Young Man Beheaded by Rivals with Meat Cleaver, His Head Buried in Hole

Young Man Beheaded by Rivals with Meat Cleaver, His Head Buried in Hole

Young Man Beheaded by Rivals with Meat Cleaver, His Head Buried in Hole

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows members of the Yeico Masacre gang from Venezuela beheading a rival from the Willy Melean gang. The beheader uses a meat cleaver of questionable sharpness, so the entirety of the decapitation is not shown.

With the head eventually severed and used for photo ops, the head is thrown into a small hole and buried. By the looks of it, the rival was already dead when the beheading commenced.

Props to Best Gore member @3asbaaaa for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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99 thoughts on “Young Man Beheaded by Rivals with Meat Cleaver, His Head Buried in Hole”

          1. I made it to :35 before I noped out. Making my way to “ghost rider” vid of few days ago. To be determined on how long I last with that. Harro!

          2. I knew a girl that could do that. She was a stripper with the stage name Cloaca..
            She could also pick up a quarter with her flaps if you tossed it on the dance floor.

          3. @hopingfornemesis
            Hot asks the man as he drools on his keyboard. Hot? HOT??
            I’d take a face peeling before I’d touch that. No more quarter tricks for her. Those flaps now hang to the floor and swing side to side as she walks. I guess if you ask nicely though she’d do the try for you., She just doesn’t have to to do a leg split anymore to reach it.
            And yes illegal, I did marry her, but I sorta had to.

  1. Freshly decapitated head?

    Pick it up with both heads, shout into an ear, slap both cheeks hard, and watch if the face glares back at you in indignation.

    (Well, Marie Antoinette reacted that way, apparently).

  2. At least these fucking Taco popping cholos have enough common decency to invest in some decent weaponry…..unlike those Brazilian fags with their silly looking 1975 Smith & Wesson .38 special revolvers….
    Anyways…..these are simple men…who only want a little head.

          1. I know…well sorta….
            But I was joking also…I’d totally nominate you for a chest peeling…just kidding.
            But seriously I’m just killing time and times killing me here.
            OK take care☺

  3. Well as usual I posted prior to actually wathing the video …
    Talk about Gay….yikes I mean really…What’s with all the fruity wrist gestures pretending to shoot his head…..And those damn Mexican dull blades…..Do they have one sharp blade in that whole shit hole country….I guess it’s hard to appreciate a good blade when you never actually grow any decent facial hair….besides those gay Freddy mercury. …dirty Sanchez stashes…
    This whole video reeks of Mexican homoerotica….They probably ran a train on old lopez’s asshole the night before and decided to off him…but saved his most useful parts for the evening siesta.
    The hole in the ground is obviously a metaphor for an Anus. …..The thrusting guns are hard thick veiny cocks ready for action….
    Not since Brokeback mountain has such Fruity smut been on the big screen…
    I give this movie….3 semi flaccid cocks up…

  4. THE BEGINNING & THE END by bad jonny

    I’ve wanted to die
    Ever since I was young
    Don’t tell Sigmund Freud
    Or that fuckwit Karl Jung

    Now I didn’t care if I got shot
    Or suicide and ‘hung’
    Every day is death’s ladder
    We go up another rung

    But what did you do?
    What have you brung?

    Now my last poem’s been wrote
    And my last song is sung
    Your monitor now flatlines
    The’ vacate’ bell is rung

    Your last living memory
    Was something sharp that ‘stung’
    And something suck the last drop
    Of air from your lung

    They had you in age diapers
    But they have now been wrung
    You’re now a corpse stiff on a slab
    With a bloated purple tongue

    Be good
    You won’t be here for a long as you think
    Time is the enemy
    Time moves quick

      1. O but .. contrare …
        Jonny has been banned twice :
        1st as Baby HItler, 2nd as Bad Fairy
        But. …
        I became less outwardly aggressive to individuals,
        and more aggressive to human kind (which is okay)

        Be good
        Be kind
        In the end .. it’s all we have to offer

  5. I reckon that dead guy was just some random guy, some roadkill on the side of the road that these freaks found and decided to take advantage of the situation. It’s obvious they didn’t kill him, they aren’t even game enough to fire their own guns……..

    1. Hey Dre my good friend.
      Good to see you are doing well. In the good old comments mate.
      Saw ya on the other website. Don’t mind all the assholes there mate. There really are some cool people there. I sent ya a welcome and all.
      Well take care friend.

      1. @PleaseEvolve777
        Thanks for the kind words and nice to see that you are also frequenting that other site, as it shows that great minds have educated themselves, and therefore think much alike.
        And You take care as well my good B G Brother and Fully Awoken & Non-Sheeple Individual. 🙂

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