August 2016 Update – The Good and The Bad

Anime Gore: Gun Play

You guys have surely noticed that over the last few days, there has been a general slowdown in content being published. There was a very good reason for that, and without much fluff, here’s why:

Mark is finally out of unsafe Canada. It didn’t happen without challenges and issues, but it’s finally done. It’s still too early to go all out celebrating, but the most important step of getting him out of the clutches of the Canadian regime has been accomplished, and that alone is great success.

He’s currently on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. Dominica is not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. Dominica, dubbed the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, is a smaller island in the West Indies, that’s independent and party to international treaties relevant to the next step.

That being said – Mark has just gone through three years of captivity, had every single electronic device seized, was held in maximum security prison even though he has never committed a violent crime, was on complete prior restraint to ensure his voice is not heard, was denied any and all means to contact his family and friends, was denied access to material that was subject of his fraudulent prosecution, was subject to large scale smear and character assassination campaigns, was constantly harassed by police, was presumed and treated as guilty by the judicial system, and was subjected to mistreatment in contravention of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Furthermore, he was threatened with harm to his life by Canadian government officials, and with future prosecutions on account of his political opinion.

Having taken all that (and more) into account, even though he could start posting on Best Gore again, my immediate advice to him was to take a month off to reflect and re-adjust to freedom, and to just enjoy simple life’s pleasures – like go to a beach, puff on a Cuban, flirt with chicks, drink fresh coconut water every day, etc.

And in all honesty – I need it too. And so for the remainder of the month of August, I’ll take my own time off to avoid burn out.

Whether any of our other authors wish to continue publishing is entirely up to them. And knowing myself, I will probably pop in here and there to share new content from time to time, but it may only be once every couple of days at most.

Meanwhile, even if things quiet down under All The Gore, content can be published and discussed in the forums, where everyone with an active account can be the author.

We’ll be back to re-evaluate the next step after the month is over. We’re in the year 2016, and porn has become an incredibly difficult sell. There aren’t many internet users left who don’t know how to get porn for free on the internet. And as the traffic, and with it the costs to keep the site on line have kept growing, income from porn ads have been declining.

There are no reserves to tap into, and if you consider that Mark has been sucked dry for 3 years and will have to look for a job to establish long term income, the possibility of having frequent main site updates going into the future is rather unrealistic.

Consequently, if it looks like the forum doesn’t catch on enough to justify the cost of keeping the site on line without the cost of time needed to keep the flow of content happening on the main site, it may be that we’ll wrap up the great run that we’ve had, so we can start new chapters in our lives.

Thanks for all your ongoing support.

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

174 thoughts on “August 2016 Update – The Good and The Bad”

    1. Holy lord…i got goose bump reading the last few paragraphs..we’ll wrap up a great run !!what can we do?
      Send donations ?ill send what i can …pls lord dont let this happen…happy you are out @mark…pls be safe..

      1. Mark should not follow the advice about having a cuban cigar.

        Watching out for your health.

        Don’t smoke a “Cuban” unless you buy it inside of the State Controlled stores. So many people sell cubans on beaches saying they get steal them out the back etc etc Fake cigars with real bands etc etc. Some of those fakes are filled with floor sweepings. Not long leaf tobacco. Imagine the hair and dirt and whatever else they pick up on their flip-flops walking down those dirt roads where oxen and dogs and goats and well you get the idea. Don’t smoke a cuban unless in cuba and FROM THE GOV’T RUN cigar shops.

        1. Though nothing is set in stone at this stage, Dominica may not be his final destination. However St. Maarten is half French and half Dutch. Both are Zionists occupied territories which makes them unsafe.

          1. @acneska That’s quite fortuitous, I just watched a doc on Dominica yesterday and literally had never heard of it before. It’s bloody gorgeous, but tiny, and prides itself on total self-sufficiency (a trait I and I’m quite sure Mark appreciates).
            I’m sure dozens have already asked, but please send him my/our best and my tremendous thanks for what he started, what he’s done, and the real change he has effected. I may not agree with everything he (or you) says but I damn sure appreciate his fighting for *everyone’s* rights to say, see, and think whatever the fuck we want. Although I was never even close to being a blind sheep, accessing free and open media has certainly fostered the healthiest level of mistrust I’ve ever had in our leade….errrr….puppets. I think I started lurking a bit over a year before the Magnotta debacle, and watching an event unfold like that, in the way it did, where the wilted little Maple leaves should have been *thanking* BG for the attempted forewarning that a narcissistic little jizz-juggler was grasping for his 15 minutes of faggery, I got to see firsthand, irrefutably and demonstrably how a western government will lie, twist, torment and incarcerate someone whose sole crime is merely an unpopular fucking opinion. Fuck Canada and Viva Mark Marek and Viva Best Gore! Cheers from SF.

      2. Give us a mailing address to send you some $$. How about you giving us an address where we can send some funds to get you through this and I’ll be one of the first to send funds. How much would it cost to run this site? There are those of us who live in the USA, how can we send funds across the border that you can use? IS USA cash allowed? What about personal checks from the USA? How much do you need to run the site on a monthly basis? What about a one time huge fundraiser? We all recognize that the two of you are in need of a vacation, but what about when you come back? I just joined your group a couple weeks ago after floating on it for a year or two and I don’t want it going poof like this! Tell us what you need. We’ve used you far too much to let all of this slide into ruin!

      3. I also would be willing to send in donation’s to keep this site running. I’m glad that mark is out after all these year’s. I will never understand that place. My husband’s company sent 10 guy’s over there to work(they check the railroad lines and repair cracks) and they couldn’t get thru because of a charge they had when they were in their teens, they didn’t answer question’s right or they were told to their face you are taking jobs from other Canadian’s and refused to let them in. What BS!!!!
        Grrrr sorry went on a tangent anyway’s I thank you for keeping this site going no one understands why I have this kinda fascination with death and gore but I can come here and be around others that get it.

  1. I would really hate to see it all go. This site has really helped me through some crazy times even though I was only a lurker until today. I love all of you guys and wish you all the best in whatever comes to you in life ❤❤

    1. …well iv only been around for a very short time …compared to many other members,and loved my stay,but it’s definitely filled my empty soul and down time,and help prep me emotionally and mentally for job in the funeral bizz. The site has been my heroin,I need my fix almost everyday to have a laugh,to be shocked,or stir up some feelings/opinions and respect life more,and being alive and healthy all the while balancing the scale between apathy,and empathy.
      Gotta feeling there are members here who are truly sick fucks: murderers,molesters, heartless wackos,who get off on this shit. but I’m just a civilian. Tho I’m sure there’s enough decent folk here to start/pull together uploading things for the forums,or daily updates etc.
      Time will tell…. Tho I think BG isn’t going anywhere.

      1. I have regularly frequented BG for years, but I too was just a lurker till today. Thank you to everyone who has kept this site going, and the amount of work put in to always have something new has always amazed me. Mark you are an amazing individual. BF has always been there to be a healthy dose of reality and truth and I hope it will always be here!

  2. So Mark is in Secret Bay, i presume? 😉
    Wow,,, i asked for an update, but Holy!!! I am so Happy for you @Mark that this news made my eyes water. I know,,, i am a big suck bud! Both @acneska and yourself deserve nothing less than a stress less, great future, with plenty of good times, as you have provided us with so many good ones of our own, throughout the many years on here. I am totally lost for words, right now, but once i compose myself, and let all this sink in, i will contact you guys, as to what i might be able to provide you as a long time Loyal Member of Best-Gore. Please take your time guys, and get plenty of R & R. Thank-You for ALL that you have done for us throughout the many years of sacrifices, and hard work. With Love & Much Respect,,, your Friend & True Brother, Andre. 🙂

    1. @thedre.
      If the site does come to an end, I’d like to extend all the best wishes to you and yours from myself and mine.
      It’s been great knowing you my man, albeit from across the pond via a computer screen. You are a true gent. And as we’ve spoken of previously, if you do make it over to England, it would be great to meet up for a few pints and a good chin wag. 😉

  3. I was actually thinking a few weeks ago that you deserve a break @acneska, you have been posting relentlessly. I have to say though I really miss Obli and Ate. Their posts along with yours and your own opinions on the matter have been refreshing to read. Throw in some serious eye opening debates, the ever philosophical @empty-soul and it has been thoroughly enjoyable.

    1. @truth_teller

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Mark definitely needs time to readjust to life before getting back into it again otherwise he will lose the balance necessary to keep himself sane.

      I also think Obli, Ate ect got burnt out as well and that is why they left because sooner or later we all start questioning the point of it all and when we do that we start to lose the ability to care and/or even give effort towards the things we used to enjoy doing.

      Acneska also needs that time off as well because even the brightest skies turn to darkness when you can no longer see the sun for the clouds.

      As for me, well, you will have probably noticed that I post sporadically these days and when I do my comments are usually just long-winded, pointless, hateful self-satisfying rants. The reason for this is that I have been booze sodden and stoned for so long that I have lost my mental balance and so tend to wobble on the brink of insanity for the most part.

      I am now doped up on a shit load of anti-depressants in an attempt to get my life back together again and have been cutting back massively on the booze, as you might expect then I am even more burnt out and depressed now.

      Anyways, to cut a long story short I too am going off-line for the foreseeable future because I also need the time away from it all to recover my physical and mental strength.

      I shall end on a fitting quote,

      “When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you“.


      It’s been fun guys, take care.

      1. Hope you are able to clear your mind man you will be missed. Booze never helps, hope some herb or even the right medicine (even though i refuse to touch the stuff i wont be like Ghandi) helps. Often trials like this are just the steps to living and experiencing a truly fullfiled life, because without the dark there is no light!

      2. Won’t be the same without you here Empty, best wishes with your endeavours. I have never seen anyone articulate themselves as clear and concise as you.

        In my experience, alchohol is the most taxing of all substances, mentally and physically. If you can steer clear of the sauce, the battle is half won, regardless of what else is consumed.

      3. @empty-soul : thinking through my journey with BG, I’d have to say your comments have meant the most to me (drunk or not) & what I’ve learned will not be forgotten. I hope things improve considerably for you. I really wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself, but that’s how perfectionists are. Best wishes, my BG friend.

      4. @empty-soul my pleasure. Maybe you’re right about Obli and Ate, it’s a shame though. I’ve always appreciated your metaphors and analogies, they help paint a clearer picture in my head on the initial subject.

        I did notice that yes, what are you drinking and how much? I only ask because I have a brother who is 25 and an alcoholic. I’ve always thought anti-depressants are a waste of time, I know people who have taken them and if anything got worse. Feels like if you took placebo pills they would have the same impact. Obviously I hope they work for you and help you see the light.

        With any addiction, whether it be alcohol or drugs when you come off it the first few days/weeks are the toughest, it’s just about trying to stay positive, which can be difficult if not impossible for some.

        Hope you can still find the time to stick around, I know myself as well as plenty of others appreciate your wisdom.

      5. I have just read your post and because of it I have finally taken the courage to register.

        You guys on Bestgore are the best of the best and you cannot even imagine how appreciated and admired you are.

        Within the last two years I have also been struggling with depression, the whole shit: booze, anti-depressants, thoughts on suicide and everything. It has been the worst time of my life and back then I would have never believed in ever getting better again. It was such a hopeless downward spiral and I have been trying everything to be able to endure life again. I took all sorts of antidepressants, having all sorts of side effects and horrible ups and downs, ending in aggression and despair. It seemed to be entirely hopeless.

        Now I am past these hopeless years and I am feeling stronger than ever before. Things have changed and it wasn’t for the meds, they might have helped but only to some extent.

        The best treatment was this page. Even though I didn’t have the energy to be active I was a loyal reader and fan. Looking through the comments and the posts of BestGoreMembersRock I have finally discovered one place where there are like minded people, who have a similar way of thinking, humor and who share the same taste and views on things -and who are skeptical towards the shit we’re told. Ever since, this page has served as my secret sanctum and source of energy.

        I cannot even express how much I admire those who keep this page running and how important you all are to me.

        I’ll try to contribute to this site from now on.

        Thank you so very much guys, you are the best of the best and heroes!

        1. Welcome to you Damienne ! 😉

          (glad to hear that you are feeling better after those 2 years)

          and as for ”I was a loyal reader and fan”
          your word’s cannot be more true :
          I think not only for you and many other’s but also for me
          because I were like that too before I register to Bestgore

          I cannot hide that the Mark case have do me a member on Bestgore
          because Mark was not the bad in this and nobody will change me on this.

          We Visit and like BestGore and now many member’s like you, me are here to show support to Mark and Staff (BestGore) and that is good !

      6. @empty soul

        Why dont you try something challenging? That usually works as a remedy against “depression”. For example hiking in the Hymalayas. 350 dollar gets you a ticket to kathmandu. Another 150 to rent/buy decent equipment. And with 10 to 15 dollar a day you get a bed and three meals. You will find yourself in the most mindblowing environment you could possibly imagine. Snowcapped mountains, valleys, sherpa and tibetan budddhist culture. And mountains tend to clear up the mind you know. The excersize will generate good brain chemicals.

        Personally i believe these kind of things beat the meds with all their sick side affects. (Ive had them too)

  4. As a fairly new user at Bestgore, if you tell that the future of this site is most likely to meet it´s fate of getting shut down then I would find it quite sad to no longer be able to visit this site after the short while because of the content that you rarely see anywhere else (unless someone is keen to upload it anywhere else if Bestgore no longer becomes an option) than here.

    Hope this site runs much longer than what this gives the message of and that you find a more efficient method of maintaing the site further.

    Have a good time.

    1. Too bad I only joined BG a few months ago. Guess we´ll feel doomed to not reach this more than that said.

      Well, if that is the remaining fate, we know what to do if it can´t be changed – visit here as often as we can untill the time strikes.

  5. I’m in tears, I don’t want you guys to leave. However I do understand and wish you all the best. Go take a break, clear you head, and go from there. Your decisions may still be the same, but at least you will be making them free of the ‘problems’ for a while. Whatever you and Mark decide, God speed and good luck for the future. I will be here dropping in every now and again. Oh darn, I gotta go you are making me too teary.

  6. I’m crossing my fingers that nothing happens to this awesome site. I’ve been part of thE BG community for a while and cannot see myself finding great content and people anywhere else. I’m so glad Mark is back and a break is definitely understandable, but please don’t forget about us.

  7. So glad to hear Mark is away from canada and on his way back to a normal, free life. As for @acneska, you have done more than your share and indeed deserve a break.
    As for the future of the site, though i sadly cannot contribute monitarily, I will say that if the site is abandoned, it’ll be a huge loss for the gore scene. I have found no other site that has mostly consistently intelligent comments and mostly consistently respectful and friendly members. Not to mention, a pic or video isn’t just posted with some smartass caption by the poster. The posts here are well thought out and well written in my opinion. I think you could see success if members are given a way to donate. Whatever you and Mark decide to do, I sincerely wish you both well and want you to know I have the deepest gratitude for all the staff that kept this labor of love going. Take care.

  8. does that mean what i think it means? like its fucking great Mark has a shred of normality back. but potentially no more gore family? this place has been a daily part of my life for so many years. say it aint so. i literally open this site every morning with my coffee in hand, i might actually cry.

    1. I just clicked on a porno ad so you don’t need to worry about money..

      And, best wishes to Mark. Acneska, you deserve a break too. Obli and Ate – all of them – the contributors are what make this site.

      I should contribute. It be great to get everyone to contribute. An event, maybe. A Best Gore donation rally. I’ll be the first to donate – 100 dollars. Who do I send it to?

      It was just a matter of when this article would be posted I’m sure others like myself were waiting on.

  9. Yeah first of all : Glad to hear that you are out from jail Mark 😉

    in fact I always thought that you was’nt the bad in this at 100 % (you know).

    so now keep your head up Body and enjoy your liberty (you deserve this 🙂 ) and yes with the advice of Acneska you can’t go wrong (again enjoy your liberty Mark) .

    we all curious when we see real things I think … well am like that too and Gore’s things are not fun to watch everyday’s and I think it can result as yes Burnout , low moral , ect … name it.
    it also take gut’s to comments that everyday’s like you guy’s do well event if it’s not fun sometimes.

    in all I respect you guys for what you do (you know who you are) and special ”Thumb up” to you Mark and Acneska !

    am a member of BestGore and am here to stay.


  10. I am so glad to hear that Mark is out, and I hope he has a good time where ever he is at. He deserves to enjoy lifes pleasures after all he has been through. Acneska you deserve some time off after all your hard work as well , enjoy. I am sad to hear the site may not continue. I really have gotten to enjoy the content and the comments of the members here. I do not like any other of the gore sites that I have visited. was the first that I was introduced to and then it stopped. This is by far the best site for the best gore.

  11. It’ll be sad to lose Best Gore but with everything Marks been through its completely understandable. I’m glad to hear Marks safe and free and I wish the best of best wishes to him. I wish there was another way to keep the site running but at last it’s been a good run. Thank you to Mark and all the other people contributing to BG.

  12. If it comes down to the site ending than it’s completely understandable. Not saying I’m happy about it but you guys definitely deserve some peace and relaxation after all you’ve done for us. Thank you Mark for creating this beautiful site and sacrificing your freedom to bring us the truth. Thank you Acneska, Obli and Ate for keeping it alive as long as you have. You’ve all contributed and sacrificed a thousand times over to meet the needs of us demanding, ungrateful bastards and a thousand times again. I hope to fuck the site keeps going but if it must come to an end… We will understand.

    From the bottom of my broken heart, I thank you for all that you have done. Salute

  13. I really hope the site doesn’t come to an end :'( how likely is it on a scale of 1 to 10? And when would that occur? This really is the best site for this kind of thing 🙁 I hope a solution is found and that the members can maybe even pull together and pitch in a little bit to keep it going. There’ll be a lot of “homeless” boys and gores. I don’t know what I’d do. Like kiwidude, this place has also been a daily part of my life for years. I just can’t find the words :/ gtg, good night.

  14. Mark, you’re a pussy if after all this you won’t continue to keep BG up and running…;) What was it all for then? I hope you weren’t ass raped in prison. If you were, the wounds will heal over time and you may finally understand why some people film vertically with their I phones. Best wishes, Dude.

    1. Imagine all these years educating people through this website and cunts still don’t know how to hold an iPhone when filming! I’d fuckin quit. So many flip flops, finger pointers, suicide by electrocution, death by stupidity, chainsaw, tanks, shootings, beheadings and hanging.
      I’ve seen more people leave this earth on this site than you do in a Rambo movie, it’s been great. Hope it’s not the end, if it is thanks for the memories guys!

  15. Oh, wow…..

    The most important thing is Mark is safe and you recognise your need for a mental break. Well done to avoid burnout.

    No one eats free. If the income is not enough then you must protect yourselves.

    If the site closes down and there’s a chance you might reopen in the future, I hope I get to know about it.

    Either way, I wish you all the very best. Thanks for the Ride!

  16. I don’t think Best Gore is going anywhere. This is Mark’s bread and butter after all. Knowing who he is, I don’t think he would seek employment and would probably start on another venture, if the event of the end of Best Gore is considered. That was brought up back then but the site still kept going on.

    I’m pretty sure whatever’s going on is another bump in the road and that the site will get through it.

  17. Oh no, somehow i saw this comming.. Hope the fate of the site is not sealed yet.
    I visit bestgore since 2011 when ogrish shut down and one of the first videos i saw here was the blonde mexican woman peeling the skin off a severed head with a boxcutter. Thought of it yesterday and searched for it but the video is deleted.

    Best wishes for mark and all the others who have been working their asses off to keep the site going since he is gone.

  18. Ill do whatever it takes to keep BG runing! Maybe if everyone clicks on their porn adds a couple times a day the revenue will go up @acneska? Glad to heer Mark is out and on a tiny spec in the oceans. Hope they didnt brain wash him over the years! If anything i hope it encourages him to stay active in the fight against our enemys in the shadows. BG represents not only the freedom of speech, but shows how many people, from many places, with different views can unite and assemble, and the world leaders want to rid the world of places like this. BUT GORE WILL NEVER DIE!

    1. The website takes a lot of time to maintain. It’s not about him being in Dominica or elsewhere. His location is irrelevant in this respect. It’s the fact that the site is so labor intensive one can’t do it without dedicating much of each day to it.

  19. Onwards and upwards for Mark, a fully deserved rest of mind and soul at last.
    For my part, it’s been a laugh and an experience to remember. I will hold this place dear.
    All good things must come to an end.

  20. For the last five years I have been (and still am subject to) an intimidatory, harrassing and obstructive regime in the Education Department where I work. I have had my name smeared, false allegations made against me, whispering campaigns started, obstruction from promotion, no training, discrimination and general shit. I refuse to quit. I wake every morning feeling like crap and I go to work.
    But that is only a job. Jeez Mark. They tried to completely fuck your whole life. Maximum Security? Holy shit…
    Kick back good sir, light up a fat one and roll back with a few cold ones. I take my Scottish Hat off to you. We need sites like this.

  21. All good things must come to an end. Long time lurker here, thought id join the community recently and now you drop this bomb shell!! If you do decide to retire, could you please deliver a list of similar websites we can all relegate ourselves too? You guys are the soul source for my addiction to the disturbed and would really appreciate it if you could. What ever the outcome, enjoy your month of fucking, fucking and fucking.

  22. nothing will ever come close to the community spirit that bestgore has, ive had numerous accounts, (this haydolf one lasting the longest i think) been banned a few times, fell out with admin, fell out with members, then sorted things out. it was late 2010 when i came across bestgore after watching the dagestan video, and it was one of the first videos i saw too i had to leave the room and take in what id just saw, not a good video to start off on. but after i stumbled on BG i was hooked but not on the gore but the family and the spirit and the banter. this site has also taught me alot about real life and for that i will be ever thankful oh and ive also met some awesome people on here. this sounds bizarre but the end of this place will feel like the death of a friend,but im sure most will also feel this when BG finishes.

  23. How about making BG subscription based site? I hear a lot of live for BG It’s time for Gore fans to contribute to this high quality site. It would be a shame to let BG die like the other Gore sires before it.

    1. …Not of we do a Jonestown Massacre!!!? Fuck yea… Let’s (all the members) commit suicide at same time online for BG! And record it if possible,some would jump,hang,self gun shot,overdose, electrocution,wrist slash > all ya fuckin cutters will pick that one. …Etc
      That’ll show Canada.upload live . Mark will be our Jim Jones. Lol.
      ps DONT forget to wear flip flops! …while dying.

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