Young Woman Painfully Moans While Being Beheaded with Small Knife

Young Woman Painfully Moans While Being Beheaded with Small Knife

Video apparently filmed in Brazil shows a young woman painfully moaning as she’s being beheaded with a small kitchen knife.

It is not certain where exactly in Brazil the brutality occurred, but it would appear that it happened in one of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil is as pussy whipped as they get, but outside of the state enforced gynocentrism, especially in the favelas, they don’t hand out pussy passes to no cunt bearers. Men still get the worst of it in Brazil, but every now and again, equality happens and we get the brutal video like the one below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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205 thoughts on “Young Woman Painfully Moans While Being Beheaded with Small Knife”

      1. Actully,.. most normal people get to the point where all they see is a devil inside the person carrying out the act upon them. No mercy or repentance, just pure evil. That is the insight of the victim whilst in such a terrible place. The victim also realizes that he/she could not put someone else though what they are currently going though & that its WRONG, proving themselves innocent because noone deserves that. God is whom punishes.

      1. Allegedly she owed the flipflopping Brazilian dope boys money and the reaper sought her soul. What a waste…pimp her out, smack her around, do what you’ve gotta do, but why fucking morph into an animalistic savage. One things for sure…he’ll never be paid back now and her soul was released barbarically into the Great Nothingness. Shit gets all up in my feels.

    1. Good grief the astounding loss of could she still be conscious ?? & trying to scream but can only manage small moans. Fell on my ass at the skating rink two weeks ago and screamed Louder Than This. She’ll be dead in a minute.. entirely disgusting..

        1. I’ve given more thought to your post and its associated statistics, which apply to society at large. When you take into account the massive collection of congregated GoreWhores here among us, don’t you think those numbers would likewise increase significantly? I mean, what better place than BG (aside from the deep web of course) for a sadistic, psychopathic, sociopath to seek out a free withdrawal from the spank bank under an assumed, incognito identity, right? I’m inclined to surmise we are among many dark hearted possessors of an evil aura. Just my humble hypothesis. Your thoughts on that?

          1. I agree with you. A random pulling of people out in the world to determine which have characteristics of a serial killer , the result would be much less then the same pulling of people through this site. People come here to experience gore. Theres a reason we click on videos and pictures that display gruesome scenes. Each one of us have a fascination with death, statistically, many who are fascinated with it would want to act on it compared to an outside world pull.

          2. I don’t even know why I’m here. I don’t like anything to do with death. I actually fear it for both me and the people I care about, but my mind is so fixated on watching these gruesome images and seeing the life suck out of the victims of these videos. It’s something I really can’t explain.

  1. This is one of those videos I will not watch as you cannot “unsee” it once you have. A few that haunt me forever, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep are:
    1) The 3 guys beheaded by I think the Zetas, one of the first where the 3rd guy screams throughout as if as long as he still could scream, he knew he was alive. Finally, the cut his vocal chords and his voice changed, gurgled, and then he was silent. His screams haunt me.
    2) Also one of the first…the guy tied up in the chair and slowly beheaded but kept alive as long as possible, you can hear him gasping through the cut trachea and actually witness his last breath.
    3) The 4 guys who were locked in a car and ISIS shot a missle into it and they burned to death screaming.
    4) The pilot burned to death in the cage.
    5) The 4 guys drowned in the pool in that metal cage.
    6) This one was up and then pulled down years ago. It was two guys tied to chairs in some underground chamber. The torturer kept putting plastic bags on their heads to the point of near death and then pulled it off. There was some weird white smoke burning they were choking on the whole time.
    7) The beating of the guy on his feet, then getting his face burned off with electicity, then his beheading.

    There are more but these are particularly disturbing to me. Have any more?

    1. I agree with you on that list and I’m glad I’m not the only one who still gets haunted by these things. I don’t know why but it brings me comfort. I’m not familiar with any of the other videos you mentioned except the drowning which wasn’t bad at all imo and the beheading of 3 zetas. That was one of the first videos I ever saw and still disturbs me today, I refuse to watch it again as the screams of that one guy haunt me in my sleep.

    2. same here..
      first time I see gore thing is slow beheading by terrorist in 2001.
      ever since that time, I couldn’t watch any video related to beheading.
      I couldn’t “unsee” the horror I’ve seen back then.
      show me anything else and I’ll watch them all.

    3. The only thing I ever watched that bothered me was an amateur porn video that ended with/contained anal rape.. (of course I didn’t know that when I clicked it)

      Those screams were stuck in my head for months. Shit like this doesn’t bother me though.

    4. For sure my top video is the box cutter face peel one. The way he gurgled and made sounds of agony the entire time. The way he tried to touch his face to stop whatever was happening to him, only to be reminded that his hands were chopped off. The way he suddenly had a rush of adrenaline and started squirming around, only for the murderer to stick a box cutter down his throat to hold his head still for the beheading.

      I’m OK with everything else but this one got to me. The sounds and images sporadically flashes in my mind and it throws off my mood for the next few minutes. To think that kind of shit actually happens in this world horrifies me.

      I always have a good laugh when kids (and adults! But more so kids) get smooshed under big ol’ truck tires, though. Those are my favorite.

  2. Ahh shit happy to see you posted this because I’d love to know if I’m alone in shock after watching this video. This shit is singlehandedly the most disturbing thing I have EVER seen. This sick fuck executioner makes Luke Magnotta (sp?) look like Martha Fucking Stewart in comparison. Her death cries will haunt me to the ends of the earth. People=SHIT.

    1. i think the kid at the end of the isis slaughterhouse who is crying just before he gets his throat cut is a disturbing scene. we only saw the flash of him crying but i can bet they had him sat there for good few hours watching them bodies drip blood just to fuck with his head.

          1. @haydolf_hittler We had one of those moments when you think of someone and the phone rings lol. Leg is a lot better, thanks. My mom went home and I can drive now. I’m glad you like Arch Enemy – they do have a ton of energy; makes me wanna headbang while driving. lol So I’m good. Still rocking the boat on BG but I love ya cuz you listen to me even if you don’t agree with me and I don’t consider you one of the assholes because you explained your thoughts to me. Very mature. Hope you’re good too! 🙂

    2. To be completely honest, this wasn’t that bad. I think the most brutal video ever posted on here was the guy getting slowly killed with a bayonet in a shack in the Middle East. To have a super sharp blade slowly pushed into a guy’s skull cracking the skull and going through his brain was the limit. I could watch beheadings and shooting all day fine. Bayonet is the extreme.

        1. Yep! This woman already lost brain function seconds after she lost a lot of blood (main arteries in neck cut quickly loss of senses) but that old man wasn’t loosing blood quickly enough and wasn’t even close to death. That’s the worse thing in the world, is to be perfectly able to feel 100% agony and able to walk and talk while it’s happening. He had no chance of escape so I just wished he’d die sooner to rest in peace

  3. I’m not sure how many of you looked up her facebook profile, but I just did. There are pictures of her with acid on her tongue–sadly, that’s exactly what likely cost her her life. She was seemingly a very sweet girl and quite pretty. My gosh to die over some white blotter. SMH. You can find her by searching “Luana Franco Parana”.

          1. OK I have read multiple comments from “Death Fetish” about how shocked you were by the barbaric nature of this death video. “This video literally fucked my feels. Absolutely horrifying.” Basically sounds like your feelings got hurt, I classify that as butthurt, bud. Just to let you know though, I doubt butthurt is in the dictionary. I recommend changing your name to deathempatheticfemale.

          2. My feelings weren’t hurt, McDoucher–this video was fucking brutal. How telling that you yourself seem butthurt by my having a heart. Don’t you have some kittens to pickle in the basement fuckface?

          3. I want you to look in the mirror and say: “I’m not Death Fetish Female who is a hard skinned tough bitch with a sexual desire fort violence, I am just a whiny little vagina who tries to act cool on the internet.” Then I will return to the kittens.

          4. Allow me to remind you, this thread is filled with copious amounts of empathy and notions alluding to the harshness of this chick’s murder. You, however, chose to talk shit to a female. Could that be because you also have a vagina? You can lick mine and go fuck yourself. Have a Happy Thanksgiving–I hope your canned kittens are a hit with the family. 🙂

          5. No thanks, “Death Fetish” it probably smells like swamp down there judging by the skanky way you look. Also, I choose to “talk shit” to you not only cause you’re a dumb bitch, but also because, like I have stated, you name is death fetish meanwhile you’re whining about how horrible death is. Quit trying to act hard. Now I gracefully bow out, with one last thing: I hope that someday you have the same fate as our little friend in the video.

          6. kittens is a supreme pile of shit who bugs me on a regular basis. it is 100% because you’re a girl. someone, somewhere shattered his ego and attacking random bitches helps him heal. I think he’s also wished I’d die on here but I can’t be sure cuz I mix him up with this guy called G or terminator G – something with a G. I’m just like “keep wishing it bitch. it’s the temperamental psycho bitter dicks that die first.”

          7. DETHbyplaster, as I recall I have responded to you once or twice, you have responded to my posts probably more. Yet I am bugging YOU? Yeah OK, flattering yourself again. Yes, I think most of the modern women suck and are professional victims. And If you read this post you get a little taste why. I wrote a simple statement questioning why “DEATHFETISHfemale” was responding so alarmingly to a DEATH video, and she decided to get personal with me, calling me “MCdoucher” and “FUckface” among other things. I responded using similar harsh offensive language that she had, but I am the sick fuck? Ha! Now, I get the team Ad hominem attack, which is a typical female tactic. I will admit that I am a hateful, miserable piece of shit, that is why I come to BG, good job detectives. I have been a gorehound for ages, sometimes I get sick of reading whiny ass comments about how mean death is. If you can’t handle it then why do come to a GORE site, or flaunt that you have a death fetish? Thank you all for making the hate a little stronger in me. I will now return to the basement with the kittens.

          8. Uhh after reading the conversation i have to agree with kittens, if you really had a death fetish, then you should masturbate to this video… And you immediately take on the role of a victim, even though you’re in the wrong. Pretty disgusting behavior tbh.

          9. I agree with your sentiments, ma’am, but I’m also curious why someone who clearly still possesses a modicum of empathy would choose a handle like “deathfetish”. I, like you, have a morbid curiosity about the logistics of genuine death (as opposed to the movies), but to employ a word like “fetish” implies some manner of gratification in the content. Maybe that’s not what you intended, but in that case, maybe choose a more accurate pseudonym next time.

        1. Everyone experiences this site in their own way. Some of us have a curiosity with morbid things, while others have a morbid curiosity. The only people i judge on here are the ones that try to flaunt their self proclaimed lust of being desensitized, and the true dark lurkers amongst us.

          1. I agree with you, @Molog–some people are so fucking miserable in their lives, it literally seeps through their pores.

            As for the kitten fucker, he has shown his character here. I think you’re a piece of canned shit, personally, but I don’t wish you death. I’d much rather you continue to suffer each shitty day on earth making everyone around you miserable. As for “gracefully bowing out,” there’s nothing graceful about you. I have nothing else to say to you. Go crawl back into the crack in the wall from which you escaped, you sick fuck.

          1. I’m sorry, for giving a fuck about you Plaster. Can you fault me for caring so much about you? I just can’t get you out of my mind. I think about you 24-7. You are the sunshine in my life, the reason for my existence. I couldn’t even sleep last night because I was waiting for you to respond to me, and you did! Oh thank God you did! The wife, the kids, the dog, the cannedkittens, they can all go to hell. I just want to chat with PLaster all day, every day. SO, what are you wearing today?

  4. The best part is no pussy pass. That’s super important. They should just behead innocent chicks every once in a while for, you know, equality. That makes it all better and helps everyone’s nuts refill with fresh strong semen. With the weak-ass sperm floating around on this site, you motherfuckers need all the help you can get. Fearing that scary vag daily. Ugh idiots.

    1. Plaster, my darling, you are a sock-rocking, tick-tocking, kitten cock-blocking delight! Our likemindedness elicits from within me a visceral and authentic respect for you. You can borrow my pussy-pass anytime yours has been wrongfully confiscated from the eroded, tarnished and deflated ego of a societal reject such as the one herein who has escaped from the confines of the crack in the wall. xoxo

  5. i’d love to stab that motherfucker’s neck until his head just rolls off, or to let the meat just hang off of his bones. none of that cutting business for him, make him really pay for the cost of taking a life. hell, i might just cut all of the meat off of his hands and arms and ask him to fucking arm wrestle me, what a scronny piece of shit filth.

  6. Pussies. I’ve been lurking bg long before signing up long enough to go though every video. These types of executions don’t bother me. But for me the only videos I cannot watch are the ones with young infants. For those of you saying you would do this and do that to the person doing this. What does that say about you? We’re all sick here. Let’s just all enjoy these without having a piss measuring contest

    1. Your comment is so confuddled. We’re pussies for not enjoying this, but there ARE things we shouldn’t enjoy…like infant suffering? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I think anyone who enjoys infant suffering has some serious issues to contend with…and I also agree with you that we’re all fucked…”we” being the human race. My studies into genocide have taught me that every single person is capable of this type of thing, but we shouldn’t embrace it…nor should we ever embrace videos of this kind of thing as “entertainment.” It happens in the world, so it’s understandable that we all want to be aware of how the real world is…but if seeing someone’s torment brings you joy, you need to take a deep look inside yourself and figure out why. Are you a naturalist who believes that humans are merely wet robots with no truly objective value? That is, of course, the zeitgeist of our times, but it’s entirely wrong. It’s the innate hopelessness of that paradigm that is to blame for the exponential increase in random mass shootings.

  7. actually there is not much pain, it causes a massive hemorrhage, and a sleep state. It is the taunting and the abuse that happens before, and showing of the knife, and killing others infront of them and them knowing they are going to be next that is painful to some, and some just accept their fate……

  8. I’m skipping this video. I’m a happy person and I think I’ll stay this way. Many of you need God so desperately (I know this by unfortunately reading your comments). Oh well, I’ll just continue my life with God. I have been coming on here for some time now but I don’t get turned on by what I see I use this site as a learning tool of sorts it keeps me aware of this world and what’s going on without the filters of the evening news. The devil is a liar Jesus Christ is the way the truth the LIFE.

      1. You gambling with with yourself destiny by mocking Jesus Christ like that.
        We have lot of proofs there is afterlife and demonic entities count on you to hold that in your mouth. By this mockery your ass is their.

    1. This site is REALITY CHECK and should exist. It saves many life’s and prevent many accidents.
      Harsh reality uncensored from every corner of Earth is important as many of us are sick of mainstream BS media.

    2. @deathculture Angel, I didn’t watch either as I’ve quit watching beheadings of any gender. I still comment but I don’t watch simply because I don’t want to get too used to seeing people’s heads cut off. I want to remain human enough that things actually do bother me to an extent. I’m not religious. It’s just probably unhealthy to watch too much gore. I watch my gore in doses. Lol

  9. Looked up her FB profile. She wanted to be a normal teenager, but somehow she managed to ride her ass into serious shit (drugs?). She also had teeth braces, a luxury in shithole Brazil, so she most probably didn’t live in favela conditions. Poor soul, never got the chance to taste sweet life.

  10. Obviously a kitchen deserter. Now that man is gonna have to go out and try to find another woman to wash his dishes. If only that young lady could have known the trouble she was gonna put him through because of her fancy, modern ideas. Damn that female privilege.

    1. Ironically, I’m guessing your naive mother makes all your sandwiches and dutifully carries them down the basement stairs to you. Which begs the question…what do you know about “trying” or “work”? You thought you were being clever, I’m sure, but if you’re looking to callow comments on the most candid videos of human suffering on the internet to bolster your self-esteem, you deserve a serious stay in the time-out chair. I’m gonna tell your mom about this…

      1. That last sangwidge she made him was obviously below par. But little did she know it was her last chance. He had been taking notes for some time and her average scores left no option for him. Maybe she’d left the kitchen too soon on too many occasions. It is so hard to tell with these things when all we have is the final straw being broken and the aftermath… not the run-up.

        So :>(

        Me? I’d be happy even with a mediocre sangwidge and a half-hearted wank from a semi-disinterested woman on her rag-week with a headache and rough, calloused hands.

  11. Yeah, you’re right, that’s from Brazil.
    I would say that came from south, maybe Rio Grande do Sul (because of the accent).
    The man calls her a whore, and says that she likes to suck (?), so she will suck Satan’s cock (wtf).
    Maybe a boyfriend or husband that was cheated, my guess.

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