You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians – ISIS Beheading Video

You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians - ISIS Beheading Video

ISIS has released a video titled “You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians“. The video shows the beheading of an alleged Russian spy named Khasiev Magomid. The 23 year old man, alleged member of Chechen Federal Security Service, was beheaded in the Islamic State’s stronghold of Raqqa, Syria.

In the video, the captor says “Putin, you dog, we attacked Assad prior to your arrival as well as the Americans and their allies – we will also attack you.” LOL, what a load of bollocks. ISIS never attacked the Americans and their allies. ISIS is Israel’s BFF, and is s financed and trained by the Americans and their allies. Nice try, though.

Props to everyone who sent us the video. Too many to list so I’ll just mention Puget who was the first:

180 thoughts on “You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians – ISIS Beheading Video”

  1. Yeah… like if seeing a Russian muslim wasnt already disapointing enough… 😆

    “Russia! The next videos heading your direction will be all censored! You will be disapointed and humiliated! Har har har!”

    Or do they actually mean that after Russia finishes nuking the shit out of them, they wont give us any more gore videos at all? 😕 Because THAT would be disapointing…

        1. If history has tought mankind anything, it’s don’t fuck with the Russians. Those fuckers play by no rules once they take the gloves off. Putin is no Obama pussy, that guy is straight KBG! Old school! Something tells me ISIS went and fucked with the WRONG country this time!

          1. Okay you do know that putin wouldn’t risk shit over Syria right? It’s like the USA saying yeah we love our allies and never. Hurt them..-_- secondly I would love to have proof of IS not hitting America .. Why wouldn’t they? Israel for one wouldn’t need a charade to hide its attacks.. And I just noticed that the majority of the BG community are putinisky opernichiks and aleins Illuminati started ww2 wtf a person can’t be pissed off and blow up a few things??

      1. Did anyone notice the song at the end? I am so angry as it is copyright ? protected I wrote that song … Let me write the lyrics maybe it will refresh memories and hopefully I will be paid royalty’s or have it removed under the copyright violation act 1975 ? here goes (join in if you know the words) “I have one you have two i have two more poofs than you (chorus) bim bam boom bim bam boom I have one you have two i have two more poofs than you”

          1. i “saw” this one already ^^

            the best beheading for now. i more likely something with guy lying in wood plank and cut in 2 by sawmill

            shitty bloody hell thing imo (damn i m a monster)

        1. Yeah, the cartels havent made a BG appearance in a good while. What gives? Have they made the same mistake as the hare and took a nap on the side of the road while the tortoise (played by ISIS) slowly treads its way past? Hopefully that makes for a good and bloody catch up attempt

          1. True, they probably erased their oposition completely, (or the other way arround) so they dont need to make “public threats” to deliver their “messages” to their oposition, since thats was the point of their videos as far as i remember.

          2. The civilian auto defence is at war with them, they go from town to town executing any cartel men they find because beforehand they arrested them and handed them over to the Federal Police who just let them out and the cartel men raped and executed the auto defense men’s family’s. It

          3. @bestservedcold I see. Well, too bad the auto defence didn’t feel the need to send a message themselves. Although I do think they would steer away from the more creative methods of dispatch and just put bullets in people.

    1. Okay you do know that putin wouldn’t risk shit over Syria right? It’s like the USA saying yeah we love our allies and never. Hurt them..-_- secondly I would love to have proof of IS not hitting America .. Why wouldn’t they? Israel for one wouldn’t need a charade to hide its attacks.. And I just noticed that the majority of the BG community are putinisky opernichiks and aleins Illuminati started ww2 wtf a person can’t be pissed off and blow up a few things??

    2. I’m so confused by the article before the video,.. is the captor himself Russian and a part of ISIS or is the guy he is beheading a part of ISIS? The guy doing the dirty work sure appears to be Russian. Just trying to make some sense out of all of this.

    1. meh….

      in middle of them , an guy who speak always seriously, who not scream “allahu snackbar” at each gestures and who didnt wear an thousand years beard….. dat a spy, for sure. XD

      i guess its how they see the thing

  2. These ISIS videos are somehow getting worse. If their plan was to kill me with mediocrity and boredom, they have succeeded.

    And for fuck sake, what are the random words flashing towards the end? It reminds me of a laundry detergent infomercial…

    1. I’ve already got a foot in the grave from boredom with these horribly edited videos that don’t even show the gore. I got more entertainment looking at the list of what people searched for.

      “animal porn horse fuck girl till shit poc”…sounds messy.

          1. rofl
            dont know why i just imagine something with the horse suddently make an :
            “allahuuuuuuuu snackbaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *horse mouth sound* ”

            damn, know i have this in mind cant get it out XD

      1. Definitley @LF. The only people who should be “disappointed and humiliated ” are the fuckers making these videos.

        “vagina animal porn” and “monster cock pic blood”??… I know we’re not the most normal people on the earth but what the fuck is wrong with people lol.

        1. Lol I agree! Their cheesy editing skills alone are embarrassing.

          I know right? If we’re fucked up then what does that make them?! Now I see that ‘glass ass’ is on the list. I don’t know why but that made me bust out laughing.

          1. Lmao! I just noticed every time the page is refreshed the list changes…this could definitely keep me entertained!(which is more than I can say for ISIS) 🙂

          2. @LF, I bet ‘glass ass’ is that guy who stuck the jar up his date and it broke? Mark actually interviewed him for BestGore. He’s a family man.

  3. Hate politics or religions, not cause i am ignorant but cause it is fukin depressing. So what is the cause of war? 1) Nationalism – the belief that your country is better then others
    2) Imperialism – the desire to conquer colonies .. hmm … same old shit!
    3) Militarism
    4) Religion – FUCK religion

    1. Definitely!! Religion causes too many problems. You see churches everywhere you look with their pretty glass windows to give people hope and help but honestly it causes more bad than good.

      1. I dont think its the personal practice of religion that cause the issues. Its when the practice is forced on other people outside of their religious circle that it becomes a problem. If you took all the teachings from every religion and removed the parts where people were supposed to go out and change the world over to their views, I think it would work better. there are good lessons taught through religion about how to treat your neighbors and the world around you but the concept of the world needing to jump on board with your beliefs is what makes people act a fool

        1. Agreed @Siniko there has always been that push to force their belief and religion upon others you may not value the same beliefs as them. There’s alot of BS religions too that just seem to far fetched to even be called a religion. Like the LDS church for example. That is one messed up church. They practically worship a modern day saint who was drunk when he “rewrote” the bible.

          1. I’ve just had a shit and when I looked in the bowl I swear it looked like the prophet Mohammed.

            It didn’t have a face or anything, it was basically just a big steaming pile of shit. O_O

          2. @boozer, hahaha, that’s funny. But what’s not funny is a normal Muslim (not even a fanatical one) would like to see you beheaded for saying such a thing! They don’t seem to agree with freedom of speech or even Democracy a lot of the time. I’ve seen them marching, I think it was in Holland? They had big signs saying ‘Europe for Muslims’ and ‘Freedom can go to Hell’, truly scary bloody people.

  4. Wut?… Dafuq is wrong with you? 😕

    Nationalism has freed Germany from corruption for 12 years straight before WW2, untill Chuchill decided that having no corruption in a country would make a country too “powerful”… oy vey!

    Imperialism was the core of industrial development and sanitation. Dispist allowing the extended flow of economy to expanding countries, the ones being “targetted” for its resources (and im specificly talking about Africa for Europe’s case) benefited from it. WIthout it, there wouldnt be schools or hospitals in there today.

    Militarism… *coughmuricahcough*

    1. All you can speak about is your own country and heritage. There is nothing wrong to be proud and patriotic but many of us! I have absolutely no interest to comment on your comments anymore. Thought you were a very cool guy but you are like a donkey with eye claps on. One thing i CAN say is the girls on BG is fkin awesome, they are in majority the people that speak true sense and nail it with the hammer into the fkin ground with open minds. You can in all respect stand with you black long hair and skull pictures into oblivion making comments about stuff but you do not impress me and i dont care if you or anyone is impressed by me.

      1. @Everlong, did you just imply that Der is German? ahahaha he is Portuguese like me. And trust me, you won’t last long here if you maintain an antagonizing approach to other members. If you don’t like certain comments or certain members, ignore them and move along. Inflammatory remarks will only grant you a kick in the ass towards the exit door, and believe me, it’s permanent.

      2. Hum, ok?… seriously now, what the fuck is wrong with you? 😕 Is this a personal attack now?

        Who the fuck asked you if i care what you think of me? I was just trying to make a point about your dull comment… If you cant handle that while youre on the fucking rag, maybe you shouldnt be at all, where people speak their minds out freely. If you knew me for long enough, you’d know already that im not here to please anyone. And by the way, since when is this an “impression” contest anyways? Why would i want to “impress” YOU, of all fucking people here? Geeeesh… Arent we cocky as fuck? Hell, if youre having personal problems, im not the one you should be using as a fucking punching bag anyways.

        This is what i get for speaking my mind to people… apparently i just manage to catch the unwanted attention of the mind fucked ones… for fucks sake…

        1. Unwanted attention? Lol? Aww, cry wolf. Hey if you dont like me say so, i dont care but if you respond to my post in a neg way ofc i will reply? Fkin control freaks!

          1. Port dude you are not open minded enough to be a senior member. So yea kick me . Feel pretty violated by your comment 🙁

          2. Negative way? You mean just the “dafuq is wrong with you?” part? Hell, werent you the one that once said something about me having “lack of sense of humor”? Because thats kinda ironic… as its ironic for someone that claims to be “open minded” being so intolerant towards other’s opinions… I simply dont go arround pretending that i care for shit that i dont care, nor saying hypocritical crap like “Nationalism is baaaad because they said it was baaaad in school! And imperialism is baaaaad because of Japan! Good thing we nuked them for democracy!! God bless ‘muricah!”. I have to ask, are you a liberal by any chance?

            And no, i dont like you, as i dont like anyone at all untill i see something in them that proves me the oposite, so dont feel so special about it, but youre about to cross that line that i defined for myself where i simply “blacklist” people and never say a word to them ever again. But since youre so willing to that already, just say the word.

        2. youre a straight up dude, @der. like someone once said, i dont always agree with every comment, but I respect them nonetheless. and this world is in dire need of people who say exactly what they think. not that you need me to say that to you, so fuck off, Siniko!

          1. That is a really weird post Sinko? I think we all here in BG speaks our mind. Tho seems if someone does without implicating anyone it is a problem if you reply back and get threatened to get kicked in the arse. So we should just all agree on everything? ;D No debate just fuck you and kick you ;P

          2. I’m sorry everlong. That was in no way intended to be a cut at you or anything. I won’t flip out because I understand that text does convey tone of voice or the direction to which I was speaking. I have no need for internet conflict because I have real things in life to deal with. I was simply commending a person’s character. Nothing more

          3. No is all good Sen. I flipped out cause of what PD said and the way it made me feel triggered past tense things that happened to me. I won’t go there again or let anyone get under my skin again.. My eyes is all swollen up from crying like a pussy over shit. Time for big girl panties lol

        3. if i m not ok with your comments, at least i explain why, or try, or something.
          i just not put some shit about it and voila.
          you didnt have make anything bad.
          funny but sometime, its exactly what is needed to catch up bad mind peoples . specially in politic :p, you should do some politic

          1. Holly i just wish Amour or Twreck was here now. Not cause i think i am right but cause they are the most honest people here. And if i am or was wrong i would take it from them as it is! Really do not get why i am attacked as we all got opinions and being threatened is really not a good feeling. Being emotionally abused, mentally, phys etc, just trigger old past wounds.

          2. @Der

            well, thats is not a bad idea in fact. as dictator he was, ceasar have make some great reform in politic for help the peasant and small peoples. thats what push him to death in a sens. some kind of good people but missunderstood

        4. Looking at your reply .. 50 shades of shit and more GIGGLY or GIGGTY shit. Do you think i care if you see “anything” in me? Your shallow and most likely copy paste everything in your life. Your attack was for no reason. All you proved is that you are a control freak that would never let any women in your life have a say. NOW PLS inbox your Port mate and tell him to either 1) BACK OFF or 2) F the F off – I got work for 14 hours 4 hours. Do not threaten me again, i dont need small minded people in my life.

          1. Lol girl you are hilarious! This post made my day.. lol @ copy and paste everything in your life.. To me opinions are like buttholes, everyone’s got one. I never take anyone’s opinion seriously. Shoot I don’t even take myself serious..

          2. Meh, thats alright. All youre proving is that youre an overreacting feminist. 😐

            One can tell just by the way things excalated so quickly, and yet you claim that i “attacked” and made “threats” to you when that is absolutely false.

          3. I think i like you Puget!!! =) We all talk crap ofc lol. On a plus note, that really made me feel i can go and sleep now. As said in that first post, hate politics ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Make luv not war 🙁 Night night

          4. Portugoose dude. Did i talk to you> NO! Did Der ask for your help? Em seems like it? What the fuck did i do then stating something and saying i dont like war and politics. Just fuck off you to fuking narsistic f holes and pls PLS delete me as i my post had nothing to do with you 2 love birds.

          5. Dead i am not sure either … Being under attack for the last 3 hours by Der and Port guy for no reason really then stating obvious reasons why we go to war and the being threatned to be deleted from here etc etc tho there was no personal attack

          6. F you Portugal dude! Your a typical guy in a senior place that get women shit for no reason other then you mate from your country didnt like my post. Fuck you, and dont threaten me again!!!

      3. is this diffused now? what the fuck? Everlong are you fucking drunk and talking shit?

        i just had to bitch out two people at two different times today because they refuse to believe that Islam is related to Christianity.

        it’s like, bloody hell, they all use the same base, yeah? one god. abraham. a flood. jesus christ. each one then took the shit they didn’t like and added the shit they wanted. at the end of the day its all made up swollen bollocks anyway so fuck it! haha

          1. Just go to my orig post and you will see that I did not mean any harm or attack to anyone personal here.

          2. @Everlong you know I’m straight up so that’s how I’m going to write this. You’ve said before that you were bipolar correct? From my personal dealings with family who are also bipolar I take it you have “triggers” which are very easy to hit, and reading both “outburst” (sorry lack of better term its almost 4am) both times seem like you were on a high side of mania before you even commented and both times a misunderstanding seems to be at the core. Where as last time you were taking comments as face value and not reading into the humor this time you greatly over interpreted @Der’s comment. Its not being in the right or wrong but things did get out of control rather quickly. @Der is as straight up and honest commenter on here as they come and has very much so earned my respect (not that he cares about that 😉 ) but when he posts read it for what it is don’t try to over think what he says because he only means what it is he says. Most if not all of us have gone through some really bad shit in our lives and we all handle it in our own ways, which has me thinking when the high side hits you next time girl how about you email me a good long rant about whatever hits your fancy at the time before commenting on here and see if that helps, I’d be happy to be both an ear and a punching bag if needed and no worries I can handle it. The choice to that is of course entirely up to you but I’m hoping this helps put a few things in perspective and a bit of understanding 🙂

          3. Thank you for taking the time to reply Amour, really appreciate your input. Bi polar is no excuse and going over the edge loosing it is not either but when you were in a abusive situations in all areas and i see fuck you ish** stuff and someone treat me or rather make me feel like a peace of shit or make me feel i am worthless it makes me really really upset. Ofc i am nothing special or want anyone to feel sorry for me lol gosh we all have our stuff to deal with. Just dont like it when a man talk to a women in a disrespectful way. Think i learned my lessen, just not going to respond and go there again. Thank again and thanks LF as well. Hopefully this is all over now and no more juice. Enjoy a great day or evening ladies.

        1. Bloody hell, @Obli, being called an “atheist fucktard” is kind of ironic to me! I prefer to call myself an evolutionist, I believe in evolution not creation, I believe the Earth is in a constant state of evolution. I read somewhere that some people think Atheism is a religion too? Well I’d rather claim to be an Atheist than anything else.You are well up to date on this stuff, it’s essential if you need to explain to people how it really is! 🙂

          1. @tas
            How about agnostic? A few things about religion that bug me are how the majority of them try to pass off beliefs as facts. When ut comes to evolution vs creation each side always has to be strictly on one side or the other no common ground. Why is it that they never seem to think possibly they both played a part in it as evolution has been scientifically proven which is more than you can say for religion but why can’t they accept that it could of been both? I mean at some point before time there had to be nothing right? How did the elements to set the big bang and evolution in motion to begin with? Creation makes sense there because with nothing to evolve evolution wouldn’t be possible.

            For all we know we could be just some higher beings simulation where our senses are only real because that’s all that we know so it’s reality to us. Time could pass completely different for us than them just like in space being in the vicinity of an object with great mass slows time. Thats why clocks on satelites need to be adjusted every year or our gps systems would be sending us out to bumblefuck somewhere.

            I’m not saying that’s what I believe in but you do have to admit that’s the only plausible scenario that could explain the questions of life and why we are here or anything really you would always have an answer for one way or another. With evolution and religion on other hand you always run into things that don’t really have rational answers to them.

            Also not knocking people and their choice to have faith and beliefs in something. Alot of people have many different reasons to do so. Whether it’s scared of death needing to believe in it so life has some kind of meaning or to feel like morally a good person. If that’s what you need to do to make your time better by all means go for it. Personally I’m okay with saying i don’t know. It’s very possible in my opinion there is some type of god/creator out there even if it ends up being some child if a greater being playing a damn game that would technically speaking be a “god.” You have all these different religions all claiming they’re right like they’re stating facts leads me to believe if there’s a hell there’s gonna be a lot of people down there asking each other what religion they went with and how they were wrong. They live their lives making a bet that their beliefs are the right ones not considering they could be wrong and would surely live their lives totally different if the knew before hand if they were right or wrong. That in itself isn’t rational to me because the way I think about it is say there is a god in a religious sense. Wouldn’t you think he/she would want you to enjoy your life as much as possible not be vindictive vengeful cruel
            and narcissistic that they would punish you for not worshiping them. Idk to me that doesn’t make sense and all these people over thousands of years dying over something that they hope key word being hope is real. The odds say there will be many more wrong then right and the majority of them live life based on stories written to keep a society in check when it was difficult to police certain things at the times.

            Again no offense intended towards the believers out there I’m just saying I’m good with saying i dont know could be one or the other or both and we will all find the answer one day. People should just be able to be decent without religion and in the end if you were good people you should be okay getting into a heaven if there is one. Instead of fighting other religions we should all see that the only universal enemy we have to fight is time itself and theres no beating that old bastard. Not yet anyway.

      1. @P dude,

        National Socialism is a bit too strict in it?s hierarchical, authoritarian style to promote long term prosperity. It?s the extreme opposite of liberalism in that it pushes forward, full speed ahead regardless of the circumstances and so lacks the flexibility to adapt to the will of the people, causing an eventual collapse and a knee-jerk reaction to go the opposite extreme.

        An example would be how the European peoples will changed from a morally strict, national socialist style to an extreme liberal, loose morals style within twenty years of the end of the second world war and now is starting to shift back again due to extreme liberalism.

        The old Roman Empire went through many such shifts itself, as did Greece etc, due to periods of history being either too strict or too liberal causing a wild swing to the opposite.

        Balance is key to long term prosperity then and balance can only take place on a level playing field.

        The Muslim world is not in balance with the Christian world and Sub-Saharan Africa is not in balance with the first world ect, so amalgamation of these peoples should never take place.

        Europe itself is an amalgamation of white countries who prosper from interacting with each other due to their similar design and this is how Europe came to be the first world through this shared effort of like-for-like people.

        As you can see then national socialism is not the best solution for long term prosperity, but it is good for short term control and protection and has saved many a culture in its time.

        The ideal solution then is corporative social/economic stability between similar nations, cutting out those countries and peoples who contribute nothing and do nothing but take.

        In the meantime though, national socialism would be a good short term tactic in order to get our houses back in order and kick out the worthless shit.

        1. It would work for centuries millenias if it werent for people putting sticks in their gears. In the German example, Hitler vowed for world peace with a treaty that was approved by Ghandi himself, but was denied by the rest of the world. It was not the nationalist germany that wanted the war, it was the ideals of the “others” (the Swiss zionists that had UK on their web) that pushed the war against Germany to Poland. In all the anexed countries by Germany to create the same system that we know today as the “European Union”, to promote Social Nationalism throughout Europe, and give birth to European Ethnopluralism, only one country saw conflict, and that was Poland.

          For one to reach that balance, one has to learn the extremes and extend it untill it renders itself obsolete to give birth to the absolute centrism, and thus achieving world peace. Its not by living in the political chaotic soup we live today, and have people enjoying too much freedom from both political ends that there will ever be any peace, because people will allways be tempted to be streched from one political arc or another.

        2. @Empty
          “corporative social/economic stability” – but this is exactly what National Socialism is. It’s not entirely authoritarian, it does allow and incite private interests, but then again, it did control most of the country’s main institutions because National Socialism was a movement which was a true representation of the people’s will. It may have been autocratic in nature, but Hitler himself was nothing but a mere servant of his people. He said that countless times.
          I have studied it for a few years, and you’d be surprised with how much the victors have hidden and altered in the historical records.

        3. @empty
          In times of war you have to keep your people in a tight grip. Do you know how Prussia lost the first Great War? Because of a lack of control, a few unions (the free masons and the commie once) desided that the Prussian people din’t got paid enough for there effords so they called on strikes al over the country… So that means no ammo, no food, no new cannons and they even lost a few ships thx to those strikes
          so thats why Adolf Hitler kicked half of the parlement (who were mostely involved) and these unions out. So the reason why he was sutch an authoritarian is simply because of what happen during WWI

  5. I’m a patriotic American veteran. But I’m with Russia these days. Fuck Obama the muslim daddy of ISIS and fuck muslims who want to kill all us non-muslims (which would be all muslims).

    I’m flying my Knights Templar Crusades Battle Flag with pride. And I’m planning on feeding muslims to the hogs.

    1. we all together versus ISIS.
      more and more country come join us for fight them.
      they can kamikaze bomb us as many as they want, we have more than them..because WE have a futur, they didnt have one
      “terrorist” are supposed to spread terror , but who are scare of them ? nobody. but we scare them as they shit on their pants and kill all of them by thinking they are spy

    1. Yay I just saw your answer that I guessed your avi is a Banksy picture, well I don’t really know of any other ‘infamous’ stencil grafitti artists, lol. I still feel clever though, 🙂
      Thanks for contribution btw @Puget.

    1. they are something non sens in this… i mean.. its supposed to be an video for russians , putin. so, i m ok that they speak russian in the video , dat logic , but what is not logic is the fact they need arabian subtitles…. like if russians speak arabian ? O_o… i know the subtitles are for themself, but that non sens if they specifically have make the video for russians.. i mean.. wtf i dont get why put arabian subtitles . it would be more intelligent and logic to speak arabian and add russians subtitles..
      anyway , i dont have snackbar brain for understand this

  6. I think they do the censoring with the hopes of having the videos played on mainstream media? they really are reaching out. I think our masses could use some real gore on their plates. I mean, if our tax dollars pay for these actions, I think we deserve to get the full service. This censored video shit is like paying for HBO but they cut out all the nudity scenes and profanity. What a waste of our money

    1. @Siniko, that’s what I’ve always said too. These type of videos still come with a warning if they are played on a mainstream news outlet, if they are played at all. Even this is too much for most Sheeple.

  7. Sadly to say as others have, this ISIS beheading shit is getting boring. Thanks Goddess or Odin for those wacky Da Silvas! Their videos always make my day better. I always wonder just what mischief the Da Silvas are going to get into this time, and what will happen to their flip flops.

  8. I cannot see the video on here. It won,t let me. It says that video playback was aborted due to a corruption problem, or because the video used features that my browser would not support! FUCK ME! 🙁

  9. I am bi polar and really messed up bad couple months ago. It is no excuse ans I am really sorry. It’s past tense, hurt and abuse. Mentally physically and emotionally. I just wanted to hurt cause I hurt that night it was nothing personal but general. It is under control now kind off I think. I don’t like to be misunderstood as earlier tonight it was no personal attack.

    1. Don’t worry, it blows over. You may never have them for pals but I’m sure that’s not your reason for being here anyway. Just let it go THIS TIME & ignore any more comments from them as it just ruins the author’s post. I’ve done it myself once after someone (not them) said something I felt was rude and later felt bad for wasting BG writer’s time.

    2. I’ll be completely honest, I read the argument and had no idea what happened and what to make of it. Now I’ll say that @der’s first line was unncessary but I guess, for me, knowing how he comments I didn’t take that part very seriously. I understand though that you were offended by it and I completely get that but I think the way you handled it wasn’t right either. You immediately went on defense and starting attacking as well. I think if you had just said something simple like ‘hey that’s my opinion there’s nothing wrong with me’ or ‘I don’t know why you’d say that but this is how I feel’ you may have gotten a better response. I think the problem was that you seemed to go off and your response was to attack. I’m not saying what @der said was okay but if your response had been less aggressive maybe it could’ve been resolved between you two quickly. I hope you don’t feel like this long ass response was an attack, I’m just trying to tell you what I thought seeing it. I like @der and I like you and I really hope the two of you can move forward 🙂

  10. I swear to… Allah ( or some shit) that once I saw this disappointing video I got much satisfaction from the comments haha. Some of the shit BestGorians have a tendency to say is what makes this site that much better… Or worse on certain occasions lol you vile disgusting people you.. I love it!

    1. The biggest threat to Assad, Putin’s friend, are the rebels.
      The greatest threat to the rebels on the terrain is ISIS.
      The greatest threat to ISIS on the terrain is Iranian combatants, not Assad’s soldiers or Russian bombings.
      The greatest irony of all is that Israel really wants Assad to stay in power.
      Like everything else in the Middle East these things might change soon.
      Just a few years ago, Israel and Senator John McCain were sponsoring the rebels. Now those rebels that they backed have become Islamic radicals themselves and have looked and found support elsewhere like Saudi Arabia. Some have even joined ISIS.

  11. America is far better than some goat-fuckers with an idea. We have revolutionized modern warfare with new tactics and equipment. It may seem like a milestone now but rest assured brothers and sisters this death cult will surely be put to the test when Britain and Germany start their bombings soon and Putin shuts Obama up by sending his 150000 troops to Iraq and Syria. For now America, enjoy your coffee and eat your pancakes because there are men out there who actually believe in a freedom and a world without tyranny. Sadly this does not include your president.


  12. he is not russian. chechnya is an islamic anclave in russia populated by half–turks half-autochthones. chechens are sunni muslims and their authoritarian leader sends them to fight against another sunni muslims

  13. In the bigger part of the video the dead guy explains how he got into islam, his daily routines etc.

    “Blood for blood, destruction for destruction. We will kill your children russians, you are not safe. We will destroy your homes. This is what awaits you.”
    Rough translation of the executioner just before the beheading.

  14. Isis is just another terrorist organisation supported by the US. Iraq was so much better under saddam Hussein but this filthy shithole America just wiped his bcz he was all set to destroy their economy. All Americans should lick my dick. Their first world ass is soaked in blood of poor and innocent people. But isis doesn’t upload cool videos anymore since jihadi john was killed.

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