Youth Gagged with Shirt and Tied to Chair Stays Calm During Beheading by PCC

Youth Gagged with Shirt and Tied to Chair Stays Calm During Beheading by PCC

In Brazil, members of PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital – First Capital Command) beheaded a young man inside an unappetizing bathroom.

The video shows the victim being gagged with a shirt and tied to a chair, and obviously alive and conscious, judging by the open eyes and the movement of his irises, but he barely flinches when they sink the knife in his neck. As a matter of fact, it looks like he doesn’t even flinch at all. He just sits there completely resigned to his fate and makes absolutely no movement or sound to fight it.

Props to Best Gore member @pedro-hawk for the video:

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183 thoughts on “Youth Gagged with Shirt and Tied to Chair Stays Calm During Beheading by PCC”

    1. Yea,, with The Capital, as he was with The Capital, so they can show this to The Capital, as these guys do not like The Capital, me thinks. Am i starting to sound like the executioner ??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. those ”favelados” speak portuguese incredible wrong like americans trying to speak portuguese, so no doubt you blaming yourself lol, as a brazilian i already see an american speaking portuguese and they sound like favelados speaking

    2. Hi. My favorite parts are when the blood spurts out. The cutter got a fist full of blood in his eye. Ha ha. Who has the last laugh? I wonder how the cutter will feel when he is shitting bricks, and scratching sores that don’t heal. LMAO.

      1. It doesn’t happen here in the U.S. in anyway near as often as in these shitskin shitholes. If it does happen here it is still only done by the verminous rats who have managed to get here. How often do we see anything on any news about a headless body being found? Pretty much never.

  1. His reaction is extremely beta.
    Very compliant.

    A nice “fuck you asshole” would be better.

    No wait. This is in fact the best reaction. If it is even possible ever again. The beheader does not get any satisfaction of him being angry, hateful or scared.

    1. You’re right but I’m sure this dude here did this to others and his turn has finally arrived. Who would sit so calm like it’s a. Movie shoot and after they say cut!! CUTTT!!! They put his head back on and he goes home w a paycheck. He def did this to others so bye bye scum. He is a squirter!!!!

  2. You could count his pulse by the blood spurt rate…. probably helped him to stay still having a shirt to bite down on while they cut his neck. Was hoping they had enough experience at this to reach in his chest and show us his beating heart. I know I could manage this under the right circumstances. Not to brag or anything. I just could do it if the conditions were right.

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      1. They would bring margarita’s and food and talk to them about America and Brazil. The news and such, maybe ask them what they thought of the place. The PCC sells drugs, but rivals get dwelt with like the guy who got his head cut off.

        1. You don’t just turn violence like this off, I highly doubt their upstanding members of society when they are not hacking someone’s head off. But thanks for trying to take a piss in my Wheaties.

    1. Yeah that was pretty spectacular I almost wanted to get a cup and get some of that youth from that fountain of blood coming out!!!
      It’s full of goodness yummmy may we live another day cause tomorrow is not guaranteed!!!

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    1. That’s my theory. I don’t care how tough you are, you’re going to wince a little bit when someone puts a sharp knife to your soft throat! That is, unless you are drugged (or on drugs). It would make sense for gangs to drug their enemies and interrogate them before they executed them.

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    God, I miss that little guy!! ๐Ÿ™

    1. I hope they fuck Nancy pulosi’s daughter and get her knocked up. But in all reality they are just poor immigrants and looking to improve their lot. Only the mind of a libtard could that pass as humanly reasonable in their mentally disturbed minds!

      1. Probably on a few xanax. They obviously did give him something to bite down on. So a few xanax and maybe some heroin or pain killers wouldnt be out of the question. I wonder if he was once a friend or if he gave up some info or money in return for that kinda treatment. Either that or he was already fucked up but then still why would the give him the shirt to bite on. U could say its a gag but it doesnt appear to be fixed tightly in his mouth. Either that or they didnt want him fighting and screaming so they doped him up n gave him the bite down.

  4. Beheadings are so passรฉ. Everybody does beheading these days.
    What I would like to see on video, if the gods of the cartels and muslims can help me out here, are people, just like this dirtbag, who are getting ripped open from throat to navel.
    i would like to see these muslims or cartels get their insides ripped out and have their insides eaten by dogs, cats, vultures…
    Or better yet, have a cartel dude dressed like a clown and have him ripped open the dudes chest and just have him start pulling out anything that he sees, that would be hilarious.

  5. This is the best video I have ever seen on BG. And I have seen a lot.

    I love how his heart and aorta spurt blood multiple feet in the air even without their head to recieve it.

    Of course these are Brazillians so i doubt that they knew severing the spinal arteries would put on such a show. The fact that the cameraman and executioner both back up at the moment in the video is further proof of their ineptitude.

    I cant wait to see them spurt for us next!!!
    – O

  6. i’m brazilian and i wish that don’t happen to me, that looks very painful lmao some times i just want to USA nuke the favelas with those motherfuckers inside, so we can live our lives in peace without those worms infesting our country

  7. It would be a physical impossibility for him not to scream in pain unless he was drugged. I actually think he was so sedated that he couldn’t react, and it doesn’t mean he wasn’t in agony.

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