Young Woman Painfully Moans While Being Beheaded with Small Knife

Young Woman Painfully Moans While Being Beheaded with Small Knife

Video apparently filmed in Brazil shows a young woman painfully moaning as she’s being beheaded with a small kitchen knife.

It is not certain where exactly in Brazil the brutality occurred, but it would appear that it happened in one of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil is as pussy whipped as they get, but outside of the state enforced gynocentrism, especially in the favelas, they don’t hand out pussy passes to no cunt bearers. Men still get the worst of it in Brazil, but every now and again, equality happens and we get the brutal video like the one below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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205 thoughts on “Young Woman Painfully Moans While Being Beheaded with Small Knife”

  1. You motherfuckers are so pussy whipped. Yea, if it’s a dude being killed, then it’s a joke…When it’s a female, all of a sudden it’s such a tragedy. Just enjoy the dick hardening guttural sounds and shut the Fuck up.

    1. totally agree this site is bastrdy if its a gorgeous hunk the hetero bastards thnk its funny but if its a women oh no thts just so sad etc , if females thnk they can try it on with gay guys boyfriends trying to turn them then they all deserve death and pain lol , btw to any thick bitches reading this , 1 you twats can never turn a gay guy you thick bints 2 we can always turn your husbands and boyfriends as easy as it is to fucking breathe , you women realy need to accept it as a fact of life

  2. that is what equality sounds like, yet all these females commenting are so bitter. Fuck that bitch, she deserved it as much as anybody else who gets decapitated on BG the only difference is how hard her death moans made me.

  3. Fucking hate woman, they laugh and take the piss out of people with mental health problems. I hope they were fucking her while cutting her throat. They should have just raped her so she could live forever knowing she’s a useless cunt whos only good for one thing, fucking.

  4. Believe it or not, there are people in the world who have death fetishes and seek to actually participate in them. They’ll actually seek others like them who search for a victim. We can’t leave out that she might be one of those.

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