Young Zeta Girl Beheaded by CDG – Neck First Chopped At, Then Twisted Off

Young Zeta Girl Beheaded by CDG - Neck First Chopped At, Then Twisted Off

Although at first I thought that El Cartel Del Golfo (CDG) beheaded this girl as a response to the decapitation of four of their women by Los Zetas, later I found out that the beheading was done as a response to the murder of Comandante Gallo – one of top CDG commanders who was also reportedly decapitated by Los Zetas.

The girl in this video looks to be very young and is very scared – anyone would be in her situation. For her the life has barely begun and she knew it would soon end in a horrific way.

The video also proves my theory that Mexican henchmen finally admitted to themselves that they simply can’t do beheadings with a knife, so now instead of cutting the heads of their captives off, they chop them off with machetes or axes.

Beheading of this captured young Zeta started with a mandatory pre execution interrogation after which the girl had her throat slashed with the machete. Her hands were in handcuffs, but were cuffed in front of her, not behind her back. That messed with the decapitation a little and so the sicario decided to twist her neck instead. The head didn’t snap all the way so machete chopping resumed and then the final twist was delivered.

Props to Best Gore member @chizzlethizzle for the video:

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221 thoughts on “Young Zeta Girl Beheaded by CDG – Neck First Chopped At, Then Twisted Off”

  1. She stated she was a cook making 1200 pesos weekly roughly about 100 bucks from the looks of it she knew who she was working for unlike some people that are killed due to them working in an establishment owned by some plaza boss or someone associated with the cartels, sad way to go

    1. eek. Poor girl. Her shriek shows she felt that first blow but that must’ve knocked her out, fortunately, since she didn’t respond to anything afterwards. Unlike a lot of other brutal beheadings we’ve seen here on BG

          1. dude, I don’t think she cares about you nitpicking about how much longer she was conscious after getting her head hacked off, the end result is always the same

          2. No dude, H.Thompson, I totally agree and I also don’t think it’s nitpicking. You’re right about the facial expressions at 2:10 I noticed ’em too. And the difference between dying right away and dying 15 seconds in is the difference between one slash to the throat, to one slash in the throat and TWO devastating blows to the side of the neck with a rusty old machete. Either way, shitty way to go.

          1. Your on death row because of the gun law in fact all Americans are living in worse than death row because they get to say good bye and choose their last meal but any man woman and child can leave in the morning and be dead before you return

    2. The cartel’s stream lining process of executions appears to be working in reverse. Soon we will see the cartels throwing the victims of a cliff rather than chopping and twisting necks.

    3. The guy interogating sounds very much similar to a couple other videos. I can recall one where they have 4 Zetas with a black shirt on with duct tape in there shirt in the letter Z he sounds very much alike. Video is on YouTube called “4 Zetas antes de morir” or something along that line. Anyone else agrees?

      1. You know I think you’re right… In fact,, I think that guy is a paid actor because his voice sounds exactly the same as the guy who does some Burger King commercials….But I could be wrong………..

    4. but maybe she doesnt know who she is working for and they forced her to say that .. she seems to be beaten before filming … its very sad .. poor girl .. poor people of Mexico who have to live with those scumbags animals

    5. poor little girl…i keep wondering how she got mixed up in mexican drug gangs?? someone would have had to have offered her the opportunity. But who? must have been a relative…which is now different than throwing your kid into a den of lions. as far as the kid being so scared that she soiled her pants..thats not visible. When?? but anyway–the bowels and bladder let go when you start to die. the whole thing here is tragic beyond description.

      1. Since you asked specifically…
        her soiled pants are first visible when he flips her over at 2:42. Then again at 3:03 and finally from 3:13 until the video ends. And yes, you are correct that primary flaccidity often results in losing bladder/bowel control as an antemortem event. In this case, however, you will note that her ankles are also saturated with urine, which meant she wet herself when she was sitting with her legs tucked under her (during the interrogation) as opposed to when he started cutting and she was lying on her side. It’s not a particularly important fact or anything, really, but since you claimed you couldn’t see it I thought I’d point it out for you.

      2. Poor little girl…. Oh my god……Jesus $&@&$?!$??!!& …..WTF
        This young lady is involved with dope traffickers
        She had a choice.
        Why would somebody work for these losers …
        They are all on Ice ( methamphetamine ) she knew
        One day it’s going to happen … her ..and voila

  2. Very brutal end. The last several of these that we’ve seen, the women have been tight-lipped and stoic. But this one blubbers and cries and begs. You can see at the end when they flip her over that she messed in her pants. Very brutal and terrible way to die for anyone, let alone a young woman.

    1. I won’t watch the innocents beheaded so I didn’t see this video, but i think one difference between those more Stoic beheadings and what I’ve read about this one is that this girl wasn’t really in the game. She was just a cook. RIP, poor victim of circumstance, and may your murderers come to know the shame in what they’ve done.

    2. Very curious fact occurring during the French Revolution …that young aristocrat lady begged the executioner so
      Hard , crying , screaming …they had to drag her to the guillotine .she put on such a show , that people had never seen before ( the ” noblesse ” put a
      Point of honor not to display fear. ) it really ( over night )
      Stopped the madness …it broke people’s hearts so bad
      That they did not want this butchery to continue
      And voila the reign of terror was all over….

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    1. Did they perhaps tell her what they were about to do? Because I noticed she tried to touch her neck protectively while they were talking to her, just before the first cut…..

      A brutal end, such a pretty and innocent young girl, if it’s true that she only cooked for the man then I honestly can say this is the most despicable beheading i’ve seen on BG so far…..

      1. Yes, it appears that they probably did. She raised her hand (with handcuffs on) to her neck shortly before they started cutting. Also, if you look at the end when they flip her body, you can see that both her ass/crotch and the backs of her ankles are soaking wet. Since her ankles were tucked under her ass while she was kneeling, that means that she started peeing herself in terror earlier on, before they actually cut her. A very good indicator that she knew exactly what was in store for her.

      2. They didn’t tell her they were about to chop her head off in the video. Maybe before the video started. But you don’t have to be a genius to know what’s about to happen when you’re being recorded and interrogated outside in the woods.

        1. those people are screwed. if they don’t join the cartel they would be extorted, harassed or driven out of their lands and when they joined one the rival cartel would abduct them and cuts off their heads. hahaha

    1. This just reinforces my delight at watching the cartel vids when it’s actually narcos being tortured and killed, I can’t shed any compassion for those fuckers, the business they’re in brings misery to millions of people. “We can’t get to the boss so we’ll prove how badass we are by killing his cook” who just happens to be a child who probably won’t be able to defend herself properly – it’s not like the boss will be too bothered anyway, in the words of Walder Frey ‘he’ll just get another’.

      1. not being conceited or narcissistic but fuck yes i’d look better than her. i just dont like the indias. i like those white mexican girls with green/blue eyes. as a matter of fact i love every girl with green or blue eyes no matter what race she is.

      2. also look at her hair. she’s been taken days ago, your hair doesn’t end up matted like that in a few hours. It looks like her nose has been broken as well. Not going to make you look your best.

          1. @dre, I though she was a pretty girl as well. Maybe only the second pretty girl I’ve seen beheaded. It makes a person angry to see an innocent young girl killed, mostly because the people caught up in this are usually involved in torture and whatnot so they sort of deserve it.

        1. I thought she had been taken days ago too, her nose is broken and swollen and looks like the cut is scabbing, poor girl cant imagine the fear and toture she went through before and having to face certain death head on *no pun intended*

      3. Look at his handle. He probably wasn’t attracted to her until she was a corpse.

        Brutally murdering innocents like this is going to backfire on them. The government could more or less ignore the problem when it was just narcos killing narcos, but when they start lopping the heads off innocent 17 year old girls, the public will demand the government do something about it.

    1. I know! It’s incredible to me that they can do this shit like they’re ordering a fuckin’ pizza. A 17 year old girl is crying in front of me, pissing her pants, brushing her hair away from her face – I’d rather cut my own neck before I cut hers. This is 100% the lowest of the low for human behavior. Right up there with the FSA killing entire families, some of them with 5 or 6 kids along with grandpa and grandma too. If things like this are ‘all part of God’s plan’, I won’t have it. People can take his ‘works in mysterious ways’ horse shit and shove it right back up the asses, ensuring that it is properly seated next to their heads.

      1. I know it’s so sad, no matter what she has done she didn’t deserve to die like that, she’s still young and still a human being, that country has to much hate and to much say into what happens there, wow there’s a couple more videos after this one with the little boy and the other hack away video lol poor people though ๐Ÿ™

  3. Poor kid. I’m actually going to Mexico tomorrow to do some shopping, eating and drinking for a few hours. Going to a very safe border town. Well, as safe as you can be in Mexico I guess. Eh, looking forward to it!! It’s always a great time. Don’t believe all you read.

    1. Yeah she did. Her hair was matted with sweat, she was crying, shivering, and wetting her pants before they even started cutting. And then that shriek when it connects. Fucking terrible. Even on a site like this, it is a rarity to see someone so terrified of the grim reaper right behind her

      1. I am truly surprised that we do not see more of them being terrified, like, holy fuck , you know that they are about to cut your head off and sit there seemingly unfazed, to me is crazy. Maybe they give them an ATIVAN a few min before the slicer appears !

        1. i think they ( killers ) either tell them they are not going to kill them or they ( victims ) somehow believe, as a means of selfpreservation, that that kind of thing ( death ) won’t happen to them. as it’s something that happens to others, not me type of thinking.

        2. I think most of them have resigned themselves to the fact that they’re going to die so that’s why they seem calm, the fact that they have probably done it or seen it prior to their own capture will help in the knowledge that it is over fairly quickly. The way this girl reacted does make me believe she was just a cook with no other involvance in cartel business but who knows for certain, maybe she was related to the guy she was cooking for.

    2. i still find them quite brave.. most victims of both sides i rarely see them cry out loud.. this may even be the first time i have seen one cried while being interrogated and still… the composed way is still there.. compared to me in case but i dare not think of it ever.

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  5. I think I finally understand why spics breed like cockroaches. It was right in my face the whole time! They LIKE to kill each other! Victims are getting younger, and younger. They better settle down.

    1. Everyone breeds like roaches not just “spics” as you call them. Niggers do it, spics do it, the gooks ,the crackers. Have ever seen a hillbilly family? They have like 30 kids for each family.

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  6. I hate watching the ones with younger aged girls. Reminds me how close I came to being them. This one was really bad for some reason. Maybe because she was so young or because usually they know what’s coming to them and they are pretty flat emotionally, but she was well aware and crying. Poor girl. She was pretty too.

    1. My post below was intended for this spot…
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  7. At 3:10 you can clearly hear another woman off camera crying – maybe this vid was the ‘incident off camera’ in the last beheading of the Mexican girl from a few weeks back – you can also hear a another woman crying in the background of that one too….

  8. @YNEG, I have to say you are a foxy young lady.
    One can tell from watching this young girl that she is not like the majority of the victims, and as we see they have no remorse whatsoever. That is why I enjoy watching beheading vid’s because the victim is from another Cartel and they themselves have done the same to others. Sadly as we see here they can kill with ease anyone they please.

    1. @kill You’re pretty foxy yourself! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And I agree. She doesn’t seem to be like most of them are, but I could be wrong and the thought of death just hit her hard. Like the La Guera Loca video.. I didn’t feel sorry for her a bit. She was lucky with what she got because she was far more brutal. You choose that life then you choose that death too. But this girl.. I just felt bad for her. Maybe I’m going soft, but it bothered me. There’s never any remorse. If its one thing I’ve realize in the past few years.. All people are not born with that in them. Some are just plain evil people.

      1. Well, sociopaths do make up a sizable fraction of people….like 1%-5%

        Doesn’t sound like much, but think about it: one in one-hundred to one in twenty of the people you meet every day could do this kind of shit and not lose a wink of sleep over it. Scary.

  9. for some reason, which i don’t seem to come up with, it seems these girls are not raped. just beaten, tortured and then murdered. i mean, wouldn’t it be expected for them to be abused in that sense?…. i really wonder why……we need one of those fbi psychologists/profilers to enlighten us here….

  10. i strongly believe this is his first beheading. the peeps in the background are giving him too many specific instructions. also, anybody notice at almost the end of the video the voice or frightened sound of another woman? i think there might be another victim watching

  11. I always wonder at what point of the beheading do they actually die? I’m not very knowledgeable on this subject in all honesty, but I’ve read it’s a lot sooner than you’d think? I used to think that when the knife would hack at the back of the neck (towards the end of the video in this case) that the body was still alive and twitching.. later I realised it’s actually a nerve thing? And I’ve also read that you lose the sense of sight first and the sense of smell last or something? Very interesting to say the least. Apologies if I sound a bit ‘basic’ and ‘simple’ with this comment but it is very intriguing..

    1. study and concluded that it does not matter how quickly executed sentence for man cut off the head, there is a few seconds of pain. In my opinion the human brain is alive as long as there is oxygen.

      1. i have looked into this myself and googled a lot on the subject . its said if its a clean cut Such as a guillatine or something you stay concisous for 20+ seconds ( they did a test and asked the person to blink after the execution . theres also been reports of rivals trying to bite at each other after there heads have left the body, as for executions like the above who knows i only hope and pray it was fast i think she felt the first twist not a nice way to go at all

  12. That was very brutal.. I felt so sorry for her when he cut the first time, because she let out a little scream and she peed her pants. Damn, she must’ve been so scared. Is there anyone who can translate what they were saying? Because with almost every beheading in that region they have an interrogation. The first thing I do understand is that he’s asking what her name is, and I could hear him say: ”Puta di madre” (I don’t know if I’m typing that well) and that means something like: your whore-mother. Can someone translate a little what they are saying?

    1. Very close, he says “hijos de su puta madre”, which means Sons of your whore-mother. At 00:18 he asks “Cuando haces semanalmente?” and she responds “1200 pesos”. That is, how much money you make weekly? .
      1200 pesos is around $110 !!

    2. Puta De Madre, usually means- ‘sonofabitch’ depending which spanish language it is spoken in because many latin language say things differently. For instance, I’m part Puerto Rican and the way we say, “car” is “carro” but Mexicans in their style of spanish say, “mobie.” The way we say “fuck” is “singar” but mexicans say, “pinche’.

  13. The positive note to the story is, she won’t be breeding any future narcos. At least these idiots are killing each other. We should close off the Middle East and let them fight it out the same way.

  14. Thus would have been the fate of the chicano, “Ponchis, ‘el ninho sicario'”, had they left him in a Mexican prison, but his vaginal instincts took over and he begged the American consulate to bring him here to a US jail. Personally I would have enjoyed watching his beheading. You shouldn’t get a free pass, if you torture and kill innocent civilians. You deserve a beheading with a rusty “dull” butter knife.

  15. It’s always the same shit who are you…. who do you work for… your name. They always call out people and do poor video responses. This is so fucked up, man! Puta verguenza! (Fucking disgrace)….. descanse en paz nina! (R.I.P little girl!)

  16. It blows me away how no one attempts to fight for their life. And with her hands in from of her, she had a shot. I can’t see how people would just sit there knowing whats coming and not fight for your life. your gonna die any way so at least try. And she had a gash on her nose like maybe she was begging or not answering at first so the hit her. So sad. and out of everyone on planet earth I feel they have no soul. No compassion for any other person

    1. maybe if she runs they catch her and make the death slower and painfull than it allready was they got guns can you dodge a bullet ? only batman can do that me thinks

      My wings are made of steel your bullets can not harm me !

      1. Yeah I just know my fight or flight reaction would come out and I would definitely do both! like I said at least try. Your brain would want to think there is some way u may escape or u may be the lucky one to not get hit with a bullet. Just like they might think if they answer their questions, cooperate and admit alliance, amybe they will be different and let go. I think our minds are built to tell us these things.

        1. It’s easy to say what one would or wouldn’t do in a situation like that. No matter how much one prides themselves on being tough or “might as well if they’re gonna kill me anyway” type mentality. I am not saying you wouldn’t try. But even YOU don’t know if you would or not. None of us do.

  17. Oh and did anyone read that the person behind “blog del narco” where we get all these videos (shes a girl by the way) has fled mexico? Her partner called her and said “run” that was their code for leaving the country. And she still hasn’t heard from her partner. A lot of courage to run that blog.

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