Young Man Commits Suicide One Day After Leaving Prison in Tangier, Morocco

Young Man Commits Suicide One Day After Leaving Prison in Tangier, Morocco

Young Man Commits Suicide One Day After Leaving Prison in Tangier, Morocco

A young man at the end of the second decade of his life, committed suicide by jumping from the top of his family’s house in the Ben Deban area of Tangier, a city in Morocco.

According to the local sources, the man was released from prison one day before taking his life, owing to the recent amnesty with the mandate to protect the inmates from the spread of the Coronavirus.

The same sources added that “his suicide shocked everyone, especially since he did not even complete 24 hours of freedom“.

Props to Best Gore member @s7ayta for the video. Rather impressive backflip there. Not failproof height for suicides, but looks like his landing made up for it. The cop was clearly not impressed:

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185 thoughts on “Young Man Commits Suicide One Day After Leaving Prison in Tangier, Morocco”

  1. The ugly side of suicide is when you fail it and still remains being alive. You gotta face up the mess you left behind.

    Been in hospital for 4 days at beginning of March by being overdosed. The first 2 nights in agony by burning throat and wounded colon. Not more suicidal after all.

    Wanted jump off the building before but seeing many cases of when they survived, it was physically very messy.

    You know the height level like that will make you completely dead at the first landing on the ground?

    Saw some survival cases from jumping off building, their faces looked messy shit. Like if you survive like that, rather just die.

      1. I just thought if I took 700 capsules of Fluoxetine and some other drugs like 20 tablets with extra alcoholwould just make me having a convulsion to death, fail liver but I found out now our body is tough than we thought.

        So here l learned, the big amounts of medicine doesn’t mean you just die easily.

        And well all those stuff like self hanging, jumping off the cliff, got ran over by a car are more easier to die than overdose with heavy alcohol.

        I’m just want to have my beautiful corps than just gruesome lol

        1. Yeah, most overdose attempts fail. Just check out that suicide statistics website. I think it’s called “Lost All Hope” and they basically educate the suicidal, so we/they don’t end up just injuring themselves beyond recovery.

          1. Nah like it’s cool I’m still obsessed with death but lol with the love of family and supportive people around me from last month. I feel better now and less depressed and my doctor won’t prescribe my antidepressants anymore because seems like I’m getting better, so no more suicidal, just choking in sex, that’s fine. lol

        2. Yeah I tired to kill myself before when I was 19 with 50 pills of Benadryl.I was going through depression and thought about ending it all because I was fed up with life and myself.So when I took the medicine my mission was to take myself out the painless way so I did.Then everything went black I thought I was in a gym with my cousin and brother working out just like a normal day.but when I woke up the doctor told me I was dead for ten minutes.Sooo I guess I kinda succeeded in my suicide attempt 😀 But then the doctor gave me a spinal tap as a fuck you to me and I had to walk around feeling like a 90 year old man who got his aassbeat by bunch hobbits.Lol My back felt stiff and it had no Rhythm and it hurt really bad.moral of the story don’t kill yourself just get help or talk to someone who you feel comfortable with telling.Or else you could end up I like was.As Raiden said in MK 10 “there are whose fates than death a HOSPITAL BILL!”

          1. Haha thanks for the comment. Though I’m better now I think something to do with my anti depression like Fluoxetine (prozac) that I’d been for a year. The side effects are really a mood swinger. Though I discovered that after been sleeping in hospital 4 days with out those medicine I felt very different. So I asked my doctor to stop taking antidepressants since there.

            And with some unlocked conversations with family, psychiatrist amd psychologist. I felt completely freed from a chain of depression and anxiety I suffered for years yeah. Sometime we just don’t need pills to fix the problem. a good talk with someone who cares you always help.

          1. لا افهم لماذا اخطئ دائما و يسيئ ناس فهمي
            نعدين باباك و نحرق حتشون يماك سافا هكاااااا وش يا زبي حبيتو تستعمرونا ولا تنيكونا ولا وش يا زبي

          1. Well, I bet everyone always say they’re better than anyone. Don’t they?

            In general we all like to compare and feel satisfied when you’re at least better than anyone at something.

        1. Forget the gun, too many get their face blown off and survive due to protective reflex that makes you flinch.
          I’m glad you’re not considering trying it again.
          Call someone, hotline or acquaintance.

          1. I’m good now haha, thanks! But yeah I’m still twisted and into gore, that’s why I’m here.

            You know people who love gruesome things here are still better than the child rapists on Twitter right now.

        2. Yeah apparently hospital lockdown does wonders. I had a brain vein pop bc of fucked up hashish, it was mixed with opioids, and I was smoking so much everyday that I had an overdose of the small amount of shitpioids in my smoke.

          8 days in the hospital, never touched drugs again.

          1. Hi @analsecretions yes, That’s me.

            And for those shithead with criminal Usernames, I don’t really care about some transphobic ass over here. My life is happier with family and partner and my decent job. Not gonna take any serious on internet trolls lol

            Like ooh, you guys threatening me? Good luck leaving your house on quarantine. Tough ones. lol

          2. @mysticfox91

            There’s that word again…transphobic….like homophobic and islamaphobic. Well, sorry to disappoint you but no one here is transphobic. A phobia is an irrational fear and I can assure you that no one here fears you. Hates you? Sure. Fears you? Not a fucking chance so take your ugly, asian face out of here along with your faggoty ass. I dislike your kind, I certainly don’t fear you.
            There….was that enough attention for you?

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          4. @hopingfornemesis
            What are you asking about Yank accent? I don’t understand haha. Like you mean sound like I had that accent? My ex was an American from Massachusetts. I’m not sure about my English accent but once I worked as a receptionist, a foreigner said I sounded like American?

            Um my current partner of 2 years, is British-Aussie. He got 2 nationality, like we both work as teachers, he’s ESL teacher and I was an English for elementary school.

            My family isn’t that wealthy, unfortunately, but I appreciated the way they tried to support me through college years.

          5. @hopingfornemesis Nah not anymore, I think 4 years as a teacher was enough. Gotta find what I like and settle down before 30 though, still have 1 year and a half to go.

            I’m currently work as a tour operator in agrotourism for almost 3 months now but yeah it’s shit since coronavirus crisis? How’s life there? which part do you live in Australia? Isn’t it autumn there now? At least Melbourne, Victoria are getting cold and rainy but I didn’t know the rest of country.

            Teaching kids as a trans isn’t that much stressful, because kids are curious and they just honest. They asked when they’re curious. Though nothing horrible from kids. They just like an empty glass which their parents will put anything in their head.

            I was just there to just reflected another side of normal people who lives as a trans but I can tell many many bad stereotypes about trans. But seriously I’m just normal and boring working my shit lol. Nothing exotic or special for people here.

            By the way, I didn’t eat bat soup and I’m mad somebody ate it.

  2. Once a wild animal leaves the cage, he ALWAYS manages to end up BACK in the fuckin’ cage.

    Either throw the key OUT, or fuckin’ EAT it. He knew the cycle would be endless for himself

    after watching enough American programs on the jail-cell TVs I ASSUME. The same goes for

    the hood rat niggers of North America. You let em’ out, and they just GO back to doing the

    SAME fuckin’ shit over AND over again while adding more high-score points to their “Niggers

    gotta waste tax dollars score sheet” record. Let the WHOLE fuckin’ world give this douche bag

    a round of applause for SAVING the people of Morocco enough tax dollars to go buy more dead

    squirrels at the Cannibal-market down the fuckin’ street. You people NEED it…this asshole

    DOES not.

    1. It looks like he’s going to have to settle for the 4th place “tin-can” medal after that fuckin’ SPLAT. The Arabs sure KNOW how to go out with a some-what entertaining HIGH-leveled performance. All he was missing was a fuckin’ diving board…

      1. @thedre

        Luckily for me I had made enough money in my time to buy and live in a white only area in the English countryside hence no Corona cases to be found where I live.

        Diversity and cultural enrichment London however has experienced the most Corona cases to be found in the entirety of Britain which is why I avoid London like the plague now. Not because Corona may kill me but because the non natives(niggers etc) would kill me long before I ever had the chance to contract it due to their violent propensities.

        Make no mistake then. Corona(and every other infectious disease) is spread wider and faster via open border systems and the libtards, despite proclaiming; fighting for and defending the opposite, also know this as well which is why many of the leftwing in my country have abandoned the “diverse” and “multicultural” areas in favour of the homogeneous ones since Corona reached our shores.

        In that sense then I find that I quite like this Corona virus. It has shown the libtards up to be the pathetic hypocritical, fraudulent imbeciles that they are and always have been. I look forward to their continued self-destruction. It gives me strength.

        1. @Empty soul
          Wow,,, very well said, and so true as usual my Good Veteran Best-Gore Brother. And like you said,,, it is so nice to see these Libtards getting some of their own shit thrown back in their faces.
          Furthermore because of the high numbers, and supposed high death tolls in England i have been thinking about you quite often.

          *I Am so happy* to hear that you are safe & sound far away from any possible SHTF Scenario, as i was super worried about you. So please stay right where you are and far away from the lowlives that spread-it much faster than the rest of us civilized individuals brother. 🙂

        2. Those non native aren’t worry about your lame ass.their to busy trying to be cured of corona virus.I love how white people think that every black person they come across is out to get them.What it really shows is that you fear us.And it’s human mature to fear what you don’t understand.

          1. @juice4567

            “It’s human nature to fear what you don’t understand”.

            Oh, I do very much understand what it is that I “fear”.

            Black males are around 2.2 percent of the English population. Around 1.8 percent of that number live in London and last year the statistics showed that around 65% of all violent crime in London was committed by black males. (probably more as it gets underreported a lot of the time)

            That’s 1.8% of the population responsible for at least 65% of all violent crime in the area they live.

            Please do tell me again why black people are misunderstood cuddly wuddly teddy bears in need of love and understanding by the ebil wite debil.

          2. “I love how white people think that every black person they come across is out to get them. What it really shows is that you fear us”.

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        3. @Empty soul
          “Not just the whites either. Your race is hated by the east and west Asians as well and pretty much every other race.(First off. So. I don’t care about ppl hating me, the whole world could as long they keep their shit to themselves.) Lol not true by the way. I had white(especially white ppl) , Latinos, Japanese, and last but not least black friends.

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          Just in case you don’t believe me. 🙂

          1. P.s. Next time get your Shit order.”Black males are around 2.2 percent of the English population.” ( 2.8 Ya fuck).Get it right next time ya Honk ca Tunk

  3. Terrible execution. I’ll score it a 3/10. Not nearly enough height. Good idea with the flip, seemed promising. But he overrated, didn’t even land on his head/ neck, which is crucial when jumping from such a low height. Surprised it killed him honestly.

    1. Anyway, landing in that position from that height is similar to slamming into a brick wall at 50-55 km/hr. It was enough to get himself killed, but without a fully satisfying sound effect, splatter of bodily fluids or other visual sensation.

      So I agree, the minimum score of 3/10.

      1. Actually, I’d give him a 8.5. He sort of messed it up two thirds of the way down, by not completing the somersault elegantly, but I guess that’s the last thing on his mind. So I initially gave him 4.5, kind man that I am. In fact he was completely relaxed as it did it, so I added a point there.

        Also, one must take account of prior training and experience in jumps. This man has none, it’s is first suicide. One more point added.
        One must also take account of originality, this is the first time I saw a backflip done. Yet another point added.
        Finally also look at difficulty. Yet another point.

        That’s 4 extra points. Don’t any of you call me a harsh marker.

        1. I admit we have to account for factors such as the degree of difficulty unless there’s some sort of social justice equalization where everyone gets an award of participation. Anyway, a traditional scoring system usually tosses out the highest and lowest score because of the lingering memory of the Soviet Union.

          So I’m out with my 3/10 and you’re out with your Commie 8.5/10.

          1. @Casual Observer
            I actually had to Google this, lol. Yes, in the past Olympics, the Soviet judge normally gave max points to the east competitor and min points to the west competitor and the Western judges did the opposite. It’s amazing how brazen and unprofessional some people were lol.

            The problem with removing max and min outliers from the scores is that all our suicide jumpers will now have average-ish scores. All of them are now going to get 6’s or 7’s and only the really top performers will get an 8 or 9 (because very few judges are going to award a score that will be simply thrown away, unless they believe other judges are thinking the same way).

  4. I guessing they turned him out in jail. And maybe he just couldn’t deal with all that cornholing he received or the fact his good book says all Muzzy fags must die for sucking non camel cocks?

  5. And, of course, the usual screams from the retarded bitches who felt every ounce of pain.
    Wtf is up with these weak split-arses? They stand there quietly for a while knowing exactly what’s coming and then when it does, they have a competition to see who can scream the loudest.
    I hate women.

    No, wait….a correction. I hate what women have become.

  6. Who the fuck cares about that retard, idk why the fuck those bitches screamed if he was a useless fugly criminal, he was not worth shit, should have been killed in prison to avoid cleaners to clean that blood

  7. On the topic of suicide, sometimes wish I livestreamed my second one on some site that yall could’ve seen it, I was spitting blood from biting my tongue and was having a violent seizure causing me to smash my head into the sharp corner of an end table, I’m sure yall gore lovers who enjoy suicide videos would’ve digged it! Now, I dont support suicide. I support getting help. But for some dumb ass reason I decide to be a pussy and end myself, I will make sure to film it. If I am gonna die, I might as well make others satified by seeing my death. Props to whoever filmed this video! Giving us a good show.

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