Young Woman Brutally Slashed, Stabbed and Decapitated by Traffickers in Brazil

Young Woman Brutally Slashed, Stabbed and Decapitated by Traffickers in Brazil

Video from a bush in Brazil shows a group of men brutally slashing, stabbing and decapitating a young woman. There seem to be discrepancies about who she was and why she was murdered like that, but by all accounts, the killers appear to be drug traffickers, and the woman had some form for intimate involvement some of them (ie – she was a gold digger looking to rake in some of that black market dough).

Best Gore member @insanim8er suggests she cheated on her drug dealer boyfriend, and was taken care of the way any run off the mill gold digger with zero morals would be in Brazil. On the other hand, Best Gore member @brunoousado says the incident happened in Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil where the woman herself ran drug trafficking operations, and was caught and taken care of by a rival gang.

The killers used what look to be the dullest machetes in the world. They need to use some of that drug money to buy sharpening stones. But then again, if the machetes were not dull, the video wouldn’t end with that epic triple machete beheading.

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    1. Their conversation is the best part of the video. It sounds like they disagree so bad on what they’re supposed to do to the girl that they’re probably gonna end up killing each other right after the end of the video. I’d love to watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Machetes viejos???? . alo menos los hubieran afilado un poco ,negros maricas . jaja me parecio muy gracioso la parte donde todos ponen sus machetes para cortar la cabeza . ?enserio les costo tanto ? y me imagino que ni fueron capases por que el video se termino …que tristesa me dan ,,,,pero buena torturada y buen video saludos..

  2. Whether she was a gf of one of these guys and cheated, or a drug trafficker herself, how did she think it would turn out for her?? I’m not saying she deserved it, but when you date crazy fuckers like that (she had to have known how insane he and his friends were) then cheat on him, its not gonna end well for you. And if you’re in the drug business, there are only 2 ways out, prison or death. Common sense. She knew how fucked up things could get for her and she still chose to do it. Truth is, bad things happen to everyone, some worse then others, and half the time, if not more, its our own fault as to why those bad things happen to us.

  3. they gave her, what, over 30 stab in her gut with little visible results? her guts should have been spilled on the ground. hell, there should have been pressure cuts. thee guys just wanted to torture her as long as possible – NTTIAWWT. Me, I would have stuck a blade up her ass and cunt. In fact, we need to see more chops to the nether regions.

  4. No one should kill anyone. It is the ultimate punishment. We, as humans, don’t have the right to. Let our maker (whomever or whatever he/ she is) deal with it. If there is a hell( none of us humans know for sure) it will be dealt with sooner or later.

  5. Those bastards have some serious fucking rage! What a waste of a hot babe! Instead of killing her, round up 10 wheelchair bound, total disabled with no chance of getting laid, give her the option to pay back what ever is owed or go down the list, treat one of the them guys for 3 days each of lucky lady bliss, until she pays it all back. If any of the guys die in the process he is replaced with another retard or some super ugly fuk that has never been laid. Her pleasure 3 somes ok too. Instead of a sad family planning a funeral, and some probable orphans running around. Let her give back to her community, let her serve those who need it the most.

  6. that is one fucking disgusting video!
    those guys are shameful nobody would hire them to do beheadng s
    feel sad for the lady it was not a quick painless death.
    they used fucking blunt machetes to do her head!
    a few swift strokes would have have done it with razor sharp tools.
    but i guess they did it that way for the video

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