Young Man Beheaded, Two Women Executed by Rebels in Syria

Young Man Beheaded, Two Women Executed by Rebels in Syria

For the n-th time – these savages are whom Kenyan, Johnny Boy McCain, Zio puppet David Cameron and all the rest of them war criminals support and want to send more advanced weapons of mass destruction to. Israel is so hell bent on ousting Bashar al Assad, Kenyan completely disregards the fact that these so called rebels have on a number of occasions burned the US flag and also the Israeli one.

New video leaked from Syria shows a beheading of a young man and executions of two women with gunshots to their heads. After the killings, the victims were dumped in a hole. It is possible the three were killed by Jabhat al-Nusra, the infamous Al Qaeda associates responsible for many massacres throughout Syria.

Best Gore member mazzehsyria provided the following information:

The logo on the video is the Ba’ath Party Brigades media department. The Ba’ath Party Brigades are extremely active in Aleppo countryside as there is now a big concentration of Syrian troops and allies there. Presumably they seized this video, hence the logo on it.

This is fucking shocking, and sad. Note the two red head guys. Suggestions are that they are Chechen but I’m sure gingers without souls are not unheard of in Syria.

Could you believe there are still sheeple in the herd who still, to this day think Bashar al Assad is the bad guy and the jihadists are just protesters caught in a struggle for democracy? WTF? I can’t even say “shame on you” this level of idiocy goes beyond being just shameful. Kenyan’s father is a Wahabbi Muslim so his support for extremism is inbred and natural. But what is wrong with the rest of you?

Props to Best Gore member mazzehsyria for the video:


Best Gore member provided the same video with the original sound as a proof that the beheading was carried out by the FSA jihadists, not Syrian soldiers as fraudulently claimed by the propagandists:

I heard snackbarbars, and the guy filming said that the beheaded man is a “shebbih”.

Some FSA pages on Facebook used the video that you posted to deceive people by saying such things as “look how the Syria regime is killing innocent people” since the video has the Baa’th brigade logo on it.

The baa’th brigade, as an answer to their lies, uploaded the real video with the original audio an hour ago.

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113 thoughts on “Young Man Beheaded, Two Women Executed by Rebels in Syria”

  1. I wonder why modern society picks on Christianity so much when we see muslims cut each others’ heads off and yell Allahu Akbar so often. I mean, yeah, I understand there are bad apples on every tree, but it’s not like you’ll see as many brutal lynchings done by christians. Society is fucked up.

    1. It’s a smear campaign by the Jewish media. You’d find answers to why it is so in the Talmud, a set of books that guide the Jewish life:

      Shabbath 116a. Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament.

        1. I’m not saying they aren’t. But the demonization of Christianity in the media is the Jewish doing. Everything to do with Catholic priests get picked to pieces and blown out of proportions all the while Jewish Rabbis exploit children as young as 3 years old, suck mutilated penises of newborns and engage in human body parts trafficking but it gets no media coverage.

    2. Liberal Leftists pick on Christians, who are the same people supplying or supporting the supplying, of arms to Muslim Extremists in Syria now.

      Which is funny. The reasons they pick on Christians all exist within Islam, but way, way worse.

      Logic doesn’t seem to apply to them, though.

    3. Christians used to be like this, spilling blood for god was like worship. The crusades fucked up the previously civilised muslims and made them into the savage scum they are today. Religion poisons everything.

      1. That was my theory as well. I don’t know how much evidence actually supports it, but I’ve heard that ancient muslims were actually scholars, and the Crusade Christians went on a murderous rampage killing any other religious faction including Muslims. Its a damn shame…

        1. The Crusades happened because the Church wanted more economic and political control in west Asia, their aim was not to convert the Muslims , pagans and heretics in those regions but to take over their fertile land and wealth. The Church used religion to mask their greed and It murdered everyone who they believe are non-Christians including children and women.

          1. No, not as far as I recall. It was in response to Muslims taking control of the Holy Land and Jerusalem etc, and massacring Christians there and cutting off access to pilgrimage routes for Christians.

            The Crusades happened at first because of Conquest by Islam, they were spreading like a cancer and the Roman Empire could no longer protect Christians, so the Pope planned the Crusades to push Muslims out of Christian areas and restore the Holy Land, Jerusalem etc. to Christians, which it belonged to before Arabs converted to Islam.

            Basically, it happened as a response because of Islamic conquest of Christians.

            And it wouldn’t be the last time Islam and Muslims would try and conquer Christians and Christian land.

        2. They follow muhammad who was a pedophile and okd anything that suited him and his greed. He made up his own rules from an ancient pagan moon diety thats where allah originally came from lol islam is hypocrasy and lies in my opinion. I know some christians have not been christ like however. Maybe tje crusaders were dev

          1. Any Religion that came from that area (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) are probably rife with savagery.

            No doubt Christians of yesteryear were savages, back in the what? 11th, 14th century?

            Christianity has largely been modernized, however, it’s still rife with issues (Child molestation being a big one) but it pales in comparison of Islam.

            The reason for me, is because nothing in Islam has changed. The same Holy Books they follow and adhere to now, are the same thing they were following in the 11th century.

            They live their lives with a 10th century mindset in the 21st century.

            You can be killed for saying something negative about Muhammad (Their equivalent of Jesus I guess) or Allah (Arabic for God, so basically God).

            Basically, Islam today is Islam centuries ago, or Christianity centuries ago.

            A Moderate Muslim would still be considered fundamentalist when compared to a modern Christian.

          2. ALL religion is hypocrisy and lies. It is the scourge of humanity and what truly keeps us from becoming great, instead of the sad sacks of shit we are. (not anyone personally) IMHO the age of enlightenment hasn`t happened yet.

      2. Whoa you’re fucking stupid. I mean why don’t you read something before posting and spreading even more stupidity.
        They never were civilized in the modern sense of the word
        You imply that “da white man” somehow fucked up their civilization. How about that they were simply stagnant, with the Ottomans being the most progresive but still 2nd tier copiers.
        The crusades had a very limited impact (hello, it’s a fucking long way from France to Israel), were only a short campaign against limited areas, mostly coastal. Muslims and steppe people were burning down whole cities, ever unattached by crusaders and slaughtering each other in millions. Remember that the Muslim world stretches from Atlantic to the SE Asia.
        And lastly the crusaders were some fucked up fanatics. Most of them were just pilgrims and the rest just tried to make some money, allying with Muslims if it profited them.

      3. l totally agree with you on that one. Christians have killed and tortured Hundreds of Millions of innocent people in the past. What the Muslims are doing today is nothing compared to what European Christians have done in the past. Where talking about burning Women and Children at the stake, the genocide of the Native Americans and the slavery of blacks, hate crimes towards homosexuals, etc. l agree….Religion is absolute poison to the mind and soul.

        1. You are just a brainwashed sheep. Jews killed more Christian the last 100 years than all of the wars in the history of mankind combined. Yet you see some incomparably miniscule killings by Christians from many centuries ago and put it like Christians were the worst people in the world. Brainwashed sheep.

    4. Let me play the Devils Advocate here:
      Sometimes I feel like we point the finger at religion as an excuse to justify why humans kill each other and or many other things. This is the same as asking a soldier why he killed his enemy that was unarmed: “It’s his job” “It’s a fucking war” “Higher ups told him he had to execute him” or a person on the side of the enemy could say, “He’s a fucking Christian, that’s what they do.” Either way, It’s all a lame excuse for the thrill of pulling the trigger or heating the opposition.
      The same with Muslims and the Idea of a Holy war.. “Allah deems it so.” They say gods name in vain to justify killing a “sinner.” And here we are pointing fingers at them, as if we are playing along- -saying “ah, those snackbarist savages.” Yes, they are savages, but they were savages even before religion.
      Of course they commit atrocities that a normal person would never even think of, but saying it is only because of their religion is a fallacy. There could be many other things aside from religion…

      1. You do have a point there, it all lies in one’s upbringing and the environment they grew up in. If they’ve been exposed to this type of barbaric atrocities as children then Violence is all they know as adults……..So yeah it is not their religion itself….but nurture in all cases like this.

      1. Not sure if this was said in jest – but as far as Islam goes, it exists and is part of their Religion. I’m not sure how prevalent it is in Buddhism.

        In England, a pedofile ring of Muslims targetted young English girls (And when I say English, I mean real English, not invaders allowed in the Country by traitorous policitans)

        A rabbi was just found to have molested a girl in NY, IIRC, too.

        Child molestation exists in all Religions and Peoples.

    5. These mother fuckers will pay for their evil doings. If not in this life, then in the life hereafter. They will burn in hell!!!
      I want to see the world army blow up these fuckers with a bomb. Just like the footage you see from the American helicopter views obliterating the afghans.

    6. Islam is a religion of peace.these guys have nothing to do with Islam.ignorant and do not know nothing about religion. They say allahu akbar. BECAUSE ”I’m doing a good thing” =reward gained (mitzvah). They have deceived the ignorant people.

      ABD= Take the book to the Middle East. not guns =(

      they do not know Islam.
      ignorants =(

      Do not fuck with religion (snackbar etc.)
      we are sorry
      this we are not……

  2. All mainstream news stations should post these videos so people know who the united states is helping.

    These videos are so easy to come by and not one news station shows them (even censored versions of the videos). Because truth doesn’t matter.

    Like it’s mentioned about, ask any sucker on the street what they know of Syria and it’s just “brave rebels fighting a nasty dictator”.

    A power struggle between a barbaric islamist regime and equally barbaric tribes is probably closer to the truth. Whoever wins the poor civilians will suffer.

          1. I felt sorry for everyone involved- man too, but for some reason, when they were being led the way they were and it seemed like it took forever for them to get up there, I just imagined way they were thinking.In the end, I did feel for the guy too. Guess I need to watch me wording better..

        1. Snackbarists aren’t restricted to just Arabs – it’s an ideology that perverts, destroys and turns whoever falls victim to it into an automation savage a hair-trigger away from going Fundo and lopping off peoples heads who aren’t Muslim.

          You have White, Black, Arab, Asian, Hispanic etc. snackbarists.

          You can see the difference between Muslim and Non-Muslim Arabs.

          And I’m not sure there is anything worse than Black Muslims. That’s a time-bomb that is almost guaranteed to explode.

  3. The women seemed more like girls or teenagers to me. Hard to tell due to their dress but looking at their height and the way they carried themselves they very well could have been very young. All of this is sickening. These beasts are members of the human race? Yep.

    1. They never seem to go all the way around, just side to side until it pops off. It would look so much cooler if they would spin them round and round, then let go and watch them spin back. So cool I’d say.

  4. Obama is such a pussy, he probably sucked their dicks before he sent them weapons. As an American, I’m ashamed to have a man who has no trace of steel in his nutsack be my president. He’s probably at his meeting with the Taliban right now asking them what we can do for them.

        1. Now the Sun King pollutes Berlin, and the people there swallow everything, what he spills. I´m just 500km away from him, maybe my selfmade tomahawk would do the job.
          Remember the OBL chase in the situation room? Beside the fact, that they actually watched Simpsons, Obama didnt looked like the commander of the meanest military killing machine in the world, but like a background actor sitting on a minuscule chair right next to the throne of General Marshall B. Webb. I mean, even if someone would believe in the politicaly covenient timed hunt on the defrosted OsamaBinHidin´, at the latest since this picture it should´ve been even for the dumbest lamb in the flock obvious, that Mr.Obomber never has been the King-a-ling he was supposed to be.
          It could be a real possibility, that the Kenyan is the first realtime programmed Manchurian “president”.

  5. i not a muslim, but i think they right by cutting of those pussy Christian peoples heads of.

    they are cowards, that do not deserve life at all.
    all standing with flowers and shit, while reality fuck them in the face.

  6. i dont see any crime here, when muslims kill each other i am all for it tbh. A dead muslim is a good moslim doesnt matter which branch they belong to. To bad that only the extremists are going to be left like over like this.

    1. Could be some of the chechen “asylumseekers” who “fled” to Austria. Poor “refugees” which the austrian taxpayer is forced by his leftist government-traitors to feed in enormous numbers, relatively speaking (

      The austrian intelligence service somehow dared to issue warnings some time ago, but none of our polit-dickheads (our ministers are – by far – the most well-payed in the EU!, it’s ridiculous…) cares or dares to react appropriately; see: “to-be-called-nazi”-angst.
      “According to a report in the daily newspaper “Die Presse” up to 60 men went to Syria to join the rebels. Mostly Syrian, Pakistani, Afghan and Chechen asylum seekers or refugees.
      ‘Security risk’
      In recent months, ten to 15 Chechens from Austria had made their way to the Syrian war. The Austrian authorities consider the reported development as a ‘security risk’.”

      Really? Then do something about it, stupid! Now!

      1. It’s going to be a wild time in Western Europe when this Syrian war is over, provided they don’t start up another one in Lebanon/Iran right away.

        Islamic extremists flooding the streets of Western Europe, turning ‘moderate’ Muslims into extremists.

        More beheadings in the street, riots, car-bombings becoming common place.

        Thanks, Leftists.

  7. According to the kenyan:

    chemical weapons = bad, beheading innocents = good

    BTW, that the Syrian army is using chemical weapons is as clear as like Saddam had massive destruction weapons.

  8. I will never understand why anybody would wish to worship an alien god. europeans have ancestral gods that are largely forgotten now. Judaism, Islam, and christianity all come from the same area. pretty much gave up our identity and history to worship some other motherfuckers “God” . So when I see the hordes of unaware traitors at Ragnarok, i will relish my blades bite deep within their flesh. Hail Odin!

  9. Hi! Long time lurker, kinda new member…how do I go about posting this since facebook seem to block bestgore links? Do i have to visit another site that has the same clip or can I use some kind of trick? Btw I’m not trying to to spread negative stuff about BG, Just trying to educate my friends!

  10. its all bullshit anyway. all religion is just a fairy tale morons believe in and use to commit crimes against humanity. i dont need a god to tell me how to be a decent, morally adjusted human being.. atheist forever, religious nut never. oh and btw fuck ala

  11. To the ginger jihadist brothers whom appear together fagishly at 1:30. After I rape your mother and father before your very eyes, I will then commence their systematic execution by stabbing each of their eye sockets with a screwdriver. Soon after their demise, your painfully slow mortality will quickly ensue. Simply ny severing each of your penises, I will boast about my masculinity as you two wallow in agony and bleed out like two chickens with their head cut off!!!

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