Young Girl Beheaded in a Guest House in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Young Girl Beheaded in a Guest House in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Those tits look augmented. The girl was probably a little whore. Who else goes to a rented room in a guesthouse with a man twice her age?

In Siem Reap, a popular tourist city where foreigners looking to visit the ancient temples of Angkor Wat stay, a body of a 24 year old girl was found decapitated in a room of Moon Rise Guest House. 40 year old Cambodian man with whom she stayed there was nowhere to be found, and neither was her head.

The man was later found and arrested. He took the girl’s head with him into a field, where he tried to burn it. While the outside tissue was fully carbonized, the skull did not disintegrate.

An interesting bit of fact is that in some of the photos, the headless girl is shown wearing a bra and a pair of jeans, but in others, while in the same room where she was found, she’s topless, and with her jeans pulled down to show her pink panties. What’s up with that?

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  1. WoW.., Thats tooo bad whore or otherwise.., that does not mean she deserved to be defiled tge way she was., I’m not here to judge what she does., and that prick should burn for what he did to her., if she was a whore, think of all the guys that wont get to have a roll in the hay with that pretty lil thang.

      1. Hahaha.., @gorycory73 .., a couple more hours..?, I’m sure a good many serial killers would beg to differ., ex: ted bundy would come back days later to repeat his deeds. gary ridgway on the other hand would come back over the weeks to bang the dead bitch again and again, in fact he was quoted as saying he would just move the maggots aside and proceed to rape the dead bodies again and again.., sooo a couple more hours is childs play for you amatures. LoL.

          1. @woodwork I’ve always loved studying serial killers but didn’t know Gary Ridgeway said that.
            If she had been a man Jeffery Dahmer would of kept going back and also eating the body parts too.

      1. There is a lot of attention being paid to nipples these past couple of posts. This poor girl, has nipples that remind me of the previous post’s self inflicted gun shot wound to the heart (remember that extremely ugly child killer with the small underdeveloped jaw and tiiiny nips?) ………….

      2. You just have to roll your eyes and laugh at it @tas-tiger. And those boobs sure don’t look “augmented” to me. You don’t usually get a boob job then still need to stuff your bra to look like you have boobs like this poor chick would. I’d want some prettier nipples though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          1. Commander, I already gave you her home address. It was 911 Da Silva Dirt Road, Caruaru. Remember, cousins with machetes? Anyway, you have to be in Caruaru by 16:00et today, shit I hope you didn’t forget about that too.

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          2. Ugh, why aren’t there any hot young girls with older man fetishes where I live :'(

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          1. That is my expert opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

            The number seemed random to me until I realized it’s the date of my birthday….very appropriate ๐Ÿ˜†

        1. Their are videos on utube of a doctor in India who removes “belly button stones”. I think it’s just a nice way of saying those people never clean their bodies and so much dirt, skin cells, lint and who knows what else, build up to clog their belly buttons which makes it sore. Yuck ๐Ÿ™

          1. @thedre I think you just missed typing it out , Hotel California ……..oh yes that shape of a certain face on the album cover you can’t fully see, but the one that vaguely looks bald, goateed and threatening as if the satan is looking over .

            But that song ain’t gonna compliment this guest house .
            this looks less of a guest house and more of ramshakled guest quarters cum shanty

      1. The guys who have arrived on the crime scene ; seem to be no more than a bunch of some sickos who were up to fulfilling some of their own fantasies rather than catch the beheader.
        So they tried strapping the bra on seeing her racks , pulling her inner wear down seeing the pubics so on and so forth . They all wanted to reach perfect hard ons to go shagging somewhere.

          1. They might let the killer off provided he shows to them how good a jerk he is .
            Better still if I was the cop investigating I would have castrated , SOB and forcibly shoved it down his throat .

        1. Maybe…uhhh…..hell I don’t know lol but I like him even less since you labeled him a….ugg… I hate even typing the word…ok here goes.. Clown…time to lock myself in my room with a shotgun on my lap

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          1. Haha thanks for that sugar! At least my tablet survives another day. My computer was not so fortunate last year when one of my brothers decided to put one of those things up as the background on my computer screen (32″ TV to be technical) and I walked in with the lights off in my computer room and just that picture glowing let’s just say sometimes I could be a little quick on the draw and if I set another desktop up I won’t have the tower behind the screen ๐Ÿ˜•

          2. Haha, poor computer! I’ll help you get over your fears ๐Ÿ˜‰ just keep the safety on next time lol

  2. “Who else goes to a rented room in a guesthouse with a man twice her age?”

    Question. Is the gentleman paying off my student loans, or at least providing me with complimentary alcohol? Because if that’s the case…

        1. She’s so damn judgemental >:(
          I feel you @mikeygraves
          A couple more johns and I’ll have my speeding tickets paid off FINALLY, but I got my eyes set on a new dish washer so I’ll need to work on my gag reflexes and get my anal prolapse corrected soon.

  3. Ok so he strangled her, then cut her head off(honestly from seeing all the decapitations on BG idk I think I’d rather go through strangulation than decapitation-losing consciousness from lack of air or choking and breathing my whole blood until I lose consciousness…) anyway, yea then takes the head with him thinking it will burn to ash yet he still got caught with her head still in his possession…..then you have what looks like her body left by him almost fully clothed minus her shirt, and the photographers/who ever found her….what thought went through their minds that said it was relevant to practically strip her nude for pictures?! First off shouldn’t they be keeping everything the way he left her? I don’t care what the girl was doing with her body, it was her body-her business, she was old enough at least in America she’d be considered old enough to make her own desicions. Doesn’t make it right what was done to her during and after death. Not even just the murderer defiled her body but it strongly looks like the ‘crime scene investigators’ if they even have such a division in that country….I’m discussed… I feel sorry for the girl and I’m sorry I got carried away with my comment lol.

  4. Destroying her face to me means it was a personal thing. Poor girl must have done something that rubbed him off the wrong way. His a sick puppy and so is the people that opened her jeans.

  5. Sad life a hooker I had a friend at school who was clever , pretty then got involved in drugs and to feed her habbit started Street walking and ended up found dead ,naked in a river … Defitnley some foul play with the body with the pants and bra tho even in death the girl is a piece of meat . Fukd up …

    Taking the head that is some ed gein shit rite there .. Prob abused the head / mouth before he tried to burn it to sick fuker

    1. Are you an American? It seems to me that literally 1000’s of hookers get murdered in the US. Of course there have been killers of prostitutes in the UK and other cities around the world. They are a favourite target all right, them and college girls. Must be easy targets?

      1. You’re right @tas-tiger. Hookers are killed by their pimps and customers pretty regularly. Unless a serial killer is targeting one city, I’m sure nobody really misses them and/or their murder or disappearance gets ignored by the cops. Look how many Gary Ridgeway killed (Green River Killer) before he was caught. Then there are all the girls trafficked from other countries that end up dead in the US. No one to report them missing. Pretty sad really. I’m just so glad my 20 year old daughter never got mixed up in anything even remotely close to drugs, prostitution, etc.

        1. @iluvmygramps

          Yes making it to 20 is a feat not to involved in that kind of stuff, but it can still happen. I know two people that got involved in drugs quite late in life. One was 33 and has moved back to our childhood home to live with parents. The other one is 48 and was married to a barrister. She got totally into ice ( crystal meth) and ended up on methadone because she also start sped using heroin. She went on to work as a pro and that was the last I heard of her………

  6. Aww, she wasn’t such a bad little hooker….she listened to her mommy’s advice to always wear clean underwear when she goes whoring. And I’m actually quite impressed she didn’t even piss herself from the strangling/ beheading!

  7. She was quite the girly girl. She liked to color coordinate. toe nails, pink panties, (light) pink bra, pink neck meat…it’s like she new she was gonna get her neck chopped :/
    I’m surprised are local gory fashionista didn’t notice that @little-foot ,

  8. She was 24? Dont you mean 14?… From what i know of women’s bodies, she doesnt look that mature to me, unless cambodian girls are aliens. ๐Ÿ˜

    ISIS should hire this idiot, he seems to make decent beheadings unlike those noobs they have on at the moment… ๐Ÿ˜† Also, im ok with a burned skull, but i told him thats not the best way to get rid of the grease, meat and skin from it… idiot! I wont be paying for that one now. ๐Ÿ˜

  9. The killer was her boyfriend. She had been asking him for their wedding. The problem is he’s already married with children. After finding out about this, she felt she needed to part way with him, which upset him so much. Finally, he lured her into the guesthouse and ended it once and for all. I’m a Cambodian living in Siem Reap, just a ten-minute walk near the guesthouse where the murder happened.

  10. I find it rather amusing but also disturbing that it would appear like the cops removed her pants and bra for whatever reason. It’s scary to think how fucked up these protectors of “peace” can mentally be

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