Woman Commits Suicide from Roof of Building in Barranquilla, Colombia

Woman Commits Suicide from Roof of Building in Barranquilla, Colombia

Best Gore member @jess0518 took exclusively for us photos and a video of the aftermath of a suicide that just happened in Barranquilla, Colombia:

A woman of approximately 22 years of age died on Tuesday morning in the neighborhood of El Golf, in the north of Barranquilla.

Apparently the victim, identified as María Paula Espìnoza De las Espriella, would have jumped from the roof of the building. Her body fell into the parking lot of the residential complex.

Next to the building is the construction site of another set of apartments. One of the workers operating a crane notified the engineers that the woman had thrown herself from the building.

According to a witnesses’ account, the woman would have left at 7 in the morning to exercise and returned an hour later.

An ambulance arrived to help the victim, but the paramedics had to leave because the lady had died.

Great props to @jess0518 for capturing the scene for us. Here’s the video of the aftermath:

And a set of photos taken by @jess0518, including a non graphic one published by a news outlet:

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57 thoughts on “Woman Commits Suicide from Roof of Building in Barranquilla, Colombia”

      1. It was her New Year’s resolution to jump offa da roof… She succeeded.
        I don’t even have the motivation to make a resolution and dat bitch managed to cross off the biggest one at the top of her list. I really envy people who follow through on their goals. 🙂

          1. Brokeback, your comment genuinely made me chuckle. However, the majority of your comments are quite entertaining so ‘thanks’ for the smiles.

  1. How the hell did she manage to not lose any blood, have visibly broken bones or anything that would suggest she just dumped down that many floors? I guess the shoe is the only indicator in this case.

  2. If you are thinking of commiting suicide, bear in mind that, after a few days, nobody will care , nobody will remember you. So, if its just a matter of personal relief, you are just fed up with life, ok. But if you think you are gonna make a difference or impact peoples memories…..forget it. You wont. You will be forgotten in a week or two. You might even be the subject of some bad taste jokes. And after some time, not even that. Just complete oblivion.

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