Ycuá Bolaños Supermarket Fire That Left 394 People Dead

Ycuá Bolaños Supermarket Fire That Left 394 People Dead

On August 1, 2004 a major fire broke out in the Ycuá Bolaños supermarket in Asunción, Paraguay. The three story building that housed the Ycuá Bolaños V supermarket, commercial complex, a restaurant, several offices and an underground parking lot caught fire that burned for seven hours and caused two secondary explosions on the first floor. Investigators concluded that the fire was caused by a faulty barbecue chimney that leaked flammable gasses into the ceiling where they ignited.

In total 394 people perished in the fire, and nearly 500 more were injured. According to survivors and some volunteers firefighters, the chief reason for high death toll were orders by the supermarket’s owners Juan Pío Paiva and his son Víctor Daniel to have the gates closed in order to prevent panicking shoppers from fleeing without paying for merchandise. The complex also lacked emergency exits and had inefficient fire protection systems.

Initially, Juan Pío Paiva, Víctor Daniel and a security guard denied the accusations but later surrendered to the police and were formally charged. The architect who designed the complex and several municipal public servants were charged as well.

On December 5, 2006 Juan Pío Paiva, Víctor Daniel Paiva and the security guard were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, a conviction which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. The verdict angered survivors and their family members who started a violent demonstration that spilled from the court room onto the streets of Asunción. The prosecution demanded a retrial which they got with the date set for February 2, 2008.

A new court ruled that the president, his son and the security guard committed negligent homicide and sentenced Juan Pío Paiva to 12 years, his son Víctor Daniel Paiva to 10 years and security guard Daniel Areco who closed the door to 5 years in prison. Shareholder Humberto Casaccia who was present when the fire broke out was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for endangering people in the work place.

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  1. If the store I am in is on fire … last thing I think of would be to run out with my shopping cart full of unpaid stuff. I just want me out!

    Glad there was a retrial. Still … not enough time in prison for them.

  2. Those shoppers certainly were an untrustworthy lot, if they were not fleeing without paying for merchandise then they were dieing without paying for merchandise.

    As far as I am concerned the owners of that supermarket didn’t go far enough, they should have got Saint Peter to close the gates of heaven so that these octopus handed, quick fingered, swift footed, swaggering, thieving Arschl?cher could not meet their maker before they had paid up.

  3. Once I was high on Datura, frying my shrooms with extra oil, then suddely this whole thing flared up and amost burned me alive. Out of a sudden, a fire fighter appeared beside me but I knocked him out with my pan reflexively.
    I was too busy with marvelling at the beauty of the flames so the kitchen was kaput. Oh you blessed angel trumpet, I?ll never do you again…

  4. I been lurking for awhile now and finally decided to sign up. lol Hello everyone! I watched this video earlier and it was really hard to watch. Can’t imagine being trapped in like that and seeing people dying all around knowing your fate most likely to be next. I can’t believe how they just locked the doors because they were worried about people stealing freaking groceries. WTF does it matter? Everything is going to burn anyway.

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