional are you when it takes more then one whack to execute someone?”

    1. When G.W. Bush learned of this, he said….some of my best friends are Saudi’s…they helped finance some of my business failures in Texas so…I have nothing to say about this particular issue.

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