Young Indonesian Man Gets Both Legs Amputated by Train

Young Indonesian Man Gets Both Legs Amputated by Train

Well, isn’t that some shit? We just had a post about a man who attempted suicide but failed and survived with his legs cut off, and now I get another video of another man who likewise allegedly attempted suicide by train and failed in an identical fashion? Could it really be that there were two identical dumbasses in two different parts of the world within such a short time frame?

The incident happened in Padang Pariaman regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia. According to the info I got, the man attempted suicide but… you know the rest. If that’s true, then that’s truly remarkable.

Gallery of a few pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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94 thoughts on “Young Indonesian Man Gets Both Legs Amputated by Train”

    1. What’s wrong with suicide by train? These people lay on the tracks, while it’s damn obvious that you just have to stand straight and wait for the train to hit you with such force that all your bones and whatever else are destroyed.

    1. Ironically, I am an American Indonesian but I am more culturally American because I was born in America I don’t know what is up with them but I guess my ethnic brethren have suicidal thoughts plus I don’t know their situation.

  1. I think he just wanted to make shorts, couldn’t find his scissors so he decided to have the train do it. But forgot to take his legs out first. Seriously if you try and kill yourself by train and screw up, well you are either the DUMBEST MFr alive or well shit I got nothing you’re just the dumbest mf alive

    1. He couldn’t get his beadazzels to level in his toenail polish so, in a fit of rage decided to show them who was the boss. At this point the video starts and we get to see how he feels so stupid. He was sure he was going to come out a winner, but soon realizes in agony that he has only shorted himself…

  2. hi guys
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    I would really like to see a vid of the following happening to someone.
    Getting burnt with a blow torch, having their teeth smashed in with a hammer, having their knee caps hit with a hammer (seeing it up close) than having their eyes gouged out, and their nose cut off and ears cut off and their tongue cut out, and NOT having a blind fold on or anything wrapping their mouth closed so we can hear their pain, and maybe English subtitles for when they are screaming in Spanish so I can understand what they are screaming about, would this be possible? cheers

    1. I’m sure that if you purchase a ticket to one of the cities, in Brazil or Mexico, and repeatedly tell bar staff that you are an undercover agent looking for evidence of drug processing in the area, you’ll soon be able to make your request in person.

      It might be an idea to line everything up so that the easy stuff gets done first, before all the torture gets forgotten about and they go crazy with the knives.

      Make sure you take a couple of fully charged HD cameras and tripods with you, I’m sure your new friends will soon get the hang of how to use them.

      You might want to hunt through the forum; there was a guy (Kevin?) who wanted to find some ‘snuff’ films, last we heard from him was that he, and his girlfriend, had got themselves mixed up owing some money to a gang for a botched drug sale, or something.

      Pity, he seemed kind of stupid.

      Best of luck.


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  4. why dont the lie down vertically along the rail. guaranteed to be deaded.

    head first or crotch first though, crotch i think.

    maybe undercarriage cameras would be a good idea to see it happening…..

    just my thoughts on the matter.

  5. So he basically layed down on the tracks but with his legs over one rail and the rest of the body inside. Failing suicide really shows how dumb this guy is because there is nothing easier than killing yourself.

  6. Motherfucker wishes he was more dead now than before, welcome to a world in a wheelchair and a straightjacket – how is it that hard to put your fucking head on the tracks and wait for death…attention whore, screams like a whore, got fucked like a whole with steel rims.

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