Can Violent Content Cause Aggression?

Can Violent Content Cause Aggression

As I was preparing for my trial for “corrupting morals“, I spoke with a number of university professors who have done research on the subject of violence in media, and whether violent content can cause aggression. I’d like to share the fruits of my research, because I believe the findings of the scholars I will quote need broader exposure, as they can put the speculation on the effects of violent content on the internet to rest once and for all.

The material I will quote is from peer reviewed, academic studies by respected university professors, and thus doesn’t constitute my opinion, but rather a scientific, evidence based, well established collection of facts backed up by thorough research, testing and verifying. Most of the academic papers I will quote were published in subscription based periodicals for academics, and are therefore not readily accessible by the general public. I have PDF copies of each quoted paper, which were provided to me by the authors themselves. I will also quote authors whose wisdom has been tested by time.

Can Violent Content Cause Aggression?

To cut straight to the chase – the most seductive and bogus justification for censorship – that expression has the capacity to cause actual harm, has been thoroughly debunked and proven unsupported by academic research. According to the academic papers, people with prior aggression can be attracted to violent media, but violent media don’t cause aggression. Similarly, people without predisposition to aggression may be interested in gory videos out of inherently human curiosity, but even for them it doesn’t do anything to increase their anti social behavior.

A study by Joanne Savage and Christina Yancey from Department of Justice, Law and Society at American University in Washington, DC, published in Criminal Justice and Behavior magazine, Vol. 35, No. 6 in June 2008, studied the effects of media violence exposure on criminal aggression, and concluded that the relationship between exposure to violent media and serious violence has not been established. The study also notes that in recent years, during which time the technological advances allowed a greater chance that someone seeking out violent programming can find it, violent crime rates have been falling and not increasing.

A study by Prof. Johannes Breuer et al, from Department of Communication at University of Munster in Germany, published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture magazine Vol. 4, No. 4, in 2015, researched evidence for a selection effect of violent video games and physical aggression among adolescents. The study suggests that youth with prior aggression can be attracted to violent games – which is known as a selection effect, but that violent games don’t cause aggression – ie. no causal effect was established.

Study by Prof. Christopher Ferguson from Department of Psychology at Stetson University, published in Perspectives on Psychological Science magazine, Vol. 10, No. 5 in 2015, studied the influence of violent video games on children’s mental health, and likewise concluded there’s little evidence for a link with antisocial behavior. Or as Prof. Ferguson stated in an email to me: “…something being offensive is different from it being harmful.” I can’t even begin the express the gratitude I have for all the support Prof. Ferguson provided me with during the course of my prosecution.

In 2009, Prof. Ferguson published a research paper in Aggression and Violent Behavior magazine on correlation between pornography consumption and sexual assault rates, and concluded that available data rules out a causal relationship. In the paper, Prof. Ferguson noted the following:

Available research and self reported and official statistics might provide evidence for the reverse effect – the increasing availability of pornography appears to be associated with a decline in rape. Whatever the explanation is, the fact remains that crime in general, and rape specifically, has declined substantially for the last 20 years. Concurrently, availability of pornography has increased steadily in the last 20 years. These data give the impression of a catharsis effect – that exposure to pornography may actually provide a means to alleviate sexual aggression. Of course, this association parallels a broader downward decline in violent crime in general, as well as increasing depictions of violence in the media in general.

A Canadian study by Prof. Taylor Kohut from Western University in London, ON, published in the Journal of Sex Research in September 2015, came to the same conclusion. While researching whether pornography users held more gender egalitarian attitudes toward women than non users, the researchers found that:

Instead of demonstrating strong association between pornography use and support of non-egalitarianism, the current findings actually suggest weak associations in the opposite direction. Compared to non users, participants who reported viewing a pornographic film in the previous year also reported more positive attitudes toward women in position of power, and less negative attitude toward women in the workforce. Consequently, the study finds that pornography users are useful allies in the struggles that women face in obtaining among other things public office, economic independence, and bodily integrity.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the contents that appear on the website can have an emotional reaction in viewers, or be disturbing. However, I also note that if mere expression could cause actual harm, and required protection by the state, I’d long be dead. Because I haven’t had any protection by the state from mere words, and I’ve been threatened with death hundreds of times, I’ve been called everything in the book, and nobody came to my defence.

As enemies of intellectual freedom, censorship efforts are a form of manipulative repression that’s supported by hazy legal definitions, attacks on materials based on personal responses to them rather than their inherent qualities, efforts to promote or preserve orthodoxy rather than to admit free exchange of ideas, fear of mass communication of ideas rather than a fear of the ideas themselves, legal statutes and decisions based on class prejudices rather than fact, and attempted restrictions based on perceived harm or threat of harm rather than on hard scientific, causal evidence linked to harm.

One of the prime achievements of Best Gore, is that it exposed how our confused puritanically-violence-addicted society simultaneously reels in disgust at “obscenity” and yet spends more time concerned with the topics of sex and violence than most other social concerns.

The act of viewing content on Best Gore actually and rightly involves personal choice and individual freedoms. Censorship on the other hand operates on the assumption that the thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs and fantasies of human beings ought to be a subject of moral judgment and ultimately social and government action.

And as Prof. White notes in The Anatomy of Censorship, censors cannot demonstrate that the material “actually poses a danger to society.” And therefore, censors have to “forcibly suppress” because they cannot “convincingly demonstrate” that the material is harmful:

Censorship arises when and precisely because someone cannot convincingly demonstrate to others that the opinions which offend him or her are indeed truly false or dangerous. If they could, there would after all be little or no need for censorship.

Prof. White continues:

Getting government off the business of censorship and re-allocating the funds regularly spent on it would:

  • a) Unburden the legal system (legislative and judicial branches), and
  • b) Re-deploy law enforcement agents to better confront “the real dangers and serious crime citizens face.”

For the real evil in the world comes not from the disagreeable people, but from those so convinced of the absolute rightness of their opinions and beliefs that they would impose what they think and feel upon others. It is they who must account for their actions. For it is they who are most definitely in the wrong and from whom little good ever comes.

George Bernard Shaw ever so astutely noted in the preface to Mrs. Warren’s Profession, that:

All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship.

1,600 years ago, St. Augustine of Hippo observed that the sexual organs move independently of the will. Sometimes they respond to what we do not want them to respond to, and other times they remain unresponsive when we want to employ them. From this disobedience of the flesh, mark of a fallen state, none are exempt, not even the guardians of our morals.

A censor pronouncing a ban, whether on an obscene spectacle or a derisive imitation, is like a man trying to stop his penis from standing up. The spectacle is ridiculous, so ridiculous that he is soon a victim not only of his unruly member but of pointing fingers, laughing voices. That is why the institution of censorship has to surround itself with secondary bans on the infringement of its dignity. From being sour to being laughed at for being sour to banning laughter at what is sour is an all-too-familiar progression in tyranny, one that should give us further cause for caution.

We spend enough time by ourselves, hidden from the eyes of others, doing the things that we do when we are by ourselves, to know how little of it we can honestly lay claim to. As Mark Twain remarked in Notebook: “Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them.

Take away the right to publish obscenities, and you take away the right to expose government’s abuses. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.

There could have been a lot of government’s deception exposed, if not for 2 and a half years of prohibition on my right to freedom of expression, including 16 months of prior restraint.


Violent content does not cause aggression. People with predisposition may seek out violent content, but those without predisposition to violence, will not become aggressive by watching violent content. In contrast, people with predisposition to violence may get their “fix” from watching violent content, instead of getting their fix by directing physical violence at actual people.

Should there be interest in this type of posts, I’d share more of the notes I made as I was preparing for the kangaroo court.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

167 thoughts on “Can Violent Content Cause Aggression?”

    1. I know seeing this type of videos have mentally made me aggressive, but for the most part i know to not act out on these thoughts.But when i think about hurting someone, say they were talking shit towards me, it usually is inspired with material on her etc Hammer smashed face ,machete slashed throat, and cold blood shooting…

      1. me too. for example yesterday i was in a snap chat group chat and this female sent a picture of a dudes mugshot and said he got arrested for smashing a babies head in. and another person said somthing about he needs to be get his head stomped in and i said no he should “have his fingers cut of and make him eat them while his stomach is slashed open so his organs can fall out and then slice his neck so he can die a long painful death” and yeah but i would never ever do anything like this in real life

    2. When anyone see the horrible pictures of people without their legs, dying in the street…their guts hanging out from an attack etc…it shows the viewer that we are ALL vulnerable to violence and stupidity of drivers….it is hardly an incentive to do the same.

    3. Violent content does not cause aggression. Each person is responsible for his/her own actions and behavior. An act of violence caused by the lyrics of a song or scene from a movie that has violent content within it is ridiculous. We are all born with the capability of violence instilled in us. There are horrific acts of violence recorded throughout history. Long before music and movies were even invented. It is a bullshit excuse to say that a song or movie influenced an act of violence. Personally, if I am in a bad mood, listening to an angry, aggressive, song will calm me down. That may not be the case for everyone, but it works for me. I do think that some things in the media give a person an idea of how to carry out the act of violence in some cases. But the desire to commit a violent act is a choice that the person has made on their own. If violent media content was powerful enough influence people to commit a violent crime, there would be masked, machete carrying maniacs everywhere.

  1. Violence comes from the mind. Not all people are pacifist, some are born with killer tendencies. To blames ones actions on violent media is like blaming guns for deaths of others. It all falls back on the individual.

    1. A lot of individuals can’t seperate reality from fantasy they only see what’s in front of them and then they prop up thought crime industries like psychology that tranq people to make them placate.(mentally retarded)

    2. i agree 100%. you are either born with the tendencies to do harm to others or you are not, plain and simple. death and everything that goes with it fascinates me but i don’t have the feelings to go out and kill someone to get my “FIX”. i can get that from good ole BG. some people are just born bad and evil. and there is nothing that you can do to “fix” them.

        1. Lmao you have the brain of a chimpanzee. I know many people who own guns and don’t solve any of their problems with it. You’re writing about war veterans. When you’re put in a situation of danger where people are shooting at you with rockets, machine guns , suicide bombings and beaheadings you’re going to be traumatized if you don’t put up with this mental disturbance that the war has you either kill your self or abuse substances to help you “forget”

      1. Well…You’re not that far off…But more often, people who do that sort of thing (I.e. Murder, torture) aren’t born. They’re made. Abuse, neglect, and otherwise toxic upbringings are very common amongst violent criminals. While there is SOME evidence that aggression and violent tendencies can be genetic, it’s mostly a learned habit.

    3. well i have to say to mark that content on this site breeds hatred to minoritys and not always by some in the comments but the actual publisher of the content mark it’s not very professional to have a site that many people watch and have the person writing the discriptions always be disrespectful to the victims or some people viewing the content maybe you should look at that the contents great but surely you could tone down your hateful attitudes and actually be a mature site and leave it to the comments to be juvenile

      1. What do you expect from a gore site? All the viewers to hold hands together and sing fucking Kum-ba-yah for the victims? If you want namby-pamby hashtag platitudes run along back to Facebook. Here is a place where we can see the reality of human bodies as pieces of meat and the instantly extinguished lives of people who might be mourned over by their families for a few years after which their existence will be totally forgotten. Wake up to reality!

  2. What ever these studies say; we are affected by what we see and experience. This is how we’ve adapted to survive and recongnize threats.
    Our minds take in what we see and what we experience.
    We can’t help but to take it in.
    No one really can say how cetain things affect every person; else there wouldn’t be any reason for continued studies; as we would know how each individual would be affected.

    1. Seriously, the bullshit you speak gives me migraines. Do you know what “peer reviewed” means? Are you saying you’re smarter than scores of academics who reviewed the studies, found them credible and would not jeopardize their careers with bogus claims that would in turn put all their previous research into question?

          1. If you would read what I said; it’s too easy to generalize; like professors and studies do.
            It’s all about the individual and their circumstances.

          2. If you would read what I said, you’d realize that as meathead who only got to 8th grade of primary school, you have no clue how PhD research is conducted. You obviously couldn’t realize that cause you don’t have sufficient education.

          3. MIllions of people watched the movie: Saving Private Ryan….I don’t think many people after watching that walked away with the idea that war and killing and death are cool things…..

      1. It would appear that you are showing your true ignorance by the typical name calling!
        If the name calling makes your insecurity feel better; ok.
        I guess this proves my point; just typing in general discussion; you have already started using name calling; no studies needed here.
        You just validated what I was talking abou; it depends on the individual.

        1. Sorry to burst your bubble again, but you validated what I was talking about. You are making baseless claims without anything to back them up. Nothing you stated proves in any way that after viewing violent content on the internet one goes out and becomes physically aggressive in real life. All your claims are therefore invalid.

          1. Hey, been nice jawing with you.
            I have to get some sleep; gotta get up early to sheetrock and lay out sub panel for garage.
            PS: I don’t have a PHD in phychology; but my wife has worked for about 25 years with people with many different tendences (saying politely); so I have heard many things 2nd hand through the years.
            PS: When you get older; you will realize things aren’t always what they seem.
            Hope you well and no hard fellings; all in good discussion; as I grew up a Baptist; but a couple of my good friends were Cathloc and Methodist and we could have discussions and digreements without raising voices or getting angry.

      2. I agree with these studies but you should not just believe any certain “study” because it was made by some so-called “expert”. Respect your own instinct and form your own opinions. Most of the surveys and studies that happen are complete jokes, so I can understand why someone might question them. We should not act like its the word of God because it was told by some expert. Don’t be a sheep.

        1. I am an social and behavioral academic and agree with your basic premises.

          IMO: Be “very” careful about accepting “research” findings from hidden or “deviant” behaviors. Three huge problems in these kinds of research is (1) sampling (size, inclusion/exclusion criteria; purposive, random, cluster, snowball, case, etc. etc. )
          (2) Methodolgy (how data is “defined”, collected and analyzed, “who” collects data, )
          and circumstances of data collection) and (3) Limitations and Conclusions of research may be overstated, understated, or even meaningless but presented otherwise.

          There is much more, but research on human behavior, especially deviant or criminal behavior, is fraught with enormous problems. IMO, we still have a very long way to go in understanding people and the things they do.

          Lastly, Best Gore is, to me, a source of uniquely graphic human behavior data that I often “selectively” save because of my research interests in human “evil.”

          1. You went quite deep but well put. I’m surprised that the majority of people take surveys and “expert” opinions so seriously. They are the sort that can be easily fooled.

            Many of these surveys are done for propaganda purposes as well. Like for example, there was a recent study of the most “racist” countries in the world. They claimed to have surveyed a couple hundred people from each country to find a general consensus and based their results on that.

            People took it as fact and failed to notice that a couple hundred people don’t even make up 0.1% of most country’s population.

          2. yes and problems with general approach too – usually an overreliance on quantitative studies when mixed methods would be more revealing

    2. You should seldom use semicolons, especially when what you say doesn’t make sense to begin with. You used semicolons three times in a small paragraph! And on top of that, you incorrectly use them. What a turd. Go back to school

  3. These kind of studies don’t take into account the point of influence of the mind.
    If someone was to say experience something; say; before 3 years of age; it may not have a lasting impact.
    If someone was to experience something; say; between the ages of 10-18; it may have a more significant impact than someone in their 40’s.
    Our genetics have a great deal with how things affect us also; so it’s hard to say how individuals are affected.

    1. I can’t find the quote currently as my books are on loan but it dealt with this area of the topic.

      “Something very similar is happening to our children through violence in the media. It begins at the age of 18 months, when a child can begin to understand and mimic what is on television. But up until they’re six or seven years old they are developmentally, psychologically, physically unable to discern the difference between fantasy and reality. Thus, when a young child sees somebody on TV being shot, stabbed, raped, brutalized, degraded, or murdered, to them it is real, and some of them embrace violence and accept it as a normal and essential survival skill in a brutal new world. (Grossman & DeGaetano, 1999).”

      It talked about how at particular times a child develops certain areas of the brain at a more rapid rate. For instance language skills at or around 18 to 24 months. Another example would be a toddler seeing a parent or sibling naked. It most cases they proceed as if nothing is wrong. That is due to that area of the brain not being in overdrive at the time. Couple that with less exposure to mores social acceptabilities. Jump forward to age 13 and show that same child a naked person and you are going to get a completely different reaction. At that age puberty is in full swing and that section of the brain is being hyper stimulated.

      The same thing can be said for violence. At a very young age, some children cannot discern what is real and what is not. So in their mind the person chopped into 47 pieces via razors on the new saw movie actually happened and might as well been physically in front of them. They simply do not understand.

      With all of this in mind, are you willing to tell me that if I actually brutally murdered some one in front of a 5 year old that you would be ok with that child bearing witness to it? That the child would be fine and therefore not any more or less violent them selves?

      I would personally error on the side of caution on this one. I’m not asking or demanding that anyone else. That’s their choice, not mine. I may have the facts wrong, the studies may be correct, I do not see how this exposure can be beneficial at such a young age. Later, sure!

      1. First of all, parents are responsible for their children. For example, leaving a child unattended in front of an approaching bulldozer could lead to the child getting run over, because the child wouldn’t know that certain death is approaching. But if the same child stood in front of a bulldozer 15 years later, he or she would know to get out of the way. But that is why parents are tasked with looking after their children. In the same fashion, parents are responsible for what children see or hear. I’m pretty sure cited studies did not deal with the subject of third persons, but first persons – ie self aware adults watching violent content. That is why Best Gore has rules for being 18+ to access the site, and has been blocking people found to be under the age of 18 from access to the site.

        Secondly, there isn’t a whole lot of buffer between being too young to be aware of violence, and being old enough to be aware of violence. If you played a horror movie to a 5 year old, they would get scared just the same as an adult. If the horror movie contained scenes of graphic violence, they would cringe as much as an adult. So this 5 year old child would know this content was violent and would know it’s something that’s bad.

        But if you played it to a 4 year old, the experience may not even register in their memory.

        Thirdly, to quote Mark, real life is uncensored. You may not want your 5 year old to attend a murder, but you may not have a choice when an accident happens in front of him or her and he/she sees a person’s brain splat on the road in front of them. Or they themselves could get hit by a driver and see their own body being cut in half.

        How many videos are there on Best Gore of murder happening in broad daylight out in the open? It’s witnessed by people, including children. None of them planned to get a first person view of murder that day, it just happened. Whom will you blame then?

        1. True, but let’s keep in mind that our opinions and points of view towards the world are formed by what reaches our eyes. While death and violence are a part of reality and accidents, murders etc happen, it wouldn’t be nice for a child to be exposed to gore all day long, for in that way their opinions would be shaped solely on the dark side of things. I am just saying that there ought to be an equilibrium, but most of all, stimulate the child to be rational by orientating him/her. If media would show violence and the destructive power of mankind all day long it wouldn’t be providing a complete picture of how things are, and if there is not a rational discussion on the subject as to orientate people, but violence and promiscuity are simply showed as the cool thing to do, as mainstream media tends to do, there will be/is widespread distortion and corruption of the thoughts of the masses.

        2. In any case, we may also discuss if all of the people have the intelligence as to be presented with a rational view on violence…
          What I am basically saying after all, is that the environment does significantly influence the development of people, along with genetics. I also say that we must appeal to the most distinguished feature of human beings, our developed neocortex, and not just stimulate our reptilian brain when it comes to violence. In this matter, while I don’t think BG is perfect, it’s better than mainstream media.

        3. So we are in agreement about minors and violence?

          You agree that the parents should monitor and buffer said media and also stated the studies did not involve minors.

          That is where the studies failed. It clearly isn’t a complete picture. To state it as fact and rules to live by while only having half the data would be premature.

          That is where the line becomes gray. As fully functioning adults I would agree that media based violence has little to no long term affects. To say, as a whole, it has zero affects would be inaccurate though.

          I believe we know very little about extreme violence and it’s effects on the brain. It can be akin sex in the past. We knew how to preform it and it’s direct affect on life, ie births, but we had no idea when it came to the complexities. It was taboo to even publicly discuss it. Since then we’ve delved deeper (pun intended) into it and have looked closer at many angles (sorry had too) and have learned invaluable amounts of intelligence about it.

          We are only starting to break the ice with the taboo that is extreme violence. Who know’s what we will discover in the coming years if more people can have these honest and open discussions.

          Just to be clear, I believe freedom of choice is a beautiful thing . Don’t take me the wrong way, I’m here just like everyone else. I enjoy the site and am not attacking it or any of the members here. Just trying to have fun discussion.


      2. ‘later sure’ so fast forward to the now 15year old. he comes home from school signs into his cannedcats screen name and views machete murders and Brazilians at breakfast for four years solid as he tries to pass 9th grade
        hes now 19 graduates high school, he’s violent and full of aggression. blame BG?

        1. That would depend on the person. 15 is probably still too young for most but not all. Teenage years for most are a very tempestuous time. I was thinking more of mid to late twenties and forward personally. Again everyone matures at different rates. I’ve seen many a foolish university student.

  4. I would like to read something fron someone with an opposing viewpoint. how they conclude violent content does indeed induce aggression without the presence of any underlying predisposition to violence. anyone?

    1. It’s tuff to disern predisposition for violence; as many people grow up in poverty and crime and become criminals; but there are several who don’t turn to crime and vilolence.

      1. sorry I should have been more clear. what I was blindly referring to was a program on Nova or PBS that spoke of scientists discovering the ‘violence gene’ implying in some instances a hereditary cause. barring that..

    2. Long time lurker drawn out by the discussion.

      Read some of Dave Grossman’s work on the subject. He specializes in the study of the psychology of killing (a discipline which he labels “killology”). He is a retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Army and former West Point Psychologist.

  5. Great article, I myself am not a violent person at all. In fact I’m probably the least aggressive person you would ever come across. That being said, I do have a huge fear as-well as fascination with death. Don’t know why, but this site really helps with it. Guess seeing other people die makes me realize how valuable life really is and also how easily it can be thrown away. I’ve been browsing Best Gore since the age of 12 (I’m 20 now) and I think it’s actually made me a better person in the real world. It’s taught be more cautious about things and enjoy life with an open mind as much as possible because you never know when it’s time to go.

    There’s a quote by Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone that goes “Every man is put on earth condemned to die. Time and method of execution unknown.”

  6. Yes, violent content makes people aggressive. We have tons of proof on here, the comment boards and how So many ignorant people wish death upon all Brasil, Venezuela, just Latin America in general, when these countries have no direct connection to the violence in the USA or European countries they live in.
    They chose to use bestgore as their only way to educate them selves about the world.
    These retards need to learn about internal affairs, corporate buy-in power to bankrupt nations and foreign relations.

      1. You’re going to tell me a whole nation, every block you walk looks like the bestgore videos? You’re really stupid and ignorant. Proof of what in trying to say. You’ve never left your pad and you assume every country looks like this lol you would be surprised of the infrastructure.
        Cry some more about multiculturalism you big baby. Lol

    1. This is what an idiot cunt urstoopid is; he thinks like this; “Yes! violent content makes people aggressive! They watch these videos then TALK about violent FANTASIES about shit-shit countries that deserve to be hated.”

      urstoopid ya fucking cunt, have ANY of them carried out this violence?

      urstoopid the idiot cunt would reply, “LOL! NO! They are a bunch of pussies who just VENT their natural predator needs with BULLSHIT TALK that never goes anywhere!”

      So… the violent videos actually DRAINS their testosterone urges for violence with empty talk about FANTASIES of violence?

      Err umm uhh.. well yeah.
      I agree with you, stoopid cunt. Violent media does PREVENT VIOLENCE. It gives people a harmless outlet to vent upon so that it does not build up into a real world explosion.

    2. Precisely, you touched upon the point of when people get an incomplete view of things. Nevertheless, the fact that some people advocating the nuking of Brazil say that the country is overcrowded, does not only demonstrate ignorance, but stupidity, as there is no problem in a person without knowledge as long as he/she keeps his mind open and doesn’t start to make up things and spread the lies around. But this problem goes beyond ignorance, to simply not know facts, but a willingness to learn. Notwithstanding that, this tends to be street crackhead thug mentality, so that’s not to worry. Usually the people to pay attention to are the elite who want to plunder countries for their self interest, they are the ones who have the final say

        1. What butthurt agenda, you mean that I am trying to sugar coat the violence that happens in Brazil? I don’t remember having ever argued to that end, as the videos here, my life experience and statistics show. I say plainly to foreigners how people that I know and are close to me have been shot, kidnapped etc and for them to think very carefully before visiting the country. But there’s a limit in it all, and when I perceive misinformation is spread to take a black and white view of the world, in this case that some countries are perfect and others are terrible I oppose what is in my view is an erroneous, or to better put it, overtly simplistic point of view. To start to manufacture facts is what worries me, and I don’t like stupidity such as ‘let’s nuke’ them, as I see it as a threat to a rational discussion and a possible solution to problems. The way I think it relates to the post, is that I personally think that education, information and rationality are important when violent content is shown (as it is with other content as well). For instance, mainstream media, such as Hollywood, often ‘romanticize’ violence distorting reality, such as the pornographic industry also corrupts, and this approach to violence, as opposed to a rational one, leads to a deterioration of the thought process of someone, as it appeals to his/her most primitive urges, and may thus lead him/her to act like a primitive being.

          1. This post had nothing whatsoever to do with any specific country. You brought your racist agendas here: wahh wahh wahh, I don’t like the tone people use when talking about Brazil. I demand that everybody change their tone or I’m gonna whine.

            This was not about Brazil or any other country. You brought your bullshit agendas into a completely unrelated post. I’m telling you to get them the fuck out of here.

  7. People who are not exposed to any form of violence or the realities of life end up being extremely emotional or sensitive when they grow up. Now, in developing countries like here in the Middle East or Africa… children are exposed to violence and this is why they are stronger and mentally more mature from a younger age.

    People should expose themselves to violence and graphic content as much as possible and not watch pussified pixelated censored content.

    1. I enjoy when bullshitters tell two opposite lies simultaneously. Half the time it will be that keyboard warriors are pussies who would never act out in real life, and the other half will be that being a keyboard warrior feasting on virtual alliance makes you into a raw meat eating super assassin.

        1. Isn’t it the point exactly?
          People which acts in a way in front of a screen but does not reproduce such behaviour in real life?
          (now I will know what it feels to have the ass kicked)

  8. Lovely Article…
    Besides feminist butches once standing up against “violent rape” contents, forcing us to miss those lovely scenes of the 70s/80s movies, I pondered on why the government never went after Hollywood for other “violent contents” but rather anyone / anything not aligned with the establishment and their propaganda machine. Well, there you have it, because they’re in a process of transforming perceptions.

    Pardon me for focusing on Feminism but little do people realise it’s the ultimate author and genesis of censorship. Sometimes they (Feminists) seem to try to get it right, but they always can’t help sliding back into their pussy-pass rhetoric. This cannot be fixed, not by the same people who started it.

    The engineers of our American way of thinking are eager to limit us only to the homosexual options they provide. You can notice this in the educational system, the larger establishment media, the laws, digital tech, etc. Their agenda is to repress heterosexual thinking and behavior in this society, replace it with platform compatible only with LGBTQ / Feminists.

    In the next 50 years there’ll be no more hets in the state. Welcome to the New World Order.

    1. i feel that is on point for western society
      observe the person and if they don’t conform to slave work put them in the cookie cutter homosexual agenda full of people who are sexually repressed to the point where’ they’ll fuck anything. Then prescribe them all these drugs to make them not give a fuck. if homosexuality goes over 1% it’s because new homosexuals are being created by capitalism and this sexual repression( some would say even molestation). Here’s the thing, homosexuality can’t spread if homo’s can’t have babies!! So why does it spread?

      1. Thanks for that, Well said!
        Because homosexuality is about self identity and choice, it’s already spreading by public perception and acceptability, rhetoric, propaganda and social re-engineering; even now that their couples cannot biologically reproduce. How does this work? Look at the 70s / 80 when tattoos for example were generally rebuked as gang / whore identity stuff, then was gradually accepted as cool, suddenly some celebrities got it too, then their fans, then others joined in just to look unique. Today you can hardly find a young American adult without a tattoo. That’s the same way homosexuality is spreading as a self-identity and mindset.

        As for biological spread, have you ever wondered why modern civil laws were tweaked to encourage heterosexual divorces? why children are more government property than their own parents? why homosexuals have been allowed to adopt kids? why LGBT Resourced Centers are increasing in every state? and now even colleges are required to setup on campus? how “women and gender studies” even made it into our educational system? why mass incarceration of straight men is on the rise? why sperm banks are now available everywhere? All answers to the above are in the lines of pushing the Liberal Feminist (Lesbian) / LGBTQ agenda. Everything has shifted and whatever challenges they faced in the area of reproduction had been thought through. Here are some of their schemed steps:

        5.) Make it acceptable in society to be homosexual
        (through Human Rights and Freedom propaganda)
        6.) Make it difficult to be straight (Through laws and policies)
        There are 12 other steps but with these 2 alone, inevitably hets are gradually phased out

        We’re already in the so called NWO and most of us don’t even realize it. The other absurd thing is they’ve convinced everyone we have to go through thorough research and citations from their establishment university professors just to arrive at commonsense. Too bad

          1. So says the NWO conformist. Why not go out and shoot a few enemies let’s see just how interesting you are?

            If you must know, I formed this perfect way of writing just for BG, so as not to trace anything back to myself, for personal reasons. So, skip if you can’t read, and explode if you will :d no one gives a fuck about a conformist anyway

  9. Two sides to every coin but if no one knew about violence the chances are no one would be violent, just because we view it does not mean we will act the same. I view this content because this is the truth what happens out there in the world, it helps me to learn what needs fixing and maybe I can help our planet earth.
    We are born we are raised we see sunshine we see life we see light, we see sunset we see darkness we sleep. I’m awake most nights of late and sleep most mornings but it’s all a choice, wether it was how I was raised or the hours that I work or the nature of my ancestors? Whatever, everyones brain makes a choice.
    I believe the root of all our problems is just evil that has not been punished correctly since the beginning of time that we created and anyone can cross over from good to bad should they chose, it’s plastered all over our history wether it was right or wrong at that time(mainly due to their faith) but the sooner we punish evil not with war or murder or destruction or gassing or chemicals which is the vicious circle of our whole history but by catching evil people with non destructive harmful or murderous means the better our planet will be because we will be on the right path, being pure souls not tainted by causing death, heaven on earth that we create, the future we dream about that we should already have etc. Catch evil people non leathally and put them on trial, once convicted have them dealt with properly by having evil remove evil, call me crazy but yes recreate the Colosseum and throw evil people in there to remove themselves from earth while we watch globally as we do on here it’s truth and dealing with evil. It will deter future criminals, bring in revenue instead of costing tax payers to keep them alive in prisons to then release and reoffend which is why today they have no fear. We should only have our one chance at life and if you take life on purpose you should pay the price with your own, depends if it was murder 100% guilty or accidental manslaughter where you go for the right punishment another option is to let them rot in a cell with a glass viewing window like a zoo with no food or water and open the prison so public can walk round and see these murdering coward monsters die, this too will deter future criminals I am sure. Thieves should be ordered to amputate finger(s) and thumbs depending on severity of their crime it’s the only way for us to stay pure not being the direct cause of death or harm and so on but also dealing with evil the way that is right in order to stop it happening again.
    Watching violent content does cause me aggression because we allow it to happen and I am angry we do not punish it properly. I hate war and as an innocent want nothing to do with it nor be on the same planet but I would happily watch evil people remove themselves from our planet in a designed space for them.
    I could go on and on but most of you will just think what a pile of shit, funny thing is, thats your choice.
    We over complicate things and it’s time to rewrite the rule book, follow good from the bottom and work up, remove evil from the top and work down. If it takes a million years then so be it but the rate we “war” we won’t have a planet still by then

  10. Sometimes I get very angry towards the people who kill innocents. I visit this site regularly and never saw any aggressive behaviour in me. I only kill people in GTA V that too when they make me angry.

  11. Those that know me here are used to me normally leaving jokey comments but I’m going to break precedence and make a serious one.

    I will just say… BG scratches a dark itch that I’ve always had, long before the internet. It is what fans of Dexter would know as ‘A Dark Passenger’ always inside me. When I was just a boy, I experienced a similar satisfaction from watching the Faces of Death videos, but felt nothing from the Hollywood slasher movies. I’ve joked with my closest friends I’d make a great Serial Killer but I lack the focal drive in picking my victim types. Where to start? 🙂

    Maybe it wasn’t Mark’s intentions when he made this site but thank you @happy and all the content contributors for the calming release and enjoyment BG brings to me daily.

  12. I feel that watching violence just creates immunity to violence. Some people are violent by nature, that is their thing, but others are more likely not to be any more aggressive as someone who doesn’t see violence because people who see violence actually understand the reprecussions and the significance of what it does to people’s lives. People who have been to jail often tell minors NOT to get involved with criminal activity for a multitude of reasons, but the primary reason is because they are experienced and know how much damage it does to everyone involved. On top of that, the kid or inexperienced person might commit crimes more willingly without knowledge of what may happen ahead of time. It is called education, you’d think psychologists and professors would pick up on that by now.

  13. In my opinion it doesn’t, though it definitely desensitises you, and can lead you to searching out more graphic content. I remember when i started visiting bestgore when i was 16, at that time beheading were quite gruesome to watch, but now at 24 i can watch the best of it and not flinch, but simply be intrigued at what humans do to each other, and really search out the most horrific videos and pictures i can find. To really delve into the most traumatising places a person could find themselves.

  14. I’m a first time member, long time fan. This man is absolutely right. Everything he says makes total sense. I’m an intellectual individual that can think for himself. Once i found this website, I knew there was something about it that made it what it is. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

  15. As an answer to the question of this post (I will read the whole thing and comments later because it IS interesting topic).
    I think it does, but if watching those contents is done more frequently. I find myself in situations where I may commit aggressive behavior to one just because he deserves it.
    I am, however, not the type of violent person, I’ve never been in any fight my whole life (38-year old). I still agree that the above statement should not be generalized. Yet, we see a lot of “copycats” (if I may call them) just because they’ve seen violence one way or another and acted accordingly.
    All the best Mark on the trial.

    1. laughing my fucking ass off! I recommend you read slightly more than this post and it’s myriad of unrelated comments.

      how the hell do you comment on something you have not read?

      #free Mark

      1. I think you need to read my comment before commenting!
        I said “to answer the question” so my comment was to answer the question. And I actually read the whole thing but not thoroughly. So still my comment is valid and related to the topic.

        But you know what? You also commented on my comment but you didn’t read it… 🙂
        How the hell did you do that?

  16. I think it depends entirely upon the viewer. For many people, especially those shielded by a privileged life, death is the mere concept of non-existence and they had no idea of the reality and sheer brutality of leaving this world. The material may spark violent tendencies in a psychopath but horror movies and violent video games are legal, right? For the militant pacifist and those with high EQs, I think it makes us even less violent and to show constraint when we have strong feelings of wanting to harm someone. The real reason Mark is being prosecuted is it goes against the government’s agenda of keeping people sedated. And also the lack of dignity for the victims which I think is fair because it would be soul destroying seeing a relative on here

  17. This site is important. Without this site how else would we know about how violent Brazilian prisons are, how bad India is for train/traffic accidents, how terrible China is with safety at work, how disposable babies are in Thailand/Philippines and we wouldn’t be aware of the growing popularity in live streaming suicides on facebook etc.
    The real life stuff the mainstream media think that we can’t handle knowing is here. I don’t think this site causes violence any more than a Quentin Tarantino movie or a Grand Theft Auto game does.
    Sites like this do however make you more aware and that is frightening for those in power.

  18. Perhaps this has been discussed, or maybe it hasn’t, but not everyone who sees the images/videos or reads to stories have any more interest than that of just admiring the human body. The person who actually sent me to this site? a nurse. Why? Because the human body is fascinating, even in a morbid state. Call it perverse, but its just natural curiosity. There is no deviant behavior being created here.

  19. “Compared to non users, participants who reported viewing a pornographic film in the previous year also reported more positive attitudes toward women in position of power, and less negative attitude toward women in the workforce.”

    Ahahah!! Is this for real?… Ohh i thought this was a serious post for once, you got me there. 😆 But geeesh, i wonder why that is… maybe because they know if they act indifferent towards such women in power, the less chance they have to get inside their panties at work behind their wives back… This case in particular has barelly anything to do with violence, it has certainly something to do with degenerating women’s image as a whole, and since most men cant tell fiction from reality, they end up believing that women are just mere tools that anyone can easily make them bend over so you can stick your cocks in… Wich in some cases it might be true, because said women are also porn watchers, and as of such influence having a great impact on their lifes, as they believe thats the way it should be, they end up accepting being used like that. Make a big enough lie, spread it all over and it will eventually become true. So its just turning the violent attention towards women by making simple case situations less of a problem, and making the problem global instead… because you know, theres no point “beating sense” on a woman if all women are whores anyways. But since this site doesnt focus on such material content, theres nothing to worry about, so thats enough for that bad example…


    “For the real evil in the world comes not from the disagreeable people, but from those so convinced of the absolute rightness of their opinions and beliefs that they would impose what they think and feel upon others. It is they who must account for their actions. For it is they who are most definitely in the wrong and from whom little good ever comes. All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship.”

    I do agree with the removal of CERTAIN censorships, but again, this is absolutelly ridiculous if taken in a global level, its pure anarchy that its being defended here… it has nothing to do with the defense of gore and free political content in particular, and even though it might work towards that defense, i’d be careful with the double standards. Even though nothing good has ever come to humanity by force, absolute freedom is not, by any means, any better than chaos… and unfortunatelly, we are already walking towards that path, so we already have a glimpse of what happens when people break such “taboos” because “censorship is baaaaaaad”… and im talking about homosexuality, miscegenation, extremisms, the newly invented “gender-war”, and all that SJW bullshit. And even if that means, on its best case scenario, that the law would be lighter, you’d have a complete propagation of insanity instead… And what separates humanity from animals are our capability to impose certain laws and draw where lines should end… and for millenias THAT was what allowed TRUE progress to be made, and civilizations to grow, all because of law, order, and the simple RATIONAL notion of “just because you can, doesnt mean you should”.

  20. If violent content helps make an individual violent, then most of the human populace would be very violent.
    Look at the daily news feed most people watch or all of the big ‘blockbuster’ movies. Does watching the daily news, movies or video games make people more violent? If so the case, than daily rape, murder and torture would be part of our physical daily lives and not just on the TV, movie screen games or online part of our lives.
    Most serious violent people seem to be violent due to real incidents that had occurred to them in their lives wether they were young children or due to a response mechanism of survival. The response mechanism of survival could be if they’re in the military, they need to become more violent just to survive or if they’re sentenced to many years of prison (non violent crime), they must increase their defensive mechanism for survival.
    Personally, I’ve seen several phycologists thru out the years and all of them have been surprised that I’ve never been arrested or have done any time. Apparently I have most of the signs of a serial killer tendencies. I was mentally and physically(non sexual) abused when I was a child mostly by my father. I grew up as the odd kid in school always keeping my head down. Outside of school i still kept to myself and would shoot/torture wild animals. To this day my wife gets scared of me when I’ve the occasional dream when I’m doing ‘something horrid’ to someone and I’m speaking aloud in my sleep. That would keep her up most of the night holding a weapon in shear fear.
    As a standard though, I’m a pacifist. I do thoroughly enjoy Best Gore for it also settles my mind of my ‘odd’ thoughts. For me, this site is like my own therapy. For that, Mark-THANK YOU!!

  21. I have looked through the content on best gore for a few reasons. 1 curiosity. 2 Facts. 3. So I can get conditioned to the real world. When I say conditioned I mean being exposed to this content so as to realise that our world is not what the “snowflake Generation believe it is. In fact as a person fast approaching my 50’s I think our world has become more concerningly violent as the years go by. If people want to do something about this then they can start with the leftarded education system in this country. Kids need discipline, with discipline comes respect and with respect the loss of innocent lives will slow.

  22. Regarding this story. I only have 2 rules that I believe to be true. Some children are too young to see this without possible emotional damage. Hence, age restriction BY PARENTS is a good thing, in my opinion.
    My other rule would be to take a break from the violence sometimes – simply because constant despair (in any form) can be too much. I don’t think it would lead to aggression but perhaps depression. Lighten up and skip the violence for a few days sometimes.

  23. A couple weeks ago I would have disagreed with your assessment. Because I always assumed since my reaction to brutal torture videos on Bestgore has evolved from horror to meh, that it was affecting my ability to express empathy. It worried me because I honestly felt that coming to this website on a daily basis had taken away my empathy. In fact my wife has told me this a few times before because she can’t understand why I visit this website on a weekly basis. But last week I found myself unwittingly involved in trying to save the life of a mother who lost control of her car on the interstate directly in front of my car. I had no choice but to stop. I also WANTED to help. My wife and kids were with me in the car as well. They were horrified by the scene before our eyes. That mother had four young children with her in the car, and it seemed only the oldest was wearing a seat belt. Shockingly, that lack of seat belts didn’t cause the 3 kids to be ejected from the car. They practically emerged unharmed. As for the driver, that mother went off the rode full speed. The car rolled once, and would have continued to role had it not been for the hill the car slammed into separating the two sides of the interstate. As the first responder I administered cpr to this blood soaked woman while my wife called emergency services. That woman had no chance of survival. Her head and body trauma where far too severe. Her 4 children watched as I attempted to bring their mother back to no avail. Yes, visiting this website has numbed my senses, but I believe in a good way. I was able to calmly work on this woman despite the circumstances. I don’t believe I would have had such a clear mind and steady hands to help this lady if not for this website. Too often I think people (even the regulars of Bestgore including myself) confuse our increased tolerance to beheading or torture videos as simply a loss of a key emotion that makes us human. Maybe this is the thought process that led to such draconian laws for censorship of material such as found on Bestgore. But as Marks post above has proven, censorship and all of these laws designed to prevent a corruption of morals are in fact causing the harm. I still have just as much empathy as I did when I was a child. The difference is now I am able (thanks to Bestgore) to control my emotions in real life situations like the one last week. And that to me is a good thing. I’ve seen several posts regarding the harm of censorship. My wife freaked out at the sight of this bloody mess of a mother. I had to calmly ask her to take our boys and go back to the car and call emergency services. In other words, censorship breeds a total misconception of reality. That means when shit finally hits the fan whether from a natural disaster or all out world war. There are going to be millions of mentally unprepared. And that to me is the fault of self and governement censorship to the reality of suffering.

  24. No. Not for me. I’d rather say its the other way round. Watching violent content on bestgore helps me to relax. And some content isn’t violent, it is actually very funny. For example watching asians driving a car or nigg noggs killing each others.

  25. Let’s not forget that these so-called “peer reviewed, academic studies by respected university professors” are all part of the zionist new world order and that these presumed “scholars” are the same Jews who run our governments, education systems, banks and news networks. Don’t believe any of their nonsense.

  26. Violent Content do not case violence. people need violence we are predators it’s human nature to kill/hunt. thats why people seeing violent content are mostly very relaxed people.

    on the other hand goat fuckers and sand barbarians have nothing so they hate and crave for violence.

  27. I can’t see how violent content would cause aggression but I would expect it to have some sort of nurturing effect. I think if you have violence in you, you would most likely seek out a site like BG for a fix same go’s for people who like rape porn would probably visit porn sites. I don’t believe people who rape do so because they seen it on the net. Having an outlet in my opinion might actually calm the urge to be violent. Just an un educated guess. My draw to this site was to understand life as it truly is and what better way then to dig deep into the worst of it

  28. I’ve looked at this site for many years and now I’m more “selective” about what videos I will allow myself to see the beheadings are a total no no for me I don’t need to see the work of the devil thanks but no thanks.

  29. Not me. If anything I’ve become less aggressive over the years. A lot of it has to do with watching these videos and seeing how quick and how painful it can end if you do something stupid. I have definitely became more aware of my surroundings too. By the way, great article.

  30. This content is a battle of my morality. My moral says (Take it away) since i would never want to see anyone close to me in a video like these. Even less i would want it to be public for anyone to see.
    Therefore i also think that it is wrong to show other people for the same reason, for both our sake.

    The second battle of my moral tells me it can be good for people to see. Because of BestGore i now know a lot more about other countries. For example i never knew that these countries were so brutally violent and corrupt. Now i can save myself and also other people from becoming a victim in these countries, simply by not going there and to be cautious in their presence.

    However i DO support that violent content is NOT being shown in television/newspaper.
    Just take a look at those countries who do show gore in TV and other places, they are so immune against it that they don’t even give a shit IRL. No one gives 5 cent to HELP the one in need. Instedt they just pull their f*cking phone up and start recording, as you also can see in many videos on BestGore/YouTube and other places.

    Even before i started to read this article i said to myself “Here we go again, Video Games”
    And funny as it was, it was also mentioned in the article. I’ve been arguing about that since like forever. Video Games don’t cause violence, violent people do!

    I can’t be less violent then i already am, in the matter of fact i hate IRL violence.
    If i see something i try to stop it. I always point out that violence is not the answer for your solution.
    You need to learn how to argue verbally and come up with a better solution to your problem.
    Even though i many times thought “This person really deserve a good ass whopping” i do not contribute to it.

    The only time i could defend violence is in a really necessary self defense. However not all peoples judgement are correctly. Violence should ALWAYS be your last option, if there absolutely is no other way out of it. For example, let’s say that someone threatens to beat you up but he doesn’t, then you start beating him and claim self defense but it’s NOT. He never were a threat to you since he only attacked you verbally. If i should beat the shit out of everyone who threatened me i would start a “Beat the shit out of you company”. Don’t be so freaking sensitive. Violence is a sign of weakness, not strength. When he blow up like a balloon and you just walk away he feels small and offended because he didn’t archive what he wanted. By that said, show him that you got bigger balls than him and just ignore him because he simply isn’t worth any time or effort.

    Last but not least “Can violent content cause aggression?”
    Psychological, sure. Physical, no. A lunatic is a lunatic simple as that!

  31. Most people are already uncontrolled psychos. The laws and consequences of law often prevent people from committing crimes.

    Most people are sheeps and they need to be controlled constantly.

    Only few can control themselves.

    Now look at traffic and when people just drive fast like psychos and flip each other off. In real life, they would not do that if they bumped into each other physically.

    Most people are psychos and deserve ultimate punishment and death.

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