Woman Stabbed in Stomach During Beheading with Machete by Comando Vermelho

Woman Stabbed in Stomach During Beheading with Machete by Comando Vermelho

Members of the notoriously violent Brazilian drug trafficking gang Comando Vermelho (Red Command), beheaded a chubby woman with a machete. The woman was not restrained and gave the beheader a bit of a hard time by putting her hands on her throat, so the beheader’s sidekick gave his buddy a hand by stabbing the woman in the stomach with another machete.

Albeit violent, overall this was a swift and rather effective decapitation, in line with Brazilian pussy whipped nature (she wasn’t force-fed her own ears before the beheading and didn’t get disemboweled parts way in). At around 0:21, she fountains out a spray of puke as she’s being stabbed and hacked.

The murder reportedly happened in Rio Branco, state of Acre, Brazil. Miss Chubby was 19 years old and her name was Déborah Bessa. She belonged to the criminal faction of the Bonde dos 13. Her mutilated corpse was found on January 13, 2018 in a wooded area at the end of the Chapecoense Street in the Caladinho neighborhood.

Props to Best Gore members @pedro-hawk and @ziyuya for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Nice video, really clean with surgical precision.

      I think she (as just a head) is still conscious for a while after the beheading. I read it somewhere as a fact. This video to me shows its true. Just look at the eyes, still alive, slowly fading away.

      Fucking fascinating

  2. Granted she’s a pig, but you know these guys are hardcore when they don’t even have her tits flyin’ in the breeze. I always used to say about serial killers that you know they’re truly fucked up when they ain’t doing the woman every which way before killing them!

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  4. Debora’s FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/vulgo.barbiebeck?lst=100002664605767%3A100012133472314%3A1517067564

    Over 5 thousand of pictures. Pretty good fap material. Even in panties in “the pose”.
    She was a dirty, but violently fuckable and throat fuckable bitch.

    The accused André de Souza Martins, 28, arrested on Monday (29) for decapitating the 19-year-old Débora Bessa, told details of the crime at the Rio Branco Homicide Office on Tuesday. According to the G1, the criminal claimed that he killed the girl for revenge and even lost pardon to society.

    According to André, the victim was killed because he was involved in the murder of his brother in 2013, not by faction order. “I did not take orders. It was because she killed my brother. In 2013 she armed with her brothers and they took my brother, they cut them. I did not do it with her [cut it out], I did all that they saw in the video, “said the accused.

    The publication explains that Débora had disappeared since last January 9 and was found by the family on Saturday (13) in a forest region in the neighborhood Caladinho, in Rio Branco. On Friday (26), police announced that they used a video of the decapitation to identify the perpetrators.

    To attract Deborah, the suspect called her into a private conversation and asked if she needed anything. Deborah said she wanted drugs and a gun, so Martins invited her to get the drug at his house in the Caladinho neighborhood.

    “She said ‘man, I need drugs and gun.’ I said that gun had not, but I did. I tossed a piece of paper with plastic and showed it to her. When he got there, I took him to the place that was to happen. I killed her for revenge, I would never do it because of a warrant, because I have seven children to raise and I would not do it because someone told me to. It ended my life, my mother today takes controlled medicine because she saw the son being quartered, “he said.

    Martins also told police in a statement that he is sorry for his children. “The other brother [minor] who made a mistake and stuck her. It was just me. I have a notion of the crime I committed. May you forgive me. What I did is not right, but she killed my life, my mother’s life and many other people. Everyone knows she was not holy. She was a woman, but very dangerous. I know what I did is not right and I want God to forgive me, “he confessed.

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