Woman Decapitated When Her Car Rolls Over

Woman Decapitated When Her Car Rolls Over

In the city of Buriti, which is located in the state of Tocantins, Brazil, a speeding woman lost control of her car and proceeded to roll over several times. By the time the car stopped, the woman was decapitated.

No pics of the head, only the headless body:

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    1. I wouldn’t say that me and 9 friends were in a car accident in one car and no one had a seat belt going 90 mph when we rolled… 7 of us flew out the vehicle with three still in the vehicle and we all cervived, although the SUV did land on my legs and I took the most damage out of us all but only had missing skin and muscle not a broken bone or missing body parts… my friend did get 3 toes cut off but all minor… only one that died was a friends dog, mine servived even being flown out the car…

  1. wow she was a big lady her neck is large i thought part of her head was cut off. she didnt use her seat belt to hang out like that. it might of saved her life, she rolled several times speed was a factor. to late to quarter back now, buckle up it may save you.

  2. Anyone else think her neck stub/ spine looks like a fat guys chode. Maybe thats just me but shit. Even the remaining neck fat slightly resembles the nut sack. Lol girls. If a fat guy sends a dick pic, reply a cropped immage of this bitch neck.

  3. where was she headed
    what did she do
    Oh she had a lttle headache
    and she kept feeling blue
    speedy coming
    no traces no clue
    speedy coming

    So there you have someone who knew how to be a real head banger
    and she knew how to rock and roll!

  4. I will never understand why people are so stupid behind the wheel of a car? How can you operate a ton of metal under the influence of drugs/alcohol/stupidity!
    speeding for what? most of the people who speed have nowhere to go! trying to get to the nearest Mcdonalds! thats why I let these idiots pass and get busted by the state trooper or end up human roadkill

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