Young Man Survives and Agonizes About Being Halved by Train

Young Man Survives and Agonizes About Being Halved by Train

Young Man Survives and Agonizes About Being Halved by Train

No idea where the video is from. It shows a victim of an apparent encounter with a train. Train always wins after crosshairs with humans.

The young man was halved above waist. He survived, but is in agony, both physical and emotional. With everyone around him eager to gawk, but none eager to comfort him, his moments of agony were not walk through a park.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. That would be imposible since the brain controls all the bodies muscle function, and with your body gets separated from the brain, then body whether whole or just a portion, like the case in this video where the victims lower portion has been removed from the brains control, unless he’s a chicken who had been decapitated, then that’s another story.

      1. Hehe

        If you look closely, you can see his flip flops are white and in good condition. I’m surprised the ‘1 flip flop only’ didn’t make appearance. Must have had insurance for them both…. The deal was RAILLY good not to pass…

  1. He can always get a mechanical lower body like Darth Maul did. Yuk anyone ever smelled the air near a disembowled human? Smells like rotting beef tripe due to feces from intestines. As a kid in Mexicostan I witnessed a fat man cut in half by a guard rail when a Corona beer truck struck his bicycle. Thanks to that I’m now obsessed by gore. These types of videos bring back childhood memories :’)

      1. Me and my flip flop mates saw it. We were chilling outside a candy store in the town plaza. It was a blind corner downhill. There was a guardrail to protect the shops at the end of the downhill road incase of a runaway vehicle. To this day I’m mindfuked as to how much force it was for him to get split in half. The trucker did screech a lot so I’m guessing he really was at fault. Ironically that part was known as el cruce del diablo by the locals.

  2. No matter how bad your day was, it was better than this guy’s. I thought he was going to start doing push ups, he seems extraordinarily lively. Unfortunately because he lacks an ass hole, I don’t think he is going to make it any longer than a few hours with this type of injury. If I was in his position, I’d be looking forward to the end of my agony.

  3. With all the people who get hit by trains down there. I’m starting to wonder if train engineers have a secret game going on with other engineers with a point system on how many people they can hit and halve. If they hit some one it’s 1 point. But if they cut them in half it’s 2 points.

  4. This video is from Bangladesh . Some people were shouting and saying record it on video , while other were saying give water to the dude and near the video ending people were saying car came for help .

  5. This MUST be from India, just watch how Indians nonchalantly walk into traffic too on any video you can find about India. They seem to think that everything has to stop for them or that they can outrun each and every moving vehicle on this planet. What baffles me is that it’s only Indians who do this, so I’m wondering if this is a race thing.

  6. Nah… They tried to do a hacksaw magic trick, but it went sideways. The owner that performed that trick dumped that person onto a train track to make it look like it was an accident, however that’s not the case. It was Sideshow Bob!

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