Large Truck Plows into Car, Woman Driver Behind Wheel Decapitated in Crash

Woman Driver Behind Wheel Decapitated in Crash, Large Truck Plows into Car

Woman Driver Behind Wheel Decapitated in Crash, Large Truck Plows into Car

This incident happened today, in the afternoon of 24th January 2019 on the M50 Motorway in Dublin, Ireland.

The woman in the black car passes out at the wheel due to Diabetic complication. Large truck plows into her from behind, flips the car and sends her into the roadside crash barrier.

When the rear of the car rips open, her body makes contact with the barrier resulting in decapitation. It is reported she wasn’t wearing seat-belt.

The video is captured by claytonmahoney19 on Instagram. He has since taken down his account and has been arrested by the police for unknown charges.

I have a feeling this is the first proper gore shared from Ireland!

Props to Best Gore member @samael1983 for the image of the aftermath and video:

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          1. @Star
            Thanks My Good B G Sister for this update and tidbit of important info from somebody who lives in Ireland, and knows it’s laws. So *Kudos To You Sweetheart,* and It’s nice to Make Your Acquaintance, (And Forgive Me If I Am Wrong) but I Think that it is the Very First Time We Have Ever Met And Spoke. Are you fairly new to Best-Gore???

            Well that is Too Cool, as All News Whether Gory or Not, Should Never be Censored, as it is a Good Reminder to Everyone that Traffic Accidents Do Happen With can kill without Warning, and in an Instant. And because of This I Truly Believe That It Helps Make People, Especially The Young Text’rs More Aware Of What Can Happen At A Moments Notice, If Not Paying Full Attention To The Road At All Times.

            So Again Thanks Girl
            The-Dre. 🙂

    1. Basically everything is illegal in Europe in some way. Does not surprise me at all. They have a really great serf system set up over there with the lords and the sheep. We’re trying not to let it come to North America, but Canada already has a good running start and South of the border is a lost cause.

    2. yeah filming things like this is seen as taboo in the UK and Ireland, posting it on Instagram of all things will make you public enemy number one, its always strange to see these videos from Brazil and India where everyone stands around filming with phones rather than providing aid

  1. ”The woman in the black car passes out at the wheel due to Diabetic complication”. We are all going to die at a certain particular time. There’s nothing painful than living with diabetes in this modern time. Passing out whilst driving was the only way to relive her pain but the decapitation has spoiled her send off. Rest in external peace mama.

  2. “…has been arrested by the police for unknown charges.”
    Possibly for posting a crash video showing a decapitated head…? There could be some British Isles/Republic or Ireland law forbidding the posting of “obscene” material.

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    1. There’s worse ways to end up that’s for sure.
      The fat , alcoholic, loud mouth Irish drunken fighting bitch got lucky if you ask me. A nice quick death, just a few seconds from first click till lights out. Nothing to it.
      Hmmm there’s worse ways to end up I reckon.

  4. First gore from Ireland ? No, I remember seeing this bouncer knock the consciousness outta this bitch in a line up at a Belfast club. She was pissed and giving lip and he just KO’d her. Was awesome, although not technically gore, was published here on a gore site………..

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  6. Ya, half the country is getting their knickers in a twist over this. The same motherfuckers will be slobbing out tonight eating Doritos and watching ‘Saw’ or ‘Human Centipede?’

    And the cops want to keep all the gore for themselves. There’s been some nuts murders here as there is everywhere, and I wanna see !

  7. “LOWLIFES” have been warned not to share footage of a horrific crash that saw a woman decapitated on the M50.
    Jackie Griffin suffered the devastating fatal injuries in Dublin on Thursday – with cops now hunting for those who filmed and shared the footage on social media. – The Sun paper.


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