Woman Mutilated, Decapitated and Dismembered by Los Zetas in Veracruz

Woman Mutilated, Decapitated and Dismembered by Los Zetas in Veracruz

32 year old Nayeli Santos Reyes was a secretary in the court of justice in Veracruz, Mexico. On January 21, 2010 Nayeli Santos Reyes was on her way to work when her white Mazda was abducted by a group of heavily armed gunmen when she was just 300 meters from the Federal Palace of Justice where she worked. Her mutilated, decapitated, dismembered body was found at around 8pm in the Mocambo Gardens subdivision, Boca del Rio municipality in Veracruz.

Attached to her body with a knife was a narcomensaje with the following text:

Ezto le va a pasar a todoz aquelloz que le falten al rezpeto y pongan el dedo ala compania, ATTE Los Zetas

After some tweaking, Google Translate spit out something like this:

This will happen to all those who show no respect and put a finger on our company’s wing, ATTE Los Zetas

I already know that “el dedo” aka “the finger” means “the snitch” in Mexican narco slang so my version of the translation would go something like this:

This will happen to all those who show no respect and rat our company out, ATTE Los Zetas

Ratting on the Zetas? That has beheading written all over it.

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90 thoughts on “Woman Mutilated, Decapitated and Dismembered by Los Zetas in Veracruz”

    1. Ah! My country! What more freedom could we want? We can hack, maim, decapitate, shoot to death anyone and NO ONE will no cop will ever see you! You can easily dispose of your neighbors and no one will ever care.
      But there’s a theory I have: most narcos are pussies. You see, they are all really macho ONLY when they attack in numbers, have a heavy artillery weapon or a sharp cutting object. I too can be real macho with an AK-47 in my hands, or a long, shiny machete.

      And we can thank all of our American junkies for sponsoring this horrid drug war. If there wasn’t any demand for drugs in the U.S., this type of thing would practically be non-existant. Plus, all the weapons that the drug cartels use come from the U.S.!!! Ain’t that great?!

      Sad to see this lady being torn to pieces. She looked kinda nice…

    1. I don’t think she’s a patch on the headless Dutch women from a few posts ago, she’s prettier than her but her tits look fake to me.
      I hope she was a grass/snitch, if she was just doing her job thats dreadful to end up like that.

    1. Mexico is fallen, my grandma recently came for a visit from there and had more than enough news/incidents to talk about involving the narcos. If there’s any redemption coming for Mexico we can’t expect to see it in our lifetimes.

    2. It really makes you think, what must a human go through in their lifetime to be able to commit such horrific crimes on other human beings without feeling any sort of guilt or remorse. I pity them, their lives seem to be very disturbed and sad from the beginning to the end

    1. Well lets see ,,,,,,,They could tie somebody up then cut off one limb with a hack saw , then tie it off super tight so he does not bleed out , then once he calms down (about half an hour ) , then cut another one & so on & so on . NOW that would be the ultimate , sick ass shit. But not for the poor bastard on the other end. Unless of course he is a child molester or rapist peice o shit , then it would be fair game..

      1. They are going to make it as grizzly as possible to send a message. The most effective ways of torture are usually subtle things, and boring to watch. I’m sure she was relieved when they took the hack saw out and started cutting away her limbs.(if she went through personal torturet beforehand)

    2. There’s plenty we haven’t seen yet – doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened already though. Personally I would like to see live dismemberment with a chainsaw (I know we’ve had the axe vid but meh, Narco Productions fucked the viewing up on that one), skinning alive would be quite entertaining, some more torture would be great at sending a message to enemies and as posted elsewhere, the use of a woodchipper would be fun to watch.

  1. Oh man being mexican one must…
    1. Carry alot of Guns.
    2. Have more bodyguards.
    3. A grenade!(if you’re surrounded by Nasty Narco run out of bullets and killed all of your bodyguards raise a flag of surrender and when they approach you and caught them off guard let them taste the blast of a Suicide bomber!)

    1. Thats what they seem to belive but for them its more like pebis measuring contest only it has nothing to do with the size of their penis and has more to do with who has the newest and biggest truck, who has the most blinged out gun, and also who has the gayest most sparkly Ed Hardy shirts in their closets, Mexican narco now in days are very competitive at who is the gayest liberachy macho of them all.

  2. Well it seams the girl is the main topic here and no surprise definitely fuckable, however can’t help but think working in a morgue in Mexico sure must be hella fun… Body parts coming everyday and you get to peace them together.

  3. Boob jobs are dirt cheap in Mexico (like everything else), I know chicks that have went down south to have em done.. who the FUCK tries to get a “bargain” medical procedure?! nice rack though.. I would definitely have glazed her face like a doughnut! Pre-mutilation of course.. haha the only website where you need to specify..

  4. “La compania” or “the company” is what they called their entire group, thats what they use to call themselves when they were part of the gulf cartel who would also call themselves “la compania” it was a way to describe the gulf and the Zetas collectively as one group and also one other group known as “los ma?osos” which means “the cunning ones” who were in charged of obtaining weapons for the entire cartel they were basically gun runners other smaller groups included the halcones who’s were basically common informants on the streets, they also had a group of prostitutes who would act as informants as well and another group who were computer specialist and would track and trace cell phones and hack Mexican cell phone radio towers and shut them down when ever they wanted them to, don’t let the dullness of their knives and the stupidity of their sicarios fool you la compania was a very high tech and highly capable well oiled machine operating in a 3rd world country where their equipment and tactics were more advanced than the Mexican government.

    1. the gulf cartel was the brains and power..the zetas where the muscle..zetas aint shit with out the gulf cartel..that is why they are now kidnapping, extortioning and jacking for money to keep them fighting the enemy..u cant call em a cartel nomore..theyre just trash..its not about drugs anymore with these fuckers

  5. Very beautiful woman. Such a shame.

    Second thought she’s probably those kinds of girl you go out with for a few months until she texts you pic’s of her sucking a strangers dick at a gloryhole, And you lie awake in bed with tears flowing onto the dress & ring you bought her with your own money.

  6. The dismembered torso is strangely erotic or is that just me? she’s hotter in this state than most women are when alive and with limbs attached. Her parents would be proud…That slightly sweaty skin is also a turn on of sorts.

  7. Damm! What a waste of good looking pussy, hu, and that too!
    What a hottie! To bad she dead. She had a nice everything.
    She had picked the wrong profession to be in and the wrong guys to fuck with aswell. Oh well.

  8. Yumm. I hope these heroes fucked her hard before hand. Or even better, while cutting her up. Fuck these are some nice images.
    I’ve often fantasized about fucking a beautiful woman from behind while someone else is slowly using a saw to cut off her head. To feel her pussy muscles tighten and spasm in death.
    Excuse me, I need to fap now.

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