Young Woman Gets Her Arms Cut Off While Alive Before Being Beheaded

Young Woman Gets Her Arms Cut Off While Alive Before Being Beheaded

Young Woman Gets Her Arms Cut Off While Alive Before Being Beheaded

In the State of Zacatecas in Mexico, a young woman was captured by cartel sicarios who took her to the woods to kill her with the brutality typical of the Mexican drug traffickers.

According to the information I got, the killers are members of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS). As for the woman, she was accused by the killers of being “la contra” – which likely means that they accused her of being with the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) who are known rivals of the Sinaloa Cartel in the area.

In the video, the woman is shown on her knees with arms bound behind her back. Sicarios dressed up in Sunday lounge-wear stand around her, some armed with rifles, while one cuts off first her right arm and then her left at the elbows.

After both forearms are amputated, the sicarios proceed with the decapitation. To concluded the dismemberment, the headless corpse gets its legs cut off as well.

Props to Best Gore member @kike004 and @natural-selection-2 for the video and backinfo:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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312 thoughts on “Young Woman Gets Her Arms Cut Off While Alive Before Being Beheaded”

      1. That “little pen knife”
        Did more “filleting”
        Then most hatchets, machetes and meat cleavers ever did in whole of Brazille in the hands of an artist of his trade, Sicarios

        Don’t diss te “scalpel”
        Respect it!

    1. @kike004 well done sir. Right up there with the very best. Sicarios carved her up nicely. Gave me a huge erection. Nothing sweeter than the suffering of a woman. I love how the knife man let her suffer between dismemberment s. She got off lucky.

    2. dont be the ass, these young people are just the ones who deliver “packages” they dont know the risk in what they are doing, just promised some money, these kids are mostly poor naive kids, who is told they personally take no risk in delivering, the really sad part is that the real criminals absolutely don’t care about whats happening to those kids, they are only bothered because they lost some value in drugs, most of these kids are not even drugusers, just poor kids who like to earn a little money, so sad

        1. Haha. It’s not sad
          The sicarios are high caste lieutenants of the dark lord. 88. They turned that cunt into a demon, before they sent her to Satan. They ruined her body, turned her into a ghoul, then killed her. The last thing she (and all humans) experienced was being turned into a demoness. She carrys that into the after life

          Hail satan 93 1/137

        2. Haha. It’s not sad
          The sicarios are high caste lieutenants of the dark lord. 88. They turned that cunt into a demon, before they sent her to Satan. They ruined her body, turned her into a ghoul, then killed her. The last thing she (and all humans) experienced was being turned into a demoness. She carrys that into the after life

          Hail satan 93 1/137

      1. I’ll be the ass if I want to, you’re not the boss of me. Do you personally know this kid? If they live in Mexico they know the risk; you seriously think they’ve never seen any cartel videos? Get a grip.
        Plus, I don’t give a rats ass about those “poor kids” and I am not sad about it at all.

    1. I think she took it relatively well. I was expecting her to scream her lungs off the whole time.

      Fuck those drug dealing cunts.
      There are people like these in existence and then you really wonder why some countries have the death penalty for drug offences.

          1. You’re right. I once fell in love with a mexican woman. She is a bad demon and she broke my heart. That’s why I enjoy bestgore.

          2. Just leave a Mexican do some introspection at peace, can’t you realize how rare that fucking is? Most of them cunts blame murkans, as if rich White kids’ demand for coke somehow magically transforms the dealers into animalistic savages, instead of acknowledging that a great part of their compatriots are naturally bloodthirsty psychopathic subhumans and that they are in dire need of hard eugenics.

            As for mr. Shinoda, you have my sympathy, man. Given your country’s situation don’t want to give you any futile hope but still the Philippines were in a not much better situation and yet God made a miracle and sent them Duterte to clean the place up.

      1. If someone gets the full video, they must send it to be re-uploaded, on the other hand I heard that the assassins belong to the sinaloa cartel (CDS) although other people living in Mexico say they belong to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG)

    1. @Death To Mohels,
      Yes these stupid lifelong felons should be living right next to rabbi schlomo and company! Just remember that every time we see some filthy Jew-bag getting a punch dose of negro diversity on the streets of N. Y. C. just make sure you smile profusely.
      And yet the Jewlywood message is that the White man is irredeemable? Yeah ok ya merchant small hat kike-fuck.
      Also would like to say… It’s MORE THAN OK TO BE WHITE!

      1. better still. The State of Israel should distribute green cards to all ethnic minorities around the world, who never developed their full intelectual potential cause of white oppression, so that they can thrive in Israel.

    2. exactly, this is why im a racist hate filled white bigot male neon Nazi 1488 fascist with esoteric black sun and ss bolts tats because I hate the subhuman behavior of nonwhite lesser humanoids

      1. I started on a clean slate. Slowly and proudly grew into the racist I am today. Due to life experience and seeing reality for what it is. Not what the media wants me to believe it is. Thanks jews and white guilt ridden liberal ass wipes! Your bullshit had the complete opposite effect on me!

  1. Everyone that this happens so is so shy and scared. I mean yes I would be too, but if I know they are going to kill me I would be angry, not apologetic or compromising! I would tell them that I will see them in Hell and that they can go fuck themselves!

    1. You have to keep in mind that the animals that carry out these evil acts are Genuine psychopaths. But they know they are doing wrong even as an animal that eats its own young knows it’s breaking the rules.

      The pain and suffering of that women will wash away like tears in the rain and will have no meaning nor memory, for it is but an illusion.

      You can only die once in the incarnation in which your Human consciousness exists. There is good reason and design behind the fact that no matter how terrible the torture or death you receive, you will absolutely disconnect from human pain and suffering. Our Perceived Pain is just another illusion, just as your body and human life is.

      The reality of what you really are, bares no resemblance to your human life. But your actions whilst you’re here will reverberate throughout infinitely on either side of the thin slither of light that was your own human life.

      Real pain is experienced by those who reap what they have sowed after their last exhale follows on from their first intake of breath….

        1. Hi hi Pavlova.
          Have you had your head in the Irish urban slang dictionary..?
          Very astute observation no less, because it could be said that
          I am indeed Jackeen. Yes.
          (Jackeen is the mildly derogatory term used by Irish country folk for people who hail from Dublin).
          Or once again you’re just playing with my name.

          Hum, that I am also aware of but thought it to be
          every forth Sunday of the Month..!

          1. My best pal is half Irish, I think I’ve heard it from him.Fits perfect in this situation!
            Yes, I turn into a psycho bitch monster…when the moon’s full.

          2. Haha.
            How’s tricks Pavlova, all good in your hood..?
            Yea, fitted right in, ahem.
            Good to hear about your friend too, should you need or want any Irish in yourself you’ve only to ask, politely. Of course I’d be happy to ensure your request was satisfied..!#%?!
            Bwahaha. Only joking, I know that you are happily involved so.

            Your are not alone in the Moon phases Jeez, you wanna hear the Howls outta Me..!

            Soon it’s time for the Rabbits run, just waiting for Nems to be around is all…

          3. Dia dhuit a chara!
            Everything is fine, thanks. I hope you’re doing good too.

            Shame you’re just joking coz I’d totally go for it! I’d love to hear you howling! Hahaha

            For a moment I thought you backed up. That’s cool, whenever you’re ready…


        2. Hei Pavlova.
          You’ve been busy eh’
          ah chífidh mé ar ball thú so.
          All good thanks, this will sound mad but (most everything I say does).
          However I was caught in some rain last eve, now I’m waiting for waterproofs to dry out because I’ve to go out again soon and it looks like raining again.

          Hum, not really, you ever find yourself here for whatever reason, you be welcome in the corner of one of the fields, I’ll even throw you a blanket should you need.
          Surprised you’ve not heard the Howling from here already..!
          Moi retreat nope know the word, not the meaning.
          We’ll see how the day pans.
          Tho I’ve still a little longer yet so, Nems was around briefly tho now not sure, without checking think might be his slumber time.

        1. Walls keep us in. As well as keeping others out. If there is one thing that people who are paying attention should understand, is that we shouldn’t buy the nonsense that we are being sold. A wall? That is the epitome of false nonsense. False hope. Unfortunately I am losing hope. People are dumb as Fuck. Trump sucks. Biden sucks. Every year things get more fucked up. Fuck it. Why even bother? People are so easily manipulated. A wall? Fuck!

          1. Seems to have worked quite well in Germany, the Great Wall the Chinese built, and currently the one in pIssreal. Walls work. There’s too much propaganda against walls and overall sensible security that weak minded people are buying into. Walls to keep others out are not designed to keep us in. They have exit and entry points. You ever toured a prison? The walls are to keep people in, not people out. It works both ways.

        2. ffs can’t believe u merican fools. Take that money and put it into education, not into the millionaire’s pockets who’ll get rich from your stupid fuckin wall. Maybe the kids will grow up smart enough not to do coke all day and that will take money from the cartels.

          1. Education will never be fixed because no one wants it to be fixed. And college along with H.R. departments are the biggest scam out there.

            The wall will prevent even more turd world slave labor from pouring into the country. Not that there isn’t too much already to prevent most people from getting decent jobs. I can’t imagine a future where “kids” are smart enough to think for themselves, much less adults. Billionaire corporations getting rich on government contracts? What else is new? Still needs to be done though, at least this will serve an end purpose, unlike the endless wars for nothing.

      1. With the current financial system and economy. Only the smart ones aren’t breeding. The dumb regardless of welfare system or not will always breed. They tend to be the poor and stupid ones. They live in the moment and are blissfully ignorant.

      1. Don’t blame entire World population for savagery of about 0,5% of the filthy psychos.
        Blame fucking government(of Mexico).
        Are they fucking kidding me? They have resources and army but are unable to destroy few cartels there?
        What, USA cannot deal with gangs and mafia? C’mon..It is approved to scare the shit of populace. Scared people are easy for control.

        1. If you’re referring to my above comment, I wasn’t pointing out the relationship between world population and violence. (yet)

          …can you comprehend a sentence, or do you need an ap for that as well?

          I was referring to…

          1) The overhype of the recent corona virus. I can explain further, but I already have on several occasions in previous posts.

          2) Climate change is a real problem. The data is simply available, for those who want to read it. I’ve read the pros and cons, and my conclusion remains. It’s a real problem.

          However and as with abortion, I’m not spending too much time with climate change either. People will access their own information, from sources they are comfortable with.

          However, I can connect the dots, when it comes to world overpopulation with social/environmental challenges.

          1) Climate change. (yes, more fossil fuel burning from more people, warms the planet further)
          2)Monetary injustice. (i.e. 1% owning over half of the world’s gdp) The World Bank, The EU, the Federal Reserve, The IMF and corresponding Central Banks, devaluing a nation’s currency into bankruptcy.
          3)War, in regards to stealing resources from other countries for survival/corporate profits. This will usually happen, when #2 has been fully implemented, but not always!
          4)The corporate media. Spreading fear and propaganda to the masses, marginalizing them into submission. Divide and conquer baby!

          ***Don’t blame entire World population for savagery of about 0,5% of the filthy psychos.***


          I think you have the cart before the horse…

          I think it’s the 0.5% of the psychotic population, that is creating the Planetary Havoc that we have today.

          …and it should be obvious by now, they don’t need knives and machetes to annihilate the masses.

          When the 0.5% of the Lunatic Fringe can create a monetary system of Growth without End, then overpopulation in itself becomes the problem. Creating everything that I’ve mentioned.

          I’m kinda a “Cause and Effect” guy.

          (as opposed to problem, reaction solution)

          1. @srbijabgd

            You expanded your post, as I was writing mine…

            ***Blame fucking government(of Mexico).
            Are they fucking kidding me? They have resources and army but are unable to destroy few cartels there?***


            Where have you been since the late 80’s through the mid 90’s dude?

            For one, the CIA has been by far, the largest Murdering Machine in Mexico. You may want to do a search on Michael Ruppert, when it comes to the Real Drug Cartel.

            …and remember when I mentioned how the United States has a black belt in destroying a nations currency?


            Ole Ross Perot was correct about The Sucking Sound here.

            ***What, USA cannot deal with gangs and mafia?***


            Why would they? They ARE, the gang and mafia. (as previously mentioned)

            ***C’mon..It is approved to scare the shit of populace. Scared people are easy for control.***


            They sure are now, aren’t they?????

            …as previously mentioned as well

            Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. I live in a country where 50 grams of drugs can be sentenced to death, so I don’t understand, but I guess drug dealers are rich. Why don’t they buy a new iPhone and shoot some high-definition videos?

    1. It all comes to avoid being traced. HD videos might reveal too many details about themselves, they are only interested on delivering the message. If you want to see HD, look for ISIS they are the HD bunch lol

      1. so they still use nokia .lol ,hard job. yeah ,in china,Manufacture, sell, and transport heroin, methamphetamine, more than 50 grams, the court will not hesitate to get you a shot in the head. I don’t know, marijuana is rare in our place. It should bring you 10 years in prison.

        1. Yeah, that’s a good question. So marijuana is not very popular in China right? In my country, Costa Rica it is illegal, yet consumption is high, and so social validation is starting to change ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I found the whole thing hard to watch. I struggled to count even one flip flop….

    Send this vid to Adidas they may want to use the cartel drug fucks for future Mexican campaigns.

        1. Yeah, i would’ve taken a huge shit in my pants the moment they brought out the knife if i was her. She had to have done it on purpose, you probably got to push hard to take a shit that big in pants that tight.

  4. I usually don’t care when its some Mexican guy getting chopped up b/c you know they did some dumb shit to get them to that point. A 17 year old innocent girl bothers me. RIP little angel.

    1. Same here. I guess I’m just old fashioned that way. Christ, I still open doors and give up my seat on busses for women, so seeing one butchered is pretty jarring for me. Especially when they appear to be around my daughter’s age, as this girl was.

    1. @Hector The Toad
      I Agree with you, and 100% Hector my B G Brother. Cause it would have been cool to see both legs also come-off while she was Conscious, and still fully Awake. We should Also give them Sicario’s Magor-Props/Kudo’s for the fact that no Pussy-Pass was given to her as far as her arms go, lol. 😉

  5. @Vincit Omnia Veritas
    It’s About Fucking Time, or (I Should Say) Long Overdue that The Opposite Sex, get the same treatment, for the same, or similar crime that Men Commit. And when i say Women, i don’t mean Those Fucking He/She Tranny’s either, Cause those freaks are (Not-Included) Man. I Mean Real Women. I’m Sure That You’d Wholeheartedly agree with me on this one Mark. 🙂

  6. After those bitch slaps halfway thru her 2nd. arm being cut-off, looks like she just completely gave herself up to her creator, or God, and she must’ve said to Herself, Get-Er-Done Man, Get-Er-Done 🙁

  7. What does it say about a group of thugs that can casually slice up a small woman like they’re carving up a steak ! I say surround the Mother Fuckers with a military battalion and don’t stop firing until every coward is dead !!

  8. Awful!
    What kind of sick animals would do this?
    As I’ve said before, if you need ’em dead, just cap ’em in the back of the head n
    bury ’em
    that’s all you need to do
    This was sick and deranged
    I had to turn the sound off and couldn’t watch much of this horror
    We watch horror movies, yet for so many all over the World, life
    becomes a real-life horror story just before a much welcomed death

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