Zetas Execution of Rival Gang by Beheading and Dismemberment

Zetas Execution of Rival Gang by Beheading and Dismemberment

The pictures are from Uruapan, Mexico. Yeap, good old Mexico. Zetas showed how ruthless they can be with members of rival gangs. Three black garbage bags were dropped off in town and after locals opened them, they found three dismembered bodies inside. Carvings on dead people bore signs suggesting this was work of The Zetas. On top of being dismembered, the men were obviously ruthlessly tortured and subsequently beheaded. No mercy from The Zetas.

Remember last time we had pictures of Zetas posted on Best Gore? That time it was Zetas members who were dismembered. I don’t think this incident and the other one are related as it looks as though every Mexican drug gang was at war with every other Mexican drug gang and if it looks like someone else is getting on the turf of the gang that controls particular territory, something extremely graphic comes out of it. Oftentimes you don’t even have to step on other’s gang territory. They would just murder you to let everyone know that they are bosses here. Mexico is a warzone these days. Gang killings there count as some of the worst and most brutal in the world.

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  1. they are zetas that got killed in retaliation and to also make a point and send a clear message.”this is what awaits anyone who supports the zetas.”the reason the z was carved into them was they are the head bossess are 2nd in charged also the news of the fallen strikes hard with the bossess of surronding cites or “plazas” as they are known down here.just getting some facts straight.

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