Young Man Stabbed and Shot to Death on Dirt Road at Night

Young Man Stabbed and Shot to Death on Dirt Road at Night

In an undisclosed location in Brazil, a captured young man was stabbed and shot to death at night, while being held with hands and feet bound, and a shirt over his head. The following day, his corpse was found on a remote dirt road.

I have no backinfo on why he was murdered, but whereas in tampon worshiping Brazil, it’s either female privilege or death, he may have offended a woman by taking more than 3 minutes to respond to her text message. There can be no punishment but death for a display of such toxic masculinity.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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  1. Hey guys, been absent for a month, what did I miss?

    By the way, this happened in the municipality of Sapé, state of Paraíba according to the man filming. The body was found in the entrance of the Renaissance Farm by the people who worked there at the moment. And this was not the only body found dead in that city the last days, more were found.

          1. Did he die ? Hmm let’s see. He got stabbed multiple times and shot at multiple times, to make matters worse he was left to die in some dirt road
            Most likely bled out‍♂️

      1. Is that why they slit, then split his head, so other fagots can use their little heads to have him Fucked In The Big Head, while calling him a fuck-head,,fuck-head,,with every pump, or wtf ?

          1. @bloodyhands76

            I could do the same, but would I? Na… 😉 And if he does rip out my innards and do everything else you said he’s going to do to me, will I be drugged and in chains? Usually that’s how it goes down, on this planet. No one can really fight fair…

          2. Especially when it comes down to Jews and alien human hosts, like you guys probably are. The ‘Jew’trix (Matrix) is real.

      1. felipe.s hang on how did you guess i’m english, anyway i agree, some english is awful but now days most english is portuguese and spanish and arabic and french and…..etc etc etc

          1. Jeez, @polluted, here in Detroit we have the Big 3:
            – No driver’s test left behind.
            – Voter’s registration at the driver’s test.
            – Chartered buses on voting day.

    1. I’ve said it many times on here. Favela or poor Brasileiros speak Portuguese like shit. All you hear is ooouuu aaak uuuu aaahhk oooiiii. If you hear a Southern Brasilian, educated Brasileiro or a European Portuguese you can make out the words.

        1. Glorious Supreme Leader of Flipflopistan & Dear Leader of Havenukistan well the slags that hang around in the coffee shops round my way from early morning to late night must all be from these places as, unfortunately our idiotic leaders give them tons of money to have kids and do nothing so they’re all single mothers

  2. Interesting, hm, for some reason on my end the video won’t load or play probably something on my end would anyone want to be kind enough to give me a report on this murder video?

    Write it in a way as if you were writing a novel of the events of the murder of something like that and if you have legitimate background info of such things and tell me about it as if you were writing a murder story of your own desire.

    I might not check back on this comment but message me about this video and title and all if you want.

      1. No, but I probably die all up if I saw some good ole fashion murder only on BestGore, mind you, not interested in that shit outside of this. Thinking of the writings of a mad man who wants the world to burn yet remain alive long enough to see all the good people to be safe, yet the rest of us to be annihilated for that is what I think would be just.

      1. Yeah, video worked out pretty much refreshed the site on ghostery.

        Dark with the absence of the stars,
        Nothing to see but within the teeth of chaos and the eyes of those without order humans shall kill for each to their own it shall be so.

  3. I love Brazil….from a distance of course …..and they sound like a Spanish polish mix …if you could fuckin imagine that …dick flavored and shit scented language….no offence …and if you are offended..let me offer you my most eloquent …fuck you

  4. God was creating the world. An angel sees him creating Brazil and says:

    “My Lord, this is unfair. Look at this country you’re creating. Tropical climate, no snow, no ice, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no earthquakes or volcanoes, rich mineral deposits, biggest forest in the world and plenty of water and fertile soil. They are going to be the most powerful nation on Earth”.

    God looks at him and says:

    “Wait until you see the kind of people I am putting there…”

  5. he came back in the day time to get a good picture and saw the cops and was like “fuck! think fast…i got it! and then he pretended to be a news reporter. at least thats what i like to think happened. i dont know portugese

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