Young Man Decapitated and Dismembered by Two Girls in Algarve, Portugal

Severed Head of 21 Year Old Diogo Goncalves

Young Man Decapitated and Dismembered by Two Girls in Algarve, Portugal

In the Algarve, Portugal, a young man was brutally murdered, decapitated and dismembered. Two girls aged 19 and 23 years old, suspected of killing 21 year old Diogo Gonçalves, have been arrested. They reportedly killed Diogo because they found out that he received an insurance settlement to the tune of 75k Euro after his mother violently died being run over.

One of the girls was friends with Diogo Gonçalves. The two first tried to extort the money from the young man, but seeing as he wasn’t readily handing it over, they murdered him.

According to a periodical the Correio da Manhã, the severed body without arms and legs (which are yet to be discovered) was found at the base of a cliff at Forte do Beliche, in Sagres, Vila do Bispo, while the head was discovered at Pego do Inferno, in Tavira municipality, about 150 kilometers away. The car used in the commission of the murder was left abandoned near the lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente, Sagres.

Both girls were residents of the Algarve, and had no prior criminal record. I guess a woman can’t help it when she smells dough.

Diogo Gonçalves worked as a computer engineer at Hotel Vila Vita.

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  3. There’s a lot of good news in this story.

    Now that the head has been recovered, Diogo’s family can proceed with an open casket funeral. There’s enough neck meat to staple the head to the torso, and the mortician can use a ready made suit with polyester stuffing. The casket can be more easily lifted, there’s going to be more hot girls in prison, and they can outsource Diogo’s job from the EU.

    1. Oi, give the poor bloke a break. Those nasty man hating militant lezbians aren’t chicks. They are big, fat, hairy men with army haircuts. Anyone could be cut down by something so unfortunate……..

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    If he can’t handle 2 dyke broads… hey that’s a good name for a gay alternative band….— ANYWAY… FUCK HIM. I wonder if they did?

  5. To be honest. I got a feeling he had it coming, any sane person wouldn’t gone and mouthing around about how much money he/she just inherited from their dead relative unless they want something from bragging around. And judge by the photo when he were still alive, I believe this boy here try to be a “Playah” one or both of those girls and somehot thing just got really really really wrong turn there.

  6. A woman is supposed to marry a man for his money, and kill him little by little each day, over a forty year period. Start with his dreams and aspirations, and start in on his soul after that. Move into his home, and force him into the basement or garage. Convince him that you are being generous by “letting” him have a man-cave of his own. Once he has been vanquished to his dungeon, throw out all his other shit, and buy new shit for the rest of the house (on his dime of course).

    1. Same for many lottery winners, they can never shut up about winning, that’s why there’s this thing called the lottery curse.
      I’ve seen them do that shit at casinos, they win 20-25k and then celebrate to let everyone know who to follow to the parking lot.

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    A lot of the times we tend to get in a relationship out of loneliness and desperation. But maybe waiting a while and figuring out someone you can trust could be more beneficial and life saving in the long term.

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          1. Where did you get this information the media other articles. Reread it myself and no mention of nationality. You suggesting, because it was a decapitation the women were Da Silvas as if the portuguese don’t do that kind of shit.

    1. @AA – over the years, there have been many many cool people that graced the comments section, contributed content and who have written the occasional
      post. Out of all of them @portugesedude is NOT the one to miss. He was a goose……..

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  9. According to Jornal De Noticias, the girls were indeed lesbians, they are a couple. They got inspired by Dexter on how to do the killing. Maria is 19 and was a security guard (usefull profession if u want to overpower someone) on the hotel were Diogo (the dead guy) worked. He was trying to buy her affection with expensive things and told her about his mother’s death and about the money he got (his mother died in 2016). Little did he know that Maria was dating Mariana, a 23 year old girl how was a nurse (hum.. usefull if u want to drug and kill someone). Together, the lesbians made a plan to kill the guy and still his money. Maria went on a date with Diogo to his own house and druged his drink. With the promise of a strip she convince him to sit on a chair and let her tie him up (lol). After that she called Mariana, the guy tried to free himself and she did the sleeper hold thing until Mariana confirmed that he was dead. After that they cut some of his fingers so they could use his phone, went home to get some rest. Next day they tried to fuck his teeth up so he was unrecognizable but failed. After that it’s just them cutting him up in peaces and traveling over 150km to spread the body parts in diferente places. Some tourists found his head, then his torso was found close to his abandoned car (they used his car to travel with the body parts) and they stole little more that 2000€ from him, cause they used his credit card and was easy for the cops to link them to the muder.
    After being arrested the only thing they wanted was not to be seperated in prison.
    Sry if my english isn’t perfect.

    1. Thanks for the story. It’s funny how these idiots think that people with money just keep it at home in a bag under the bed. I bet it wasn’t until after they killed him they thought to themselves, “ Oh we actually don’t know his PIN number. This wasn’t very smart was it”………

  10. Well, I speak Spanish and Italian so I understand pretty much most of what has been written on the case and apparently they took advantage of their position as his “friends” while grieving and killed him in order to fake a permission with his fingerprints, they chop his fingers. What a pair of crazy bitches.

  11. I mean at the same time you have to ask yourself “what could I exepct?”. They are GIRLS, being sluts and whores, killing their loves ones for money and feeling no guilt about it, just being with a man for money, all that is in womens/girls nature, it is just how they are wierd. And to all offended feminists out there, I am not a virgin so don’t even start with that argument, what I am saying is facts

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