Young Woman Gets Her Arms Cut Off While Alive Before Being Beheaded

Young Woman Gets Her Arms Cut Off While Alive Before Being Beheaded

Young Woman Gets Her Arms Cut Off While Alive Before Being Beheaded

In the State of Zacatecas in Mexico, a young woman was captured by cartel sicarios who took her to the woods to kill her with the brutality typical of the Mexican drug traffickers.

According to the information I got, the killers are members of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS). As for the woman, she was accused by the killers of being “la contra” – which likely means that they accused her of being with the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) who are known rivals of the Sinaloa Cartel in the area.

In the video, the woman is shown on her knees with arms bound behind her back. Sicarios dressed up in Sunday lounge-wear stand around her, some armed with rifles, while one cuts off first her right arm and then her left at the elbows.

After both forearms are amputated, the sicarios proceed with the decapitation. To concluded the dismemberment, the headless corpse gets its legs cut off as well.

Props to Best Gore member @kike004 and @natural-selection-2 for the video and backinfo:

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    1. Seriously. This is what obese 350 lb. bus driver Butch Atwood did to Maura Murray AFTER he murdered her on his school bus on 2/9/2004 in Woodsville, NH., aided and abetted by his common law wife Barbara and NH police officer Cecil Smith. Atwood butchered her and ate her. His home next to where he killed her on his bus sported 2 sets of moose ANTLERS hanging from it. He put her body in his car’s trunk and dumped it miles from his home when he allegedly went looking for her with corrupt cop Cecil Smith. It was dead of winter so he could take his time butchering Maura Murray’s body. The NH police covered up the murderers and could care less as CHEAP NH saved millions prosecuting them. Check out the websites on Maura Murray.

  1. So the Democrat’s In the US want an open border so that the criminal filth like that can enter the states without being checked! America Also has a massive problem with drugs that’s killing thousands of their people that’s coming over the border and on to the streets, especially fentanyl! That’s being distributed by the Mexicans but guess were they are getting the ingredients for the smack that’s laced with fentanyl? CHINA…… I wonder why China is doing that ( to destabilise America ) But the democrats still want open borders, they don’t give a rats ass about their own people.

  2. Damn dude, this is beyond awful, I have watched way too much gore but this is stuff is sick, bunch of fucking savages pieces of fucking shit, even if the bitch deserved it, is way too brutal, worse than any taliban bullshit out there, Mexico is hell on earth

    1. I’m pretty sure the one in the tight black adidas was a woman. Also the woman shit herself in her tight red adidas when they killed her, theres a pretty big bulge in the back of her pants when they flipped her over. You can’t shit in pants that tight without pushing pretty hard meaning she probably did it on purpose when she realized what was about to happen.

      1. @gayemo163
        aaahhhh! i was actually wondering if said dude was indeed a dudette! glad to know my mind isn’t playing tricks on me. hmm… what say you on the gender of the person who murdered missy bevers???

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          1. I cant believe you guys got me squinting at a blurry beheading video trying to see a lump of shit. I need to go do something else haha

    1. She was so scared she literally shit herself! There is a huge lump in the back of her tight pants when they flip her over, you can’t shit in pants that tight without pushing pretty hard meaning she likely shit herself before they hurt her!

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  3. I can only hope that every one of those scumbags that participated in that killing meet a similar fate. I’m sure the victim was no angel but the ability to kill the way these sub-humans do should preclude you from the human race.

    1. Even the large hard shit in her pants? Look at the size of the bulge in the rear when they flip her over, she took a pretty huge shit in her pants! I wonder how it feels to take a firm shit in pants that tight?

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    1. Yeah, i wish the video was higher quality. At least we could still see the size of the shit she took in her tight pants, you can clearly see the large bulge when they flip her over. She probably shit herself on purpose when she realized what was about to happen, you can’t take a huge shit in pants that tight without pushing pretty hard.

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    1. They lost interest after she took a huge shit in pants, you can see the bulge in the rear when they flip her over. She had to have shit herself on purpose because you can’t take a shit in pants that tight without pushing pretty hard, trust me i know that from experience.

  6. ** Kind but urgent request to Sicarios : Please note that females should be executed fully naked at all times !! Accompanied by decent close-ups in full HD. Thank you for your attention **

  7. Isn’t it an option for that girl to move and scream so much to get shot? But I think her arms are bound behind her back. Mexicans…The most nasty humans when it comes to gore.

  8. You all are pieces of shit. I cant wait for you to get your heads cut the fuck off! What the fuck is wrong with you to think its ok. You gius are the cancer of the world and think gowd we are building a wall to keep you wet backs out.. mega! All the way!

  9. I address myself to these Anglo-Saxons who send absolutely ignoble comments about this poor young victimized woman, you laugh less at the beheading videos of Eugene Olin Armstrong and Kenneth Bigley. And what would you say if it was your child or your sister instead?

  10. You have to keep in mind that the animals that carry out these evil acts are Genuine psychopaths. But they know they are doing wrong even as an animal that eats its own young knows it’s breaking the rules.

    The pain and suffering of that women will wash away like tears in the rain and will have no meaning nor memory, for it is but an illusion.

    You can only die once in the incarnation in which your Human consciousness exists. There is good reason and design behind the fact that no matter how terrible the torture or death you receive, you will absolutely disconnect from human pain and suffering. Our Perceived Pain is just another illusion, just as your body and human life is.

    The reality of what you really are, bares no resemblance to your human life. But your actions whilst you’re here will reverberate throughout infinitely on either side of the thin slither of light that was your own human life.

    Real pain is experienced by those who reap what they have sowed after their last exhale follows on from their first intake of breath…..

  11. I hate Mexinarks and Jews / Muslims. I don’t know what is worse, killing for drugs or killing for religion? … in short, everything is the same shit and they are fucking cowards that I would like to exterminate.

    I would support the United States to see that they destroy them and thus be able to see them burn the Mexicans because it is a narco country that is useless. they are not victims, they really are criminals and fucking shit … they must receive their punishment. And if someday I come across any of these pieces of shit, I will shoot them to death.

  12. This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen on best gore watching her get her arms cut off in her head cut off absolutely beautiful I would have butchered her up she would be naked course and I would butchered her up very slowly maximum pain that f****** b**** would have suffered before she died and then I would eat her what a waste of sweet meat

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