Woman Commits Suicide by Train in West Bengal, India

Woman Commits Suicide by Train in West Bengal, India

In West Bengal, India, a woman apparently committed suicide by train. She was decapitated, but also had both her feet cut off, although she looks to have been shorter than the space between the tracks.

The woman had with her assorted photos, including photos of her lover. Unfortunately I did not receive sufficient information about how that may have played the part in her decision to take her own life.

Props to Best Gore member @kocckoushik for the pics:

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      1. Oh @Dan-A-Conda …….. BG is a true roller coaster ride on a different note
        We hop on and learn and learn and the guys and gals who converge here won’t ever end up this way at least
        cause it helps being here and be the smartest arse atleast if not the invincible types ; atleast the most careful types we get taught to be.
        we just stick up Death’s ass everyday and rotate.

    1. There are more sanitary ways to cut up your meat. And besides, you’re supposed to hang the animal upside down so it bleeds out completely, then you gut and skin it before cutting it up.

  1. I’m just guessing but looking at how her body is laying between the tracks I wonder if after her head was decapitated the force of it plus being underneath the train caused her body to be moved around a bit and her feet got caught on the other side and the train cut them off too.

    1. @little-foot You guessed right. To me though, it looks a little too over planned to be a suicide with those photos, especially if the photos were found like that as if just tossed there afterwards. Just seems a tad suspicious to me. I’m probably completely wrong too.

  2. I would never lay my legs over the 2. track? I only would slice off my head: If I would survive ? put my sliced off head onto a young Brigitte Nielsen corpse and let it walk down the catwalk? but even if it did not survive? let my head walk!

  3. In the main pic, it looks like she’s trying to give herself a hug. Looks like someone tried to give her an atomic wedgie.

    When will the madness stop. Actually, I’m hoping that it doesn’t. Keep on committing suicide. Can’t wait for the next pics of people chopped up by a train.

    Can they put a train in jail for murder?

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