Young Syrian Man Gives ISIS Hard Time Before They Behead Him by Sword

Young Syrian Man Gives ISIS Hard Time Before They Behead Him by Sword

A young Syrian man from Al-Shadadi town in Al-Hasakah Governorate was sentenced to death by the Islamic State, who control this part of north-eastern Syria. The public execution was carried out the traditional Islamic way – he was beheaded by sword.

Before the executioner was able to cut his head off, the man gave ISIS a hard time. He was screaming for help and struggling, requiring several mujaheddin to keep him restrained. Even with a few men on top of him, he still managed to cause delays to the beheading.

There was no getting away for him, though. The inevitable eventually happened with a well aimed, professionally executed (no pun intended) neck chop that severed his head quickly and cleanly. The screaming and struggling stopped in an instant.

What he was found guilty of is unclear. Baby14 says that for all we know, he could have been caught reading a Harry Potter book, and be accused of sorcery.

At least the executioner knew what he was doing, unlike this Saudi guy. Otherwise aside from the condemned losing his head, the guy who held his head in place would also lose his fingers, or more…

Many thanks to Best Gore members Baby14 and Hugsthemuffin for the video:

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  1. Ha! πŸ™‚ It’s about damn time one of them put up a fight! Instead of going out calm like but spite the struggles they managed to get the job done. A cigar should go to the executioner for his patients.

          1. These fuckwads hate all things Western, but they certainly love their cell phones and internet access.

            What a bunch of ass clowns.

      1. ever stop to think it was a typo or autocorrect or autofill by a person using a tablet or stupidphone? im sure he/she knows the difference besides if you can register a BG account you probably already have a get easy diploma which btw isnt much to brag about in the first place i understand sarcasm as much as the next douchebag but in todays society you need a regular diploma just to be considered a position at burger kings kitchen

      1. That was sharp force trauma. A falchion was used, not a hammer. Swords have sharp edges. πŸ™‚ for someone belittling another for improper word use, you are just as guilty. Was going to use a more convoluted word, but, I wanted to be sure you understood what I was saying.

    1. You sick motherfuckers. You live like monkeysand your fucking ALLAH put them in your asses. Allah pedobar is a better name. Im from Belgium and if you wanne cut my head I dont fucking care, but never you going too win this freaking war. Ask my adres and I will give you… Sick fucking ppl

  2. I guess if you GOTTA go, its what I would choose if I knew my executioner had skills like this guy. Hanging, electrocution, firing squad, maybe even lethal injection would be more agonizing to some extent. But a quick chop to the head and you feel NO PAIN, now THAT’S the way to go.

    I just wonder if even for a few seconds you can still see or are aware. Would be a trip.

    1. There are several experiments where they behead animals, and then bring their heads back to life for a few hours by pumping fresh blood on them, so I think there is a chance you would still have some sort of feeling before dying after they chop off your head.
      If I had to choose, I would like to be executed by a rifle bullet to the back of my head, it’s quick and painless.

        1. There is also people who got lethal injection and suffered for nearly an hour before death.
          ISIS is using anti-aircraft guns to execute people, so I might as well as them to kill me with a shot of that, but on the head. Now I doubt someone would survive that.

      1. Naw, lights go out immediately after the brain stem is severed. Maybe you might have some vision for a half second before everything fades to black. But its pretty much painless since your brain cant send signals to the rest of your body that its feeling pain.

      1. Brazilian, there were experiments conducted by a French guy in the early 1900s (from memory) where condemned people were requested to blink after decapitation, indicating consciousness. And they did. Some form of awareness lingered for around 30 seconds with those tests. I remember this from watching the seminal documentary ‘Executions’. Seminal to me anyway, it was the first out and out gore I’d seen. I think I saw a copy of it here at bestgore when I was rummaging about a few months ago.

    2. I remember reading an article about this. Some French scientist basically was so curious about it he had his own head chopped off but his plan was to blink as many times after being executed as possible. I think it was about 10 blinks then he passed. Btw first post on here made an acc. To reply
      To this lol

  3. I agree, ’bout time we seen someone put up a good fight!! Personally, I think a lot more people do actually fight, they just don’t release those videos as much as the ones that give no resistance. Also, at least the guy knew what he was doing! Thanks for sharing Baby14!

    1. @rebelk – many times on this site and others ive seen “he took it like a man..” or similar words – ive never understood how giving up and accepting the will of the killer without question or struggle equates to being a “man”
      ive said before(one or twice,to the ridicule of other commenters) and i will say it again – i have MUCH more respect to the guys who kick up a fight against their death…no matter how hopeless that fight is

    1. I actually like the goatfucker business concept. They are even smarter than the united states of capitalism. We take or demand and pay you in the afterlife. Kill yourself with a suicide bomb mission and get rewarded by the 72 goats in heaven or whatever fuckin place they all meet. I’ll ask for a credit tomorrow to get me some nice cars and pay in the afterlife w my ass. Deal?

  4. just to clarify (i can understand what they were saying ) the man was captured and behaded because of blaspheme (he was cursing god ) it’s a common thing in the syrian bashar army, (he was saying help me this is unfair i will never forgive you )

  5. This guy! He is my hero! Well, they both are. A hell of a good sword swinger and a guy that isn’t taking any of this shit! A+++ for this video! Thank you Baby14 and Ate! I hate watching people lay down and die like dogs. “You gotta fight for your right to PARTAAY!”

          1. @L a C you would be at a crossroads is that because you know you’re going to die eather you get your head cut off or if you try to run away they shoot you either way you’re fucked so I guess excepting the inedible would be better off choice. I just like to see them fight sometimes. πŸ™‚

          1. This damm touch screen! I would really like to see one of these condemned prisoners sneak in a suicide bomb and set it off at the last minute of their lives and take everybody out with him! πŸ˜‰

  6. You figure that after about 100 or more attempts to restrain this man
    That somewhere along the line Allah him/Her/It. Self would intervene
    in the slaughter carried out in His/Her/It’s name
    Would you still believe in Allah?
    It sounded like They scored a soccer goal!’ Allah AKbaarrrr

  7. It would have been Awsome if the convict would have gotten ahold of the rifle that one of the IS fuckers lay in front of him and just started to shoot everyone. Just like in that vid I saw here when a guy was forced to clean up after an execution and got ahold of a loaded gun.
    Well maybe the next one is lucky – they got plenty of people.

  8. Id fucking LOVE to see that huge ass crowd just charge in and save the guy, sure some would get shot, but that many people, damn, id love to see something like that..

    Also, a question, im a bit new, but does Baby14 currently live where this shit is happening ? how does he get these videos?

    1. Rest assured, without a doubt there are those that struggle and cause injuries to their would-be executioners, those that have to be gunned down, and even some that escape altogether. Of course, we never get to see those videos.. One day such a video will emerge and we will bask in the depravity of it all.

  9. Gotta give the chap some credit really. I often find myself wondering why people don’t just scatter when told to stand in a line and wait patiently for execution. I suppose that’s a natural enough thought from the safety of a relatively comfortable couch, though the evidence clearly points to a strange sort of stoicism in most cases like this. I hadn’t considered the point that remaining still allows for better aim and a likely quicker end. If that were the case I’d be asking for a permanent marker to outline my motor cortex for the firing squad.. You don’t see a lot of what I suppose must be a kind of courage from someone so clearly condemned. Forgive my ignorance but I expect a majority of the crowd gathered is in support of the act. Fair play if all you can do is shout one last “fuck y’all” at them before you fall victim to the spiral of retardation that is mob mentality.

  10. Fuck yeah, this shit made me cry a little. Go out with a fucking fight, You have my prayers bro. Who knows what he did, I think the only way we can carry on here in America is assuming that the executed did something to deserve it…I hope this is the case. However, when I travel to places like this I am physically prepared to fuck these scum pieces of shit up, so maybe I don’t really believe that people like this guy did something to deserve it.

  11. He wasn’t calling for help, he was saying two main sentences : “may god forgive you all”, and “You exploiters/unjustful”, actually he was attacking them in the face ; not crying for help. This man was a very very brave person. His courage showed how weak these militants are.

    At the beginning, the ISIS people were referring to a quote -hadith- saying : “a man says a word with no thinking, it makes him fall 70,000 years in hell”. Well, it gives me a hint that the victim talked against ISIS.

    This brave man deserves a salute. He wasn’t crying for help, he was saying to everybody that ISIS are oppressors & unjust, and for that he lost his head.

    Think again who isis belong to. Looks like that Muslims -like this man- are already talking against them, so how come they rule all this wide land ? how did they enter syria ? why am I hearing the Cameraman speaking in Saudi Accent, while there is also another militant speaking in Egyptian accent ? how come forigners rule over the natives & cut their heads like that ? nobody smells a meal cooked by uncle sam & his jewish buddies along with many greedy arabs regimes which support & feed ISIS ?

  12. It would have been nice to see a closeup of his face immediately afterwards. The way he was struggling makes me wonder how long his facial expressions would carry on. I’m sure he could still here the activities around him for a minute or two. Bad day for him.

  13. Instead of the USA giving these guys bamboo trees to bench press with, these IS vatos should make it a law to carry a concealed bar of soap at all times. Good swing by dude doing the cutting, he should be the next NE patriots next quarterback.

    1. Allah or the fucking tooth fairy….Fuck me, these backward fucking cavemen and their shit as fuck wooly beards have already had some cunt witchdoctor, with a spoon, bat wing and prayer, hack at their cocks and skinned them already, maybe thats why their so angry, their kiddy wife laughs at their shit specimen. HaHa, dirty fucking arabs.

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