Zetas Decapitate Rival Hitman, Butcher Seems Excited to Do His Job

Zetas Decapitate Rival Hitman, Butcher Seems Excited to Do His Job

In an unspecified location in Mexico, members of Los Zetas drug cartel decapitated (or at least attempted to decapitate, because… Mexicans) a rival hitman. After a bit of dormancy, the Mexicans butchers are coming out of stagnation with a bang.

The video of the beheading attempt shows the butcher seemingly excited to do his job. Or he just really likes to me called a monkey.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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110 thoughts on “Zetas Decapitate Rival Hitman, Butcher Seems Excited to Do His Job”

          1. @Gilbertswean,

            You’re funny, lol. I was in the john the other day and reading some writing on the wall.
            It said:
            “If you’re reading what I put, you might be pissing on your foot”.

            Basically a message, which does not say anything, other than just exist. LOL

  1. Lt. Aldo Raine:

    You probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ rival cartel
    members business. And cousin, business is a-boomin’.

    In this basement lives Donny Donowitz. You might have hard of him by his nickname…The Bear Jew.

  2. I can’t believe that sack of shit was still alive & kicking even as the video ended prematurely. Next time swap the butter knife for the carving knife. Don’t turn your back on the camera and most importantly, don’t invite Darth to narrate the next video !

          1. I can remember back in the 70’s when they used to pedal around the neighbourhood and people would hear their bells ringing and run out to the street with knives in hand to be sharpened. Some would fall… needless to say there was the odd mishap.

  3. W.T.F. Are they Doing Man??? Performing The Sicario’s New Death-Dance, in order to get Your Eyes, & Mind Completely Off Of That Fucking Rookie, And His The Most Pitiful Attempt At, I Guess You Can Call It,,, *Beatheading A Man Instead* Either-Way This,,, (Has Gots-Ta-Be) The Most Pitiful Attempt At Beheading A Poor Man, In My Entire Life. This Fucking Junkie-Rookie-Joke & (JEW-SERVING, CUNTY-CUNT) Should Ask His Very Own 10 Year-Old Champion Nephew To Behead Him By Using His Mom’s Best Butter-Knife! And This Must Be Done Under Islamic, Sharia-Law, (In Order To Undue All The Shame That He Has Brought To His Family), Therefore Giving Them A Chance At Shamelessly Reintegrating Back Into Society, And Mom Holding Her Head, (And Now, Her Own Bags Of Groceries Too Herself)lol, Way-Up,,, To Her 4th. Floor Apartment.

    1. Exactly! And that video itself,,, @svarg26,,,, it was just (All kinds of Wrong Man) And Fucked-Up Big-Time. It the sounds of their voices, And,, what sounded like whacks from a plastic Holloween Machete were way out of sync with the video, and were actually caused by *Mody’s Rickshaw Muffler Repair Shop* in the next Bay over. In An Attempt To Save Some Coin while making this Short *FUGAZY* instead of *BENGHAZI* Movie,,, A Bollywood-Crew ,,, As Opposed To ,,, A Hollywoody-Jew,,, Was Used to Produce this Completely Low-Budget One, me thinks!

  4. Cartels are suppose to be all about money. Yet they the clothes they wear shows them as being broke as fuck let alone the poor quality phone cameras. Five of these faggit fuckers and no sign of talent for “show business”.

      1. I’ve never been so wrong in all my life.. of course it all makes since now… Jew Mexican Faggits. Rest assured my friends I love Mexican women.. & some hot Jew women, with those bitches you take to the bank

  5. This looked like open mic night at the chucklefuck, not a cartel execution. You have to wonder why Los Zetas leadership would even let such an embarrassing video see the light of day. What ever happened to cartels taking pride in their work?

  6. They really need a Contract with Gerber Knives. They could use a Bear Grylls whatever Machete with the Bear Grylls sharpener line and of course the Bear Grylls compass so they could find their way back to their bunch-a-boards that they live in.

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