Young Man with Bruised Face Slowly Beheaded

Young Man with Bruised Face Slowly Beheaded

There is hardly any audio to this video. It sounds like when you record underwater with a GoPro in a waterproof housing. I don’t know if I received a bad copy, or if it was recorded like that.

The video shows a beheading of a young man. He’s shown on his knees with hands bound behind his back. His face is bruised, as if he had been tortured and beaten before the beheading started. He can barely open his right eye it’s so black and swollen, his other eye also seems to be bruised, and the left corner of his mouth seems to be torn.

After apparently saying a few things, a man standing behind him with a knife grabs him by the hair and start the slow process of beheading. Audio gets a bit better toward the end of the video, but I haven’t been able to discern anything.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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143 thoughts on “Young Man with Bruised Face Slowly Beheaded”

      1. Damn, you guys are fucked up! That’s just a kid. I’ve said it before, I don’t find the violence of children funny or entertaining. Your immature remarks are telling of your own age and intellect dirt bags!!

        1. what the fuck are you doing here then idiot! its called best gore you fuck tard. as far as I’m concerned he is just another terrorist we don’t have to worry about. why don’t you fuck off back to youtube? no one cares what you think!

          1. @seth, why don’t you fuck right off, asshole? He is just a kid! Whatever he did/may have done; probably did Nothing, doesn’t warrant what the fuck just happened to him!! I think We can all pretty much agree to that!!!

          1. @saritha, I’m No Fucking Pussy, you little Bitch! I love this Shit! So why Do some pic’s/vid’s on here, which contain ‘graphic images of children’, come with that warning??? View all you want to, doesn’t necessarily mean people have to leave dumbass, sarcastic comments about young people having this type of violence imposed on/done to them, does it?? Shut your fucking mouth, stupid piece of shit ☺

    1. The comments that make fun or take offense to the act that happen are arbitrary…its a reality of life…disgusting and a horrible way to go but what are you going to do…i think all you can really do is hope not to encounter a death like this and/or prepare mentally to be done just as dirty or perhaps even your loved ones…true if you dont go looking for this lifestyle you have a less a chance of dying like this….but then again that statement itself is undone by arbitrariness because even the innocent suffer such ugliness…evil is on the rise that is unmistakable…you can laugh at it, fear for it, or prepare for it…but no matter what if it encounters you in this fashion only one thing is true…youll have to deal with the severity or humor of it at that point…

      1. It’s not arbitrary to communicate with words. There are lotts of “words” that hold societies together. It’s only arbitrary to you. When you’re in court or fighting for your life or even arguing with your wife, you’ll find that what you say is important. Weren’t you taught this in school? Geez, the crowd here is dumbed down.

    2. these kind of beheadings fascinate with the fear they must feel especially those of a certain age like this what kind of pain they feel there reactions and how long they remain conscious with there head slowly being torn away he seemed conscious throughout most of it wow to go through that one of the worst ways to die i can think of that part when they were kicking the head to sever the spine and that big explosion of blood amazing stuff what a world we live in if only we could just bomb them all to hell

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          1. Really, is that what it’s called? It’s called best gore? Really is that what it’s called? Best gore? Really what’s this site called? It’s called make fun of young kid being murdered? Fucking idiot. Go show your friends your posts. See how your fat family likes it. Lol I bet you apologize real fast. Pussy!

      1. If that’s almost the worst you must have missed the one where the guy is bound with his face cut off, his hands cut off, a pole shoved in his mouth while slowly trying to be decapitated with “sweet child of mine” playing in the background. Now THAT was some fucked up shit.

          1. Worst one for me was the guy from Mexico. They chopped his feet off, then his bottom part of the leg below the knee and then they chopped his head off. He was alive during everything and just once complains. The video quality is too shitty to be any good it’s just the complete lack of empathy that got me. I have watched it a few times and it’s IMO the worst. Second worst is that video of a unknown Russian soldier getting his trough cut in the snow. The sound while they cutting him is insane.

            Anyway it’s life. Death is part of life…

          2. That’s right up there with that woman that was slowly beheaded with a really dull knife. Total agony. Anyone have the link? Is there any way to organize and save them other than just downloading and save to my own files? I want to watch them as I snuggle with kittens next to a warm fire….

        1. That was undoubtedly the worst thing I’d ever seen, the way they were shoving the box cutter into the top of his mouth and he was pushing himself into it so they couldn’t stab him again. When I watched that I legit questioned whether I wanted to live with that as a possible way to die

          1. I was there.. It was a really fun night.
            Jose was sooooo pissed in the morning when he had cleaning duties scheduled for that area.
            We play jokes on each other like that sometimes.

        2. Agreed. I was watching that one at work and paused a couple of times and skipped back to take it all in. This one was prettt gnarly as well…just wish the quality of the image and audio was better.

    1. Its not that bad trust me, or maybe i am just sick take your pick 😉 i am fine either way drinking my coffee & eating my breakfast while watching this over and over if there is nothing better to Watch.
      First video i ever watched was that “neo nazi” video of a man on the ground that was full of snow and he got stabbed in the throat and eventually decapitated and they put hes head between hes legs? or if it was under hes own arm. cant remember completely but i guess its because i watched it when i was like 14-15 so 14 years ago or something xD

      been in love with violence and knifes ever since!

      1. That was my first as well…watched in school and got caught feverishly looking up more and more haha here I am 17 years later. I think they stuck his head between under his arm. The audio of that is pin point dead on engraved into my brain.

    2. I can watch the worst of the worst of Gore but I am the same when it comes to cutting anyone’s head off while they are living. I always put myself in that persons place & I know it has to be a hell of all hells.

    1. Fuck, you think @brokeback brother ? You,d think that they would clean, and sharpen their knives, like a good soldier cleans his Rifle For Fuck Sakes. And if that,s not bad enough, they pick a young kid to behead. Like Fuck Man,,, You should hunt those cunts down bro, and fuck them deep in their Asses, with that Massive Colored Horse Cock of yours. Trust me,,, they would be seeing colors of all kinds themselves after that Ass Pounding.

      1. Guys that get their jollies by cutting off the heads of children are only finding a way to deal with their sexual frustrations. They are too proud to masterbate yet they are okay with taking an innocent life…dirty bastards.

    1. I thought he was about sixteen but could be as young as fourteen.
      That combined with the executioners incompetence made for difficult viewing…
      Things might’ve progressed more quickly had he used a wooden spoon!

  1. Other people’s pain = our pleasure lol. Any women here who would have enjoyed giving him a few kicks before the beheading started and then taunting him? We really need more women involved in these videos!

    1. I couldn’t do it unless the lil’ fucker just finished raping me or something. And I didn’t like it… LOL. Then I could. Just bought 2 brand new H & K Mark 23 handguns. $$ . Can’t wait to try them out…

  2. Beheadings without juicy audio just aren’t the same …I miss those old grainy beheadings with red all over the screen and all you hear is shrieks of terror that slowly turn into gurgles …good days

  3. I wonder what he did to deserve such cruelty. He was just a kid. Though I don’t know the backstory, I believe he could have been let off with a serious warning. No matter what he did, he should have been given a second chance.

  4. Business as usual.
    Looks older than 20 to me, probably deserved what he got given the choices they can make and the rules these south americans follow, stay away if you dont want what could happen.
    These are pretty much the fruit of gore for me, seeing whats going on in this messed up world. Thanks for the link to the other, that was some fine torture without cgi

  5. Perhaps he had his finger on the microphone, but it sounds like spanish to me. Probably in Mexico. And stop complaining about the victim being a small kid and the like, as when you get in this whole cartel thing, anything can happen. And you aren’t inocent any more.

      1. There is no god, there is no hell, there is no heaven. I hope all terrorists are tortured to death so they will live their last moments in agonizing pain, even though it doesn’t really matter once they’re dead. At least their terrorist friends will be scared shitless once we full off this stuff.

  6. I swear if your going to cut my head at least sharpen your knife, I watch videos of retards all the time and it take them so long… sure it might be a slower death but common if you want the head off and to work less at it sharpen your fucking knife…

  7. First guy commenting? You’re one of the reasons that you’re not included in the Bible. Another thing. God bless you, and hopefully you can make it into heaven with the rest of the minorities like me that are written the Bible for you see because we have to go so much pain and oppression that you can never even realize who the fuck you really are, but it’s okay with me, I mean poor guy that got his head cut off so slowly, he looked like a kid literally look like a teen, I feel sorry for people that live in those countries because they actually have to do this kind of work to make a living and people that actually get murdered like this have to endure such pain thanks to white people that actually commercialize this shit fuckin bitches by.

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