Young Brazilian Knee Grows Shoot Up Corpse of Man

Young Brazilian Knee Grows Shoot Up Corpse of Man

Brazil again. This time some young punks of a knee grow variety. They filmed themselves chimping out and shooting up a corpse of what looks like an already dead man.

These punks don’t have shoes, but have guns. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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178 thoughts on “Young Brazilian Knee Grows Shoot Up Corpse of Man”

    1. Off topic but I just want to say how great it is to be able to come here and both express my opinion and hear others opinions about current situations without being called a racist/bigot/asshole. I feel like this is a safe space to say what I usually censor while talking in a normal conversation.

      1. Eat shit racist,bigot,asshole, if all you want to do is bitch at niggaz then go join the clan this site is for well educated up standing gentlemen..(Back to the video) Does anyone speak monkey what’s the guy saying?

        1. here the shit is crazy dude, it’s the brats motherfucker!! did you get it?! it’s we motherfucker !! look the bullet it’s we motherfucker !! look at this “mano brown” (a brazillian rapper)!! it’s the crime it’s the crime !! come on fatty come on fatty it’s bullet !!

          something like this but with slang

      2. Ladies and Gentleman… President Trump has graced BG with his time!
        At least you admit to being afraid to speak freely in public.
        Most sheeple just lie and say, “Nuh-uh, I’d say the same thing to your face.”

        Enjoy your safe space, Social Media Warriors.
        Fear is the shackle that censors your lives, and fuels your ‘hidden truths’.

    2. Joy Reid’s fucking cousins. That nigg-nogg filthy wig wearing leftist cunt says these fucking animals don’t exist. They are only talked about on Fox News ! Well here you go Joy. One dangerous nigger to another. Leftist cunt commie nigger!

        1. Today, I saw one of the hundreds of commercials that have graced our TV screens for decades that show some fly covered little shitskin looking all sad eyed into the camera while a spokesperson asks me for a handout to keep these little piles of trash alive and eating mush for another month or two at best.

          As always, I laughed at the little fuckers, as I ate a hearty lunch and relaxed in my home that is worth more then their entire country’s GNP since 1980. This commercial got me thinking of a more logical solution to the starvation problem that does a nice job of keeping the third world populace ( IE: trash that immigrates to HERE and affixes itself to the nipple of our welfare system) in check.

          First of all, it is fairly accurate to say that if the entire third world fell into the sea, and every single piece of trash living in these countries drowned in that beautiful moment, the world would probably be much better off. These people are absolutely useless to the human race as a whole, live in filth and squalor that would make a dog turn red with embarrasment, and breed like insects despite a massive shortage of natural resources. This raises the question of why on Earth would we want to invest money on even a single one of them?? “For the price of a cup of coffee……you can keep little Dashiki alive and she can grow up like big Dashiki and have 475 children”. WTF are these people smoking to think that I would spend the price of a quality caffeinated beverage on something that is far less useful to me.

          I have a better idea….and one far more cost effective.

          We can’t stop these imbecilic people from impregnating themselves. Like any animal in the rutting season, they feel compelled to breed when the warm rays of the spring sun descend on their maggoty hides. So what I propose is government sponsored nurseries, where the latest crop of niglets, dot heads, and boat people can be cultivated into something that will greatly assist these people in becoming self suficient. It is quite easy to do, and very cost effective:

          When Dashiki feels the urge to bring her latest bowel movement to life, she is taken to the facility, where a government agent will escort her to the maternity room. In this room are rows of bathroom stalls with high capacity toilets. Dashiki is instructed to stoop over the bowl, and push really hard. In a few minutes, the plop of third world trash hitting the water will be the sign for the agent to flush the toilet…………sending the minutes old mass of screaming fecal sludge to a timely demise. The sewers will be routed to a facility that will disinfect the carcass, then crush it and pulverise it into a sufficient meat substitute that will be canned, and served to the population as a viable food source. After all, beggars can’t be choosers.

          Using this model, the population would begin a rapid decline. Once accustomed to this tasty new cuisine, adults would eagerly anticipate pregnancy and delivery in the way that we start looking at Turkeys around Thanksgiving. More importantly, this would mean a LOT less immigrants to the USA, freeing up billions of dollars annualy that could be used to hire more police officers, and construct more prisons to house niggers that infest our inner cities.

          At the very least, I wouldn’t have to see those hilarious commercials on TV anymore.

  1. Brasilians always use shitty clothing. Colored shorts and colored flip flops with a ragged shirt over their faces and some shitty favela gun. While Mexicans use all out military grade camo gear, body armor & American made weapons and even helmets at times 🙂

    1. Niggas in São Paulo and others states are colored, don’t ask me why:

      Niggas in Rio de Janeiro are not so colored, but they are too:

      In north they are completely colored, and you know what, they even have a nickname, when you are in south and people see you are colored, people call you “baianão” (from “Bahia”, the north brazilian state, to imply you are from north by your clothes tastes).

      Niggas are colored.

  2. Whenever someone(usually a libtard) says diversity is our strength I point them towards Brazil whilst simultaneously alerting them to the fact that homogeneous Japan has the lowest crime rate of them all.

    The only ones to benefit from niggers are grave diggers.

    Fuck diversity.

  3. same old repugnant worthless nigger behaviour. the opposing forces of the races that are destined to evolve to greater destinys and those that are not destined for anything (like the wasters in this video)
    will eventually meet head to head i think in a race war as predicted by charles manson. there is just nothing appealing about being near these people anymore, look at detroit, look at london, haiti etc etc.
    Do we really need to be amongst this degeneracy ? We know we dont want it, that rings loud and clear wherever mass immigration has infested. I am tired of the lies and fantasy that we are meant to be creating some kind of utopia. We could come back in 10 years from now and we will still see these meaningless ghetto pieces of shit shouting into cameras and waving slips of money and shooting each other. What kind of civilization do you want to bring your children up in ?

    “Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet and yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.
    His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.
    A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.
    In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.
    With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”

        1. the worlds going to end for most people in 3 years. all animals including insects and sea life will disappear into nothingness. making possible an eternal life for the remainder of the non-wrong-turning Germanic white race. everything so far in history has been a preamble for this.

          we wont need to eat, drink, sweat, wash, shit, piss cum or anything like it, the energy will come direct from the core of the planet, (where all life on earth and in the universe came from) time travel with the mind will be possible for all the incredible moments of time in history, will be even more real than those living there at the time.

          im one of the survivors, theres probably about a million worldwide out of the 8 billion humans on the planet thaat survive. and the deciding factor is:

          Do you rely on Truth or Belief?

          and there kind of is a god although he is not really a man in the sky with a white beard, its WHO the planet is. hes good and evil, and bad and everything that isnt wrong.

          so to plan for future generations is fucking pointless. i strongly recommend you fulfill your destiny and do whatever you need to do.

          3 years and its over for most of you.

    1. lmao wtf yeah but those of us from the Americas built pyramids, cities and art and mined gold and gemstones and we invented the zero. Although we were savages in the sacrificial department 🙂

      1. Native Americans can’t be compared to niggers. The Aztecs and the Mayans etc were advanced for their time and made use of technological advancements wherever they could.

        They had roads, wheeled transportation and trade etc and whereas they were warlike and tribal it was no different to any other race of their period. They lost and were conquered then because they had no guns whereas Spain did and they also lacked the military tactics Spain possessed due to the many years of European war. The newly arrived European diseases amongst the indigenous populations didn’t help much either.

        Sub-Saharan Africa on the other hand had no creations other than the pointed stick, which everybody else had long progressed from anyway. They never even had a written language.

        It is non comparable.

    2. Google the Sentinelese. They are a negroid race on an island off of the gulf of India. They have been isolated for an estimated 40,000 years and it is impossible for civilized humans to obtain contact with them. Because they are violent spear chunkers who shoot poison arrows and they refuse any attempts at communication. Even Marco Polo was amazed at their violent rebuffs. Here’s the kicker: The black skinned Sentinelese haven’t even discovered fire…

    3. Niggers are actually the smart ones in human race.
      They have proven the following beyond doubt:
      1-you Don’t need an education.
      2-you don’t need to look like a human being or behave like one.
      3-you don’t need to even do anything.
      4-you don’t need anything including a visa(or permit)or whatever the fuck to get where you want to get. And a whole lot more.
      A whole lot more???-and you can still fuck white woman for FREE. AND BE LOVED FOR IT, heee. They are the smart ones hay. Guess we ain’t.

      1. chinks are the most pathetic, then jews, then blacks are pathetic in a manipulative get what you want way, yet they are strong people in some ways.

        only germanic white men have ever INVENTED anything at all. all other races have just altered things whites have invented. most obvious truth that the germanic white race really is superior, its not bigotry. blacks are the bigots.

        and all races have deeply held racist beliefs against whites. whites are the real men and women, bt most whites are wrong turners who thought they knew better than whats in control, the hardcore of the planet. its alive. its all alive. the only existence of death is nothingness. thats what death is. everything is is scientifically proven to still be alive, its all atoms that are alive when under the microscope.

        so all the other races have varying levels of patheticness. all learnt from whites, and whites learned it from the planet. and not all whites are worthy anymore. lost interest, thought they knew better, detached themselves out of worthlessness and became wrong turners that are destined to die.

        fulfill your destiny, do whatever the fuck you can do. thats destiny.

    1. Gotta be republicans over democrats simply because there is more republicans in the congress and that’s what a bunch of apes are called!! In other words they come from a “SHITHOLE” Place!!! =p

    1. There’s no reasoning with the racist.
      The funny part is, remove all ethnicities of color or alternate eye structure and the racist will STiLL find someone to hate within their own ranks.
      Look at their treatment of Italians, Irish, Jews and more throughout history.
      Not suprised at all, thus is the nature of insecurity.

      How’s it coming with all those deleted posts? LoL Flush

      1. italians and irish arent seperate races. they are both the same originally Germanic white race.

        Jews are not the same, they are a different race from israel, originally.

        remove all ethnicities? you are living in a dream world of fantasy, thats purely hypothetical. and impossible. so its meaningless to say something like that. you obviously rely on belief not truth in life. you are fucked. destined to die.

        ive been to brazil and yeah its dangerous with some areas more hardup than others, and its also fun with a live it up attitude. i wouldnt want to fucking live there though. it didnt take long to figure out brazil. hard up simple people who are extremely strong believers.

        glad i went there to experience it but the prices on clothes and day to day items are expensive as if youre living in paradise, its not fucking paradise, thats just what they tell touristas. fucking shit country overall. like all south america and africa. good place to visit, you must be thick as shit, or ‘on the run’ to live there.. because people dont give a shit what youve done in brazil, its mainly a criminal fucking enterprise and the police are the ones trying to sort shit out, but they havent got a fucking clue what theyre upto or what challenge they face.

        Naive fucking strong believers. fucking shit hole.

  4. One less monkey’s paw in the chitlins bucket.

    Also da local cops ran ballistics on that troop of young monkeys guns and found dat corpse riddled wid dem same bullets.

    Dat team of young chitlin monkeys will be working overtime on Blowjob Fridays in their nearest Gay Brazilian Prison.

    While dreaming of their first pair of flip-flops of course.

    Share the love.

  5. What’s with the racist title. Race has nothing to do with it. Poverty breeds crime. These young people of color have had all their resources stolen from them. It’s no different than the blacks in the US. They are the victims. Can’t we all just get along?

    1. Porra = fuck, damn, shit or cum.

      So: “É bala, porra! É o crime, não o creme, porra!” means “It’s bullet [they solve their problems with bullets], shit! It’s the crime, not the cream, shit!”

      Some others exemples:

      “Seu porra!” = “You idiot” (sounds way more offensive, but it and faggot fits well here)
      “Foda-se essa porra” = “Fuck this shit!”
      “Êta, porra!” = “Wow! Damn!”
      “Engole a minha porra sua vadia!” = “Swallow my cum, you bitch”

        1. Usually you can get a gun from a person who is already in crime (a robber, a drug dealer, a gang member). And here in Brazil you can find a person like this in almost every street corner in a busy and poor to middle class neighborhood. Heavy guns come from some other shit country that we border with (Colombia probably). Guns are not allowed in Brazil, this is why we have 70.000 murders victims per year, thanks to gun control only cops (a lot of them corrupt and violent that shoot first and then ask, speacially when you are black and poor) and criminals have guns, the good citizen has no control over his life and property.

          No, police is not good in Brazil as a whole, it’s obvious that some cops are good, but a lot of them (maybe the majority) are corrupt, coward and violent.

          This is our police:

          They just attack black and poor people, but they kneel down for politicians and rich people. As a brazilian I DONT WANNA POLICE PROTECTION, I just want my human right to have GUNS.

          This is how our politicians do here (more than 15 M dollars founded in some apartment in 2017):


          Fuck police!

  6. For one thing those kids parents will ask them how school went today, Of course kids are full of shit but parents would not allow their kids have bb guns or any of that shit, Yet they are aloud to have firearms and shit, Next thing we know they be driving tanks and APC’ and shit.

    When they get their hands on russan aircraft and blowing up shit we better get our hand on anti aircraft guns and SAMs and other shit.

      1. That’s true!.. @Bloodshed…I’ve never seen derogatory titles like this for white people, nor do I see comments to the like… I’m sure MARK has some African American fans of this site… But, whatever.. I might use derogatory terms for people…For all people….but that’s where it ends!

  7. the comments on here are outright hilarious. white folk always playing the victim, as soon as a “knee grow” does something wrong, you all want to act so hurt and innocent. why don’t you take a look at yourself:

    after all, you do have a FAR worse track record than ANY colored person in history.

    good day.

      1. good! one should be proud of their ethnicity and culture, however, know your history. i love my ethnicity and culture and i admire other cultures and ethnicities as well. i don’t hate anyone. history speaks for itself though.

        cheers, mate.

    1. How dare you insult these humans who chose to be white prior to their birth ??

      These wholesome people worked very hard to earn their white skin, who are you to point out the fallacies of their iron clad thought processes?

      They chose white before birth !
      That gives them the right to do whatever they want to whomever they want, even themselves!

      1. @rs1

        that comment actually makes zero sense, but hey, suit yourself. it’s a solid fact that most known serial killers were/are white, which is on record. i’ll give you a list if you need one. same goes for rapists and pedophiles.

        try and dispute that, whitey.

          1. @BubbaRay

            “Just let him have his black history month… You know how they are…”

            ha! there should be a white history month, no lie. why isn’t there? why is there a history dedicated just to black history? oh, right, because we’ve been oppressed and been through so much, so it’s better to exploit that then to expose the horrors of The White Man, or other successes of Blacks, but i digress for now.

          2. We taught blacks everything they know, so we say, what does that say about us?… It’s kinda like that funny old commercial…

            Dad:… Where’d you get this?.. Who taught you how to do this?

            Son:… YOU!.. OK?… I learned it from watching YOU!

          3. you taught us lies, and nothing but. we had to dig for the truth ourselves. integration was the white man’s idea, and look, it worked. congrats.

          4. @Trailer whitey isn’t all to blame though, but most of the blame happens to fall upon your people. your people are destroying the entire earth, not just civilizations. truth is, we’re all corrupted, but when Mr and Mrs.White want to play the victim 24/7, i’m committed to calling out their bs, because they aren’t and never were the victim.

    2. Your own people sold you out a long time ago… you dumb nigger…
      What happened when former slaves returned to Africa?…
      They became slave OWNERS!…
      There are countries in Africa that still allow slavery… “LEGALLY”!…
      You’re the one that needs to check YOUR history…
      Once again… if I would have known how it was all going to turn out… I would’ve picked my own damn cotton!…

  8. my dads married to a brazilian, and has lived there for ten years. ive spent 4 months there.

    shes from an extremely large, succesful (mostly) family in brazil, but attitudes are different in brazil, shes called the nigger of the family. and she doesnt give a fuck.


    and i dont give a fuck that my mums married to a jew either. i prefer her over the yid cunt, shes just and extremely strong believer and a good cook and cleaner. the jew was zionist scum, ultra intelligent and connected, living with him was a nightmare.

    my family is fucked up.

  9. fucking sick of these cunts on BG that are on the periphery of becoming a serial killer and never will.. fucking fulfill your destiny you fucking pussy leaving son of a bitch.

    dahmer was a homo but no problem with him

    if thats your thing, fucking do it.

    no bone to pick.

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