Woman Giggles While Filming Crude Beheading of Young Man in Brazil

Woman Giggles While Filming Crude Beheading of Young Man in Brazil

Woman Giggles While Filming Crude Beheading of Young Man in Brazil

In Brazil, a group of flip flop PCP (Primeiro Comando Paraná) gang members kidnapped a former gangmate whom they accused of being a traitor. He allegedly joined a rival faction – CV (Comando Vermelho).

After a brief interrogation, during which the alleged traitor says “I am willing to return with the PCP. I will tear up the CV flag because the CV has no progress and they abandoned me and they are all assholes…“, the kidnappers crudely kill and decapitate the guy. The beheading is concluded by sawing the head off with the machete.

They do it by stabbing, stoning and hacking the guy with an axe and machete. The killing is filmed by a woman who giggles as the young man painfully expires. You can tell she’s had everybody’s dick in her throat, and would be happy to swallow a CV guy’s jizz too.

Props to Best Gore member @p1r0t3cn1c0 for the video. Lovely pointers:

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160 thoughts on “Woman Giggles While Filming Crude Beheading of Young Man in Brazil”

  1. This vid just shows how these punks are amateurs, it took an axe and a machete to get that head separated from the shoulders, where as ISIS, Al-Quaida or The Taliban can do that in about 5 seconds, even some of the proper cartel factions like the F.EG.S can behead easily. Whether or not these amateurs wanted to cause as much pain as possible to the ‘traitor’ only they’ll know but atleast learn how to behead before you post your vid for all the world to see.

        1. Once you read enough of his posts it becomes quite clear these new costume/avatar “Nazis” commenting on BG are all satanic retards.
          Judging by their posts it’s obvious some are Feds trying to incriminate, entrap, instigate weaker minded goyim, and generally just cause chaos.
          Its deliberate.
          They all answer to their kike paymasters.

          1. It’s funny and sad at the same time that people are so weak and so easily irritated by the jokes and curses here. I am a white Brazilian and I see several comments offending my people and I laugh about it. Because I have emotional control and I know the reality.

    1. @p1r0t3cn1c0 fuckin awesome. Got my fuckhole wet. Hail Satan and bless the His earth consecrated in blood. 88. 93
      At some point, the victim gives up, mentally. Delicious.
      The body doesn’t, though. He was conscious, at some level, for a long time.
      Vehementi daemonium Saecula 1/137.

          1. Aah pigs, that was too funny, but don’t forget the gnats that have descended down upon thy, uh thee, uh me, like the Demond seed for the last week.
            We have fire ants too, but they don’t swarm your head by the hundreds and fly into your nose, mouths, eyes etc.
            Maybe we can get Roxi to teach us an incantation to rid us of these tortures.

        1. @visigoths yes I would like that, but so far I haven’t found any one manly enough to do it.
          I dish it out, though.
          Do you know any men?
          Violence and sex are quite closely related
          Ever watch lions mate?

          1. I’m not fond of watching animals fuck, but I will definitely pierce your tight cunt with my fat cock and slap you around if you like.

            would you like that my little slut?

    2. For the last 5000 years the arabs have been chopping each others heads off, and for the next 5000 years they’ll still be chopping each others heads off.

      These Porch-uguese Monkeys really just got in the game… give them another 4925 years and they’ll be ninja quality

          1. Sounds fun Roxi as long as you keep the devil chanting out of it… then my dick will stay with me instead of taking a vacation to Alaska! And I don’t need to be tied up! Have a great day BG sister!
            The safe word will be Mickey Mouse!!!

    3. They are not amaterus, its all about dump all their rage over that poor bastard. Make it bleed slowly, watch it growl and moan.

      The whole point is: why to deliver a quick death to the enemy when you can suffer torture if caught by the enemy ?

      Thats how it came to that level: violence scalling up since like, 70’s maybe?

      Your comment is so innocent.. lmao

      1. If they’re not amateurs then why do these “cartels” only start to cut off other body parts once they’ve removed the head…You cut the arms and legs off first, that way they’ll feel every fucking inch of pain then you behead them but that’s only after you’ve removed their teeth, slit their eyelids, removed their tongue, cut their pin dicks off, burnt all their hair off, cut their ears off and made them eat them and then super glue their eyes shut. I know i need serious help!!!!!!

        1. Have you ever tried holding someone down who just does not want to die today? All those things you describe take a lot of effort or else you better find a way to tie them up and knock them out first! Of course you risk killing them accidentally before completing torture step number 4 which means you got to find another person and start over! Just keep it short and sweet! Sometimes simplicity is the most effective way to get your point across!

      1. The only retard here is you. If you believe ISIS vids are fake then why would they go to so much effort if they were fake. To fool who? They’re 100% real and if you don’t think they are then take a trip to Syria get caught and see how fake ISIS’s execution vids are then. I’ll happily sit here and laugh my head off(that being the pun in the sentence) whilst you get yours cut off.

        1. Taking it a step further-
          Bound gagged with an 8 foot dildo up her butt which is delicately threadedpast her internal organs and emerging from her mouth. Melted plastic sealing her butt shut with a line of 20 chads in fron or behind her waiting to gangbang each nostril… when this kabobing is done douse her in zippo lighter fluid and spark her! After fire smolders out cover in chocolate mixed with lumps of dog shit and hand her to Roxi! Game over!

    1. Shit, in Paraná? Pretty much the withest state in the country (mostly germans, poles and italians).

      I lived there for a while. Got married to a pole descendant. Lowest crime rate in the country, coincidentally lowest nigger population. Similar to Maine/vermont in america. Just coincidences I’m sure.

      Now I live in São Paulo (Brazil’s NYC, A.K.A., diversity, lefitism, brown, and violence in exchange for high paying jobs).

      Theses pardos are imigrants from the northeast of the country I know for a fact by their accents (as if their skin and behavior wasn’t a giveaway). Hearing them speak is like hearing the portuguese version of butchered nigger English, a.k.a. what the lefty English university professor’s decided to call Ebonics to try to paint it in a more fancy light.

        1. My parents were literally born in Europe, moved here in the 80’s when they worked for a multinational. I’m not claiming a long lost mixed descendance. It seems that this racial thing really bothers you… I wonder why ….

          And, then again, there are several southerners that look just as german or italian as any german or italian. You won’t see a lot of that north of Paraná though. If that bothers you, that’s an insecurity you have to work with yourself or with a psichologist.

          Most migrants from those countries came here a century ago or less. It’s not farfetched to imagine that a good number of them married among their own communities for 2 or 3 generations is it? Is it too much for your brain to imagine that maybe the world is a little bigger and more diverse than the small place and type of people your surrounded by in the likely shithole place you live in this shithole country we live in?

          1. @drstrangeglove I’m starting to think you actually fancy me or something lol, you’re riding my cock so hard, nothing you can do or say will ever get me to leave bestgore, have fun getting brutally creampied by your dad, later faggot phahah

  2. This was so cringe. And those pointers at the end, mega cringe. But I give the dead guy points for having his own pointer, pointing the direction too. And for taking such an amateur killing like a champ, no screaming or crying, just some agonal breathing right on cue!
    Here’s hoping we get to see these amateurs getting beheaded when their time comes!

  3. Poor bastard. Would he have been happy to join in and inflicting such brutality if it had been someone else? I can only assume that the answer is ‘yes’ and that hopefully everyone in this video will one day experience some of their own handiwork……..

    1. I also think the answer is yes my friend, these people live short lives and probably will die like they killed.
      I just wonder seeing how the desire to inflict brutality to great extents on others is constantly growing, one wonders what will come next…

  4. Here I was thinking that someone had made a big mistake in wearing white shorts in attendance with the Grim Reaper.

    But no, not a drop nor a splatter of blood.

    Maybe a little incidental soiling, but nothing that you can’t get out with a bit of hydrogen peroxide.

  5. I just don’t get why he didn’t activate his jogger genes and ran, since his legs weren’t tied? One dumb motherfucker that is.

    I live in this shithole Country but I live among only whites in my upscale neighborhood, comparing where I live to the places you see on this site would be like comparing an upscale suburb in a mostly white American state to the ghettos of Chicongo. But if I was to get into crime I sure wouldn’t be a lazy skinny motherfucker, I’d eat chicken breast, work out, Inject some anabols, train some MMA and learn to shoot properly wich would set me apart from 99% of thugs who can’t shoot for shit.

    There is actually something happening in Rio de Janeiro for years now, the underpayed cops tired of arresting or killing the drug traffickers in the favelas (in Rio is not like in america where niggers do drive by with glocks, there it’s war with full auto 7,62x51mm uphill, .50, armored cars etc) and a week later there are different fuckers in their place doing the same thing, the cops formed militias, left the police, killed every criminal in the favelas and took them for themselves, prohibiting drugs but exploring everything else like a mafia (protection, extortion, ilegal energy, tv, internet and water connections, gambling etc)

      1. If you want to know how is the violence in Rio’s favelas you can check Youtube for Factual RJ. There is no Gore, the shootouts are like in a war, long distance rifle (by long distance I don’t mean with scopes, snipers and stuff, I just mean rifle distances like 100 yards+, normal rifle distances with iron sights), so the camera usually don’t see the guy getting killed. But you see the intensity.

        There is a classic video I like very much. If you search in youtube for Tiroteio Morro do Macaco it will be the First one.

  6. That Laughing “Evil-Cunt” makes me so sick that i want to Beheaded her myself with my bare hands. God Will make them Evil-Fucks pay, and Dearly when their time comes.

    Like how can anyone laugh while seeing a fellow human being repeatedly hit on the head with a dull Ax,,, How??? And that Ax is so, so dull that it could not cut a twig let alone a human’s throat. 🙁

  7. At the 3 minute mark, you can hear that same cunt say Bye-Bye to that Poor Young Boy while she Gags,,, and then Gags-Hard while that cunt is laughing yet again, in between Gags. Man that burns my ass. 🙁

    Man, will you’s pay dearly when your time comes.

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention. Although very annoying and I truly hope she cheats on her negro/pardo thug boyfriend and get beheaded herself (and we get to see it here, of course) I must admit she showed surprising intelect, especially considering the “ebonics” accent in wich she was speaking.

    She repeatedly told them when they got close to showing their faces on camera:

    “Without showing your faces! Without showing your faces!”

    She was acting like a Hollywood director during a film.

    At the end of the video you can see a tatoo on one the killers wrists, but, unless this killing gets traction on the media, wich I doubt because it wasn’t a child, a pretty girl/woman, doesn’t fit racial narratives of liberal media and wasn’t some rich kid, the police won’t care much about nigs killing each other.

  9. For fuck sakes. Even though your life is forfeit if you cross with the cartel, and you find yourself bound by your hands and kneeling as you search for your most beloved memory as you try and relive that moment before you death, fuck that. I wouldn’t just give up like a little bitch, nope, I’d be fighting until my last breath. Even if that means I’m causing myself more excruciating pain with an even more of a horrifying struggle. Life is precious, if I could live for a few minutes longer, even if it’s in terror. I’d fight for that.

    1. I mean, you can bite those motherfuckers. Even if you’re tied, I’d go for the face of the bitch honestly. Once you bit, rip a chunk off. There’s no coming back from that. No plastic surgery fixes a piece of your face missing. And a man might wear that like a battle scar. A woman will kill herself over looking ugly.

    2. Well unfortunately, young Dasilvas best memory is probably when he got his first pair of flip flops. I would hazard a guess also, that this cholo bastard has done his fair share of heartless murder and violence whilst enjoying the perks of being on the right side of whatever particular fag clique is currently in vogue over in Shitsville whogivesaflipflopia,
      That said he’s probably just hoping for a quick reprieve from his short and uneventful existence. Nonetheless I still find myself angered as you are, over his apparent disregard for his own existence. This is what’s supposed to separate us from a simple ape, that would have no insight into his Dire circumstances. On second thought these people probably share 99.999% percent DNA with baboons. And the remaining .001% is Chimpanzee.
      Hahahlol I kill me haha

  10. Maybe the laughter was because she remembered something. He was a former member right?
    Maybe when he was in the band, she and he were “friends” and she said something like: “You can’t leave me, you’re going to come back and you’ll see …”

  11. But seriously. ……Did he think he could pout his way outta that savage diluted culpability of the disenfranchised turd world youth gang hierarchy? ?
    Fuck try running or at least try and pretend you have something to live for ya shmuck.

    1. Wr’re on the west too motherfucker, buy yourself a map. It is a shithole yes, but definitely not as much as it seems from watching these videos.

      Watching this and thinking the entire country is like this would be like thinking that the entire U.S.A. is like ChiCongo ghettos and Harlem housing projects or something to that effect, or Sweden is only the Muslim rapefugees no-go zones of Malmö. I personally haven’t seen a robery, theft , or any sort of violence in approximately 10 years.

      Just like most Americans will not get robbed or murdered if they live in nice cities with, let’s put it nicely, “good demographics”, and don’t venture into places of “bad demographics”, the same is true for brazilians, except in some tourist shitholes like Rio. Do not ever visit Rio. The worst shithole. You’re never safe. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter what the demographics. Criminals do not give a fuck they go anywhere in Rio. Including the beach.

  12. A typical ape that jumped away from safe tree to much early, it’s aint matter this time which zoo country is about, you leave a gang , you must leave city or country, he new what is waiting for him..
    From what i have seen, leaving a gang and joining another or a specially a rival , that’s an insultment for the first one , bad for reputation and business inviting attacks from more rival gangs that search the easy target..
    Each favela ape should know that…

  13. Why did he just sit there like a fool? If you know you’re fucked then you might as well have some fun. Stick your tongue out and do some crazy faces “you want me baby? come get me you little pussy. Holding that knife like you’re a big man heheheheheheh”and then just do more crazy faces or try running away. Have some fun instead of looking like you came out of a sauna all sweaty and plastic looking. Yuck.

  14. Cunt with the axe seems a good sort, wearing his Hi Viz while working, looking out for his mates wellbeing on the work site, how was the bitch laughing tho? Standard cunt laugh, could be chopping your head off, taking your kids and hard earned shit…that laugh always stays the same

  15. It’s all so fucking childish. He’s not in our gang anymore because he went to the gang next door so we’ll get him when he comes back. Dangerous, immature youths with access to weapons and the I.Q of a cockroach. They bore me shitless. Their own world will eat them.

    As for the “woman” well, she’s not a woman. Real women are nurturing, she is a rebours, against nature. An obscene abomination. I can’t say what she is.

    Speaking of cockroaches, that guy was hard to kill. I half expected his body to jump up and make a run for it. Probably find him crouched behind someone’s cooker in some greasy part of a favela somewhere.

  16. Actually, PCP stands for Primeiro Comando do Panda (Panda’s First Command, like wtf lol). The faction is currently active in the State of Rondônia, located in Brazil’s northwestern portion.

    PCP is at war against CV (Comando Vermelho – Red Command).

    The guy murdered was named Rubym Hariel Silva Souza. This crime was commited in the city of Porto Velho, State of Rondônia. Pretty gnarly stuff.

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